Jon Stewart To Congress: "After 18 Years, Do Your Job" | All In | MSNBC

In emotional testimony, Stewart blasted lawmakers for failing to adequately support the compensation fund for 9/11 first responders. » Subscribe to MSNBC: MSNBC delivers breaking news, in-depth analysis of politics headlines, as well as commentary and informed perspectives. Find video clips and segments from The Rachel Maddow Show, Morning Joe, Meet the Press Daily, The Beat with Ari Melber, Deadline: White House with Nicolle Wallace, Hardball, All In, Last Word, 11th Hour, and more. Connect with MSNBC Online Visit Subscribe to MSNBC Newsletter: Find MSNBC on Facebook: Follow MSNBC on Twitter: Follow MSNBC on Instagram: Jon Stewart To Congress: "After 18 Years, Do Your Job" | All In | MSNBC

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I know he doesn't want the job, but he's exactly who we need leading us.
O. B.
O. B.:
It's easier (and cheaper) to say "thank you for your service", than to actually show gratitude.
Alessia C*****
Alessia C*****:
There shouldn’t even be any consideration about whether to help these heroes or not. Well done Jon Stewart.. 🙏
David Ellis
David Ellis:
Jon Stewart was phenomenal in his defense and advocacy for the first responders and their families. He would be a great 🇺🇸 House or Senate member. Actually be a public servant. Refreshing.
truth troll
truth troll:
If you don't love John Stewart, _you dont love people!!!_ I miss you JS!!
Maiden Laura
Maiden Laura:
He demonstrated their pain and frustration with such true emotion. It's quite disgusting the red tape , sickening!!
A T:
I hope Jon runs for some public office.
He is so humane and intelligent.
Kathy Wedzik
Kathy Wedzik:
18 years!😠😠😠😠why treat these folks like this for so long? Why no take care? Wtf...this embarrassing
fron willians
fron willians:
Instead of gifting Israel $20 billion, that money should be given to these people.
V. Lee Walker
V. Lee Walker:
First responders should be treated as veterans!
Penny Askay
Penny Askay:
The lack of representation by congress is appalling - why are they allowed to get away with that. these people should not have to fight for their care, it should be automatic. the same with Vets - they should not have to fight for care either.
Morning Glory
Morning Glory:
Amen! John thank you for telling it like it is!
Jazz Mystic
Jazz Mystic:
Go John. Tear them all a new A**hole. They deserve it!
Steven Cannell
Steven Cannell:
Health care for all should be a right!
Coach Butch
Coach Butch:
"thoughts and prayers" are cheaper.

Gotta love Republicant's
Frank Huitzi
Frank Huitzi:
Why is not JS running for presiden yet?
Daisy Elmir
Daisy Elmir:
The Rethuglican's work ONLY FOR THE 1%, grifting for everything they can grab.
Our founding fathers would be ashamed of what our country has become.🌼
Jeff Leblanc
Jeff Leblanc:
Good job Jon steward you care about people good for you on helping them
Its ridiculous when people have to beg politicians to do the right thing! Its even harder when the elitist politicians are a no show.
His words moved me far more than I expected.
Coexist & Let Live
Coexist & Let Live:
Point blank and to the point. And that my friends is how you keep it 💯✔️
Jon Stewart 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Bernard Brother
Bernard Brother:
People, we NEED to start FOCUSING ON THE PRIMARIES. It's the only thing corrupt members of Congress Care about.
Stefan Roques
Stefan Roques:
Republicans have no shame. What a despicable collection of "human beings".
Jon Ford
Jon Ford:
10 people thumbs down? Suspects
Chris. J. Cantu
Chris. J. Cantu:
Leave it to the Republicans and rest of the government who ignored the real problems
Trent Mcgready
Trent Mcgready:
Larry Silverstein made 4.5 Billion in Insurance payback. How much of that was spent helping the First Responders who gave their lives fighting and dying for his Building?
Shameful, the world sit idle and do nothing about it
Mike Sadler
Mike Sadler:
Massive income tax cuts at the top ..... cuts in services, infrastructure spending, support systems for “the rest”.... and a massive national debt blowout......yet a sizeable percentage of “the rest” vote for the people owned by those at the top and thus doing their bidding?
Slim LC
Slim LC:
Jon Stewart 2020!!!!
Richie Rich
Richie Rich:
Your owners don't give a $hit about any peasants. You choose this filth, because you thought they would give you some trickle down, still waiting. The greed of man don't care about you or your children! They only care about keeping their cushy jobs and get loads of cash from their 1% donor/owners. Still haven't figured out who you are Gentiles, finish your time already.
fredy gump
fredy gump:
This is why Stewart was always the best!
Frank Gibson
Frank Gibson:
God Bless you John Stewart..
A Loud Patriotic Voice can
Un elect those shameful congressional members that snubbed this meeting..
Jed I. Knight
Jed I. Knight:
this. this matters.
Keoki Ciervo
Keoki Ciervo:
I love Jon Stewart and HATE corrupt/self serving politicians.
James Ritacco
James Ritacco:
Right on Jon. Right on.
Wayne K
Wayne K:
Congress needs to start doing their jobs. We the Americans pay their wages we voted you in thinking you would do good for this country well it looks like we was wrong so i think we should fire you and are so called president and overall just clean house and start over..
So Congress if you think you can do your job right then do it show the Americans you are working for the Americans who voted you in.
Please help these people they should be number one on your list.
roger peet
roger peet:
It is very difficult to vote these people out of office ... but we need to try. These 'lawmakers' do not represent us. There really needs to be term limits. These life long Politicians need to be stopped.
Will Kelly
Will Kelly:
Well that was powerful. The whole thing is better.
doug wong
doug wong:
vote all these empty chairs out
Blue Blue
Blue Blue:
What F'ing Ever!!!!!! nobody cared until this video came up. We are all just as bad as Congress.
Scott Maxwell
Scott Maxwell:
Well spoken Mr Stewart.Hard to believe this is America today. Hipocracy is now the normal.
K B:
WOW! So much respect for Jon Stewart! And, for all of the heroes. Why is Congress acting as if they do not care and making this so difficult? Get it done, dammit!
Lily Jade
Lily Jade:
These Volunteer Firefighters rushed into burning building and because Guiliani refused to give them new radios, survived by luck, and now Congress won't plan ahead for their future? Wth, Senators!
Raphael M
Raphael M:
As the few members who showed up stared blankly into space! Wtf happened to you am3rika?? Where is your Revolutionary Spirit?????
Daa3.1416 Saa
Daa3.1416 Saa:
do we have to start deleting republican
I am zombie
I am zombie:
,name and shame the people that weren't and make sure they are never elected again
Trane Francks
Trane Francks:
He'd never sign up for it, but he's the president the country desperately needs.
Miss Avenger
Miss Avenger:
He's talking to you Mitch McConnell! Kentucky, please do the country a favor and vote him out!!
Don Smith
Don Smith:
Thank you for our lives, We the People owe you yours.
snoop alert
snoop alert:
And who's running Congress Democrats
Kate White
Kate White:
I can't believe that the congress didn't show up to listen to these heroes
Ha Z
Ha Z:
Why aren’t the names of the absentees and party membership not published!!
mmm... the most powerful nation on Earth, by far the largest and greatest economy...and you wont look after those who rushed in to look after you?
Since the attacks lead to war, they can take the money out of the trillion dollar defence budget.
Emma Burgess
Emma Burgess:
We elect these lying bunch of scoundrels!! But not shocked .. do they care about our first responders NO! Only when they can drag them out to help get re-elected .. tired of the condolence sent by these weak cowards ., DO YOUR JOB!! Protect and help these beautiful souls!!
Rose Bompadre
Rose Bompadre:
I am forever appalled at the way we treat ANYONE who serves this Country. Whether it’s military, police, fire, first responders... We put up monuments in their honor but it doesn’t mean anything if they don’t get the support they need. Greed and politics... it just sickens me
Titanic 86
Titanic 86:
Jon Stewart was funny on the daily show but not only that he is also a true patriot. He would make a great President.
Will M.
Will M.:
Jon starts at 1:45 if that's what you're here for.

Also, Jon Stewart for president. Holy crap. That was an amazing speech. WTF is going on? Why wasn't this taken care of 18 years ago?
do your job congress
Marvin Crooker
Marvin Crooker:
I am ashamed, God help these first responders, America won't.
Stepping West
Stepping West:
Cue all the conservatives to point out that this is just socialism.
J Ctz
J Ctz:
wow powerful!
Morgan J.S.
Morgan J.S.:
Jon Stewart and Bernie Sanders ticket.
America really does have the gold, but the filth is so slimy it manages to slip into the control seat every time.
Amma Opoku
Amma Opoku:
Sanj Singh
Sanj Singh:
Shame Congress
Jade Pflug
Jade Pflug:
Seriously though, why in God's name would you not just fund it for life?? Because you know these heroes are dying and aren't even going to live their full life spans because of the sacrifices they made. This is so shameful and unamerican!
Thomas Skodzinsky
Thomas Skodzinsky:
Where's the closed captioning? I don't understand what's being said therefore this doesn't apply to me and to everyone who don't understand it.
Notice how 100% of the empty chairs were Republicans. The people who screech loudest about 9/11 and use it as a political prop at every available opportunity.
Patricia Arold
Patricia Arold:
For Jon Stewart to say, "Btw, that's your job anyway", all I can add in "Amen, brother". I'm not a fan of Jon's, but I can say that I'll stand by him on this issue. It is so sad that Congress denies first responders money to live on and get through life, but of course Congress wants a pay raise!!! How ridiculous!! Keep it going, Jon. 👍👍🙏🙏
are lis
are lis:
I cannot stop 🛑 crying 😢 and being angry 😡 while I watch John doing a speach that should not have been done because the health care program should have been available for them from day one til they die. They did not say I have not time to serve and respond to the people of this country in a situation like that one. Shame on you congress and the whole government of the USA 🇺🇸. Shame on you!!!! 😡 .
There is something wrong with this country when we can afford tax cuts for corporations that preferred laying people off and moving overseas to reinvestment in the economy but we cannot afford care for people who put their lives on the line for others.
Blake still in the game
Blake still in the game:
Honest Opinion
Honest Opinion:
If you ever wonder how an Anti-American Looks like, just look at the Politicians that were Absent.
"Never Forget 911" is just a Political Phrase with no meaning.
Find the Absent Politicians and SHAME THEM!!!! CALL AND CALL those elected Anti-Americans.
The Ranking Member is from my home state (not my district) and I am ashamed. Louisiana is a state that requires disaster relief on the regular. Jon Stewart is a national treasure, those men and women are heroes, and whether or not we take care of them for the illnesses they are suffering from because of their bravery should not be a question. This is the easiest thing that Congress should ever be able to do.
T. Woody Wood
T. Woody Wood:
Where did the 5 billion go? If the first responders are covered for health, disability, and retirement? Not getting good answers! still have 2 billion left. The union leaders are not giving us any answers for how the money is being spent. Need leadership and answers and accountability!
Linda Cain
Linda Cain:
This is outrageous. Those first responders gave everything that day. We've watched so many documentaries portraying their heroism....and for what?!! Only hope they're not required in any future event. They might take a bit longer than 5 minutes to get there next time. SHAME on those who have the authority to get this sorted once and for all and yet do nothing.
Suomy Nona
Suomy Nona:
Trumpublicans have no problems with Trump spending over $100M in tax money for his weekly golf vacations yet they balk at doing the right thing for the first responders.
Stool Pigeon
Stool Pigeon:
How bout the grandkids who all uncles died because of saltpeter and I have no relatives because none of them have kids after saltpeter in the Army. Im sure theyre getting pensions too on top of benefits. I hope the medically ill get more help. Somebody help me about the saltpeter!
Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming!
Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming!:
How disgraceful that those Congressional men & women did not show up!! WTF is wrong with you people?? Those 1st Responders showed up on 9/11. They were there when their country needed them and yet they have to beg and battle for some help. The US is a disgrace; led by disgraceful, hate mongering, money grubbing Republikkkans.
Daa3.1416 Saa
Daa3.1416 Saa:
fire department should not answer to any governmental office if they are in fire..., only school , church and hospital.
Red Scare
Red Scare:
But they are concerned about getting a raise what a joke Congress should be purged top to bottom
Greg Gammago
Greg Gammago:
Tell me again how Republicans are "pro-life"?
Jeff Leblanc
Jeff Leblanc:
These people should not have a problem getting money trump can run around with his family on golf trip s his whole family goes to visit the queen I’m sure that costed a few dollars over a 100 million wasted on golf and he is making money on his golf courses this is just a little of what we kno about Jon steward areal American sticking up for people that was ther for you and they can’t get help they did ther jobs so hey governmeant do your jobs and get these fine hero’s what they need and thanks jonsteward
Steve Warwick
Steve Warwick:
Jon Stewart should go back on the daily show and let his voice be heard, ditch that hacky POS Trevor Noah.
Amber St. Clair
Amber St. Clair:
Pelosi and Schumer and the rest of the Corporately owned democrats don't even have the humanity to show up.

Thank you Jon Stewart.
Che Cardona
Che Cardona:
Get it together dems
Daniel Ray
Daniel Ray:
For the 9/11 victims fund? Shouldn’t Jon Stewart be at the Federal Reserve Bank or Beijing China complaining to them about getting money for the 9/11 victims? After all isn’t that where we get our money from? Lol. We are bankrupt as a nation! The most indebted country in the history of the world! Debt monetization for the 9/11 victims! Lol.
david charles smith
david charles smith:
Should jabbed them about building 7 too!
Julie Ake
Julie Ake:
Trump is so worried about a stupid wall instead of using that money on the people that helped save his city. Trump is garbage!
Charles Envosoft
Charles Envosoft:
While Mr. Stewart chastised the empty congressional seats in front of him, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was on Twitter tweeting that "congress members deserved a $4,500.00 raise this year." Our system is broken.
MSNBC cut of the applause at the end here
She's my President
She's my President:
Trump to MSNBCannibals; *You are Very Fake News*
Nadler and the demon sided democrats are going to destroy this beautiful country if We , The People let them !!!!
Nadler was not even listening !!!!! He was probably thinking on holding Stewart on Contempt !
C B:
If you voted for this Democrat majority party of the Judiciary committee I hope you are proud because this is what you got. I hope there is a forgiving God in heaven for these sleazeballs.
Leslie Barber
Leslie Barber:
It's funny this stewart guy is crying about this to the Democratic Congress but had no tears to Republican Congress and Senate!!
Sma 556
Sma 556:
MSNBC deflecting from TDS. They are trying to change their image. Bruce Ohr was given a pay raise of $28,000 after he got a demotion. That was for pushing the fake dossier fo frame Trump.
Mickey Andres
Mickey Andres:
The democrats were only there to try and get a raise for themselves and left....
Congress won’t help, but Trump will,,,,,
Thank You Jon.
His antics and mannerisms are so forced, dramatic and staged. It comes off as disingenuous and done for self promotion like most of his grandstanding.
Gerry Slobe
Gerry Slobe:
Jon's performance for Democrats fails again as Fake News. What is not mentioned is that many in the House serve on several committees. Many that were not present, were in fact voting in other Committee's. Fake News again, what can we expect from Jon, he's a Commie.

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