Nintendo E3 Press Conference 2019 Made Sam Cry Nerd Tears

Nintendo saved their best for last, with surprise announcements no one could have predicted LAYMEN MERCH!!! ==== Our E3 Coverage: Doom Eternal Hands On Square Enix E3 Press Conference 2019 Bombed The Avengers Reveal...Hard. Ubisoft E3 Press Conference 2019 Was Good, But It Was Missing One Big Thing PC Gaming Show: The Bethesda Conference: Xbox Press Conference: Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order == Bungie's Bombshell Announcements Will Change The Game Forever, But Is It All Good News ? The Laymen Review X-Men Dark Phoenix 'We Were Expecting Low Metacritic Scores' Says Todd Howard In Shock Fallout 76 Interview Anthem's Newest Content Won't Save The Game Because Nothing Can Why Not Everyone Agrees That 'Gaming' Should Be Labelled A Mental Health Risk... Laymen Gaming Weekly News Dump - Sat 25th May, 2019 George R.R. Martin Hints He May Be Working On Next Game From Dark Souls Creators It's Been 15 Straight Years of CoD- Maybe Give It A Rest ? The Laymen React To The Game of Thrones Finale (Spoilers) The Laymen Review Rage 2 - Bethesda Blacklist Edition! Crowdfunded Game Betrays Community Backers In Favor Of Epic Dollars Remember When Battlefield V Released A Battle Royale? Neither Do We. The Laymen Review John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum Bethesda Dunks Game Journalist, But Was It Really A Joke? EA Blames Everything But The Game To Explain Anthem's Failure The Laymen Review Pokemon Detective Pikachu (No Spoilers) US Senator Proposes Law To Ban Lootboxes & Pay-To-Win Claptrap's Voice Actor Says Randy Pitchford Assaulted Him In Hotel Lobby New Star Citizen Drama Makes It Look Like A Shady Ponzi Scheme.... Randy Tweeted Us About Claptrap Pay Dispute Rocket League Review Bombed After Epic Buys Developer (BONUS SONIC MEMES) Politics, Bewbies & Microtransactions- Fans Rage At Mortal Kombat 11 The Laymen Review Days Gone (Spoiler - We Kinda Liked It) You WILL Cry Nerd-Tears-Of-Joy During Avengers Endgame (Review) The Laymen Review Mortal Kombat 11 IGN Guy FINALLY Owns Up To Plagiarism - But Is It Too Late? Kotaku Goes 'Full Kotaku' With Massive Persona 5 Blunder Sony Releases Official PS5 Hardware Info- Backwards Compatible! A New Hope - New EA Star Wars Game Might Not Suck! Bioware Double Down On Anthem Fail With Rebooted 'Live Service' Dragon Age 4 Negative Reviews, Piracy and Boycotts: Epic Still Doesn't Care When You Want To Write About Politics But Your Editor Says No, This Happens... What Happens When a Filthy Casual Reviews Sekiro?

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Jay Panikkar
Jay Panikkar:
Finally, you are back to your right seating positions. Balance has been restored in the universe.
I think Microsoft and Nintendo coming together is a real smart move. It's not like the switch and the Xbox are really competing consoles.
Liam McKerrow
Liam McKerrow:
Anytime they talk about a game

Sam: “now I have never actually played a game before but here’s my opinion”

Ralph: it’s actually the exact opposite of what you said.
Brad DL
Brad DL:
BOTW2 is coming. Thats all i need to know.
Mythos MUGEN
Mythos MUGEN:
"It was a Fire Emblem character"
I will *cut* you
You changed seats. UNSUBBED
Imma be real dissapointed if Doug Bowser didn't name his son Doug Jr.
Marek Homsi Andráši
Marek Homsi Andráši:
Nothing new with Zelda sequels.
Majora in fact IS the direct sequel to Ocarina.
Spirit Tracks is a sequel to Phantom Hourglass, which itself is a direct sequel to Wind Waker.
Then you have A Link Between Worlds which is a belated sequel to A Link to the Past.

Not to mention both "Oracle of" games which our prequels/sequels to each other, depending on order you play it in.
Matt_shoots dw4
Matt_shoots dw4:
Shame on you for forgetting to mention trials of mana.
So much disrespect for DQ.
in the darkest time of Video game history, a hero will rise to stop the loot boxes and mobile game bullshitery .thank you nitendo for being awesome.

edit: ok cool i get it nitendo has dirty loundry as well. But at least they have something to show that doesnt suck . (i am not a nitendo fan boy btw)
its the small things in life that make me happy.
Sha ne
Sha ne:
Dont forget to get some Avenger's Gameplay footage. Dont want another anthem in the making. @Laymen Gaming
Duy Linh Chu Ha
Duy Linh Chu Ha:
Everybody is all exciting, I'm annoyed there's no SMTV update since its announcement.
I bought Switch for Smash like everyone else who bought Switch late last year, but my Switch library is actually expanding which I never expected
Can't wait for Daemon X Machina and Astral Chain
So, as the console, you too have SWITCHed seats after these days of E3 coverage! Damn BOIs!
Germo Dante
Germo Dante:
Fire Emblem 3 Houses for me. I need it!
I'm pissed off you didn't even mention Secret of Mana 3 Remake. That was one of the greatest SNES games of all time.
Timothy Clark
Timothy Clark:
japanese companies delivered this year at E3 while american companies disappointed or underwhelmed. It's no wonder Sony has dominated E3 in recent years.
I'd love to see a new Banjo game Xbox/Nintendo collaboration and have it released on both consoles. Seen several remakes pop up recently so maybe a Banjo remake isn't out of the question. They are remaking that Spongebob game, so hey anything could happen.
Rafael Paiva
Rafael Paiva:
Zone of the Enders? That looks straight up cell shaded Armored Core V
I watched the first character reveal, Link getting his ass kicked and someone coming to the rescue, and a very large part of me hoped I would see 'Epona has joined the battle' followed by footage of Epona jumping around the stage, kicking and head-butting dudes and dashing around.
The Welsh Dragon
The Welsh Dragon:
If it is a true sequel then my prayers have been answered. Loved that version of link and Zelda.
James Oren
James Oren:
Holy cow that was a lot of awesome to take in in less than 12 minutes...
Man .. I was excited but scared for the Link's awakening remake, but just that little bit of game play took me right back there - fully pumped!
The DQ protagonists don't have name usually.
Breno Prata
Breno Prata:
The witcher 3 announced on switch
Normal gamers: Cool!
Billy Nahar
Billy Nahar:
Finally back in your correct seating positions, everything is now perfectly balanced, as all things should be...
Inquisitor Ichijou
Inquisitor Ichijou:
Daemon X Machina is more Armored Core than Zone of the Enders. After all, the mechs have the same designer as AC.
SHK Potter
SHK Potter:
Lay on the left, men on the right. Perfectly balanced as all things should be.
Joe C.
Joe C.:
They acting like they aren't giant closet weebs. I bed they hid their waifu pillow off camera.
Dylan McCollum
Dylan McCollum:
I think what some people in the comments saying "I don't care about Nintendo games" have to realize is, the platforms that you do usually care about didn't really give you much to care about either. But Nintendo fans got a TON of what they wanted.
I was going to subscribe due to your new seating position.

Yet now your back to your old seating.

No subscribe for you today.
Neo Genesis
Neo Genesis:
You guys should have recorded your reaction!
David Leduc
David Leduc:
Animal Crossing is my chill game I'm stoked for that, but I lost my mind at that Breath of the Wild stuff. Nintendo and Square were definitely my favorite to watch this year.
Kay Cee
Kay Cee:
OMFG PANZER DRAGOON! Gimme Panzer Dragoon Saga and I will buy a switch TOMORROW!!
I legitimately DID NOT KNOW Kojima made zone of the enders.

Matthew Dodds
Matthew Dodds:
How could you not mention trials of mana first released outside of Japan
Daud Hicks
Daud Hicks:
Imagine Super Mario World and other SNES classics remade like Zelda and Wonderboy 3, the original games with a new skin, give it to me now.
I would dump my wallet if they remastered and gave Banjo Kazooie, Tooie and Donkey Kong 64 the Spyro and Crash Bandicoot treatment 🍌🐻
Fire Emblem fans, where ya at!?!? Three Houses hype!
Brian Hurley
Brian Hurley:
A link between worlds was a direct sequel to A link to the past. Those were my two favorite Zelda games. So definitely looking forward to links awakening.

did his face remind anybody else of the old Rudolph claymation movie they show at Christmas? I mean the same art style
Exposing your absolute and utter lack of culture and taste by omitting Trials of Mana I see.
Jacke e-is-silent
Jacke e-is-silent:
Sam is back on the left and Ralph is on the right and the Universe is back to where it's supposed to be.
Daemon X Machina is a bit more , Zone of the enders X Armored core , wonder if they will later on remake panzer Dragoon 2 Zwei or even Saga
Cas plays
Cas plays:
Zelda have done direct sequels before. Examples; majoras mask, and either spirit tracks or phantom hourglass maybe even both. Just dont remember which.

Edit ok you remember MM :D
I need a new Banjo & Kazooie in my life. Now.

Also BotW2, I guess... but come on, PLEASE no more weapon degradation, Nintendo. Yes?
maximilian sterling
maximilian sterling:
Time for me to starting adding more games to my Nintendo switch! 😀
Mauro Graca
Mauro Graca:
Panzer dragoon remake 😍😍😍😍😍
Silas Mosley
Silas Mosley:
Huge missed opportunity for not using the phrase “The Switcher”
Daud Hicks
Daud Hicks:
Without a doubt, Nintendo won E32019
Sebastian Durando
Sebastian Durando:
I don't care about Nintendo games but it is like you said this is how conferences should be done, game after game.
Genaro Cortez
Genaro Cortez:
I am so glad to hear that you and I were so stoked with Nintendo's presentation! Laymen you rock for even bringing up my most anticipated game which was Luigi 's Mansion 3!
G-Rock MUZ
G-Rock MUZ:
Not every Zelda game has an entirely new world and story. A Link Between Worlds is the exact same world as in Link to the Past.
Nova-Sama 420
Nova-Sama 420:
they made a sequel for Alien Isolation, it's on f*ckin mobile tho. R.I.P.
Daud Hicks
Daud Hicks:
I never finished Alien isolation on my jtag so I will pick it up along with every resident evil game besides RE6.
What I love about Astral Chain is it came out of nowhere. We heard about it like once, and now it's coming out in two months. It looks pretty broad in its scope, too.
Lee Good
Lee Good:
Phew.. They're sitting in the correct positions. OCD alleviated 🤣
GatsbyGames -TheDriftersoul
GatsbyGames -TheDriftersoul:
We call that an Armored Core remake not Zone of The Enders you ninny's.
What?!? No Bowser joke? You disappoint me Laymen.
Ian O'Malley
Ian O'Malley:
I cried too. I bever imagined BK in smash
Hoping Zelda doesn’t have that weapon durability mechanic again
Didn't see anything today at E3 except for cyberpunk. That 3 hour line to see 30 mins of gameplay lol.
Boston Towny4life
Boston Towny4life:
Actually Majora's Mask is a sequel of Ocorina of Time because at the end of OoT Link goes back to the past as his younger self.
Still no new Golden Sun game, FeelsBadMan
Big Sad
Big Sad:
With microsoft willing to let Nintendo use their characters we may still get minecraft steve in smash
Man, these guys are quite a bit behind. Doug Bowser has been a thing for what feels like several years at least, and the Banjo reveal was a complete copy of K.Rool's reveal.
Oh I see. So here we are Shill-ing Up for Green Mario and totally neglecting Trial of Mana or Cadence of Hyrule! For shame...
Am.I.Thirsty Tho
Am.I.Thirsty Tho:
Not even mentioning pokemon 🤦‍♂️
Why did u guys skip fire emblem?
You don't mention Cadence of Hyrule?!?! Shame on you, Laymen, shame on you.
RK theSmith
RK theSmith:
I wanted shin megami 5 news. What is happening to that game? Its been years with no real updates.
Kaito Nijihara
Kaito Nijihara:
On Daemon X Machina, you guys should check Armored Core. I think it's a closer comparison but there could be a problem getting copies for the PS2 era games.
Edit: I don't know if this could be an incentive but AC is a From software game
Jake Rinker
Jake Rinker:
When do we get Doom Slayer for Smash? Side Note: When do we get a Duck Hunt remake?
Sooo, did Nintendo win E3? I'm not counting Cyberpunk and Keanu for Microsoft because it's still a multiplat game.
Pavan Kundur
Pavan Kundur:
More companies should do prerecorded e3s it’s absurd how much good content Nintendo managed to show in such little time simply because they cut the nonsense
You guys are the best!!
ralph stop correct sam you jerk
Little Light
Little Light:
Sam on the left

ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZZ oh finally nintendo e3 video is over.
Sidney Mendoza
Sidney Mendoza:
I want the original doom remastered
Fawks Masters
Fawks Masters:
Oh no... did sam cry because he has to review more games? Lol
Nintendo literally knew people would be underwhelmed and unimpressed by DQ, literally the only reason they announced banjo at the same time.
Hooray! You were sat the right way around in this one!
Daud Hicks
Daud Hicks:
I own a Switch and have shunned Xbone/ps4 and I feel like I made the right choice. I just don't have time to be tethered to a TV.
It’s confirmed weeb wars are on
So you've gone back to your correct positions, have you? Interesting.....

Oh yes, I'm afraid I did consciously notice that you two had swapped spots in previous E3 videos. You took a shot, but don't think you can fly your creepy Australian mind games under my radar.

I see all in it's fullness.
Why did you delete the gears 5 gameplay?
Super Dad
Super Dad:
Along with Cyberpunk 2077, Nintendo knocked it out of the park for me!
03:10 I don't know why you did that gesture when saying Animal Crossing but thinking about it it's pretty much what Tom Nook does to you in form of debt
Jonathan Perez
Jonathan Perez:
phantom hourglass was a direct sequel to wind waker and sprit tracks and a 100 yr "sequel" to phantom hourglass. I hope they restructure BOTW 2 as i was disappointed with BOTW. IMO it was enjoyable but lacked the narrative heft that twilight princess and skyward sword had. it didnt make me care about any of the characters which is sad and then the final battle was severely underwhelming. the weapons constantly breaking didnt help it either.
Colby Gums
Colby Gums:
After seeing Sam's gears 5 playthrough, I just can't take him seriously anymore
Kendry Franco
Kendry Franco:
am I the only one hoping for Nintendogs on Switch?
Italiasian Gamer
Italiasian Gamer:
I only care about the Pokemon games.
It's a shame that Marvel Ultimate Alliance looked more interesting than Square's Avengers game.
Ferris The Bueller
Ferris The Bueller:
Gotta say the watchdogs bit got me
ItaChu 787
ItaChu 787:
It was meh but whatever you know nintendo fans are big lol
Can't wait to play Contra: Mists of Pandaria
A Skiier
A Skiier:
Their presentation is always good. However, they gaffed SUPER hard to the Pokemon franchise. People are *pissed* that they're not gonna allow all pokemon to transfer to the new game.
Red Rook
Red Rook:
I was like “Man this E3 sucks, XBox is the best so far but even they weren’t that amazing...” then Nintendo came and dunked on everybody.

I was harder than stone during that direct to say the least.

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