Julianna Zobrist - Alive - Official Music Video

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Brian Veneski
Brian Veneski:
This crazy woman has no talent. Smart of Ben to get out now and quit financing this kook's imaginary singing career.
Lucas Shaffer
Lucas Shaffer:
I wonder what a song about the ten commandments would sound like. how about the one about adultry
Cheating on your husband is soooooo Christian!
Ben, if you're reading this:
You'll do a lot better.
The look is not of any "CHRISTIAN WOMAN" that i know of. Hair, face, outfit, is satanic!
Jaqen H'ghar
Jaqen H'ghar:
What a fraud, ick. Best of luck Ben!
Cee Lee
Cee Lee:
They need to change the law where the cheater gets nothing from the other person.
Jonathan Mo
Jonathan Mo:
Gary Craig
Gary Craig:
Damn you Ben Zobrist for having this song stuck in my head all season
Rusky Rosco
Rusky Rosco:
Go Cubs! This song is really good Mrs. Zo.
Michael Balcazar
Michael Balcazar:
Focusing solely on the song, it's actually a pretty good song!
Heather Poppleton
Heather Poppleton:
Heard this every time Ben Zobrist was up and I was curious who sang it. Cool to see it was his wife. Awesome song! Go Cubs!
One God...Monney !
One religion...Materialism !
One Faith...Ego, pride and vanity !
Leila Marie
Leila Marie:
little blaze was in your belly AWWWWW sooo precious
Dennis R. Belanger
Dennis R. Belanger:
Great music. Pray for Julianna and Ben
payton martinez
payton martinez:
go cubbies
The Bacons
The Bacons:
She went to same high school as me (different year)
Ghostshadow Shadowghost
Ghostshadow Shadowghost:
This song would be perfect for The Eurovision Song Contest :D
Karina Villasenor
Karina Villasenor:
amazing song!!! let's go cubs
Pretty pretty so pretty in all aspects.
Jennifer P
Jennifer P:
Such an inspiring message. Love all of your music!
Andrew Schrock
Andrew Schrock:
We (Cub's fans) love Ben Zobrist! Hope you stay long! Great song.
Just here for the diarrhea cramps
Ben's wife of the Chicago Cubs. She actually sing Wow
Elizabeth M
Elizabeth M:
Beautiful voice and beautiful message!
looooooove it soooo much thank you for the amazing song ^_^
Leila Marie
Leila Marie:
we miss you. GO CUBBIES!
Griffin Erb
Griffin Erb:
Great song love it as a song love it as bens walk up
Olivia Hoy
Olivia Hoy:
oh I almost forgot his name is Eddie
Jerrie Towner
Jerrie Towner:
Beautiful inspired song. I love it. Royals fans love you and Ben and kids. Your story and faith have captured our hearts ♡ If you sign with another team hopefully they will embrace you with the same emotion.
Sheldon Tucker
Sheldon Tucker:
Amazing new song! Love it!
Daniel Son Productions
Daniel Son Productions:
Going to the World Series!!! History is about to change!
Katey Whitworth
Katey Whitworth:
Love this!!!
Chicago loves you guys
BrocktheBoxer Pup
BrocktheBoxer Pup:
KC loves the Zobrist's!
tell ben I said hi cuz I love the cubs
Catchy tune. Conveying continued success with your career.
lizzy Skrzypczynski
lizzy Skrzypczynski:
i had so much fun at the meet and greet and love the tee shirt and poster
This is not good.
God bless the Zobrists and the Cubs!!!!
Beth Jewell
Beth Jewell:
Everyone's hear because if Ben
Liz Wynaco
Liz Wynaco:
World Series MVP!!!
KoolAid Man
KoolAid Man:
Ben Zobrist is now a World Series MVP he did the little things that helped the cubs won
Zachary Beck
Zachary Beck:
I love zobrist
Denise Sandberg
Denise Sandberg:
LOVE! no matter if you are pregnant or have mommy acne - you are a beautiful daughter of the true king. Thank you for sharing a part of your story with us through your music!
mj Bradley
mj Bradley:
Beautiful song and singing.  But, I would hire a different light designer.  Very distracting.
ANDYJO 1979:
Ben zobrists wife.
Steve Young
Steve Young:
Is this Ben Zobrist's wife?
Adam Mason
Adam Mason:
A Slut wants an MVP......then decides she wants the $$$$ instead.....
Brian Floyd
Brian Floyd:
Silver lining if she isn’t a terrible human zobrist doesn’t go on leave and we don’t have the room to sign kimbrell.
Olivia Hoy
Olivia Hoy:
at my mom's friends church I sang to your song .People were like they were clapping. I was shaking
Mary Corbin
Mary Corbin:
Richard Rodriguez
Richard Rodriguez:
This is called a Cubs " L "
Daniel Son Productions
Daniel Son Productions:
I dig
Bruce Hamilton
Bruce Hamilton:
Please Come to New Zealand with your family and do some concerts.
Rolade Polade
Rolade Polade:
It's sad to hear her and Ben divorced. I hope they still remain friends. Best luck to you guys.
zobrist is my favorite player on the cubs, the song is perfect for his walk up
Grzegorz Bielak
Grzegorz Bielak:
Amazing song! Go Cubs!
i will always associate this song with God and the Cubs lol
Mark Lueker
Mark Lueker:
I keep playing this song over and over for some good vibes in tonights Wild Card game. Please be clutch, World Series MVP Ben, and rub off on the rest of the lineup!!!!! Love your voice Julianna! :)
Rick Ross
Rick Ross:
Just another no talent whoring hypocritical bible freak. You'll thank yourself Ben.
Rolade Polade
Rolade Polade:
I swear I'm going to see all Cubs fans in the comments.
Jason Trimble
Jason Trimble:
Jesus does raise the dead to life, well done sharing your faith through worship. I am certain a song like this could really speak to troubled youth. Praise God, He has not given up on America yet!
Rolade Polade
Rolade Polade:
Who hear has heard this song before it was Zobrist's walk up song. I swear I've heard this song tons of times. It seems way more popular than #48 on the Charts.
Go Cubs Go! Go Christ Go!
Love it! So uplifting and inspiring. 😊 so catchy too
fun and cute song and makes me think of good times watching the Cubs. nice positive song
So so sad. And such a lack of scripture in her songs and her instagram. That says it all.
we love your husband hes amazing and good for you for having a successful career
heather perez
heather perez:
What a beautiful woman you are. Gods gift of you, Ben, your faith and family to our KC community. Many Blessings.
Garry Kohley
Garry Kohley:
This song I would have not liked unless Ben had this played last year lol
go cubs
Jack Masters
Jack Masters:
how did i get here from watching videos of midget boxing?!
I added this song because Ben Zobrist is a Cub, this song is pretty too.
Rolade Polade
Rolade Polade:
This song seems way more popular than the veiw count of this video. I swear I heard this song a ton of times.
Not a bad song but terrible camera work and way too much reverb.
Will Kruger
Will Kruger:
Some of the mean spirited comments below are just ignorant. That is a great song and Julianna does a wonderful job performing it. God bless Ben and Julianna. I'll be praying for both of them.
j hrk
j hrk:
She looks kind of weird, but I bet she is a nice woman.
Bob Mayo
Bob Mayo:
David Scillufo
David Scillufo:
Julianna Have you considered shooting video at Wrigley Field? The ivy in the outfield and the friendly confines would make a great backdrop for this song.
Is this about Jesus?
woppaa..! muy bien, chicos! ;) that`s bloody nice
Producciones Hanko
Producciones Hanko:
Wreck’Um Waterfowl
Wreck’Um Waterfowl:
I’m really disappointed in my fellow cub fans. Sending prayers.
Gary Chisholm
Gary Chisholm:
I listened to this song about 8 times today, and shared it with my daughters and their mother. What I love about it however, aside from the ethereal melody & harmony, is that the message is Ever so crystal clear- and yet religion is not mentioned a single time. A masterwork.

I hope it gets substantial crossover play.

God bless, and may you relish every success.
Olivia Hoy
Olivia Hoy:
Hi my name is Olivia and my dad is going to the parade and if he asks for your autograph can you give it to him because I am only 8 years old and I love your songs especially you're song Alive Go christians .
And now Ben wins the World Series MVP. I hope the money and fame don't cause these guys to lose sight of the Lord. PS, Go Cubs Go!
Alyssa Lasater
Alyssa Lasater:
Love this song! Uplifting, powerful, catchy and inspiring message! Julianna you have a beautiful voice, and you Shine so bright. You can tell God is with you and you are sharing his word to the world! Love your music, love your family qualities you and Ben share. Love so much that you guys are in Kansas City and are a huge part of the Royals family! Thank you for your music! Shine your light!
*Julianne, do you still believe what you sing about? Please don't be foolish and selfish and throw it all away. Fight for the marriage of your youth. God will forgive you. Nothing is impossible with God. Get on your face before God and ask him to heal Ben's heart, so he will forgive you. Don't let the devil steal it all away. You won't be any happier if you go through with the divorce and neither will your children. Don't fall for Satan's lies.*
Aaron Glass
Aaron Glass:
Great Song! The Cubbies love you and Ben. GO CUBBIES!!!
Peggy Brendel
Peggy Brendel:
Julianna, I was hooked on this song the first time I heard it when your hubby came up to bat last Spring. I'm impressed by your strong and passionate voice and your proclamation of faith. I also like your style! I have included this in my list of inspirational songs that I listen to for strength and courage. My husband, son, and his fiance love it, as well. I've found your website and can't wait to hear your other music! <3
Justin Lemos
Justin Lemos:
2/10 - no mentions of Jesus anywhere in the song. Not her best work.
Going to be interesting to see if the Zobrists take the money grab or a town like KC that seems to have a hometown values feel and massive support system (like 800,000 people showed up to thier Royals parade?wow) for alittle cheaper. will Religion defeat the almighty dollar? Stay tuned...
Jaden Worthington
Jaden Worthington:
This song is trash tho
Julianna... you're the best! Thank you so much for taking care of Ben all these years. You are his rock. He is your's. God is our rock. The Cubs are Chicago's rock. I feel so... darn... ALIVE!
Jose Avila
Jose Avila:
Got caught up in the glamour this world has to offer.. Bible says that they are only temporary. if infidelity was involve,d the lives of your 3 little ones should've been considered before the door to sin was opened....I hope that the comments below do not impact you. I truly hope the holy spirit does.
i wonder how much of his money went to this crap