Little Women - Official Trailer - In Cinemas New Year's Day

This New Year’s Day, own your story.

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Renz Ely
Renz Ely:
“Just because my dreams are different than yours it doesn’t mean they aren’t important.” - Meg
Louise MacAllister
Louise MacAllister:
Ok this movie looks amazing! The cast is perfect especially Saorise & Timothee!
“Women, they have minds, and they have souls, as well as just hearts. And they’ve got ambition, and they’ve got talent, as well as just beauty.” 👌🏻
I love the 1994 version sooo dearly. I hope this new one doesn't disappoint.
Emaan Ansari
Emaan Ansari:
Always thought Saoirse looked like Meryl
Delphine Bae
Delphine Bae:
can anyone tell me why emma watson has a british accent alone here?? i absolutely love timothee and saoirse's chemistry!
Renz Ely
Renz Ely:
I smell OSCARS. 🏆
Psamathe Rainicorn
Psamathe Rainicorn:
Well... Jo DOES marry somebody. I'm still not over the fact that she didn't end up with Laurie, and it's been around 2 decades since I read the book. Lol
Jessica Amato
Jessica Amato:
I’m so excited for this. I love the 1994 version dearly and the novel so I cannot wait for this one!
Dear Cybelle
Dear Cybelle:
Are you telling me Timothée and Saoirse are gonna go fun dancing outside of a ball?!?! LEGENDS 💓
Brady James
Brady James:
florence pugh is my new favorite. this cast looks like everything.
Timothy has the exact same personality as Freddie highmore I’m disappointed he isn’t in this.
R Navs
R Navs:
This is like them redoing Annie. Nothing will compare to the 1994 version.
Emaan Ansari
Emaan Ansari:
I'm not emotionally ready to see the ending again
Tina Mey
Tina Mey:
This looks super interesting - I can't wait for the movie. So many great actresses in it <3
Bill Keys
Bill Keys:
I'll check it out since Frances Ha and Lady Bird are two movies that I love.
Vale Frenchy
Vale Frenchy:
I already love this movie! I think its gonna be so good, great cast choice 👌❤
Jackelin Valentin
Jackelin Valentin:
I never thought I'd be able to see Saoirse and Meryl sharing the screen. Oh my heart!!!
Kenneth Garon
Kenneth Garon:
Timothée Chalamet owns my heart.
What happened next? Well in Whoville they say, the Grinch's heart grew three sizes that day.

Even a cynic like me is looking forward to this.
Lauren R
Lauren R:
This movie looks amazing!!! And it has Emma Watson, Timothèe Chalamet, and Saoirse Ronan, so it HAS to be amazing!!!! (And it also has Meryl Streep and Laura Dern which is further proof that there is NO WAY that it’s not going to be great).
Yale Coopersmith
Yale Coopersmith:
I ADORE this book, I'm so happy this movie honors the original source!
Javi A
Javi A:
So Lady Bird 0:52- 1:01 but in the 19th century
Edward Stow
Edward Stow:
"This is Meg, Amy, BethandJo..." fast cutting on Beth there, what did she do?

But Ill really watch this because it IS Little Women.
Notwen 97
Notwen 97:
Please give meryl her forth oscar already!!! Love this womannn!
I am already sobbing ❤
HenGwin T
HenGwin T:
IM WATCHING IT! It is my absolute all time book and it looks great (better than all the other adaptations and series!)
Name of the song??
fonte luminosa
fonte luminosa:
My favourite Little women is still 1949's version with Elizabeth Taylor... Let's see if this one doesn't change my mind.
Zoo One
Zoo One:
Classics are life 💖
Danny Shandy
Danny Shandy:
I loved Winona protrayal as jo
Rachel Bostock
Rachel Bostock:
Oh it’s going to be so hard to live up to the 1994 film- one of my all time favs! The score by Thomas Newman was just perfect. Will be strange watching it with a different sound and with different actors but I look forward to seeing Saoirse Ronan’s portrayal of Jo
Sarah Bell
Sarah Bell:
Ankit Rathour
Ankit Rathour:
when i read the title...i imagined it to be like some smurfs stuff ..xoxo
Ahmad Raja
Ahmad Raja:
I did the 1994 version for English
Olivia Martha
Olivia Martha:
OMG cant wait watching saoirse&emma sharing the screen!!!!
blastrzildTchalamet AiLuhj
blastrzildTchalamet AiLuhj:
WOW😍❤ sooo xcited for ds 💙
ILYSM Timmy Tim😍😚🔥❤❤❤
Thank god for Emma Watson's cliche line, very mona lisa smile's Joan, otherwise this is just some hollywood far left feminist statement.
Anna Luisa Rossini
Anna Luisa Rossini:
I love the 1994 version and nothing gonna change that... it's a waste of time to make a new one coz it will never be that good !
got everything I need
got everything I need:
It's really weird to hear Emma Watson talking without British accent
I’m hearing some of Saorise’s Irish accent break through here...
Bitch Lasagna
Bitch Lasagna:
Emma Watson is the only British Sister born in America, raised in America 😂😂
Jacob's Crackers
Jacob's Crackers:
There’s been a version, recently, with Maya Hawke
such wonderful casts, cant wait for the movie!!!
Wow! This upcoming movie will bring me tears, cause when I was reading the novel my Nan gave me and I cried cause it was just so beautiful. Ahhhh I can’t wait for the movie!!!!!
Jana World
Jana World:
I‘m so excited to watch this movie!!! Moreover i love the cast soo much!! So many talanted actresses and actors!!!🤩
Saavy Gupta
Saavy Gupta:
Deanna D
Deanna D:
My baby Saoirse strikes again with her impeccable talent!! Ps it's so cute to see her paired with Timothy again plus the cast IS TRULY AMAZINGG !! cant wait to see this movie!!! <3 <3 <3
Brielle Ferguson
Brielle Ferguson:
I’m so here for this
Salma Rivera Hernández
Salma Rivera Hernández:
Can u hear me SCREAMING???
Sammykid 2
Sammykid 2:
I'm so excited
Vera Taylor
Vera Taylor:
Awww Timothee my baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another movie hes in that i can obsess about❤❤❤❤❤❤🙌🙌🙌
mizz maria
mizz maria:
Young women of these characters stature in the 1800's had elocution lessons and spoke with proper diction. Some of these girls sound like they came straight from a SoCal mall. Florence Pugh has a voice like Miley Cyrus's. this is a problem I've been noticing with a lot of historical films; the actors don't sound the way their characters would have spoken.
Nia Sephara
Nia Sephara:
The most anticipated movie so far 🤩🤩🤩
Heir of The Lion
Heir of The Lion:
I read it in school and now I am so eagre for it
Tan Jo Yen
Tan Jo Yen:
Omg this looks awesome 😍😍
Mehtab Khan
Mehtab Khan:
Here only for Emma Watson❤
I'm so excited for this movie 😭
Ashely Diaz
Ashely Diaz:
I love so many people acting in this, I can't wait
fruitea m
fruitea m:
Still can't unsee Hermione in Emma...
movi moni
movi moni:
What the name of this song??plzzz
Saku Ra
Saku Ra:
Can't wait to watch it ♥️
Gabriela Souza
Gabriela Souza:
haven't seen it yet, but: 5 stars
Lauren Weise
Lauren Weise:
DUDE. I am SOOO down.
Tyler Dunnan
Tyler Dunnan:
My boy Timmy C.
Charis Froelich
Charis Froelich:
The female empowerment message of the story was conveyed in other adaptations without the heavy-handed feminist rhetoric in the dialogue. I appreciate what they're trying to do but I see a lot of movies do this nowadays and I find it lacking in subtly. The phrasing is something out of 2019, as opposed to the appropriate time period.

That said, this looks alright. I'm still in love with the 1994 version.
Berserk___ _
Berserk___ _:
Emma Watson tho 😍
Marissa Fernandez
Marissa Fernandez:
The 1949 is my absolute favorite, Liz Taylor and June Allyson, they were wonderful. Margaret O’Brien as well , such a great movie. This seems like they just want to overdo it and its mediocre
ab fan
ab fan:
Why not have men instead of women for a change?
Paja Khan
Paja Khan:
I see Saorise & I hit like
the comik beek conosaur
the comik beek conosaur:
Sasoirse Ronan is my queen
Cartoons Hindi - हिंदी
Cartoons Hindi - हिंदी:
Emma ❤️❤️❤️
Yay Eliza!
Claire Gong
Claire Gong:
Couldn't wish for a better cast!
alejandra maldonado
alejandra maldonado:
Cant wait!!!!
No Name
No Name:
What a s#!t show
V Dan
V Dan:
Winona forever
GO GRETAAAAAA! Yes yes yes !!! Im so in!
Madhushri Patil
Madhushri Patil:
Love you emma
Indah Bayhaqi
Indah Bayhaqi:
Katelin Ashmore
Katelin Ashmore:
This looks AMAZING!!! Saoirse Ronan is the absolute best actress!
So I really loved the 94 version, and I’m totally a Gerwig fan, and I’m really hoping this is great... but I didn’t like this trailer. I know I’m in the minority, but I thought the music was terrible and there was just something that seemed off to me about this. Again, hoping it’s great, but I’m pretty underwhelmed so far.
Fanny Grosset
Fanny Grosset:
does anyone know what is the music here ? txs
*Emily _san*
*Emily _san*:
bill bixby
bill bixby:
Harvey Weinstein's protector is in this. Sick...
Stfuk 2112
Stfuk 2112:
greg ap
greg ap:
This cast is pure fire
Ángela Gracia
Ángela Gracia:
Am I the only one who thinks Amy looks almost as old as Meg?
Laura Ellie
Laura Ellie:
It looks amazing. I love most of the casting...well except Laura Dern as Marmee, she doesnt have that maternal glow in my opinion and I think Emma Watson may have been better as Beth. She looks so delicate, soft spoken and tiny.. it just makes sense..but everyone else is perfect in their roles especially Saorise and Timothèe. The BBC version was great last year from what I remember of it. This looks very well done, production and costumes look so beautiful. You can see that Ladybird comedy in there mixed with the humour from the novel. Can't wait.
Isabella Jasmine
Isabella Jasmine:
i can’t wait!
Analia Lucero
Analia Lucero:
Okay but can we take a moment to appreciate how sexy Timmy is 😍
Seohye Oh
Seohye Oh:
I am sure I will love this movie.
Camila Aguilar
Camila Aguilar:
oh dear I’m crying
Iba Nyori
Iba Nyori:
can’t wait❤️❤️❤️
Kim Ayson
Kim Ayson:
I can already see that this will be a great movie
Bradley Tomkins
Bradley Tomkins:
English Florence Pugh is hot
amy clarke
amy clarke:
lw s 19 😙