LITTLE WOMEN Trailer (2019) Timothée Chalamet, Emma Watson, Drama

LITTLE WOMEN Trailer (2019) Timothée Chalamet, Emma Watson, Drama © 2019 - Sony Pictures

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*well you’re not married*—

*yes well that’s because I’m rich*

All I aspire to be
Cheyenne Lin
Cheyenne Lin:
“I’m so sick of people saying that love is all a woman is fit for” 👏
Thi D.
Thi D.:
Ross: "Jo is a girl"
Joey: " Oh, so is kind a 'girl and girl' thing because this is the only thing missing in The Shining".
Chandler: "actually Laurie is a boy".
Joey: " wonder Rachel had to read this so many times"..
Does everyone remember FRIENDS Joey and Rachel were reading the book??
Hulianna JACE
Hulianna JACE:
"so about these little women, how little are they? like scary little?"
Timothée Chalamet is such a work of art. I really do love him with my whole heart sigh
Deepika Tanwar
Deepika Tanwar:
when reading title: ohh emma watson movie ,it'll be okay

after watching trailer : holy s this movie has meryl , Saoirse Ronan, emma and timothee ,this is going to amazing
Aries Snake
Aries Snake:
Title mentions Emma Watson but she seems to be not the main female character. Better to change it
Mia Starlove
Mia Starlove:
“Well you’re not married”
“Well that’s because I’m rich” 🤣🤣
Gum Princess
Gum Princess:
"You'll need to marry well."
"You are not married Aunt-"
"Well that's because I'm rich!"
i see timothee chalamet and suddenly i melt into a sappy puddle of uwu
i’m a simple human, i see timothee chalamet. i click
olivia rose
olivia rose:
Been waiting for Emma and Saoirse to work together!!
Dhanya Gopal
Dhanya Gopal:
Miss the old ‘94 Version - Wynona Ryder, Christian bale, kid Kirsten dunst
Renz Ely
Renz Ely:
“Just because my dreams are different than yours it doesn’t mean they aren’t important.” - Meg
some short asian
some short asian:
"You're not married, Aunt-"
_"Well that's because I'm rich!"_

me except i'm poor.
*Timothée Chalamet.*

That's it. That's the comment.
Kenisha Paul
Kenisha Paul:
A movie about women, yet the first name listed is Timothee's.

Nikki Weingarten
Nikki Weingarten:
Is no one going to mention how they have their hair down and no one in that time frame would be caught dead with their hair down
Blythe Marie Abigail
Blythe Marie Abigail:
the trailer is 90% Saoirse Ronan and her name is not even mentioned I-
Yeah Sure
Yeah Sure:
I literally got an advert for the trailer before the trailer started, I-
Aemilia Crusnik
Aemilia Crusnik:
My favorite character since I was a kid... Jo.. if I remember correctly.. she sold her precious hair?
Penelope Ashe
Penelope Ashe:
I swear Timmy and Saoirse became a package deal, you hire one, you get both lmao
Josephine Amirtha
Josephine Amirtha:
Isn't this the book that Joey Tribbianni kept in the freezer!!!???
crazy dodouchka
crazy dodouchka:
"You're not married aunt-"
"Well that's because I'm rich"
Literally me in a decade
Yayo Host
Yayo Host:
Timothée back at it again with the dance moves
Most Famous Anonymous
Most Famous Anonymous:
Movie literally about women with many powerhouse well known actresses and the first name on the title is of a man. 🤨🤦‍♀️
Tereza Christy
Tereza Christy:
Throughout the trailer I was like Timotheeeeeeeeeeeeee
Makara Anne
Makara Anne:
The ad for this video,,, was literally this trailer. Wtffff
Peyton Marielle
Peyton Marielle:
Nothing will beat the Winona Ryder 1994 version and that's on that.
This reminds me of "Ballet Shoes" or something like that, Emma Watson was I. That Movie too
Always. Eilish
Always. Eilish:
I have watched this 10,000 times now, and i get goosebumps every time
Quetsia Lima
Quetsia Lima:
De novo toda hora?
Já existem 5 adaptações para o cinema desse romance da Louisa May Alcott. Essa historia tem tanta necessidade de ser recontada assim ou é mesmo só falta de criatividade?
Lucía Gianneschi
Lucía Gianneschi:
Saoirse really coming for that Oscar nom again! She's so so so good.
thea x
thea x:
I’m here for Saoirse and Timmy and I feel like I’m gonna get jumped on for that
Grace Bonifatti
Grace Bonifatti:
Sooo is this a remake? adaptation? what is this? The 1994 movie is all we need ♥
KT Eff
KT Eff:
I will always watch any version of this story you chuck at me.
Emma Crober
Emma Crober:
I dont think any man can make me feel how Christian Bale did about Teddy...but i will give it a try!
Danielle Marie
Danielle Marie:
If the press tour for this movie includes ONE question about how to pronounce Saoirse I’m gonna lose it
Jade Prescott
Jade Prescott:
So, we're not even trying to vaguely resemble historically accurate hair?
I'm likely nope-ing out of watching this, not just because of the hair.
I grew up on Winona.. I love the original. But I’ll watch this.
Meh, this isn't it. The 90s one had it right. This feels really forced and artificial; just missed the mark. I love some of these actors but it just isn't a good fit. In the 90s version those characters WERE those roles. They literally were the March family. Christian Bale WAS Teddy. I know Hollywood is just gonna keep remaking things cause they're stuck in that vortex but..... this ain't it.
Little Unicorn
Little Unicorn:
Now, these little women. How little are they? I mean are they like scary little. 😂
Sue Valerie Pham
Sue Valerie Pham:
*Well, that's because I'm rich*
It can't get any more Meryl Streep than this!
Liza C
Liza C:
This trailer made me feel like I just watched the movie...
Pink Future
Pink Future:
This is my favorite novel back when I was a child ... so beautifully written by Louisa May Alcott
Reed .Mp4
Reed .Mp4:
Me : *sees this on recommend, reads title *
Also me : Oooh Emma Watson & Meryl Streep ahh 🥺🥺
Awesomesauce Guru
Awesomesauce Guru:
Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet in a movie always get me all a gassed up
Nazmun Nahar
Nazmun Nahar:
Don't marry Frederich Bhaer this time, Jo.
Just don't.
Katie Di Franco
Katie Di Franco:
"These little women, how little are they?" 😂
tiktok tea
tiktok tea:
saoirse and timothee? in another movie together? YESSSS I LEGIT LOVED LADY BIRD IM SO HAPPY THIS IS HAPPENING
Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown:
Although this movie will have some big names in it and I'm looking forward to it, I wish the actors chosen for certain characters had certain features that better matched the beautiful descriptions of the characters in the book, because that is the way I have always envisioned them in my head. But I love Louisa May Alcott and I am so glad Little Women has been so successful in making its way as movies. LMA's other books, like Jack and Jill, Under the Lilacs, and my personal favorite, An Old Fashioned Girl, deserve some credit, too, though. If a Little Men/Jo's Boys movie combo movie could be made that would be great.
Movie : Little Woman
Subject : women
Cast : Laura Dern Saoirse Ronan Meryl Streep Emma Watson Florence Pugh Eliza Scanlen

Thumbnail : Timothy chalamet
NHL AHL Hockey Gaming
NHL AHL Hockey Gaming:
Hey, Lets crack out Little Women and see what's up with Meg, Joe, Beth and Amy.
Omg I read the book for this in 6th grade and then watched the 1994 version with Winona Ryder, Christian bale and Kirsten Dunst, aswell as the 1949 version. Truly a classic to reenact, stories like that
of Louisa May Alcott's should not be forgotten.
Krusha Mae
Krusha Mae:
When I read the title of this video I thought
"Yo Rach... How little are these women?" -Joey Tribbiani
Apart Gevalletje
Apart Gevalletje:
I see Timothée Chalamet: i click.
Lucas Power
Lucas Power:
The cast is very unattractive. That being said I'm a big fan of both book & the movie the Winona Ryder ver. But no matter how many times they remake this we all know that Joe isn't going to choose Lori/Lawrence. Really pisses me off ....still going to see this tho.
Jet Conway
Jet Conway:
So glad to see florence pugh finally make her breakthrough with midsommar and this
Wendy Gómez
Wendy Gómez:
I have two reasons to watch the movie:

1. Looks fuckin' amazing
2. Timothee Is there
Maria Pia
Maria Pia:
Are Timothée and Saoirse the new Leo and Kate? Love their chemistry!!
top kek
top kek:
*_woman. woman. woman. Woman. Woman. Woman. WOman. WOman. WOMAN. WOMAN EH-EH-EH-EH-EH-EH-EH..._*

*_-Alex Jones_*
lara stone
lara stone:
I love this soo much I'm here only for Emma Watson and Timothée chalamet
Jireh Mae Mon
Jireh Mae Mon:
Alright! Who did this?! Saoirse and Timmy as Jo and Laurie?! Come on! Seriously who is it? Because I'll give him/her a very big hug! 😄😄

Note: The only downside to this though is I know they will not end up together. Bummer! But oh well, i'm here for their chemistry so I'll take it!
Yashika Saxena
Yashika Saxena:
When I see my favourite novel turning into a movie😭😭😍
Ore Johnson
Ore Johnson:
Timothee Chalamet is rocking bed hair
Thank you for coming to my ted talk
Ashlee McCann
Ashlee McCann:
I love the original Little Women movie , but Im intrigued to see this one
I think Emma Watson was a perfect choice she's the only one I know😇
I saw several comments that this is the remake....what is the name of the original?
Idk if I ever saw it
zen main btw
zen main btw:
i LOVED this book as a kid, im so excited for this
FifiJ Xo
FifiJ Xo:
Wait Emma Watson? I’ll watch it.
bag ofhammers
bag ofhammers:
*"You are not married Aunt..*

*"Well that's because I'm rich"*

Sofi_ Pineapple
Sofi_ Pineapple:
Omg Mozart vibes y’all
The accents seem kind of rough but I’m exited lol
Fleur Lovelace
Fleur Lovelace:
Omg. I love the cast for this movie. Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Timothée Chalamet and Meryl Streep, what else can I ask for?
Ms. Honiqualisha
Ms. Honiqualisha:
So this is the Feminist version of a alreay feminist book.,
μ ε υ
μ ε υ:
Uuuhm how about you put Saoirse ronan in the title? She is literally the protagonist wtf
meryl streep? yup its winning an oscar
Huyền Trâm Nguyễn
Huyền Trâm Nguyễn:
Execuseme but is s.o from the manga Glass Mask? :))
S A V A G E:
So no one mentioning saoirse ronan?
It's just me?? Ok
Jessa Pearyid
Jessa Pearyid:
ladybird but make it 19th century
Emily Parsons
Emily Parsons:
I saw timothee chamalet and I screamed
Anu Alphons Jacob
Anu Alphons Jacob:
My childhood dream book🥰🥰❤
The way the ad before the video was the trailer. Like YouTube what’s going on here?
Nancee Moes
Nancee Moes:
Are Timothée Chalamet and Saoerse Ronan in all the same movies???
Sarah Francine
Sarah Francine:
Here comes Timothee Chalamet crawling his way back to my white boy of the month.
Ellie Parfitt
Ellie Parfitt:
I got the little women ad before the vid but I didn’t even realise until it played again for the actual vid😂
Mary Angel Realubit
Mary Angel Realubit:
Saioirse, Timothée, and Emma Watson.... I'M SOLD
oOoOh, I can tell this is gonna be good.
The trailer makes it seem like it's close to the book, but we'd already had that in the Winona Ryder version. Wouldn't it be great to have something modern, akin to the Clueless=Emma spinoff? Anyway, fingers crossed that the Jo/Teddy ship can make it this time :-)
panda 789
panda 789:
i know this is completely missing the moral of the story but can i please have timothee chalamet chasing me begging me to marry him? 😂😂 1:33
Amy Frei
Amy Frei:
I like Emma Watson but I don’t feel like she’s right for Meg. She has been playing “girl” characters for too long now and I think she’s outgrowing them. She needs to move along in her career, play a character close to her age (she’s 29 now!) Meg is supposed to be 18-19. I think it’s time to give the stage to someone else.
1:40 Timmy has never looked hotter
Asma Haque
Asma Haque:
The way that actress (Jo) delivers the rant about women spoke to my soul. ♥️
Holy Lemon
Holy Lemon:
I just read this book yesterday! Im so excited to this movie...
The irony of Timothee being first billing for the Little Women trailer. Kinda sad
Myy Artifex
Myy Artifex:
I haven´t read the book, but as I recall Rachel said to Joey that Beth dies..... so spoiler :(
Chimney DN
Chimney DN:
I suggest you change the title by putting Saoirse Ronan at the first billing. She is the heroine and she's also more popular than Chalamet purely in terms of click-bait. Watch the clicks of their respective interviews and you will know.
Lily Aziz
Lily Aziz:
their chemistry must be like THE BEST if they can be in 2 movies together!!
and the director must just love them🥰
Spring Lady
Spring Lady:
I’ll always prefer the 1994 version, but this doesn’t look terrible. It’s a little shiny for the period and I have some thoughts about the casting and acting, but it is just a trailer so I’m willing to watch the movie before forming a concrete opinion.
Damien Greig
Damien Greig:
Joey: these little women, how little they are