Match Preview - Australia vs Pakistan | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

We caught up with both teams ahead of today's Cricket World Cup match. The home of all the highlights from the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019. Subscribe here: #CWC19 This is the official channel of the ICC - the governing body of international cricket.

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Deepak Maurya
Deepak Maurya:
CWC 2019

1st SemiFinal:
Showers vs Light Rain

2nd SemiFinal:
Clouds vS Heavy Rain

Light Rain vs Heavy Rain
Heavy Rain won by 62 millimeters
Man of the match: Thunderstorm ⛈
Man of the Tournament: Drizzling 🌨️
Most Wickets: Cloud 🌥
Most Runs: Shower
Winchester Vicky
Winchester Vicky:
ICC better start swimming competition instead of cricket
Namanjot Singh
Namanjot Singh:
Pak Vs Aus

Result : Match has been abandoned due to rain without a ball bowled.

Man of the mAtch: ICC

Edit: 🏏
Rocking Schocking
Rocking Schocking:
Thanks ICC😍😂
for selecting wonderful & amazing Swimming pools for ICC World Cup 2019 😂👌👏
The TSD Channel
The TSD Channel:
ICC must take an interview of the great player RAIN. Afterall their team(CLOUD) is playing so well in this world cup and hopefully they will win it as well😍😍
Saqib Hussain
Saqib Hussain:
No need for a preview
Because there will be no result
Because of rain
Deepak Maurya
Deepak Maurya:
#ICC Thank you for selecting wonderful venue for world cup....What a tournament it is👏👏🥴🥴
Sydney Basha
Sydney Basha:
Only REVIEWS....AFTER SOME TIME They announce MATCH ABOUNDED due to Rain...not intrest
F S:
It’s gonna be washed out. Thanks ICC for not having reserved days. I guess you are run by idiots. 👏🏽
One Plus Two
One Plus Two:
If today's match is abandoned due to "RAIN", I will definitely uninstall "hotstar & cricbuzz" (👊🙏👊)
Namanjot Singh
Namanjot Singh:
Scientists: It will rain the most in Meghalaya this year.

ICC: Hold my WC2019 venues
Nandhini Nair
Nandhini Nair:
Rain is going to win the's going to be 8 points and first place in the table beating new zealand😂😂😂
v j
v j:
Every time World Cup should be organise in Asian countries : clean weather, great atmosphere and great cricket fans all we need for World Cup is here.
Mian Ehsan-ul-Haq
Mian Ehsan-ul-Haq:
Today match
Pak vs Aus vs Rain
isaac chipparis
isaac chipparis:
Hahahahahahhahaha crazy venue's ever in history of cricketing world cup
i don't care
i don't care:
Rain finishes of in style.
It's rain which win the match.
Match hoga hi .nhi ..becoz world cup is going on between clouds...
Waseem Sultan
Waseem Sultan:
Shame on You Icc.
Its world cup or Tea Cup ??
Jameel Ahmad
Jameel Ahmad:
"ALL players are fit for swimming" 😄😄😄😄
At this point, they might as well have a match indoors inside the nets. England in June, good thinking on ICC part. 🤔
Dhanwa Raj
Dhanwa Raj:
Hats off ICC for having included 11 th team which is rain in world cup .rain is gonna smash every team and win the WC .they have got very balance team
omar khan
omar khan:
CWC19 2019 x1
12th man:
“Match abandoned without a ball bowled” 😂😂😅
karthik prabhu
karthik prabhu:
Come on Australia ,bang them good 🇮🇳🇦🇺
Swopnajit Behera
Swopnajit Behera:
Pakistan Pray For Rain😭
Tip Tip Barsa Pani🌧️🌧️🌧️
Cricket Lovers
Cricket Lovers:
Final : Rain vs Rain
Rain won the toss chose to bowl
Rain : 760/7 (8) hours
Rain : 761/1(24) hours
Man of the match rain and won the world cup poor icc
Lost Serendipity
Lost Serendipity:
Hopefully we'll see another win for rain !its been a scintillating campaign for rain thus for .lets hope for another one !
Nishant Kumar
Nishant Kumar:
Thanks icc for selecting the wonderful and amazing swimming pool for world cup 2019
Live IPL2019
Live IPL2019:
No Preview Only Raining 🌧🌧🌧😂😂😂
Puneet Kaushik
Puneet Kaushik:
ffs we don't want a drop of rain to fall!!!
sa ku
sa ku:
In this match Australia will either get 1 point or 2points , let's see😂
The Q
The Q:
And after all drills and nets rain is now fit to play for clouds

2019:Clouds lift the world cup
Redline Tuber
Redline Tuber:
Who wins?

Whose man of the match?

Who made the most money?

Also ICC
Siam Hossain
Siam Hossain:
The match is abandoned due to rain We are requesting players please go hotel & Play fifa 19
roman reings roman empire
roman reings roman empire:
There is to much rain in England where there is no need of rain but in Pakistan there is not a single drop filled from the clouds
keshav kashyap
keshav kashyap:
Australia will defeat rain and Pakistan both
Dracarys Por favor
Dracarys Por favor:
When Pakistan plays a match God toss the coin in the air and all Pakistanis hold their breath to see how it will turn out.
Anudeep pilaka
Anudeep pilaka:
I think this match will be abounded 😂😂
Due to rain
Madan Subedi
Madan Subedi:
300 runs in every last 7,8 game 🙄😂
West indies be like = are we joke to you 😆
Rain is favourite to win this match
Icc to finch and sarfraz : do guys know how to swim?
Finch and Sarfraz : no
Icc: then you guys are not selected, Next....
India should be happy taht all matches are rain and they qualify
Javaid zaman
Javaid zaman:
Icc you should come up with an analysis about Rain.
Rain is pouring in the Cup
Neelesh Shrivastava
Neelesh Shrivastava:
Thx ICC for selecting wonderful swimming pool for worldcup...
The Gatsby
The Gatsby:
Arsalan Aziz
Arsalan Aziz:
Match will not happen bcz of rain man of match rain icc shame on u 😠😠😠😠
The Gatsby
The Gatsby:
*Just wait for PAK🇵🇰 VS INDIA🇮🇳*

*Pakistan will win by margin💪🏻*

*Just Like we did to ENGLAND😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿*
Bhaskar Roy
Bhaskar Roy:
Match abandoned due to rain with no ball bowled. Australia and Pakistan both gets 1points each. That's all for now, See you tomorrow fr another live rain telecast.
zyan akhtar
zyan akhtar:
Australia won the toss and elect to swim first 😅😁
bb ka fan
bb ka fan:
But most importantly he gave rain his cup *bacc*
Kartikay Bhardwaj
Kartikay Bhardwaj:
ICC kisi bhi tarah pakistan ko top 5 mai banaye rakhna chahta hai... Taaki earning kam na ho or fanbase bani rahe.....

Isliye baarish vaale din strong opponents ke sath match rakhe hein taaki faaltu mai pakistan ko points mil jaye or pakistani sochenge "Australia by chance point le gys baarish ki vajah se vaarna ham to haraa hi dete" 😂
Talha Karim
Talha Karim:
Hi everyone today match is possible bcoz rain preception is only 18% so don't lose hope
Mohammad Sultan Rafiq
Mohammad Sultan Rafiq:
I am looking for Wahab Riaz will do some Major breakthrough,.
Inshaa Allah.,
Smriti Singh
Smriti Singh:
"We have been scoring 300+ runs consistently"
Did u forget about ur first match in world cup
105 all out😂😂
Ariz Ali
Ariz Ali:
Rain is on a wonderful winning streak they r favorite to win the cup
prak syxre
prak syxre:
ICC please provide weather update preview for every match, it will be more helpful. ⛈🌧☔🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️🤽‍♂️
Kartikay Bhardwaj
Kartikay Bhardwaj:
ICC bhosdivaalo tum accu weather app download karke forecast check nahi kar sakte bc ???
Md.firoz Rahman
Md.firoz Rahman:
Pakistan' last match Good Cricket
I Hope Pakistan' win
Victory Printers
Victory Printers:
Huge Thanks ICC (International Cricket Council)
for swimming competition instead of cricket.
But first-of-the-clock trial players about of swimming fitness.
holy daniel
holy daniel:
This worldcup is a real dampener. Already some exciting matches washed out. Poor timing by organizers
Pak vs aus

Winner of the match Heavy rain by 68 millitres
do you want to know my name ?
do you want to know my name ?:
ICR - International RAIN council .
Ayush srivastava
Ayush srivastava:
Australia win💪💪
Abdullah Vj Roxer
Abdullah Vj Roxer:
World cup 2019 final will be against heavy rain and showers.
Guys who would win the final 😂 let me Know in comments section
Pakistan ka Baap
Pakistan ka Baap:
What's a joke
In this World Cup
Match rain vs rain
Lol why icc selected like that place
Vittal Ambem
Vittal Ambem:
Steve Will makes good runs today because he is on fire
Shivam Gupta
Shivam Gupta:
I am an Indian and I am rooting for Pakistan to win. Wahab and Sarfaraz can still win the match for Pakistan. Love and peace 😊
Ragu S
Ragu S:
This type of tournament icc should select main ground n cover the roof
Taki Tazwaruzzaman Anian
Taki Tazwaruzzaman Anian:
POINT TABLE: RAIN on top by washing 3 matches.....6pts
DL method
Australia won

Have you forgotten pkmkb
Kartikay Bhardwaj
Kartikay Bhardwaj:
Itni badi duniya mai ICC ki andhi team ko england hi pasand aaya
Sufyan Asghar
Sufyan Asghar:
Inshallah Pakistan will win today 👍
Yash Jain
Yash Jain:
According to weather report match can happen
Wavy Quix
Wavy Quix:
Pakistan assistant coach: its a decent size
Me: whats the size tho
Tilak Lucky
Tilak Lucky:
Austraila will win the match
ABDUL bhatti41
ABDUL bhatti41:
PAKISTAN vs Australia and Rain to win
sohil deraiya
sohil deraiya:
Azhar : our team is getting consistently 300+ runs 😂😂😂
wht abt against WI game
Dont tell lie bro !!!
Haider Sultan Official
Haider Sultan Official:
#Icc thank you for uploading this video
Ashish Koul
Ashish Koul:
Bad highlights bad rain 😑🙁
Sana Farrukh
Sana Farrukh:
Guys the temperature says it will be cold but no rain so most likely we will have full match
witty sparks
witty sparks:
Semi final 1 : Rain, abandoned
Semi final 2 : Rain, abandoned
Finals : rain Abandoned
CWC 2019 will be awarded to paskitan based on number of bomb blast per year.
Awesome Algodoo
Awesome Algodoo:
I'm rooting for Rain.
typer king
typer king:
rain 🌧 match cancel 100% 😂😂😂😂😂
Vivek Sharma
Vivek Sharma:
Man of the tournament

Dr Haris Awan
Dr Haris Awan:
Like MCG stadium in Australia ,England must built such roofs on stadium where rainy conditions exits ,
England is good for CWC as all teams have good supporters here but by know rainy weather is spoiling the World cup momentum .
Ankur Raj
Ankur Raj:
Koi bhi icc tournament england mai hamesa ke liya cancel kar dena chahiye
Only because of Bloody rain
Cartoon Plot
Cartoon Plot:
ICC yaha world cup kam or Rain cup zada kara rahi hai😡
J B:
Rain and ICC shit playing this World Cup rather teams ....
Aapki Saheli Priya Naz
Aapki Saheli Priya Naz:
Bas rain hi dekhne ko milegi. Match to mjedar hoga nhi. India me cup karwa lo
MTX Gaming
MTX Gaming:
Scoring constant 300 runs😀😁😂🤣
khairmuhamamd abbasi
khairmuhamamd abbasi:
Who thinks that today, Rain will be the man of the match. like😂😂👇
Sarath Parthiban
Sarath Parthiban:
Match as been abendend due to rain.. I can predict the future..😂🤣
Aijaz Mir
Aijaz Mir:
Insha Allah Pakistan win wc
Do preview for weather first. Rain in or out??
ali noor
ali noor:
The ICC did well to upload a match preview video because it does not seem to upload the match video.😁
ShahAb AhmEd
ShahAb AhmEd:
Pakistan won the toss and decided to swim first. 😁😂
prak syxre
prak syxre:
ICC should allow raincoats in this 2019 WC. Pitch and ground should be covered with Plastic, so players can slide can reach to ball.
mehtab khan
mehtab khan:
Good luck pakistani performance awesome inshallah won the match
aravinda aravinda
aravinda aravinda:
Who will win

Australia like

Pakistan comment

From india
fatima R
fatima R:
Icc should be get out itself away from cricket
Lavde lag gaye pakistan ki.. Haar gaya pakistan, 😜😜🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

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