Little Women Trailer 2019 BREAKDOWN

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Leith Skilling
Leith Skilling:
Grace, earlier: I guess we’ll do a shot-by-shot, but there’s not a lot to talk about.

Grace, now: 21 minute long breakdown.
B Lor
B Lor:
Jo does get marry in the novel, she marries someone who appreciates her for who she is. She just doesn’t like Laurie that way.
Sense and Sensibility was probably the most successful textbook case of a classic novel-to-screen adaptation. It won a ton of awards and made more than 100M at the box office.
Bernardo Garrido
Bernardo Garrido:
Didn’t Pride and Prejudice make a lot of money? I think most Jane Austen adaptations do very well in general (Sense and Sensibility was amazing)
M. N.
M. N.:
Does Gone With The Wind count as a classic adaption? It’s the highest grossing movie of all time.
Laura Berg
Laura Berg:
I think you're forgetting that she thought they were incompatible and fought too much, not that she was too career driven. She thought it was too unstable to last, not that she didn't like him or was too ambitious. Remember, the source material matters. If they changed it, that would completely change the tone and messages.
Jo does end up getting married
Caleb Scott
Caleb Scott:
What about Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice with Keria Knightley
Redmage 77
Redmage 77:
Idk I thought it looked good
Emma Watson as Meg looks like she’s a hippie bride from the late 1960s to early 1970s.
Apex Theory
Apex Theory:
The part where Jo and Timothee Chamelet's character dance outside, away from the party, reminded me of Titanic.
ha ro
ha ro:
“she still thinks it’s a grand adventure, life hasn’t beaten her down yet” hahaha
Becca Tipes
Becca Tipes:
Jo???? LGBT??? That's not a thing I mean Luisa May Alcott wrote 3 spin offs of little woman with Jo and her husband as supporting characters?? I can't remember if they meet and get married in little women tho
Tosh T
Tosh T:
One of my favorite film adaptations of a classic novel is Luhrmann's *_The Great Gatsby._* Surprised Grace didn't list it. Seem to recall it used to be one of her top 5 all-time flicks. 🤔
Jen Bui
Jen Bui:
When are you going to do a review on Dora and the lost city of gold already smh
Kaitlin Howell
Kaitlin Howell:
Pride and Prejudice (2005) is my favorite period piece.
Kim Deans
Kim Deans:
The darkness in this cinematography bothered me. And I thought it was just me... thanks for saying otherwise.
Jorge Sanchez
Jorge Sanchez:
"I dunno if she'll be happy in a couple of years... I hope she is"
That got me laughing so hard Grace, spilling the tea as always!! XD
The main area I'm curious about regarding Jo's story is what this version's approach will be towards her relationship with Professor Bhaer... by the way, great video Grace, really enjoyed it!
James Kelton
James Kelton:
The Alcott sisters the Marches were based on were Anna, Louisa (the author - "Lou" instead of "Jo"), Elizabeth, & Abigal. Unlike Jo, Louisa never married (she took the editor's advice?)
Maxime Missol
Maxime Missol:
BBC's version of Little Women with Maya Hawke was amazing Grace, you should check it out!
Aris C99
Aris C99:
Those breakdowns are awesome... you truly get the industry and the filmmakers...and also help us understand...🔝💯
niv arad
niv arad:
“Friends” spoiled me this movie more than a decade ago.
Love your perspective in all your shot by shots. So unique
Sr Flash
Sr Flash:
Andrés navy says hi from México
LIKE si VIENES por Andrés NAVY :'v 😂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Magic
Mr. Magic:
I'm pretty sure this will be the movie I see with my peeps on Christmas.
Karen Abril
Karen Abril:
Andres Navy says hi from Mexico
Idk this movie looks very bland to me... looks like it doesn’t bring anything to the table that the original didn’t already bring.
Brandon Salazar
Brandon Salazar:
Andrés Navy says hi from México!!
Well Jo loves Teddy but not romantically though I’ve always wanted them to be TOGETHER but Jo ends getting with a writer, a Professor. I think he asks her to marry him a few times lol
Katie Ellis
Katie Ellis:
"still thinks it's a grand adventure and life hasn't beaten her down yet." -Grace 2019
Diabolical Butler
Diabolical Butler:
i always cry a little anytime i see timothee. damn call me by your name
It would be a tall order for this movie be as good, much less better, than the 1994 Little Women movie starring Winona Ryder.
Austen adaptations are always a delight, though my personal favorite period film in the 2011 Jane Eyre starring Mia Wasikowska. An absolute masterpiece.
Someone else brought up Gone With the Wind so I bring up Wizard of Oz, which as we all know is a huge classic and still beloved all over. And this year both these movies are turning 80.
Gian Carlo Cardoso Zubiaur
Gian Carlo Cardoso Zubiaur:
Andrés Navy say "Hi, from México" 💯
My favorite classic novel adapt movie is Pride and Prejudice, and also I think the point of this story is showing how Joe is so intense about her view of life but she has to learn to take small steps and listen to what everyone says.
Jessie Riley
Jessie Riley:
"Damn it, Betty Davis!" Lol I don't know why but that cracked me up!
Nina Davidovic
Nina Davidovic:
8:31 ''who otherwise would not be SAUL'D'' 😂😂😂
React to Last Christmas trailer
Thomas Hendricks
Thomas Hendricks:
I'm very disappointed in how this looks, I loved the 1994 version with Winona Ryder. I would say for the time, the 1994 version was more "star packed." than this version. I personally think that Florence Pugh acts the best out of all them, seeing her in this makes me more excited about the Black Widow movie.
which is crazier, the potted plant or my hair - freaking deceased
Jacob Groetsch
Jacob Groetsch:
I’d like to see Tom Sawyer adapted
anthony gomez
anthony gomez:
The font used in the poster makes it look like I'm about to watch a horror time piece movie...
Gil Gonzales
Gil Gonzales:
I actually like that the movie is dark i wonder if Grace likes that movie is Dark haha jk... Laura Dern one of my fav Actresses
Cinemasins Naija, Clips and Skits
Cinemasins Naija, Clips and Skits:
First. I love your channel grace💕
I'm glad other people think scenes are dark , too! thought my eyes were being weird!
Let's Talk Animu
Let's Talk Animu:
I loved the anime adaptation of Little Women from the 80's
Elizabeth Moore
Elizabeth Moore:
I recommend the Pride and Prejudice six part miniseries on Amazon
Wen AG
Wen AG:
Andres Navy says hi from México💘
steph soppanish
steph soppanish:
I thought the trailer was fine. Most reactions I’ve seen have been positive except for people who just have nothing but nitpicks to be ~edgy. Also shouldn’t we be happy that people can still get excited for things other than another watered down superhero schlock?
I remember when I had to deal with ads. Then I got YouTube Vanced
I've never been this early :)
Laurie *
Laurie *:
I’ll watch it. But, I did like the Winona Ryder version.
Kevin Hamilton
Kevin Hamilton:
I'm curious why haven't you done a reaction trailer to the new Eddie Murphy movie dolemite is my name???
Obviously another great analysis by Grace. But I must say, your hair looks so good.
Jonathon Williams
Jonathon Williams:
i thought the trailer was beautiful
Andrea Vega
Andrea Vega:
Jane Austen one's! Love Pride and Prejudice and Emma.
2:00 Nailed it, Grace!
the gamer life
the gamer life:
Andres Navy says "hi from México"
21:02 Can we have a review of The Apartment??
Kevin Torres
Kevin Torres:
Andres Navy says hi from MEXICO! ♥️
Isaac Andrade
Isaac Andrade:
AndrésNavy says "hi" from Mexico. :D
Riley Lam
Riley Lam:
Do you like The Parent Trap from 1998 Grace?
G Rodriguez
G Rodriguez:
The March Sisters have made the choice to have no presents: for Christmas; because their father is fighting in The Civil War. So they only get fancy decorations, and a fancy breakfast!
I MIGHT be in this film!
jack carrol
jack carrol:
I really love your reactions, reviews and news, you always make my day.
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia:
Andrés navy say hi from México
Saurav Anand
Saurav Anand:
Hey Grace.... Please make a reaction video on the trailer of "BEAUTY AND THE VOLDEMORT"...... 😌😌😌
jay howard
jay howard:
Thanks,Grace. I’ve always wondered why the trailers now have trailers. That makes a lot of sense!
dexter English
dexter English:
Big fan of your work. Would love a Dolemite trailer breakdown.
Saurav Mehra
Saurav Mehra:
request number 2 :- please watch and review netflix dark...that is the real deal...
Sophia G
Sophia G:
I really hope they showed every dark scene in the trailer & the actual movie is more like the beach and staircase scene
ha ro
ha ro:
“she still thinks it’s a grand adventure, life hasn’t beaten her down yet” hahaha
Gus García DB
Gus García DB:
Andrés Navy says hi from Mexico💙
Rafita Clips de peliculas
Rafita Clips de peliculas:
Andres navy says hi from mexico :v
Heather Pead
Heather Pead:
Love Parent Trap!
Hepwa BabaHo
Hepwa BabaHo:
it might seem dark, but you're still watching on a computer monitor, not the big screen, I think you'll see a big difference
Andrés navy says his from México
Pedro Perez Gallardo
Pedro Perez Gallardo:
Andres Navy says Hi from México!!
Mary B
Mary B:
Does Grace not know that Jo gets married at the end?
Peter Grayson
Peter Grayson:
Andres Navy Says hi from Mexico
Daniel Parrott
Daniel Parrott:
Grace can someone remake who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf into a movie?
Pablo Quiñonez
Pablo Quiñonez:
Andrés Navy says hi from México!
You look lovely Grace. hugs :)
James Kelton
James Kelton:
I love your term "beautiful confections". 1944's "Meet Me in St Louis" falls into the same category.
leo 14
leo 14:
Andres navy says hi from México
Grace can u react on tollywood sahoo movie trailer
Silvya Wambui
Silvya Wambui:
I watched the knick it was a fantastic series
Katie Robinson
Katie Robinson:
A shot by shot for Cats?! 💀🙀💀
darshan b
darshan b:
I thought it was a good trailer
Tracy letts wrote August Osage county how have I never put two and two together haha that’s one of my favorite plays.
Juan José Holguín
Juan José Holguín:
Andres navy says hi from mexico
Hugo Dominguez
Hugo Dominguez:
Andrés navy say hi from México
Fernando Ríos
Fernando Ríos:
Andres Navy says hi from México
Ricky J. Méndez, Jr.
Ricky J. Méndez, Jr.:
They should’ve referenced Anne of Avonlea / Green Gables
Timothee! Timothee! Timothee!
Amit Takkar
Amit Takkar:
Grace, do you think there will be a third Ant-Man movie? I want more WASP! She's is so underrated.
Sarah MacQueen
Sarah MacQueen:
Grace types very quickly!?