“Messi Is The Best” | Van Dijk | Ballon d'Or Preview

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Pro Man
Pro Man:
Van Dijk is a real man,he said the truth..even though he would like to take the ballon d'or himself.
Abdi Essa
Abdi Essa:
The thing I like about Messi is he never brags about how good he is unlike someone 👀
NZL lzn
NZL lzn:

cristiano:”i’m the best soccer player ever”😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vic Williams
Vic Williams:
*Ronaldo: Im the best player!*
*Messi: there is alot of great players in the world*
*Zlatan: i am the best in the world because messi is not human!*
Khoveyi Tetseo
Khoveyi Tetseo:
Messi is the best' .... He had an amazing season carried Barcelona all season , Liverpool had very good players like van Dijk , mane , Salah and Allison but as an individual there's is Messi above everyone else
A I:
I like VVD mentality, humble enough even at his high recognition to accept that someone is better... a certain contender would never do such thing..
Charles Cárdenas
Charles Cárdenas:
Jay Murthy
Jay Murthy:
This shows me how dumb English football fans are. Do they even watch Ronaldo and Messi week in and week out?
kaustav kesh
kaustav kesh:
"Ronaldo is the most creative player in the world" the reason why people never wanna grow old 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Moonshine Darling
Moonshine Darling:
Trent calling Messi “ the lad”
Johannes Martens
Johannes Martens:
Who the hell were those idiote at the end lol?😂 They obiously never watch Barcelona and go drink beer at their semi-amateur clubs.
Barni Gallery
Barni Gallery:
Ronaldo fans don’t know what’s going on here 🤣😂😂😂
Fadhil Muzhaffar
Fadhil Muzhaffar:
“Ronaldo is the creative player in the world”
Messi: i play basketball
Iniesta: i play golf
De bruyne: i play badminton
Neymay: i don’t even play football
So funny when i heard that old guy said that haha when you said ronaldo is one of the best player, i admit it, he score many goals, he is a legend, but when you said he is a creative player, oh man, you never watch messi, iniesta, de bruyne, neymar or anyone else? LOL
Shreekanth Gowda
Shreekanth Gowda:
Cristiano: Age is just a number.
Sarri: Sit on the bench and count.
Alex Constantinou
Alex Constantinou:
Not surprised when most top coaches and footballers say Messi then many random fans pick Ronaldo (some may never have touched a ball)
Why I feel so happy when everyone named MESSI , !!
Phineas Lenyatso
Phineas Lenyatso:

6:59 "He's the most creative player in the world" (speaking of CR7). Is he high on crack?
Everyone in the video:"Messi is the best"
Harry Kane:" he setsthustundurd"
Le Mohn
Le Mohn:
No one talks about how De Jong has such a great accent lmao
Mohammed Aldeghaither
Mohammed Aldeghaither:
7:00 “Ronaldo is the most creative player in the world” 😂🤣
Pew Pew Shadow
Pew Pew Shadow:
Anyone see Suarez kick the ball away from neymar while he was tying he’s shoe 😂
Moudjahidine Hassani
Moudjahidine Hassani:
I'm The Best player in the world 😂😂😂😂 😂
Conor Mcgregor
Conor Mcgregor:
Xavi's english is so good
Akshat Jain
Akshat Jain:
Ronaldo: I'm the best
Everyone: No..MESSI
Miranda Al
Miranda Al:
„World class player, probably the best in the world.“
How out of touch with reality is Trent Alexander Arnold?
Is that how you describe Messi?
Minash Rahman
Minash Rahman:
Messi ❤️
It's gonna be a memorable night if he wins it for the sixth time. Greatest player ever.
The Two Jokers
The Two Jokers:
2:37 neymar hahahaha
iago sonnys
iago sonnys:
Paul Hudson
Paul Hudson:
Explain how messi won?

2019 calendar year:

Most goals: Lewandowski
Most assists: Muller
Most NT/UEFA goals: Ronaldo
Most club goals: Lewandowski
C. America winner: Brazil
C. America MVP: Alves
CL winner: Liverpool
CL MVP: Van Dijk

Ballon D'Or: Messi 🤔
I’m a united fan and I’ll have messi every time, best player I’ve ever seen in my time.
Idris Ertem
Idris Ertem:
Messi = Goku
Ronaldo = Vegeta

Just like Vegeta trains his arse off to hang on Goku's coat-tails, Ronaldo is the same. Messi much like Goku has that special something you just cannot teach or acquire.
vieri khongthohrem
vieri khongthohrem:
I love messi humility...he never say im.the best really humble.
Lars Saint Morning Glory
Lars Saint Morning Glory:
Reporter: asks Ronaldo about Messi.
Ronaldo: I'm still performing
K1 1
K1 1:
How is Ronaldo bragging when he achieved it. He’s only talking about what he’s done
Srđan Andrić
Srđan Andrić:
"Ronaldo is the most creative player in the world." What is that dude smoking? :D
Rajib Ahmed
Rajib Ahmed:
Random people in the streets: Ronaldo is the best....
Professional footballers: one who knows even an inch about football knows that MESSI is the G.O.A.T.
Kasule Brian Kalule
Kasule Brian Kalule:
Messi is only next to Pele. He's the most gifted player of his era.
El Chapo
El Chapo:
German people:
"No it's Lewandowski! He scored 4 goals in 14 minutes against a noname team"😂😂
"Ronaldo is the most creative player in the world."

Maybe the old fart is confusing Ronaldo with Messi. Tried my very best not to burst out laughing.
Meeesssiiiii ballon d'or 2019 rék inchallah
Daniel Leonardo
Daniel Leonardo:
Barcelona: demitam o treinador VALVERDE!!!
I prefer Ronaldo, but biased opinions aside, it’s messi
matyas Kasu
matyas Kasu:
regarding of balan d'or in 2019 is messi because he ended the the year with top scorer in champions league with 15 goals , and he is best player of the world , he is in his is top is top scorer in laliga .
nobody survives even one bit
nobody survives even one bit:
Messi the goat
It looks like they had already told them who was gonna win
tajwuani grant
tajwuani grant:
2:40 when suarez kicked the ball from under neymar's foot was mad funny😂😂
Ronaldo: I think the best player in the world it’s Messi
Son Kim
Son Kim:
Van Dijk Said it correctly: as Long as messi is playing nobody else should win.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf:
Personally, I'm a Ronaldo guy and he is the greatest player I have ever seen
andre young
andre young:
2:37 i love this one. Messi’s face is just priceless 😂😂😂
1:00 When Harry makes a Gatorade Bottle as his Mic
Karthik Venkatesan
Karthik Venkatesan:
Virgil is such a gentleman! Humble to the core. Leo completely deserves this. Kudos!🔥💯
Owen Aifuwa
Owen Aifuwa:
All:Messi is the best player in the world

Pele:hold my beer
Torr Vi
Torr Vi:
I think that if VVD hadn’t say that Messi was better than him he could have a got bigger chance to win.
Wout Kelder
Wout Kelder:
Harry Kane: sppppfffffspfffsp
Kanimu y
Kanimu y:
When the old guy said ronaldo is the most creative player in the world i legit burst out laughing😂
Ayena Noel Valentine
Ayena Noel Valentine:
Can someone tell me how many would Ronaldo would have won , if he played his whole career with Barcelona???
Courtois should get a fair play award for letting so many players score and get that little confidence boost
Kane 2019 : ronardo
lmfao, what a bunch of idiots at the end of this video
Rita Okhilu
Rita Okhilu:
Messi is the best of best in the world
Janan Choudhury
Janan Choudhury:
Experts: Messi

EPL mugs: I'm a Ronaldo man.

Frank Franky
Frank Franky:
Messi is way above ALL players who calling their self" I'm the best player in the world".We are lucky we're living in Messi's era, because Messi is the G.O.A.T.
prince Mike
prince Mike:
Oh yes, Messi is a genius and he never brag like others! Finally he have sense of humour 🌹🌹🌹

All Messi's fans hit likes and otherwise comments 😄
Lol those fans at the end were clueless, especially the one saying ronaldo is more creative😂😂
Laldinthara Duptea
Laldinthara Duptea:
Guilherme Reis
Guilherme Reis:
Best player that can only play in one team that's what it looks like.
Daniel Soanes
Daniel Soanes:
Messi: A handful of top players and managers saying he’s the best in the world, including Van Dijk.
Van Dijk: A handful of top players and managers making a strong case that he deserves the Ballon D’Or this year.
Ronaldo: Himself and a number of know-nothing Chelsea fans saying he’s the best in the world.

Well deserved, Lionel 🐐
Vlad Iancu
Vlad Iancu:
In the past: 'I'm a moron'

In the present: 'I'm a Ronaldo man' or 'Ronaldo is the most creative player in the world'
Free Account
Free Account:
1:55 this kid is high. He said "Probably" best in the world.

Damn... Messi Is the best in the world
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid:
Who said neymar is diver he almost fell stood up and walked on like a man
Jawad 007
Jawad 007:
Ofcourse Messi because he dnt wait for his Teammates to pass. Messi create for Himself...
Dr. Mallu
Dr. Mallu:
Nobody :
Ronaldo : I'm the best soccer player.
Why everyone saying he had best season...he is best in entire career...no debate
James Gatdula
James Gatdula:
0:33 Nice microphone *Harry Kane*
Reynaldo Cruz
Reynaldo Cruz:
When Harry Kane talks I picture someone talking with chewing tabaco in his mouth.
Mame Sy
Mame Sy:
Mane is the best 2019
good day
good day:
Players who love talent choose Messi, players who love physicality choose Cristiano.
When Klopp said Pele it sounded like Billy
Mai Lai
Mai Lai:
When Ronaldo won his first ballondor messi had already has 4 ballondor
The real test would have been if Messi had played in the Premiership - he knew that he would be found out in the EPL!! The EPL is the toughest league in the world!
Siddhant tamu
Siddhant tamu:
Messi ❤️😇
Anarchy !!!
Anarchy !!!:
Klopp and van dijk reactions were the best
Cali Tony
Cali Tony:
Forget about this balon do’r 2019. Why everybody hating on CR7 let’s see Messi in his age of 34 he’ll probably retire, CR7 will win next year 2020 lets go cris your still sharp and focused please it make 7 bal n dors.
johnny rambo 69
johnny rambo 69:
Messi is clearly the best, a blind man can see this, he has an overall brilliance and vision that no body has ever had
Nick Y
Nick Y:
Van Dijk been outstanding for the past 2 seasons but Messi been out of this world for the past 12 years
Oma Bedor
Oma Bedor:
everyone:Messi messi messi.......
is there anyone with me to stand for Ronaldo ?
Ponder Ripper
Ponder Ripper:
Ronaldo in the sense that he switched clubs and reigned.
musi gratitude
musi gratitude:
Its apparent that King Messi deserve to win the Ballon D'or and He will in fact win
Michael Loquercio
Michael Loquercio:
Messi is my pick💙🐐🙏🏻🏆🔥🙌🏻
Simeon Dobrev
Simeon Dobrev:
Kompany was the most right and wise. Van Dijk deserved it more in 2019.
Jonathan Ekales
Jonathan Ekales:
7:16 am a Rounauldau men 😂😂
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams:
Bernardo Silva’s English surprised me lmao
Vincent Kompany is what made me believe in alien invaders.
Evan Duquenoy
Evan Duquenoy:
Y r u using an old photo of Ronaldo?

Edit: in ur thumbnail.
B M:
Let me just say this. The reason that people are now looking at “awards” to decide who was better was because of the Messi/ Ronaldo rivalry. Messi was with out a doubt the best player in the world last season. Which was how they used to decide back then, not awards. Now Don’t get me wrong Virgil was and is incredible and outstanding in what he does for the team, but Messi has better stats, performances etc. I know it’s difficult to compare an attacker and defender, but Messi brings in more attraction and is able to keep the team alive through the hardest times. Barcelona with out Messi, at least right now, wouldn’t be anywhere. Messi along with I’d say De Jong and Suarez are carrying the team. Liverpool with out Van Dijk would still be the best premier league team. Van Dijk just makes the team stronger and more consistent.
dayan malik
dayan malik:
Cristian Popa
Cristian Popa:
I’m a die hard Liverpool fan, but man Messi is just world class. I just remember when Messi took the free kick in the first leg agginst Liverpool and dropped my jaw the furthest it can go, I was just speechless, Virgil and Ronaldo best player in the world, Messi is the best player in the universe