LITTLE WOMEN Trailer (2019) Timothée Chalamet, Emma Watson, Drama

LITTLE WOMEN Trailer (2019) Timothée Chalamet, Emma Watson, Drama © 2019 - Sony Pictures

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Movie Coverage:
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crazy dodouchka
crazy dodouchka:
"You're not married aunt-"
"Well that's because I'm rich"
Literally me in a decade
Wendy Gómez
Wendy Gómez:
I have two reasons to watch the movie:

1. Looks fuckin' amazing
2. Timothee Is there
Hulianna JACE
Hulianna JACE:
"so about these little women, how little are they? like scary little?"
Timothée Chalamet is such a work of art. I really do love him with my whole heart sigh
Penelope Ashe
Penelope Ashe:
I swear Timmy and Saoirse became a package deal, you hire one, you get both lmao
Renz Ely
Renz Ely:
“Just because my dreams are different than yours it doesn’t mean they aren’t important.” - Meg
The universe really waited till they could cast Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh and Timothée Chalamet into a remake of Little Women. Like I thought the 1994 remake was as good as it gets, but I'm looking forward to this one.
Anybody else deeply in love with Timothée Chalamet
Aries Snake
Aries Snake:
Title mentions Emma Watson but she seems to be not the main female character. Better to change it
Fleur Lovelace
Fleur Lovelace:
Omg. I love the cast for this movie. Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Timothée Chalamet and Meryl Streep, what else can I ask for?
Blythe Marie Abigail
Blythe Marie Abigail:
the trailer is 90% Saoirse Ronan and her name is not even mentioned I-
Angie Garbini
Angie Garbini:
AMAZING CAST, but i cannot imagine anything improving on the 1994 movie. Claire Danes absolutely breaks my heart, Christian Bale is a major heartthrob, and Winona will always be my teenage hero.
LeeLee G.
LeeLee G.:
I love how each of the March sisters has a different accent 😂
"LITTLE WOMEN Trailer (2019) Timothée Chalamet, Emma Watson, Drama"
Uh, Ronan is the main character here and her name isn't even mentioned?
Roberta Barboza
Roberta Barboza:
Friendly reminder that when the second book came out, everyone was hoping Laurie and Jo would marry and be artists together. When he married Amy, the fans were both shocked and devasted.
Gum Princess
Gum Princess:
"You'll need to marry well."
"You are not married Aunt-"
"Well that's because I'm rich!"
Teresa Fernandez Giron
Teresa Fernandez Giron:
This looks great but i doubt It can top the 1994 movie. That was just pure magic.
They’re talking like 2019 people, though.
"Well that's because I'm rich"
I love Meryl Streep so much ;(
1994's version with Wynona Ryder is the best!
*well you’re not married*—

*yes well that’s because I’m rich*

All I aspire to be
Paulo Guzzon
Paulo Guzzon:
No need a remake the movie . The 1994 version it's timeless ..
Leigh Anne
Leigh Anne:
I loved the 90s version. I love the actors in the 2019 version, but the acting and script seems so forced and a bit awkward.
Kasey Nacke
Kasey Nacke:
Nope... Christian Bale and Winona Rider are still the best Jo and Laurie
Nikki Weingarten
Nikki Weingarten:
Is no one going to mention how they have their hair down and no one in that time frame would be caught dead with their hair down
Cheyenne Lin
Cheyenne Lin:
“I’m so sick of people saying that love is all a woman is fit for” 👏
Morgan Alayna
Morgan Alayna:
You had Winona Ryder and Christian Bale and you think it can be improved in a remake??
abc abcde
abc abcde:
Lol Emma Watson just sounds usual....
Christy Hardy
Christy Hardy:
Well... At least Hollywood isn't just recycling all of their old materia.... Oh wait -_-
Brynn Dougherty
Brynn Dougherty:
Imagine telling Timothée Chalamet “no”
bag ofhammers
bag ofhammers:
*"You are not married Aunt..*

*"Well that's because I'm rich"*

Neh-Bih Sangbong
Neh-Bih Sangbong:
This looks okay. But I'm gonna stick with the 1994 version of the film.
I'm not sure about the cast. Wynona played the best Jo.
White Noise
White Noise:
Let's have a moment of silence for all the unfortunate boyfriends who will be forced to watch this movie...
I grew up watching the Winona Ryder version and it holds such a high place in my heart. But I'm excited to see this!
I'm tired of all the remakes...
"You're not married"
Meryl Streep: "Yeah well because I'm rich" I FELT THAT
Mya Papaya
Mya Papaya:
I cannot tell you how many times I've rewatched this trailer...
Anyone else only here because thumbnail was a perfectly disheveled Timothée Chalamet?! 🙋🏽‍♂️
Gary Davies
Gary Davies:
Great cast apart from Ms Watson who cant act for toffee.
Nadia Zayman
Nadia Zayman:
I cannot wait to see this! Saoirse Ronan was born to play Jo March.
Yussup Nogoyev
Yussup Nogoyev:
"You're not married aunt-""Well that's because I'm rich"Literally me in a decade
Josephine Gerardy
Josephine Gerardy:
"So who does she marry?"

Um, the old professor guy.
Maria Pia
Maria Pia:
Are Timothée and Saoirse the new Leo and Kate? Love their chemistry!!
Nicole Mazza
Nicole Mazza:
OMG, MERYL STREEP! (Also: “Joe is a lost cause...” 👀)
Dobi Walczak
Dobi Walczak:
Timothée should play Dorian Gray one day, it would've been just perfect
Reed .Mp4
Reed .Mp4:
Little women reminds of Anne with an E for some reason 😂🥰
Margaret Taylor
Margaret Taylor:
Me: *remembering Beth still has to die* No question about it, I am ready to get hurt again.
Mia Starlove
Mia Starlove:
“Well you’re not married”
“Well that’s because I’m rich” 🤣🤣
Lucky Luc
Lucky Luc:
This kind of movie that I've waited for years. Saoirse Ronan is magic!
Callie Romhill
Callie Romhill:
When he said “oh so do I “ I said 😏
KurapikaISa BOY
KurapikaISa BOY:
I love how they're not glorifying one ambition with another's dream. I havent read the book, but from what I can gather in the trailer, I think Emma Watson's dream is to marry a man? Is that it? If it is, then her line where she says just because my dream is different than yours doesnt mean its unimportant is something that the modern people need to hear right now. Because someone who wants to be a housewife, or who IS a housewife, is ridiculed for having "low" ambition. I love how they dont pit them against each other, and how they made them understand each other instead.
I think Im going to read the book now
Timothee is so perfect as Laurie and Saoirse as Jo!
Lucas Power
Lucas Power:
Helga T
Helga T:
Everybody in the comment section : FRIENDS
ME : Boy in the tumbnail looks like an ultimate eboy
The accents seem kind of rough but I’m exited lol
Finn Dreyer .T
Finn Dreyer .T:
well you're not married aunt- "well that's because I'm rich"😂🤣
Mazzy Star
Mazzy Star:
whys Meryl literally in everything
Movie : Little Woman
Subject : women
Cast : Laura Dern Saoirse Ronan Meryl Streep Emma Watson Florence Pugh Eliza Scanlen

Thumbnail : Timothy chalamet
Krusha Mae
Krusha Mae:
When I read the title of this video I thought
"Yo Rach... How little are these women?" -Joey Tribbiani
Perla Barrera
Perla Barrera:
“Women, they have minds, and they have souls, not only hearts”
I’ve been thinking about this lately and I couldn’t think of a way to put it in words, I have no words to explain how much satisfacción I feel right now
Zanny Olcontoro
Zanny Olcontoro:
Mind: So... You want it to be like Rome and Juliet or Jane Eyre, or Titanic?
Director: Yes
Ms. RandomLeasure
Ms. RandomLeasure:
I'm so waiting for the movie of the novel that can make my little mind felt like a rollercoaster.
μ ε υ
μ ε υ:
Uuuhm how about you put Saoirse ronan in the title? She is literally the protagonist wtf
Qaylah Regal
Qaylah Regal:
Me: clicks on little women trailer
YouTube: ad is little women trailer
Queen of Andriaglatus
Queen of Andriaglatus:
This book was my childhood. I've seen like all the versions of the screen adaptations, and this one looks by far the best one. I am SO excited for this movie!!
ariel marie moffitt
ariel marie moffitt:
laurie and jo’s ending is gonna hurt me. ik it.
I see Timotheé, I click.
Awesomesauce Guru
Awesomesauce Guru:
Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet in a movie always get me all a gassed up
Danielle Gray
Danielle Gray:
I would love to have acted in this, it looks incredible and I love the story of strong women paving a way for themselves
Augh Bable
Augh Bable:
Looks nice...and I love the '94 version as well!
Jet Conway
Jet Conway:
So glad to see florence pugh finally make her breakthrough with midsommar and this
Adelia Bourtasenkov
Adelia Bourtasenkov:
Timothee is legit one of the most beautiful boys I have ever seen
Deena B.
Deena B.:
I don’t know who needs to see this, but “remake” doesn’t mean “improved version” it just means different version. You can like both this one and the one from 1994
I'm still heartbroken to this day with Jo and Teddy
Mahri McLean
Mahri McLean:
I’m so excited for this y’all don’t even know
Duncan Sands
Duncan Sands:
This movie should be strangled at birth!
Priyanka Desai
Priyanka Desai:
“Just because my dreams are different than yours doesn’t mean they’re not important”

Best quote ever!!!!
I'm literally so excited I can't contain it.
Miss Yu Piano
Miss Yu Piano:
” so, who does she marry ?” 🤔 people still asking 😂
I've been waiting to see how Saoirse is going to portray Jo, and it seems like I won't be desappointed. Can't wait to see the whole movie!
LITTLE WOMEN Trailer (2019) Saoirse Ronan, Drama
Deepika Tanwar
Deepika Tanwar:
when reading title: ohh emma watson movie ,it'll be okay

after watching trailer : holy s this movie has meryl , Saoirse Ronan, emma and timothee ,this is going to amazing
Carmen Núñez
Carmen Núñez:
—Beth got sick...
—Oh, honey, do u wanna put the book in the freezer?
Sarah Fayecroft
Sarah Fayecroft:
For some reason I can only see Timothee Chalamet as himself and never his characters
Timmy Vercetti
Timmy Vercetti:
I'm really excited for Saoirse and Timothee's chemistry fdkjsjfj I ship them.
tala qari
tala qari:
omg this is literally so close to my life right now i wanna see this
Randy Kurniawan
Randy Kurniawan:
I am ready to rip the quote out of every scene. I'm prepared to have my mind blown. Greta won't let me down.
silly goose
silly goose:
timothèe chalamet.
my heart isn’t ready for this.
Rossana López
Rossana López:
My hopes are high for this film, I really like the book.
Aditi Shrivastava
Aditi Shrivastava:
That moment when you have watched friends and you already have spoilers...
Damien Greig
Damien Greig:
Joey: these little women, how little they are
Let me die So i can be with u
Let me die So i can be with u:
I have a chronic disease and I have it since 5 years so My uncle said to my mom I should leave school and get married cause I’m pretty and a lot of men will love me, so my future doesn’t matter... I remember hearing these words i was so broken because he didn’t courage me! Cause I’m not just a pretty girl I’m gonna fight for my dreams no matter what! Even tho that my whole life is messed up but I don’t care I’m gonna live to see my dream come true and if I fail I’ll try again to success...
*Guys pls Pray for me reach my dreams* ❤️
Lani Kai
Lani Kai:
No one:
God: yo so like here’s this skinny white boy and the entire population of teenage girls are gonna fall in love with him. Enjoy.
Tereza Kostacká
Tereza Kostacká:
"Just because my dreams are different than yours doesn't mean they aren't important." ♥ Can't wait for this movie.
Oh yeah, it's all coming together.
My favorite character is going to be the aunt

Just saying
Qorry 'Aina
Qorry 'Aina:
Saoirse somehow resembles winona ryder at some glances,,,
N. Melwani
N. Melwani:
this trailer nearly made me cry wow