Joe Biden addresses heckler at Iowa rally

Former Vice president and current 2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden told supporters "this isn't a Trump rally, let him go," when a pro-life heckler interrupted his Iowa rally. #CNN #News

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You are damaged goods from the Obama Administration bye bye Biden
Arvy Junod
Arvy Junod:
If this is the "front runner", you guys have real problems. Lol
Alan Miell
Alan Miell:
CNN the lies Network Full Of lieing News And Sleepy joe working fore the Crooked Dems
Ahmed Widaa
Ahmed Widaa:
Pretty low energy homie..
Edwin Paez
Edwin Paez:
Joe Biden? NO THANKS👎
Is China giving $$$$ for his campaign???🙄 Oh May!!!! Wow they are very persistent to drown America economy indeed.
Stoned Dreaming
Stoned Dreaming:
You know he's bad when the left and right are in agreement about never voting for him. Dems need to take note...
Tom Bishop
Tom Bishop:
1% Joe had eight years to do something for this country and showed absolutely no leadership.
9-Mile Skid
9-Mile Skid:
Nurse! He's out of bed again.
Alexander Ross
Alexander Ross:
You're right Joe, its not a Trump rally. You have like 200 people there tops while Trump rallies are like 8-10k not including thousands standing outside of the rally.
Ra Burleso
Ra Burleso:
@ 3:08 his’re welcome 😉
Wow, that rally has the energy level of a funeral. Bernie is out making a real difference everyday and still has time for rallies that actually excite people.
The SunChaser
The SunChaser:
Sleepy Joe. Just drop out and make way for Bernie, an actual consistent candidate who doesn’t change his views just because it’s popular.
JD Morris
JD Morris:
This guy is complete toast. Worse than Sir Edmund Hillary Rodham.
obviously it's not a trump rally bc there are more than 20 people there lol bye cloned joe
World Shaper
World Shaper:
Wait, Why do I think this whole thing is staged??
I gotta feeling we'll be finding out soon.v
W TF?:
China Creepy Uncle Joe Biden is not Presidential material.
He'll line his pockets with money and take care of his family first, like he did with his own son Hunter Biden.
China Joe Biden used his position as Vice President to broker a $1 Billion Dollar Deal for his son Hunter, while the rest of America was suffering under the dismal Obama administration.
Jamie B
Jamie B:
Now I see why they call him Sleepy Joe...dude has less energy than a sloth
Kimberley Searching
Kimberley Searching:
Flip flopper... old establishment politician... Joe Biden.

margaret kelly
margaret kelly:
Where is the policy? Running on hate isn't going to work....Just saying.
Grizzly Poota
Grizzly Poota:
I am old and have no clue what the hell I am doing.
Andrew Yang or Tulsi Gabbard are the smartest and more genuine human beings by far among the DNC, the rest have low IQ and career politicians
Marco Polo
Marco Polo:
DNC does not know that jobs do bring wealth and dignity to all Americans !
Joe Biden (the Sleeping Socialist) is a threat to America Sovereignty !
**Americas core values are in 'our' US Constitutional Republic !**
Derek Mulready
Derek Mulready:
As an Irish citizen looking at American politics I have a question who gave the Chinese the technology to develop their industrial and technology enterprise.
Irish citizen.
Smooth Sounds Of Jazz
Smooth Sounds Of Jazz:
Does anybody know this guys policies besides I hate trump.
Woohoo I'm 102
Woohoo I'm 102:
Joe Biden said: "In my view, workers to Trump are pawns, pawns in his game!
Looking back to the 8 years Joe Biden was in office, there were no workers to use as pawns.
Joe Biden said: "We have to build an economy that rewards work not wealth. We got to return the dignity of work." UFB!
I don't believe there are enough illegals and idiots voting in 2020 to beat Trump! Trump 2020!
Timbob Jones
Timbob Jones:
Donald Trump = The greatest President ever !!!!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
So Biden the political parasite and pro segregationist for most of his adult life, lectures hard-working people about values and morality - get this corrupt clown off the stage.
Core values, while he sniffs young girls hair from behind and their crotches!!! yeah OK JOE!!!!!!!!!!!
You learn a lot more from Nickelodeon than you do from these people
jean skilling
jean skilling:
Biden thinks he is going to win the primary. thats why he's talking about Trump so much.
George McKeon
George McKeon:
Clueless Joe...
Gary Carter
Gary Carter:
He flips more then a cook at the Waffle House, Can't wait for "China Joe" to debate..Trader!
Tad Andrew Cabigon
Tad Andrew Cabigon:
If you got problems sleeping go to a biden rally! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Donald Trump
Donald Trump:
Sleepy Joe is going senile!
Hona Wikeepa
Hona Wikeepa:
He lives on a spinning ball in the random universe. The one Copernicus thought about, and the Jesuit weaponized, and science education proclaimed as absolute truth. Welcome to the Matrix everyone. You can checkout any time you like. And, never return.
Trevor Crowder
Trevor Crowder:
Still waiting for an original, visionary thought..........just one
John Kennedy
John Kennedy:
Mr T - I pity the fools that attend Joe Biden rallies, I pity the fools
Club Manager
Club Manager:
Imagine living with the Obama administration again, America would disappear. Don't vote for Joe
Alex Bolotov
Alex Bolotov:
LOL 😂😂😂 like they know what people in Iowa want ...So full of it
Zen Masta
Zen Masta:
WOW breaking news there was a heckler in the audience at a Joe Biden rally.
Calvin Abbott
Calvin Abbott:
Biden knew that they could not protect the Opium fields of Afghanistan forever so moved 60% of all Opium Production to Mexico, he has business smarts and real leadership.
Godrides Harleys
Godrides Harleys:
Foxtrot - Alpha - Kilo - Echo ----- November - Echo - Whiskey - Sierra
Don Kenyon
Don Kenyon:
Biden is damaged goods. good bye Obama JR. It's time for you to loose and go home
Diana C
Diana C:
Looks like a book reading at a public library.
Brenda Ortega
Brenda Ortega:
And joe biden sends his son to pick up 1.5 billion from china to bring home and put in their account. And he'll make a good president? I dont think so! Look it up.
Zach’s Mom
Zach’s Mom:
I’m falling asleep NO ENERGY
Bud Long•Neck
Bud Long•Neck:
Uncle joe wants to take us back to the recession days that his buddy Obama kept us in for EIGHT YEARS!
Sam Thomas
Sam Thomas:
Ten to fifteen people including the heckler.
Obama doesn't endorse Biden. Why?
Did Obama let Biden be around his daughters? Doubt it.
Theodore Van Der Beek
Theodore Van Der Beek:
Marrianne Williamson 2020
No values on the dem side who are you kidding ...... Dems and values do not go together only Dems lying corruption and deceitful are what they stand for
David Druckman
David Druckman:
Ottumwa Iowa, that's where Radar from MASH was from!
Laina Hiller
Laina Hiller:
He does look tired.
Tacitus Kilgore
Tacitus Kilgore:
Clickbaity title :/
C. Seay
C. Seay:
Wow, if you find this inspiring you probably get excited when the mailman or the census worker shows up. 🤣
Frieda A
Frieda A:
People will decide if they want to listen to an incompetent disgrace like Trump, or believe we can do better.
Lemarr Thomas
Lemarr Thomas:
He didn't give a dam about the federal workers, but he's quick to give the farmers money.
Texas Trad
Texas Trad:
Weak candidate; he is no Obama/Bush/Clinton

No charisma
Eclectic Insanity
Eclectic Insanity:
Lets remember we are also going to be dealing with the Russians because Trump is doing nothing to attempt to stop them. I wonder why he is doing nothing about it? Hmm
Who's Who
Who's Who:
He’s going to cure CANCER.
Robert Moore
Robert Moore:
Yea China been lucrative to you and your son
Joe Biden: What’s going on here this is really dangerous stuff, and it’s not easy...

Biden’s audience: 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
Smoke on the water
Smoke on the water:
Go back to sleep 1% Joe.
I was at this rally, fell asleep though.
n c
n c:
💥Bernie 2020💥
mykl refugee
mykl refugee:
If Republicans are Pro Life Then why do they support Trump. He is arming Saudia Arabia and Israel with weapons and money as they massacarce millions.
Daryl Leckt
Daryl Leckt:
Biden talking sanely to a crowd of 1000s about his plans to regain the IOWA farmers recently lost markets due to trump's lack of any plan or understanding of economics.

the radical heckler seems to have forgotten that it is the conservative supreme court that keeps abortion legal today.
Martina Prendergast
Martina Prendergast:
you go Joe
GreenEyes 1226
GreenEyes 1226:
It's not just Iowa farmers!!!! IT'S farmers across the whole mid- west !!! Pay attention People !!!!
Lol no crowd shots.
Creepy joe😚🤦
Jennifer Beatty
Jennifer Beatty:
A Complete Drip!!
journalistethics dotcom
journalistethics dotcom:
Are others aware of the body double theory? I saw a YouTube on this recently, about the Joe Barack bracelet on Twitter. Keen to hear what others think or know. Thanks. Jay.
i didnt do that intentionally.. something wrong with cut and paste
i didnt do that intentionally.. something wrong with cut and paste
i didnt do that intentionally.. something wrong with cut and paste
i didnt do that intentionally.. something wrong with cut and paste
Flip Flop Sleepy Joe!
I'mBlack&I'mProud X
I'mBlack&I'mProud X:
Biden 2020
Tommy B
Tommy B:
No more middle ground!!
Sonny Tuft
Sonny Tuft:
He just acted like he changed his mind on china. China has a $1.5 billion bet on Biden. Biden knows the Chinese are attacking US farmers—so he will too. They generally vote Trump
Cornell Waters
Cornell Waters:
Blue 2020!
ala ska
ala ska:
Biden LIES every time he speaks.
His ties to China should put him in GITMO.
A total traitor in every sense.
MAGA 2020.
If Joe is senile and Sleepy, then Trump is incapacitated and Dopey
gustavo cruz
gustavo cruz:
Actually america was built over
the bodies of innocent people and deception but that does not mean it has to continue. Please make america great
Joseph Quan
Joseph Quan:
Creepy Joe you folks know it and have seen it but this is what you want as commander in chief? No thanks nothing but failure and creepiness from old hair plug Joe.
Jason Hall
Jason Hall:
They edited out the part where he talked down to iowans addressing them as ya'all and saying we dont know where delaware is. We are only a fly over state to him
Marie Butler
Marie Butler:
Is that biden fighting back????
Mind Crimes
Mind Crimes:
I know that wasn’t nice. But my mother told me to always tell the truth
Elaine Hughes
Elaine Hughes:
He's reading his comments. Can't even say more than a phrase without looking down again for the next phrase. Wow! He can't talk about these issues off the cuff or with any real sincerity. Buh bye, Joe.
wild cat
wild cat:
The day you died your body is today I throw a huge party
Rhyme& Reason
Rhyme& Reason:
The more Trumpies smear Biden, the more terrified of him you know they are...
That is exactly how a mature adult and a decent person would have done it. I miss the old days.
karl Jönsson
karl Jönsson:
The fact msm are pushing this guy as the best candidate strengthen my theory that they want another 4 years of trump. Because of the ratings he provides them.
Joe your 2020 run is over go home.
Funky Like A Monkey
Funky Like A Monkey:
Zero policies, just droning on and on and on about Trump. Democrats can do a lot better than this.
Look over there! It's low IQ Joe Biden!

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