Mini Bagel Boss Strikes Again - July 11, 2019 - Barstool Rundown

On today’s Barstool Rundown, KFC, Willie, and Large discuss the Mini Bagel Boss going super viral, Mike Vrabel saying he would cut his dick off for a Super Bowl Title as an NFL Coach, Instagram photographers flocking to a gorgeous Siberian lake that turns out to be toxic, Kendall Jenner doing the Bottle Cap Challenge on a Jet-Ski, a New Jersey Restaurant that is selling just the Pizza Crust, and the Atlantic Baseball League experimenting with allowing a batter to steal 1st on any dropped ball. Check out Barstool Sports for more: Follow Barstool Sports here: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:


Mack Nodwell
Mack Nodwell:
I've watched that bagel guy video no less than 100 times already
Muff Slammer
Muff Slammer:
Willie was a breath of fresh air in the middle seat. Chill relaxed every day locker room talk vibe. Not someone overly laughing at a mediocre joke....Feits
Nathan Ruble
Nathan Ruble:
that beer looks so small in Willie's hand
Pat Delia
Pat Delia:
Love willie. Let’s keep this going.
Bitcoin Is Freedom
Bitcoin Is Freedom:
You guys should have Chris Morgan come into barstool. He'd fit in perfectly with you guys no joke.
KFC was so awkward with the breakfast guys
Kasey Lemasters
Kasey Lemasters:
Sorry all I could hear was Willie breathing
Alvaro Mateu
Alvaro Mateu:
Subpar audio, great rundown tho.
Jones McGee
Jones McGee:
So what happened to stool scenes
Tina c
Tina c:
Mini bagel boss lmfao.. It's the small bagel bites
The Rundown has no juice without Dave and Big 🐈
Willie was hilarious in this. This suits him well.
Beau Daniel
Beau Daniel:
LIFE LESSON: if you see any vibrant colored water anywhere in the former Soviet Union AVOID IT! this isn't the Caribbean
Zah vs. Angry Elf RNR?
John Sweeney
John Sweeney:
willie with the space jam refrence, nice touch
Darren G.
Darren G.:
Oh s*it! Our 'burgh brother on today!? So refreshing, after having to persevere through mush.
Joyce Smith
Joyce Smith:
Switch Pres Cat or Donnie for kfc and it’s an all time line up
Sean Nichols
Sean Nichols:
ok. so when does the real Rundown post?
Shane Frommer
Shane Frommer:
Not even 15 minutes nice job guys
Brian Fahy
Brian Fahy:
Jason Morel
Jason Morel:
Willie and Large are a much better rundown replacements if Big Cat and Dave aren’t there
E C:
Clicked to bash kfc in comments. That's all.
N3 R4V3
N3 R4V3:
Allstar trash talent right here.
Javier Cota
Javier Cota:
Kfc needs to get off this segment
Paul Teich
Paul Teich:
Man that guy paints a bad example of how we can get attention. I have 2000 videos on YouTube
Tanner Little
Tanner Little:
Worst run down maybe of all time
I can't stand the big black guy. He seems way too smudge (Michael Scott reference). But yeah cut the fat boys.
Kevin William
Kevin William:
Oh.. so we are now allowing minorities on!