Neighbors details moments surrounding woman accused of pushing elderly man off bus' arrest

Cadesha Bishop: Metro Police said she caused an elderly man's death when she pushed him off of an RTC bus. 8 News NOW has learned more about the 25-year-old accused of the crime.

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Teresa Young, Zombie Whisperer
Teresa Young, Zombie Whisperer:
House arrest? Let's get her and bash her skull in with a piece of cement.
John Rambo
John Rambo:
Allegedly? Looking for witnesses? It's all there on video!
Tammy Gore
Tammy Gore:
She’s violent. How is she out on bail??
Jeannie Michaels
Jeannie Michaels:
House arrest!! R u kidding me.
E. Echevarria
E. Echevarria:
That woman was heartless..but the bus driver should get his/her license pulled if the police was not called on one helped. That could have been your dad, grandfather..people looked and didnt go to him and ask if he was ok..definitely deserves investigation. All that saw and did nothing should be held accountable..witnessing a crime and stood or sat there smfh..soon as its their family member im sure they would want justice but just watched.
Anolis A
Anolis A:
If their roles had been reversed Las Vegas rioters would have burned the city down. The double standard here couldn’t be more apparent.
Dimas Arie W
Dimas Arie W:
25? She looklike 45 for me...
Regina St. John
Regina St. John:
Add a extra 20 years for the hate crime he was white
It’s a honest shame that old man doesn’t have an insane son or nephew getting out of prison
jim hatten
jim hatten:
Somebody needs to push this GORILLA off a 74-foot story building, for every year of that poor man's life
otty rups
otty rups:
So they had to wait for the elderly man to die before arresting her?
Minority privilege. She won't be charged with a hate crime. Imagine if the colors are different. Every black neighborhood would be on fire right now.
Keith Bell
Keith Bell:
That's a first a black person accused of murder on house!
Charlie Thomas
Charlie Thomas:
God I hope they give Cadesha Bishop the needle!!
Wait, Cadesha is a woman??
That things looks like a dude I used to steal hubcaps with!!
They found Cadesha at home in her section 8 condo waiting for her EBT money. She told police she "didn' du nuffin"...
S Lee-Choi
S Lee-Choi:
So the driver continued on his or her route and did not help the poor man?

When I lived on Oahu, I either walked everywhere or rode The Bus and most (not all) of the Bus drivers are pretty good about handling incidents and if there were confrontations or other questionable activities occurring, they immediately pulled over and kick the troublemakers off the bus or helped people. But I only speak from my experiences and observations.

Such a shame this poor man's life was taken away all because he was he reminding this P.O.S. about manners.
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma:
Fk the justice system, another pass cause of her gender. Fk that! They have her on video and yet they need witness.
Brad Leak
Brad Leak:
This lady think she a dude. I would have treated her like one!!! House arrest? She is getting a slap on the wrist!!!
Randall Ross
Randall Ross:
Y'all witnesses need to step up!! Do the right thing!!!
Jeremy King
Jeremy King:
Cadesha you should be tied up in a bag with a cement block and thrown in the ocean. Really what was so bad to do this to an elderly person black or white your the garbage of humanity and should be dealt with the same way thrown away and forgotten about. Also for those who witnessed it and didn't do a damn thing you should be ashamed of yourselves to say the least.
Moy Moy
Moy Moy:
Give her the 'ELECTRIC CHAIR'.
She is a MONSTER in human form.
Christian e.g.
Christian e.g.:
Richard Carchia
Richard Carchia:
Witnesses???? Huh! Shes is a POS that needs a nice trip to the Niesen railway down those stairs !! By byyy!!!! Rot in hellll!!
Bo's Cabin
Bo's Cabin:
I hope the judge throws the book at her.
TheOne 151
TheOne 151:
All I got to say is no one in that bus helped that old man they actually drove off & left him like that I hope everyone in that bus dies a horrible death!
If the races were reversed this would be a top news story with a racist hate crime heading.
Mike Manners
Mike Manners:
Trump cut the funding for her Free Gov. Cheese handout and she wanted REVENGE!!!
How can you be released when your facing murder charges. The long arm of Justice is lazy af.
sterling kennedy
sterling kennedy:
Why is this not a hate crime?
House arrest for murder fascinating, I think whats happening is spreading thru democratically
controlled cities, Decriminalising crime. If your a protected class in america there are two
criminal justice systems in place. Ill call it now 2 years probation, Record expunged after
2 years
SinCity JerseyGirl
SinCity JerseyGirl:
Las Vegas RTC drivers forthe most part seem to hate their job.
There are very few drivers that I have seen that actually give a shit about their passengers.
Most of them are rude if their schedule gets slowed down by anyone.
I think the driver of this bus needs to be charged as well bcuz this man was literally sitting maybe 6-8ft behind the driver.
They check their curb side mirrors before closing the doors so maybe they didn't see the incident but they def saw this guy laying on the sidewalk.
Some of the responsibility that this guy wasn't medically attended to lies with this driver.
As well as this woman not being arrested that day. So if this guy didn't die she wud have gotten away with violently pushing him off the bus..... That's why some of the responsibility lies with this bus driver.
Life in prison !!!
John Whirling
John Whirling:
Put that THING out of its misery. Death penalty would be appropriate here. Anyone that could do that needs to start fresh with new life.
Does it surprise anyone? Look who did it.
Pakorn Wattanavrangkul
Pakorn Wattanavrangkul:
The right thing to do is to have this processed properly according to law. On the other, just throw her under a bus, any bus.
Gazzle Spaz
Gazzle Spaz:
Imagine if the races were reversed. lol.
Chris Chriss
Chris Chriss:
SHE IS OUT ON BAIL?! this is absurd my heart goes out to the family and friends of the Victim they must be disgusted shes out on bail the justice system has failed us all once again.
Sheedeedoonuffin. Dat Bufferilla be uh victim ouf rashaprophillin'.

said nobody.
Colin Flaherty.
Archie Cunningham
Archie Cunningham:
The video says everything. No witnesses are needed
Why are they saying "Accussed" she's on tape doing it?
This is an image of sub-human vs non-human evil incarnate.  HATE CRIME all the way, for being white, for being polite, for being correct, and elderly.  That victim showed MORE COURAGE than anyone else on the entire bus.  And when she gets arrested, her neighbor says she's yelling the cops can't arrest her and don't have a warrant?     NOW How in the HELL did she get house arrest for an accused crime of MURDER????? What judge allowed that?  With priors?  Really?  What going on in Nevada.
I was born a poor black child
I was born a poor black child:
They let her post bail. Insanity.
They have the murder on video! House arrest? Insane much!
Private Lender
Private Lender:
OMG, house arrest? WTF?
Alex Xela
Alex Xela:
House arrest😨
Chris Christie
Chris Christie:
So this Piece of Sh*t shoves with great force, an elderly man off a bus in MARCH and doesn't get arrested until after his death in MAY!! What the hell is wrong with our society? How was she able to walk off that bus and go about her business without anyone doing anything or going after her? Put her in jail? Spend our tax dollars on this PoS? Hell no, take her ass to Siberia and drop her off in the wilderness all alone. She is not fit to live in society. Let her live isolated.
David Jacobs
David Jacobs:
well, this is the real reason why Americans abandoned Public transportation and prefers private automobile.
It's not the big 3 auto makers and big oil companies.
big boy
big boy:
We need a witness for your motherfuking film right there
House arrest?
Donald Rider
Donald Rider:
Black what a suprise
Piv Johnson
Piv Johnson:
Now imagine, if this was a white woman who pushes a black man....
El Espermatozoide
El Espermatozoide:
Please call the kukluxklan.
Looks like the neighbor has double the heart this violent woman should have had.
Marley Drives
Marley Drives:
This is why I hate public transit ..
Why the hell was she allowed bail at all? She belongs in jail.
Russell Delbridge
Russell Delbridge:
Never Let that ANIMAL out of Prison! She spend the rest of her life in prison or even get the Chair! Killing an Old Man because he asked her to be nice! Nothing more than an ANIMAL no Human being inside her at all!
Marie A
Marie A:
all he said was, "be nicer to passengers" and she killed him, all she got was house arrest. disgusting and unbelievable
wordy cuyler
wordy cuyler:
Yea but black lives matter right... smh
Linda Birkett
Linda Birkett:
What a cold heartless excuse for a human being.
Sir L
Sir L:
Why did the bus driver drive away.
She just pushed a man I think he's dead people !! O well back to Facebook...looks like he laid there for days.. Remind me never to go to Vegas you can get shot and and bleeding people just keep walking and Facebooking
William Bonney
William Bonney:
“Kia” .... I just love ethnic names!! 😂😂😂
One word sums up Americas crime problem. Blacks
Da Str
Da Str:
Hey us some money and off yourself.
Barbara Qualls
Barbara Qualls:
She should NOT have been allowed to be released. The courts are just as stupid as one who committed the crime!!! Duh!!! Meanwhile a lesser crime and people are held in jail until their hearings...good Lord what this world has come to...
Mommas Stuff
Mommas Stuff:
Fry her
he died ? and shes house arrested!! its so sad how that old man was in vegas and probably on vacation and i hate that women
Russ Monte
Russ Monte:
She look like a dude I used to push people off buses with
Things & Stuff
Things & Stuff:
Black, white, green, or purple, if that was a man that pushed an elderly woman, he wouldn't be out on $1000 bond and on home arrest. They must be looking for witnesses so they can find someone to say that the man provoked her.
I am milan
I am milan:
Picking on the elderly. Should be ashamed of herself.
Miles Dyson
Miles Dyson:
How did I guess she was Black ?
Rolandboyd.rb60  Boyd
Rolandboyd.rb60 Boyd:
Why did she do that why did the black man beat the 75 year old woman to death with an electric scooter why did the black man stab the bus driver in the neck yesterday and kill him they're all crazy
Beep Bop
Beep Bop:
Woman do this all the time, pushing, shoving, disrespecting people regardless of their age, it's just that she is getting her ass in jail because he "DIED".
Even the neighbor seems the same kind
Kaylyn Johnson
Kaylyn Johnson:
She look 40
Brandon U. Badillo
Brandon U. Badillo:
Ojala se pudra la carcel la negra esa.
J L N:
If Medusa looks at you, you turn to stone.
shawn l
shawn l:
Katie Lawrence
Katie Lawrence:
This is just absolutely disgusting. What kind of person does something like that? Who the hell does she think she is? And at the trial she's gonna blame everyone and everything that's ever gone wrong in her life, probably cry and pretend to have remorse. The only remorse that disgusting person has is that her ugly fat ass got caught.
Leo Castrillo
Leo Castrillo:
Isn that technically pre meditated murder? I mean she obviously planned to do that in her head. Were they arguing?
Bruce lee
Bruce lee:
How America is civilised country
America is the only country people get killed by thousands yearly
Can somebody tell me how is America is civilised country. I dare you.
What does this have to do with her kids?
I Am Moon Man
I Am Moon Man:
Hang her.
Black lives matter.
Tradin War Stories
Tradin War Stories:
No way will she been found guilty of murder. Theyll b lucky to get involuntary manslaughter
Louis Henderson
Louis Henderson:
This is a dam beauty show, the achor just should say , cadesha nahbors make up is better then mines witch make this case even more heart breaking.
David Cabreón Muñoz
David Cabreón Muñoz:
This is why I approve when cops shoots the blacks.
Megalodon Unlocked
Megalodon Unlocked:
I hope she's ok, the revolution will continue....
Yea!!!!I hope they give that bitch life without!!! she does not belong in my society period!!!
What's with this bull shit jury hearing, let do the same shit to this piece of trash, bash her skull just enough to let her suffer in a hospital till the bitch dies.
Usuário Desconhecodo
Usuário Desconhecodo:
Cadecha is ugly
Billy Price
Billy Price:
House arrest? She murdered someone you fucking IDIOT!!!!!!
Larry Turner
Larry Turner:
I hope they beat her ass
Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes:
"accused"?! It's on fucking video!