Melvin Gordon DEMANDS Trade, Should Running Backs Get Paid?! | Tiki and Tierney

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AfgOmar 619
AfgOmar 619:
Melvin would've had a great chance to make the Superbowl this year. He needed to prove this year he was a legitimate top 5 RB and he would've got his money. Now he is going to waste his prime in Buffalo or Tampa. You let Charger nation down MG3.
Randy Jones
Randy Jones:
I've been a Chargers fan since 1980 . Here is my thoughts on the subject . If I was the Chargers I would trade Melvin Gordon immediately. Gordon is not Barry Sanders and he ain't no Ladanian Tomlinson. He fumbled way too much early in his career and he has had knee injuries. If I was Tom Telesco I would be working them phones .
Trade Melvin Gordon ASAP. His best year is 2018 and has zero consistency until Anthony Lynn showed up. The Chargers gotta pay Rivers, Henry, Bosa, and Keenan Allen. These guys can’t just be replaced.
Deleno Ahk
Deleno Ahk:
nBA dont devalue positions
Saquon should holdout immediately. His will never have more leverage than he has right now
Insane how these guys talk about this situation without even mentioning the state of the team, championship window, franchise future, or anything specific to this actual situation. They just talking about past trends.
C Bleezy
C Bleezy:
I think he would have had better chances on proving his worth this year with the team we have. But that diva card wasn’t the best card to pull in this situation. So... let’s go shopping 🛒.
Jeremy B
Jeremy B:
The disrespect of Melvin Gordon

Projected pay for 2019 is
5,605,000 dollars BEFORE incentives!

Based on his 2018 yardage alone
855 yards — almost identical to his career average , Melvin is scheduled to make
6,332 dollars per yard !
2,109 dollars per foot !
Or 175 dollars for every inch he gains for the Chargers !
And this isn’t nearly enough !
Somewhere along the lines , agents have taken this game and completely fucked it up , and it’s the fans who are paying the price !
Bobby Robby
Bobby Robby:
Melvin Gordon is no Jim Brown. Jim Brown never missed a game. Gordon has been injured longer than Jim Brown's career.
The Ladies Man
The Ladies Man:
Running backs need to demand dollar for dollar contracts. No back in contracts but everything upfront year by year. Ot demand less touches like 10 a game run or pass to decrease the abuse they take so they can last 10 years in the league
The Chargers don't have TIME to deal with Melvin Gordon. LT Russell Okung is sitting out with an "undisclosed injury". The Chargers have Justin Jackson, Detrez Newsome, and Austin Ekeler to replace Melvin. ALL THREE have the talent to do so! The Chargers are incredibly limited on O-Line options! Hail and farewell Melvin Gordon.
Look at todd gurley he got paid because he was on the field more and was productive
Ron Silvia
Ron Silvia:
Gordon is not dedicated to the game of football he was in contention to make a run at a superbowl this year but instead has demanded to get paid any player would give their all to make a superbowl run and show just how good they are and have a chance to prove they deserve that money but gordon doesn't even want to be part of a superbowl run hes disrespected his teammates his coach and the chargers organization get rid of him he's not a charger
Rotten Sircus
Rotten Sircus:
Melvin Gordon is average at best. I'd trade him to the #Lions, #Packers, #Dolphins or #Texans !!!
The Ladies Man
The Ladies Man:
The rookie contract is not right all other position other then OLine and QBs. All the other positions burn out fast. Its not a good contract for positions were the cliff edge is 6 years. The teams are using up the running backs fast with to many touches in the first 4 years. Their bodies are beat up. They they dont get the pay off after producing over that time. Only QBs that dont take abuse on the running back level actually get the pay off. Most of those players are white men even the 2 QB making money more the running backs. Thats completely wrong. Its a set up!
I don’t consider him elite because for one he doesn’t stay on the field enough. He has to stay healthy. I’m sure if he was healthy they would have been paid him
Crazy how much they pay QBs in the NFL and they can’t give RBs their deserved money.
P Pumpkin
P Pumpkin:
It's very simple. The Chargers tell Gordon, go find a better offer. We want a number one draft pick, in exchange. And if the Chargers want to keep him, they match the offer.

Gordon is holding the Chargers over a barrel because the Chargers are ready now. They should never put themselves in this position. The Chargers should have drafted his replacement already.

This move wouldn't have worked for Le'von if the Jets never paid him, no one else wanted to pay him.