Jon Stewart slams Congress over benefits for 9/11 first responders

“What an incredible metaphor this room is for the entire process that getting health care and benefits for 9/11 first responders has come to. Behind me, a filled room of 9/11 first responders, and in front of me, a nearly empty Congress." More of his emotional testimony: #JonStewart #FirstResponders #September11 #FDNY #NYPD

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Rodrigo Algarte
Rodrigo Algarte:
This is a historical speech.
Kawai Media
Kawai Media:
Doesn't matter whether you are conservative or liberal. As Americans we should all be furious about this.
Zachary DuBose
Zachary DuBose:
Every single law maker and person who didn’t show up should be fired that is ridiculous
Tan Jenner
Tan Jenner:
A country with more billionaires each year, the most expensive military in the world and these people have to beg. What a rotten system.

You are not angry enough!
"They didn't yell death to Tribeca. They yelled death to America."
Thank you for make this videos clip 9:11.
Keep it all the Way Funky
Keep it all the Way Funky:
👏 bravo Mr Stewart ! This chokes me up and makes me feel sick and I’m not even American!
In any other developed country they would have healthcare and disability benefits, just like everyone else.
I'd like the names of the congressmen who skipped out. They clearly need to hear from the public.
The Hammer
The Hammer:
He put his heart and soul into that.
Daniel Harvey IV
Daniel Harvey IV:
Yet the same congressmen that's not here today , will use 911 to pander tomorrow! Shame. A damn shame .
David Buttree
David Buttree:
If Jon Stewart ran for President next year, he would win in a landslide after this speech.
Tim Stark
Tim Stark:
Any one who slams this congress is a true patriot.
Josh Zakary
Josh Zakary:
I don't care if these congresspeople had responsibilities elsewhere. It is the message that you are sending to these first responders and the public at large with you absence. When a firefighter with stage four cancer comes to your doorstep, and you don't have to decency to face that person and hear what they have to say, just shows how little you care about their suffering.
Elvin N
Elvin N:
I salute you jon Stewart! I am from Canada and this is heart felt 🙏
As a fellow firefighter paramedic, the fact so many have forgotten, and appear to not care is disheartening. Thank you Jon Stewart! A masterful speech!
Alex Ziolkowski
Alex Ziolkowski:
John Stewart has been doing the people’s work since 1999; the year he took over as host of the Daily Show from Craig Kilborn. This man is a mensch
The men and women behind are true heroes, Congress is full of cowards
Ben Cahoon
Ben Cahoon:
The 15 dislikes were probably from Congress members who didn't bother to show up.
Dammit Jon. You went and made me tear up. You are a man with something to say, aren't you. A real man.
Thanks Jon Stewart ❤

Shame on Congress!
Great job on fighting for the men and woman who sacrificed so much!!!! Semper Fi
The Truth has been Determined to be a Lie
The Truth has been Determined to be a Lie:
This video is 9 minutes and 11 seconds long
Louise Dumais
Louise Dumais:
they have money for useless walls, useless presidential golf weekends, useless pay raises for themselves but not their dozens of staffers who do all the work for them, money to take +++ wh staff and family members who are useless on state visits....
B N:
Great speech! He's using his anger to make a positive change. Much respect.
They love them as much as they love veterans
Daniel Harvey IV
Daniel Harvey IV:
In one ear , out the other .
Gab rielle
Gab rielle:
" Your indifference cost these men and women their most valuable commodity--time. It's the one thing they're running out of. This should be flipped, this hearing should be flipped. These men and women should be up on that stage and Congress should be down here answering their questions as to why this is so damn hard and takes so damn long and why no matter what they get something is always pulled back and they gotta come back."

Sickening these issues remain from 2001 where these men and women put their lives at risk and when they get sick there's no fund for them to be treated?? INHUMANE!!!!!!!!

Why should we have to fight so hard on what should be an easy decision!!!
Gabriel Croft
Gabriel Croft:
This jaw dropping speech is the equivalent to Charlie Chaplin's 1940 "Great Dictator" speech. Notice he isn't reading from a single piece of paper, it's straight from the heart. God bless this man!
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius:
Jon Stewart needs to come back and trash on all this corruption!
Golden Bitch
Golden Bitch:
A sickening disgrace in so many ways, God bless them all ❤️
kk doc
kk doc:
“Al quaeda didn’t shout, ’Death to TriBeCal’ “. So TRUE. This has been pushed off as a NY problem??!! Unbelievable disrespect shown to the heroic 911 first responders as evidenced by all the empty congressional chairs. Who have we elected for God’s sake???
Alfonso Aguirre
Alfonso Aguirre:
I've listened to it back to back 3 times and it still sends chills down the spine. Great job, Jon. Now let's hope that they actually do something!
BlueLine WoodWorks
BlueLine WoodWorks:
Everyone needs to watch this. Well said Mr. Stewart, well said!
jon rector
jon rector:
I'm no fan of Stewart, but this speech was powerful, strong, but most of all TRUE! God bless you Mr Stewart.
Brockton Ma.
Brockton Ma.:
Not on the same political spectrum as Jon, but his impassioned, informed speech brought tears to my eyes.
America Over Party Founder
America Over Party Founder:
Next time we decide to elect a TV personality I suggest it be Jon.
Verona Jianni
Verona Jianni:
No matter what your thoughts are about 911 and its details, one thing is real and that’s the real faces behind the clean up of the mess 911 left behind. These men are suffering the consequences by paying with their lives. Their health, livelihood and care are compromised. We should all be like Jon Stewart who is using his platform to stand up for deserved men and women. #911 #JonStewart #FirstRespoders #congress
Calvin McHoward
Calvin McHoward:
I hope the same lightning bolt that struck Benjamin Franklin’s kite comes back and strikes all the pieces of shit elected officials that didn’t show up to this hearing.
jodie vukmir
jodie vukmir:
Where are our congressman! They should be there everyday! I work 10-12 hour days why can't they?
Capt. Wild Bill
Capt. Wild Bill:
Sadly, it's not just first responders, I worked before and after in lower Manhattan. I was told it was safe to work there, now I am living with a 9/11 related cancer. I will always have it, I will have health benefits to cover the medication that costs $12,435 a month. But they want to slash my settlement because these cheap fuckers don't want to fund the VCF. Such bullshit.
Thank you Jon!!!
Thank you Mr. Stewart. I never liked or disliked Stewart but now I admire him more than words can explain.

Just noticed this video is 9:11 long.
Mark M.J. Lewandowski Jr
Mark M.J. Lewandowski Jr:
Watching this on 9/11 2019
Marylee Carrier
Marylee Carrier:
Jon Stewart, I thank you for your support for these unsung heroes that did the very right thing for their fellow Americans in their greatest time of need. Bless you, and bless our 9/11 heroes.
The 9/11 bill got passed. Jon Stewart’s efforts and brilliant speech paid off
Tong Tong
Tong Tong:
We need the names of the congressmen/women who did not show up!
I felt that speech... uffff. Jon Stewart you did amazing job, very powerful message sent to Congress
MJFree2BeMe Alldayo
MJFree2BeMe Alldayo:
💞Absolutely Soul Stirring and Such a Patriotic speech! 😡Shame On Every Single Senator Not in Attendance! Shame Shame Shame!!😡
President Nixon
President Nixon:
He's right ~ you could hear a Pin drop in that room, and why, because Mr Stewart is telling it, how it is.!!!
Thankyou Jon Stewart.
sis cool
sis cool:
Now you can stand proudly for your flag, with so called patriotic government. where is the respect for those who put their lives on the frontline for the flag.
Bella Nova
Bella Nova:
When you see all the empty seats at the front...I can't even express how much disgust I felt.
Drew Winslow
Drew Winslow:
I hope... I really hope that Congress will take serious heed from this speech.
These brave heroes are running out of time.
Just a Question
Just a Question:
It's like the USA as a country, a perfect metaphor for a shitshow
Bobbi Curtis
Bobbi Curtis:
You are a beautiful human being, Mr. Stewart! Keep it up.
Lindsey Bullock
Lindsey Bullock:
Damn, Jon Stewart should be president.
0sum gamezzz
0sum gamezzz:
No notes off the cuff? This guy is an impassioned, orating machine, and sharp as a tack.
suvignan pothuraju
suvignan pothuraju:
My whole heartedly slaute, respect and love for 9/11 responders forever 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸♥️♥️♥️♥️ Amen.
Zachary Morris
Zachary Morris:
Strong speech.

Sidenote, way to end the video at 9:11.
Get'em john
Savannah Booth
Savannah Booth:
I just gained so much respect for John Stewart. The raw emotion was heartfelt and I can't see how Congress couldn't feel guilty for ignoring these heros.
Someone please name names, tell us who should have been there and wasn't.
Much respect for Jon Stewart, No respect for the no shows in congress being disrespectful to the surviving heroes of 911, Never Forget !
I'm not with Stewart on much, but I am on this. Good for him for speaking on behalf of these heroes.
My name is Mud
My name is Mud:
One of the greatest persons alive, for all he did and for his ability not to disconnect his intellect from his heart ❤️
Always Money for Corporate Tax Cuts but not our Heroes, we need a Revolution.
R. I.
R. I.:
I may not agree with his politics....but standing O Mr. Stewart. And no notes.
Mono Pilot
Mono Pilot:
Stewart has the eloquence equivalent of a real life Captain America. Seriously this is movie stuff.
Est 19XX1620
Est 19XX1620:
This is ridiculous thank goodness for ppl like him making this speech ...on a brighter note not to make light but POST MALONE seems to be recording in the background
howard trommer
howard trommer:
My hero Jon Stewart. What courage!!!
I love you Jon Stewart. And I'm not even an American. I'm Hungaryan.
A Reed
A Reed:
Cut Congress healthcare benefits
Preston Phelan
Preston Phelan:
Can we get a list of everyone who didn't show up for this?
Aaron Childers
Aaron Childers:
The way these heros are treated sickness me more than anything. They didn't say no to putting they're life's on the line they went into burning buildings without thinking but Congress will vote no on giving them money for health care. I was born on the day all this happened and not once since I understood what happened on this tragic day have I celebrated my birthday and I never will.
Marie Kazazian
Marie Kazazian:
BRAVO Jon Stewart. You are excellent at advocating and thank you for utilizing your platform to fight for our noblest of heroes! Congress better do something. If they don’t We The People can unite & help!
Henry Dawkins
Henry Dawkins:
Jon Stewart 2020. GOD BLESS AMERICA!
abhishek gaur
abhishek gaur:
God give strength to the Responders. They are all Super Heroes. Thank you.
Mr_Seasons Gaming
Mr_Seasons Gaming:
And rightfully so!
Brandon Kostinsky
Brandon Kostinsky:
Well said Mr. Stewart
Javier Gabriel
Javier Gabriel:
Phew, this was powerful.
Lovelle Mixon
Lovelle Mixon:
Yet there is ABSOLUTELY NO SHORTAGE of the ENTIRE CONGRESS (Nearly the whole body), who will line the walls, to the hilt, at standing room only.... insofar as it relates to IMPEACHING PRESIDENT TRUMP!

9/11 First Responders, FDNY/NYPD, Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan? You can’t even fill a small podium, with the electorate, to follow through on their obligation once the Hijacked Aircraft have landed deep inside the 98th Floor of the World Trade Center, and once the Bullets and Bombs have stopped exploding, buildings crumbing to Ground Zero, TENS OF THOUSANDS DEAD, and many more left with debilitating injuries and trauma, in order to see that our REAL HEROES ARE CARED FOR.

If we expect to send the Bat Signal up, and that Men will stand ready to answer that call, and run toward that explosion or gunfire, where the the ONLY thing awaiting them is a certain DEATH... So that the innocent can be SAVED, the already perished will not die in vain.... if we expect that emergency call to be answered in the future, this ARROGANT INDIFFERENCE BETTER STOP! DO YOUR JOB! Otherwise, when it’s you, perilously staring down the steep side of 100 Floors to the ground without a prayer in the World to save you, NO ONE INSIDE THEIR RIGHT MIND WILL BE COMING TO RESCUE YOU.... and then we will all be in a World of shit. No wonder the youth, the children of our society, are so nihilistic. They could give a damn less about the Constitution or American values, and preservation of something that Millions of brave souls died to provide & protect. Those very children have to look UP, and every single day, see this: Corrupt politicians, greedy & self-serving Corporations, and a complete lack of magnanimous leaders who LEAD FROM THE FRONT; and by EXAMPLE.
Samuel Williams
Samuel Williams:
I am a German watching this video from Europe. I think this video should go viral!
Daa3.1416 Saa
Daa3.1416 Saa:
fire department should not answer to any governmental office if they are in fire..., only school , church and hospital.
Sydney black
Sydney black:
He actually gave me chills...
Henry Dawkins
Henry Dawkins:
Trump should explain where M.A.G.A. is NOW.
Nennie C
Nennie C:
Well said!
John Boona
John Boona:
Damn, I thought this dude was just a talk show host.
Colleen Barber
Colleen Barber:
Amen John!! Put this in the middle of NY CITY!!
J Z:
Damn that sucks. Even I felt bad and still nothing is going to happen. I can't believe your government treat their own hero's so badly. This says alot about your government how a comdian has to come and talk to them.
This man is a National Treasure
Joe B
Joe B:
Anyone have a list of who showed up vs who didn't on Congress's side?
Orante Frazier
Orante Frazier:
Not even a minute in and he is smoking them hard. He's right, shame on them.
Tom Gillespie
Tom Gillespie:
This is Jon Stewart's finest hour. Truly his best monologue and bravest speech.
Go talk to the Senate and ask them why they're not passing anything?
Mike D
Mike D:
Jon Stewart for President, one of the best speeches that I’ve heard in a long time!!
Kevin Rowland
Kevin Rowland:
What do you expect these are not winners , innovators , wealth creators, people who know risk managment or how to position the country for success for gods sake THEIR POS!! POLITICIANS. They only care about THEIR HIGH LIVING STANDARD that you voters give them so they say what they want you to hear. But as far as actual effort LMAO please people WAKE UP its clear they do NOT give F about YOU
J Z:
Please people don't say thank you. Thank you is going to help them or put food on their tables. Do something, donate to them, put pressure on your own government.
Florence Guerra
Florence Guerra:
Wow! Incredibly well said. Thank you Jon Stewart 👏
ClouDii Muziq
ClouDii Muziq:
Mort : protecc John Stewart, he's our most important Jew
Pierre Boucher
Pierre Boucher:
They shouldn't be called first responders; they should be called liquidators. They did what they had to do and have a shorter lifespan because of it.
end the Party System.
or this sort of travesty will always happen in the name of profit and control.

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