Lionel Messi wins Ballon D'Or 2019 Award Best Player in the world HD

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Did not think De Ligt spoke English for some reason 😂
Johannes Martens
Johannes Martens:
Love the fact that he didnt give a shit about his other ballon dors. Its Like it felt like one of 100 ceremonies this year.
Yet when they show his family he seems like the happiest person in the world.
Dylan Genghis
Dylan Genghis:
Drogba be like: I guiding others to a treasure I cannot possess.
Messi already knew he won that’s why he brought the other 5 ballon d’ors with Him 🤣
Modric giving his own ballon dor.. To Messi after VAR check!!!!
Jose Fernandez
Jose Fernandez:
Messi talking about the future brings me goosebumps with sadness...
PhT oP4u
PhT oP4u:
Did alisson just say good ebening 😯😯😯😯😂
Mosab Hijazi
Mosab Hijazi:
Lionel Messi in 2019:

⚽ Goals: 54
🎯 Assists: 23
✅ Champions League topscorer
✅ La Liga Topscorer and most assists
🏆 La Liga
🏆 Supercopa
🥇 Golden Boot
🥇 Pichichi trophy
🥇 La Liga best player award
🥇 UEFA Forward of the Year
🥇 Best FIFA men's player

Ballon d’Or 🥇.
Congrats the GOAT.
Modric returning the Balon D’or to its rightful owner
During Messi speech, he mention he has a couple of years left playing. Suggesting he near his limit and retiring is becoming a reality, he spoke kinda of sad but also seem to give it all in his final years he has left playing. We must enjoy watching him play guys
1234 •
1234 •:
The translator just gave up in the end
Xertias Strat
Xertias Strat:
The translator didnt continue after xD
“Hace die año “” Rosarino a Fulll . ♥️♥️♥️
Kusta Kuties
Kusta Kuties:
Mateo is every mood!! Always stealing the show 💝💝😂
Respect Lewandowski filled Ronaldos seat hahah
mickey morris
mickey morris:
Undisputed pulga.
Big up Lionel.
Abraham Espinoza
Abraham Espinoza:
Allison really said Gud ebinin giving me Emery flashbacks
Logan Nunes
Logan Nunes:
I'm French and I watched it on TV and for some reason we got the full translation but you didn't...don't know why! 😂
l'incontournable #
l'incontournable #:
Mbappe j'ai l'impression il et trop jaloux regarder sa réaction 😂😂😂
Knight 504
Knight 504:
Leonardo Pisculichi
Leonardo Pisculichi:
HIS SPEECH for the ANGLO speakers: Im argentinian and i speak spanish, so maybe my english dont be so good.
Lets see, he said that he had the luck thanks to god to play football since he was a child of one or two years of age, and to live of that. And he hopes to can play a lot of years more if god want. But he knows that the end is comming, that for his age the retirament is close. for that reason he enjoy more of these years, and its hard, but however yet he have many years to play football and enjoy the life that the football give him.
And when he finished his speech some guy in the salon said: i love you!!
arabo ghanbari
arabo ghanbari:
Modric realized he didn’t deserve it last year
He brought it back to give it back to him
Jackson Silva
Jackson Silva:
4:48 They know who wins ahead of time that's why no one was surprised.
farderin iskandar
farderin iskandar:
Love Messi and Ronaldo congrats to Messi and goodbye to Ronaldo for this final season
Soler Deus
Soler Deus:
That translator deserves a pay cut... She kept me waiting and waiting... Prolly a madrid fan
Robert Lewandowski should have been in the TOP 3 FIFA is corrupted Mafia.
Pepe Vatov
Pepe Vatov:
Allison: gud ebening
Some recently sacked coach: my man
Ian Babablettebuuu
Ian Babablettebuuu:
If you’re against Messi winning this award, you did not watch his everyday games and are only focused on what happened in the champions league. One game does not define a player. He deserved this entirely. He’s the greatest of all time.
I think we could all agree this should’ve Been his seventh.

But we’ll done Lionel
Messi:“Oh, my 6th Ballon D‘or.“

Ronaldo:“Son of a ...“
VVD doing very good by showing respect to Messi, class player; love both players very much👏🏽❤️
slogoman 2
slogoman 2:
Who's beater messi like

Ronaldo coment
David Leo M
David Leo M:
I literally cried... Because he is once in a lifetime.
Abu Wayne
Abu Wayne:
4:01 Mateo Messi Laughs at Van Dijk's Cousin LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHSBSHSJABAJBS
Zawlwin Moe
Zawlwin Moe:
I feel really bad for Cristiano Ronaldo Mom.Soon she will speak again 😂Breaking news,Now also his sister spoke out against Van Dijk .🤣🤣🤣

GOOD EBENING. That reminds me of someone 🤨
Jacob Carre
Jacob Carre:
He deserved it..
Arkeus Alexander
Arkeus Alexander:
Modric at his retirement :
Journalist : What is your best assist ever?!
Modric : *Ballon d'or* to Lionel Messi...
😂😂😂 !!!
Haniff Mohamoodallyha
Haniff Mohamoodallyha:
The greatest outstanding and naturally gifted player that ever walked the earth
Bravo Leonel. Tge greatest dribbling wizard the world has ever seen
cr 7
cr 7:
4:00 mateo messi gone crazy😂😂😂
mohamed Mohamed
mohamed Mohamed:
Messi is also the best player in the world since the start of the season 2019 2020 to the present day
Way more humble than ronaldo, the goat in character and on the church field of futbol 🙏
Video track
Video track:
"How to cheat and win UCL"-R Madrid

Inside special: Offside scoring specialist Offsidenaldo
subash tripathi
subash tripathi:
I cannot even imagine when Messi retired from football. Football will miss him more than he him missing football
Ronaldo: Messi makes me better player"
Bring it on Ronaldo
The fact that this guy cant learn English, makes it even more embarrassing.
Glenn Dwyer
Glenn Dwyer:
Finally ended the discussion about who’s the goat.
Howard Strike
Howard Strike:
His son don’t give a damn 😂
Dark Knight
Dark Knight:
Reporter : How many Ballon D'or you need?
Messi : yes
marvin ezekiel
marvin ezekiel:
The moment Allison said good evening, I got flash backs as an arsenal fan
HomeAgent 554
HomeAgent 554:
The day Messi and Ronaldo retire it will be a sad day for football😭
It should be turned into a Universal Holiday
I shoved a lollipop up my ass then sold it
I shoved a lollipop up my ass then sold it:
The only way anyone can stop Messi is to pause the video!
Lit Papi
Lit Papi:
If Lewandowski doesn’t win it or at least be the runner up next year, then this sport is officially rigged.
Damn I understood everything even though I don't understand french
Baba Hayat
Baba Hayat:
Best player all time lionel messi🙏
Damn Shady
Damn Shady:
Almost crying thinking I won't see him play in 3 years. I growed up watching him play. He is the greatest ever.
Hammad Khan
Hammad Khan:
Worst day in life for a cr7 fan
Me: i m also a cr7 fan and would hope he reaches 800 goals in career
Giovanni Davila
Giovanni Davila:
that man shouting "te quiero leo" was all of us
musi gratitude
musi gratitude:
I love the way Messi smiled the time Didier Drogba was about to announce the winner , It's like he already saw that it is his name that is in there 😊😊😊👌👌👌
wave wave
wave wave:
Look how sad mateo was 😂
ngai nu
ngai nu:
Words can't express my happiness when Messi received the ballon d'or 2019.He deserve it.... He is the best among the best👍💯
Keya Hazra
Keya Hazra:
The only problem is that I could not understand his speech?!
jopihing 49
jopihing 49:
Prove that Messi better than everyone including Ronaldo .

Messi more than deserve to have that award because he is always the best.
merlin espinal
merlin espinal:
10:35 Suárez said te quiero leo hahah
Troy Deeney
Troy Deeney:
Seeing Messi's reaction to his kids in the highlights video is so wholesome
Lady Gaga1972
Lady Gaga1972:
"..This is your chair ..?" He needs a THRONE
carol cor
carol cor:
He’s the best ... the humility characterizes it👌🏻⚽️
The most underrated player in the world since the beginning of his career
His name is Lewandowski
se on semmosta
se on semmosta:
Look, first thing he did was shake hands with vvd. Humble, humble man
zohaib mughal
zohaib mughal:
Messi : yeeees
Ronaldo: why you bully me
Bleda Diaz
Bleda Diaz:
6 Times King! Lionel Messi The GREATEST! Congrats Messi, God bless you and your family.
dimitris Kyriakopoulos
dimitris Kyriakopoulos:
Mordric : sry dad I took this for 1 year take it back
Congratulations Lionel Messi; my love from West Africa
Emole Onuoha
Emole Onuoha:
Ronaldo rarely shows up when he doesn’t win..poor sportsmanship 😢... I’m a Ronaldo fan but that’s really bad
Mamadou Dian Diallo
Mamadou Dian Diallo:
Trop d'injustices dans ce monde dommage vraiment 😭
Fig Watkins
Fig Watkins:
Who votes for the Ballon D’or? There are players other than Ronaldo and Messi.
The Greatest Of All Time!
Ale S
Ale S:
Not only this year he deserved but he actually deserved it every year. They gave it to Ronaldo and Modric last years just because of Madrid's influence
Go see Ronaldo’s family member’s instagram😂
transcendental passion
transcendental passion:
For those Ronaldo fans
Ronaldo might be the best ORDINARY player in the world however Messi is EXTRAORDINARY and that's it all folk
Messi Darko
Messi Darko:
All the Messi fans , today is our day
Arshad Mapker
Arshad Mapker:
Me as a Ronaldo fan honestly feel happy that messi won because Ronaldo didn’t play better than Messi this season
Mustard NexusTDM
Mustard NexusTDM:
In the words of drogba: DISGRACE ITS A DISGRACE that Messi lost the champions league
France éternelle
France éternelle:
"Trophée compas" 😭😭😭
Hazard Forever
Hazard Forever:
Can someone tell me why messi got emotional near the end?
Navagos G21
Navagos G21:
Ray Hudson on messi:"Defenders try to follow him on facebook and he comes out on twitter"
Howard Killer
Howard Killer:
I almost thought allison becker said good ebening
It makes me happy seeing all the best players in the world in one room
Terhes’ channel
Terhes’ channel:
i was randomly searching this and it was just 10h ago
Borg Siam
Borg Siam:
Rightfully deserved, Lionel!
Alors doucement on fait profiter le moment.
I feel in bed when i heard that
Gerson Fuentes
Gerson Fuentes:
So hard to listen at one point because Messi speaks Spanish, the translator speaks English, and I speak both
Moving ultrex commercial :comment
mupuni chadrack
mupuni chadrack:
quand à moi messi serait toujours ballon d'or chaque année en récompense de cequ'il nous à fait vivre au foot
Immigrato clandestino
Immigrato clandestino:
That translator just gave up mid-speech wth
Chandra Prakash
Chandra Prakash:
I was literally crying when his name called up. Thanks messi for making us proud and letting this world know again that there is no any other player like you. Hats off GOAT
karekezi Etienne
karekezi Etienne:
Two things Messi did not prove , he didn t play for other teams ,and he did won the world cup like others legends players
Little Killa
Little Killa:
Good ebening
leon sean
leon sean:
I wonder if VVD asked messi is he still having nights about Anfield lol
Giacomo Casanova
Giacomo Casanova:
Good boy Modric, bringing Ballon d'Or back to the rightful owner!"