Joe Biden Gets Under President Donald Trump’s Skin In Iowa | Deadline | MSNBC

RCP’s A.B. Stoddard, Rev. Al Sharpton, Politico’s Anna Palmer, LA Times’ Eli Stokols, and “Saturday Night Politics” host Donny Deutsch on Trump’s fixation with former vice president Joe Biden, as voters witness a potential preview of a 2020 general election with both making appearances in Iowa » Subscribe to MSNBC: MSNBC delivers breaking news, in-depth analysis of politics headlines, as well as commentary and informed perspectives. Find video clips and segments from The Rachel Maddow Show, Morning Joe, Meet the Press Daily, The Beat with Ari Melber, Deadline: White House with Nicolle Wallace, Hardball, All In, Last Word, 11th Hour, and more. Connect with MSNBC Online Visit Subscribe to MSNBC Newsletter: Find MSNBC on Facebook: Follow MSNBC on Twitter: Follow MSNBC on Instagram: Joe Biden Gets Under President Donald Trump’s Skin In Iowa | Deadline | MSNBC

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life long
life long:
The WORST of American values have surfaced with this lying con man as the President.. trump, his family, and those in power who aid him, have gone too far. You, as a nation deserve better than this, and if the facts he calls Fake to cover up his lies and ineptitude finally come is not going to pretty. He is scrambling now, and it is becoming obvious that the tide is turning against his views, behaviour, attacks and affront to the USA.
Luis Arredondo
Luis Arredondo:
What do you expect from a nasty Clown
Sargent bone spurs is beyond insecure.
Daddy never took him out to play with other kids in a public playground
David Bonn
David Bonn:
It doesn't matter. At this point I'd gladly vote for Andrew Yang's dead cat over the Cheeto.
John Hyland
John Hyland:
Oh. My. GOD! What a breath of fresh air! Adult speech! Thanks Joe.
Why is it that when individual pumpking head describes someone else in a negative way it always ends up describing himself
martin crespo
martin crespo:
Trump is an existential treat to himself.....his nickname should be "6 time bankruptcy Trump"
Jeremy Backup
Jeremy Backup:
Trump speaks with a 5th grade vocabulary and doesn't know squat about politics, history, math, or science and he's accusing someone else of being stupid? LMAO
Mark Shealy
Mark Shealy:
Good for Biden! I'm for Pete, but if Biden gets the nomination, I'll be the first to the voting booth.
lifeisawar zone
lifeisawar zone:
this is not a trump rally, trump is teaching america how not to act
Gary Pickford
Gary Pickford:
“Being powerful (or a genius) is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.

-Margaret Thatcher
🍔I'm like a smart person I know the biggest words believe me I'm a very stable genius
The way Trump keeps mentioning Obama! Keep projecting Sherbert!
Trump is an Intestinal threat and i would vote for a donkey carcass over him.
Dark Matter
Dark Matter:
Trump has called Hillary Clinton's name 5,000 times after he was already elected
by Russia. LOL!
resist resist
resist resist:
It will be such a relief not to hear trump calling people names anymore.
Mylesa Stinnette
Mylesa Stinnette:
tRump makes me sick always calling people names. Just childish and utterly ridiculous!
The wacko tantrum clown is the most craziest, corrupt president we’ve ever had 🎪🤡👐🏻
B H:
Well said - Trump is existential threats to the USA. I would add to the world!
John Manolis
John Manolis:
Get him Joe.
Sheik Yo Booty
Sheik Yo Booty:
Impeach and incarcerate the treasonous LITTLE MUSHROOM DK PUSSYGRABBER Drumpf
Donthecon is running the con of his life on America
L W:
I like Harris, Warren and Mayor Pete. But I would support ANY Democrat with the best chance of beating Spanky. Vote Blue in 2020 like your life depends on it. Because it does.
Robert Rodgers
Robert Rodgers:
Biden is correct on every point. He is not my first pick, but I will vote for whoever wins the DNC nomination, because Treasonous Trump's anti-American agenda needs to be defeated.
nichole Roberts
nichole Roberts:
Trump is freaking out !!😂😂

Like he is about to loose his house ("which he is)..😂😂
Don Anderson
Don Anderson:
trump gets uglier by the day,his personality must be coming through his face.
Yve Bella
Yve Bella:
🇺🇸Go get him, Joe!🇺🇸
Trump’s carnival act is worn out, Americans have had enough of his bs.
Integrity S
Integrity S:
We are in a state of clear and present danger
with the Trump at the WH.
Joel J
Joel J:
All of Trump's rants about others apply to himself. Does he think we have no perception?
Lise Strahle
Lise Strahle:
Mayor Pete would, in a debate with trump, reveal how small and ignorant trump is within a minute. Pete 2020!!!
Cadet bone spurs should buy another hair piece because his current one is trying to fly away.
Ivanka speads for Quincy Jones
Ivanka speads for Quincy Jones:
Trump like look at my deal with Mexico, holding up a blank sheet of paper LOL
Walter Cohen
Walter Cohen:
Trump's whole conversation to the American people is to talk about others who charge him as crooked or how great he is doing nothing.
Lili Bee
Lili Bee:
Anyone in 2020, besides Trump!
Raging Monk
Raging Monk:
Joe Biden gets under Trumps skin? Who would want to swim around in that "hamberder" grease and chicken fat?
Mark Stevens
Mark Stevens:
Please ,please don't believe the polls or we'll end up with baby bone spurs again.
The Informer
The Informer:
I think the American Public is tired of the Trump reality show every week, so sad he has turned our country into a banana republic.
Andrea Jones
Andrea Jones:
If Michelle Obama was Biden's running mate..trump would cry cause they would win hands down
The Chosen One
The Chosen One:
Leaks from inside the Red House have already told us that Trump is terrified of Biden.
let's hold trump accountable to that statement... joe referenced trump 76 times in a speech?

how many times does trump self-reference in a 5 minute interview? i'm betting FAR MORE than 76 times.

you gotta reference someone that many times, you're in trouble...
An "Existential threat". There is no better person in this country to take care of Trump than Biden.
I am waiting impatiently for the first debate Biden-Trump.
The Chosen One
The Chosen One:
6/11/2019 10:41pm.... NO WALL and still NO check for the wall.
Thomas Gurgal
Thomas Gurgal:
Biden knows DC. He can take a Harris or Buttigeg under hi wing & show them how to go forward 🤔 If you look at Biden as a transitional figure, that is the path to renewing America 🤔
“ I don’t bring him up!” Yet how many times did Trump say Biden or him (referring to Biden)? Talk about mentally unstable ... Look in the mirror Trump!
Semi-Charmed Life
Semi-Charmed Life:
Everytime when Trump speaks, I feel my brain cells committing suicide, one by one.
Rev Al is wonderful
Henry T.
Henry T.:
"I like running against people that are weak mentally" - Donald Trump 2019.

Only sort of competition that he would have a chance against.
Steve Bollmeyer
Steve Bollmeyer:
How many times has Trump mentioned Joe's name?
nichole Roberts
nichole Roberts:
I think trump is about to loose his hair...😂😂
Ogba Icheku
Ogba Icheku:
It is too early to call. Do not believe the polls. Go out and vote when the time comes.
Biden is a corporate dinosaur. No real change. Status quo is good. \
That's why MSNBC likes him. That's why they trash Bernie.
That's why Progressives NEVER get a fair shake here. MSNBC is afraid of the new dems.
Donnie Deutsch has been pushing for Biden to run.
The P
The P:
Stosar 1
Stosar 1:
Trying not to get overly excited about polls, but it makes me happy when Trump does, because hilariously unbelievable BS just pours from his mouth.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump:
Old man Trump needs 23 hours 'executive time' in his crib for every 3 mins ranting in front of the camera with his grade 2 vocabulary. "Too old and not as popular as he thinks" is quite apt self description of POTUS45.
Cheryl R Leigh
Cheryl R Leigh:
"He's going to soften and become a little more moderate." Nope. Will never happen. No way this will *ever* happen.
Shane Macgregor
Shane Macgregor:
Donny Deutch looks like a Carnival Barker in that outfit.
Nathalie Dufour
Nathalie Dufour:
It's like observing a sociopath in a psychiatric ward
Say what you want about Biden, he is waaay better than chump! If you think otherwise, then you are an unstable person, Period!!!!
David Wolf
David Wolf:
the element that unites the progressive and moderates of the democratic party is moral outrage at the state of the nation ... in that there is no disagreement ...
Just Me
Just Me:
Trump knows he will win, Russia has his back
But will they also fill the house/congress w republicans who will never disagree with his outrageous decisions?
Ian Werden
Ian Werden:
I really think Biden would crush trump in the debates. We've gotta take into account who would best the jerkface on the stage.
Vitruvian Man
Vitruvian Man:
Stop pushing Biden down our throats, that crowd was tiny compared to the crowds Bernie has been getting.
Richie Tattersall
Richie Tattersall:
It means he's telling the truth that you are a habitual money laundering lier.
Phoebe 58
Phoebe 58:
I love how Nicole trolls trump's state of mind lol
Dominique Williams
Dominique Williams:
Biden is ahead of trump in the polls. trump knows it and told his people to lie and say he's ahead of Biden. Anybody surprised trump lied and told others to lie???????
Stevie C
Stevie C:
Trump is a big man baby. They have the orange one running scared.
What a worm. He's shaking in his boots. It's funny, Really!!
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas:
Joe just keep doing what you are doing You are the guy we can trust w,e know you from your work Your word is your Bond . A man's man , Yes we can go With Joe we can grow with Joe Trump is a Rock ,rocks don't grow Rocks don't go You can't do nothing with them Period 😍 😍😍 😍
Jim P
Jim P:
trump becoming "normal", coming up to the election, that's a laugh....
nichole Roberts
nichole Roberts:
Since Trump has an obsession with with former President Barack Obama you know Joe Biden is going to bring Obama on the campaign Trail😃
Tayshawn Price
Tayshawn Price:
Do NOTTTT believe these polls!!! This is the very thing that allowed Trump to become president in the first place. Stop with the polls! Everyone needs to get out and vote. Polls mean absolutely nothing!!
wwe 2k17 glitch master
wwe 2k17 glitch master:
rather u agree with some of the things obama did or not, he was the perfect representation of what a president should be. spoke properly, cool laid back and had humor, but also was tough and serious when he needed to be.
Trump is not behaving like someone trying to convince people to vote for him. He seems pretty confident he will be re-elected and he says he is very open to foreign assistance. He hasn't shored up our election system to protect it from outside influence for a reason. I think he is counting on the election being compromised.
nichole Roberts
nichole Roberts:
Do you guys remember the jack Kennedy comment he made to Paul ryan at 2011-2012

Omg this going be so interesting when he out trump in his place.

I am ready the debate for these 2😃

And that Joe said he would take would to the woodshed.
YES YES Please start punching back.... Trump is LOW IQ... use the "Rope a Dope", get under his skin....
Gentilly Girl
Gentilly Girl:
Let us all please remember that Benjamin Franklin was about 76 when he was essential in the making of the Declaration of Independence. Age? Who would like that when it happens to you?
Or progressive policies are what people really want in Texas.
James Meoi
James Meoi:
Hot Cheetos
Hot Cheetos:
Warren 2020!
nichole Roberts
nichole Roberts:
He put Paul ryan in his place in 2011-2012 debate. And now he going do it to trump.
Trump is a symbol of the decline of America as a nation. 2020 is our opportunity to turn it around.
nichole Roberts
nichole Roberts:
Sorry burnie...your out...Joe is in 😃
Salad, draft, truth and coffin dodger Trump has already lost 2020 and, deep down, he knows it.
Askal Tesfa
Askal Tesfa:
Biden is the most honest dignified intelligent well experienced for the White House.
Trump you insult him first actually in foreign soil
frank magadan
frank magadan:
if Trump's skin was any thinner he'd be transparent.
Gray Shus
Gray Shus:
I don't think much of Biden. But he almost looks like a statesman compared to the infantile and vulgar incumbent.
Walter Cohen
Walter Cohen:
Very few Republicans have read any part of Mueller's report, but they make statements defending Trump only because they are racist like Trump.
Loser? Projection “president “. He was given everything and lost it all several times. He ‘king of the losers just take a look at his base.
Dumb Donald is projecting again. He always accuses others of things that actually applies to him.
Glenda Hunt
Glenda Hunt:
Wait, how many times does this loser trump mention Obama's name? SMH.
barry fowles
barry fowles:
Still attacking Obama, what does this tell you about Trump's obvious lack of intellect?.
Aaron E
Aaron E:
537 more days.. to vote that oragne idior clown out!!!
Kurtis & Stuff
Kurtis & Stuff:
Biden isn't beating Bernie tho.
But I wouldn't expect the media to learn from the 2016 election.
Good job. #FeelTheBern
David Harmon
David Harmon:
Experience matters. Joe knows sh*t. Progressives need the experienced candidate to get our plans acted on. Kamala 4 VP!
Fernando Castillo
Fernando Castillo:
The sad thing about Trump Supporters is that they don’t realize that they have been lied to by the biggest fraud in the U.S.
That said, I understand how easy it is to fall under the spell of a conman. We’ve all had one in our lives and we all know how difficult it is to admit that we’ve been had. Trump supporters are like teenagers the more you tell them they are wrong, the less they listen.
Paul Davenport
Paul Davenport:
Trump's head is spinning.
That's why his hair looks so WEIRD.
Alessia C*****
Alessia C*****:
I don’t think it’s hard for anybody to get under trumps skin. He’s very weak and thin skinned.
Stargazer Gorzo
Stargazer Gorzo:
Yes! Joe Biden knock that piece of Orange Dog Poo out of the ring👏👏👏
David Green
David Green:
I’m done listening to bs about Biden! He’s a threat to Democracy in that he could lose to Trump, but also because he could win against Trump!
Jim B
Jim B:
President Cartman is a perfect reflection of his base, who are indeed base.
nichole Roberts
nichole Roberts:
That's okay just bring Obama on the campaign trail that would scared Trump shittless...😂😂

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