Kellen Winslow Judge Discusses the Retrial 06/11/19

Kellen Winslow Judge Discusses the Retrial #KellenWinslowTrial


Christine Sirgant
Christine Sirgant:
Honorable Bowman is one of the best judges I’ve ever seen. He is fair and intelligent in the law. Held without bail yay!! Winslow needs to rot in prison.
Renard Johnson
Renard Johnson:
The wages of sin.
Paula Brown
Paula Brown:
Why don’t they handcuff this creep? My guess because he has money and he’s some shitty football player! Makes me mad! 😡🤷🏻‍♀️
Debra Rounion
Debra Rounion:
Why was the video removed showing the entire reading of the charges? The camera was on Kellen the entire time, now it's gone. It took 12:49 mins.
I guess he will have time to write that book now since he has been so busy making notes during this trial.
2:13 Mr. Winslow will be in a segregated prison cell twiddling his thumbs so why ask him what date for a new trial works for him. It's silliness. Set a date and get on with it.
Can someone tell me, will he be sentenced for the counts that he was found guilty?
Anne H
Anne H:
Anybody know, will the sentencing on the four counts he was found guilty, take place before a new trial on the other counts?
April F.
April F.:
Is the female at the defense table pregnant with Kellens baby. Lol
Wow! Close to guilty on all counts.
He'll do his time and if they don't retry him he'll get out and continue to do it to more women. It's a sad outcome overall.

As women we've got to stay strong and stand up to men who behave in this manner.