N.J. Burkett reporting as Twin Towers begin to collapse on September 11, 2001

Raw video from the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. More coverage: https://7ny.tv/2wKnbWj

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bronwyn roberts
bronwyn roberts:
Who's watching this sept 11 2019 and feels like it only happened yesterday
Lilac Dreams
Lilac Dreams:
It’s just sad because the people were trapped inside the building, and had to choose between burnt alive or fall to their death.
Acacia Desirae
Acacia Desirae:
When he says “come on glen, you can do it Glen” ...
Very sad how some survivors died from lung cancer and diseases from all the dust years later
Mike Sloppyz
Mike Sloppyz:
It’s so sad knowing that the people who saved each others lives died recently today cause of the smoke from cancer..
The camera people have some balls too. They actually turned around and gave us a glimpse of this disaster 😭😭
Rits Crackers
Rits Crackers:
Imagine the people inside,, not even knowing about the planes crashing. Imagine the anxiety? The ceiling collapsing?? The people inside all those 4 planes? The last phone calls, saying your final goodbyes and prayers. Literally running for their lives? Man, I can’t even begin to describe how much anxiety I would have.
Jon Rowan
Jon Rowan:
This is so heartbreaking I don’t know how people can make memes about this
Dang they filmed this at 60fps i didnt even knew we had 60fps cameras in 2001
Zahra Omar
Zahra Omar:
Your fellow neighbours , Canada 🇨🇦 is giving all prayers for this who passed in the 9/11 accident. RIP. Everywhere in Canada we talk about it and give prayers
Everyone running away from the smoke and fire engines driving straight into it, respect.
Dylan's fun time
Dylan's fun time:
it's just sad . I wasn't born yet when this happen R . I . P to the people who died 😢
Guys, don't be ashamed to say you were on your couch or even not born during the attacks. Don't invent a life or grandparents who are supposedly dead in the attacks.

I wasn't born, but let's never forget what happened that day.

My respect for the torn families and firefighters who sacrificed their lives
18 Years ago today, A Horrible part of American History Happened... 🇺🇸9/11 Never Forget...💐
Eduardo Lima
Eduardo Lima:
8:07 Church missionaries: "Can we help?"
Firemen: "Get out of here!" :(
Josh JX
Josh JX:
Showing people these un-aired tapes of what happened on that day is important.

They need to be seen.
Josh Melton
Josh Melton:
I feel like in movies you see these things happen and you know their fake but when you see something like this and it’s real it’s unbelievable and so surreal
"I'm tired! I'm just tired!"
I feel so horrible for the victims who had to go through this.
I hope it never happens again. 💖😭
Viggo Brodin
Viggo Brodin:
When the second Tower fell ut was a absolutely horrible noise...
Today is September 11th 😰 it’s sad because 3,000+ lives were lost...
Alex walker
Alex walker:
its so sad knowing some of these people would never be seen alive again
I heard everyone that got caught in that cloud of debris got cancer or had a lot health problems later in their life
Fish Boyo
Fish Boyo:
It breaks my heart to see memes about 911

It’s just sad
Imagine, someone taking a nice view, just to see or hear a plane crashing into the towers, and it collapsing right in front of them.
It’s sad how all those firefighters died
alexa almonte
alexa almonte:
Who else is watching this in 2019
Zoom Zombie
Zoom Zombie:
Nothing stands out more to me than watching most people running out, and the emergency vehicles going in.
Huge respect to all the officers, paramedics and firefighters for giving their all. God bless
Blessings from NC to all the people who lost their loved ones on this very day.
Imagine how people that worked at the WTC but were sick or couldn’t go that day must have felt
Never forget our loves ones that lost their lives on this day
Diego Gomez
Diego Gomez:
Those who got caught by the cloud are dying today
Rm Lopez
Rm Lopez:
I feel bad who die😭
Peter Vitola
Peter Vitola:
This hurts me to see such a thing
That is literally running for your life
What’s crazy is how old this all looks... I remember this day and everything looked so different from my perspective
Vanesa soledad Franza
Vanesa soledad Franza:
Imagine the people who was in the elevators
Sam Coatsworth
Sam Coatsworth:
My god I dont know what's more terrifying: the roar of them falling or the silence of the cloud that everyone is fleeing.
Vilma Salazar
Vilma Salazar:
Me to I am watching this in 2919
I remember so clearly that day. It was a normal Tuesday like any Tuesday. I got up and went to school, just starting to settle into the middle school life in the 6th grade. In the middle of a lecture about life and morality in my 2nd period English class, a teacher came running into our class and whispered very frantically and nervously to my teacher. He got up and turned on the TV, then flipped to the news, where we saw the North Tower burning. We were confused and other kids kept asking, "What's happening?! Why is that building burning?!" We were discussing it and watching, when we witnessed the second plane fly into the South tower. Our class screamed.

I still remember the look of horror on my teacher's face as he watched with us. Some of my classmates were crying, others were scared beyond imagining. My teacher turned to us and said, "Someone from another country is attacking us. We are going to war."

It wasn't until the North Tower collapsed, that the administration got on the PA and ordered all staff to turn off the TVs and resume teaching. At that point, the damage was done. The teachers couldn't teach and the kids couldn't concentrate. Many kids' parents came and picked them up from school. Some had parents working in Manhattan and left promptly to go be with them.

Nothing was the same again after that day. What's crazy to think about now is how much time has passed since those towers fell. Many kids are now growing up that do not realize what we lost that day. They've been brought into this world after it had already been shaken up by radical extremists. What they see as normal, I see as a world on edge - watching and protecting from terrorism with a sense of paranoia. We've given up a great deal of personal liberties and privacy for the sake of security, and it is now something many have become comfortable and complicit with.

May those 2,977 souls rest in peace. The 19 I didn't include, I hope they burn in hell for eternity.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan:
Hard to think that some of the firefighters in that group, maybe even most of them never came home
Jo-Paul Toasty
Jo-Paul Toasty:
5:10 shows something I never really considered and what most footage doesn't capture... the sound... It never dawned on me what that would sound like, and I know it's not even close to what it must have really been like.
Literally running from a cloud of cancer
Dana Velez
Dana Velez:
I'm sorry

"I'm just tired Omar! Let me relax!"
Crazy Canuck
Crazy Canuck:
Thats probably the closest available footage of the tower collapsing....anyone much closer than that would have probably died.
Claunite Nelson
Claunite Nelson:
Qui regarde encore ce 11 septembre 2019
Rosa Dominguez
Rosa Dominguez:
This honestly just makes me sad to even watch it. :(
Never forget this moment... 😭
canggu dog adoption
canggu dog adoption:
When I was there at the time really felt like hell
I was so terrified that day and crying because I thought my dad had died, but thank god he was at his home on the dark day. Never forget
Joshua Matthew M. Samarita
Joshua Matthew M. Samarita:
"Some people did something?"
CheeseCakeGamer CheeseCake
CheeseCakeGamer CheeseCake:
3:15 seeing those fire trucks made me cry cuz I know they are going to die in other tower
StarsFelineFierce 8683
StarsFelineFierce 8683:
Awww the news reporter was telling the camera man he could do it :3 that made me smile a bit in this dreadful time.
Beatriz Garcia
Beatriz Garcia:
Omg I feel so bad 3 I think planes crashed my cousin said
Flipastix 2.0
Flipastix 2.0:
Stuff like this should only happen in movies
Comet The Cat 1
Comet The Cat 1:
Just imagine if this never happens or it was stopped, America is still scarred from this to this day
Jake Jonson
Jake Jonson:
It’s sad how those poor poor souls who died R.I.P much love from the UK
Many Americans died that day...
And a few Jews with their Saudi bed buddies profited.
Lol B O I
Lol B O I:
I remember learning this for the first time,then hearing about a boy who was calling his mom that worked there,and that was the last time that he talked to his mother
Phoenix Prime
Phoenix Prime:
My mom's friend's husband died on one of the planes that crashed.
RIP, Todd Beamer
Jehoshua4u Channel
Jehoshua4u Channel:
18 years ago, seems like yesterday...
Lork Lorkman
Lork Lorkman:
"We better get out of the way!"
Hayden Lynn
Hayden Lynn:
5:47 my dad walks in the one in the front
R.I.P to all those people that died that day it just make me sad every time 😢😭
Lisa Torrieri
Lisa Torrieri:
I'll never forget when the first tower went down, my immediate thought was it looked like an implosion. I've seen about 4 implosions and they look Exactly. Like. This. I still think it was an inside job masterminded by Cheny/Rumsfield. Bush was just their puppet
B Michael
B Michael:
I lost my dad that day in the north tower , I miss him 😭😭 I hope he is proud of me .
Lee Gaming
Lee Gaming:
😭😭 I am sad my papa was alive when this happened and tell me if you're papa or nana or someone was alive
Sam LH
Sam LH:
0:12 oh a huge explosion WE NEED TO GET OUT OF A WAY!
Watching this is always emotional... especially seeing everyone cry after they fell. Rest in paradise all fallen ones ❤️
Poor people,just watching this makes me extremely sad to know that so many innocent people died.They were just working or minding their business then boom!This is so sad 😭 😞 😔 R.I.P for those innocent people that died.🙏🏻
Fitz and Fries
Fitz and Fries:
5:07 the police officer says the north tower is leaning 2 seconds later the whole thing comes down. dang rip
Russ Heaton
Russ Heaton:
Every time I see this I feel both sick and angry.
Katerina Petrov
Katerina Petrov:
Anyone watching this 2019?
Brianne Nicole
Brianne Nicole:
Horrifying watching those towers go down knowing there’s people inside of and below them
Con Pop
Con Pop:
Seen this footage before, always amazes me that he was this close to the towers and didn't get covered in dust
Noe Marquez
Noe Marquez:
Omg so sos so sad imma pray for them 😭😭😭 imagine you were in there
Crazy Chick Shena
Crazy Chick Shena:
🇺🇸😢 sad day for Americans innocent people were killed 🙏😢
J Modica
J Modica:
I cant imagine seeing that in person. I just cant imagine...
mick biggs
mick biggs:
Still cant get over the madness that went on
Amy Bangi
Amy Bangi:
2001 to 2019 !
Jennie G Twin Mommy
Jennie G Twin Mommy:
So heartbreaking! Even 18 years later! 💔
Charles P.
Charles P.:
As much horror is shown here, so is an incredible degree of humanity and altruism. Differences vanish, our petty squabbles become insignificant, and we bond as humans.
Heather Tucker
Heather Tucker:
It breaks my heart watching this
Watermelon Pando
Watermelon Pando:
I honestly feel so so bad! for everybody! And I mean everbody! (Oh! Tysm for 13 likes love yall!)
Leah Ross
Leah Ross:
Awwww he was cheering for the camera man to keep running 😭😭😭this is soooooo saaadd 😢😢😢
RedGaming Studio
RedGaming Studio:
I felt scared when the tower collapsed :(
I remember my mother telling me about how she was at her apartment while she watched the news. How she was pregnant with me and broke down crying because this was the world she was bringing me into.
Xbox Collisions
Xbox Collisions:
This is so sad 😢
Eve Jimenez
Eve Jimenez:
I got so many chills watching this omg I wasn’t even alive when this happened and I haven’t gotten this many chills from something
Priscilla Reyes
Priscilla Reyes:
Never forget 🇺🇸❤🙏
Jadey Rah
Jadey Rah:
This is so raw. I can't believe it's taken 18 years to see a lot of this. It's so important to know these details and to never forget.
how many reporters these days actually help others in events like this? As frustrated as that guy seemed, I'm glad he still helped people.
Muhammad Abdul
Muhammad Abdul:
جفغشتب ضن به م جس 🤬💣💣 ✈️
Frank Mischler
Frank Mischler:
The only time America came together and were there for each other. This brought us together as a nation on such a tragic day.
Bella Dzehverovic
Bella Dzehverovic:
I wanna cry😭😭 so many beautiful lives were gone that day it's so sad
Deidra Hodge
Deidra Hodge:
This just breaks my heart into a million pieces. I watched these towers fall when I was 16. All these years later and it still breaks my heart to watch this.
boymud12 Minecraft, Roblox and More!
boymud12 Minecraft, Roblox and More!:
Very very sad. I respect all of the New Yorkins that have died through this acident
Manda Leigh
Manda Leigh:
You can hear him trying to urge (I guess the cameraman) on. “Come on Glenn you can do it Glenn.”
Geovanny Hdz
Geovanny Hdz:
Little Wolf
Little Wolf:
Thanks for all them firefigher thanks fr risking ur life RIP!