Jets Trade For Demaryius Thomas

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Antonio Jimenez
Antonio Jimenez:
This trade reminds me of Brandon Marshall. Marshall did great things for jets.
VR 1
VR 1:
Enunwa is out for the season now it makes sense but he doesn't impress me.
Chester Anderson
Chester Anderson:
His Achilles injury is big , I don’t see him lasting the entire season injury free. At best he takes some attention away from our other younger receivers.
Meistro Shine
Meistro Shine:
Sounds like he’ll either do really good or reinjure himself.
Chris A
Chris A:
Demaryius is better then any receiver we have currently with or without enunwa
Robert Killian
Robert Killian:
For the price it is not a bad deal. I think the Patriots have their post Brady QB in Stenium, I mean he looked good in preseason and they let Hoyer go.
E Tan
E Tan:
Good cheap Band-aid to replace Enunwa! Hopwfully it works out good!
Darnold got mono hes out....bells out with shoulder soreness needs mri....cj Mosley out groin pull amd q.williams out with ankle....there goes our season hello 4 n 12
Nicholas Antonicello
Nicholas Antonicello:
Over the hill, hurt and will be ineffective with this offense that is lost.
daniel kaczkowska
daniel kaczkowska:
Better do a new video and apologize
Dark Demonik
Dark Demonik:
Jets luck that 6th rounder will be the Patriots next Tom Brady and they will forever regret it. Thomas is washed now or else the Pats would of kept him #SameOldJets4ever
Joseph Purdy
Joseph Purdy:
I thought that Thomas would be worth more than a 6 th round pick
Fernando Adames
Fernando Adames:
He is good the injury is the concern but it is with all players hopefuly he could help out alote.
Brooks Orlando
Brooks Orlando:
He has a couple good years left in him. I like the trade. We still need to find a long-term #1 receiver. Robby is the closest thing we got, but he's not a top 10/15 wr. I would look at Jerry Jeudy, CeeDee Lamb, Justyn Ross in a couple yrs. That's the missing piece offensively
Valentin Outlaw
Valentin Outlaw:
But I'm not mad at it we didn't lose too much at all and we had to get him in the locker room to at least have more I have a big body out there that can actually catch and take less pressure off of Sam darnold and Le'Veon Bell & of course Robby Anderson because he was getting double team a couple of times
Steffen Samlal
Steffen Samlal:
Jets ahhh we need Thomas back ASAP!
Joe Campione
Joe Campione:
After one of the worst losses I can remember and there were a lot of them they lose Enunwa for the year
Peter Carrasquillo
Peter Carrasquillo:
I love this trade to me this was a steal right there because he’s bringing in that veteran leadership that’s number one number two he knows Adam Gase’s system very well from his days in Denver and number three this is going to haunt the patriots for quite some time because of the situation that’s going on with Antonio Brown they just lost their insurance receiver and now he’s with us and now he’s going to be able to work in a system that he has been familiar with since day one
Big P The Boss
Big P The Boss:
We just met at the game Sunday in section 318..... keep up the good work bro! Go JETS!
Valentin Outlaw
Valentin Outlaw:
Something's up why did they trade him to us there our rivals🤔🤔🤔but im happy
Christopher Phillips
Christopher Phillips:
Gase is problem, not your players.
Nick Passarella
Nick Passarella:
he was brought to the team because yet another Quincy Enunwa injury
Geo Gil
Geo Gil:
The Jets are just preparing for Enunwas injury, it's only a matter of time.
Αντωνης κερς
Αντωνης κερς:
they already got their future qb in stidham, so no reason to fear
ChArLz In ChArGe
ChArLz In ChArGe:
Jets fan here and we have huge problems.
Maybe his caarer is revived???
Quincy is out for the year... 😔
Tyree Wilson
Tyree Wilson:
DT will score against the browns
Walt Bonczek
Walt Bonczek:
Who knows, there's a pretty positive atmosphere happening for us and maybe that'll help breathe new life into his career... That is as long as NE doesn't try to void it now with all the nonsense just coming to light with AB the same day... I wouldn't doubt if that happens if there's a way to do it... Did you see the video of the guy trying to get the Jets attention for the kicking job?... He was hitting some pretty serious yardage...
Thomas is garbage. Injury prone. What a waste of a pick
Anthony Phouthakhanty
Anthony Phouthakhanty:
I hope Thomas will have a solid season. We needed a true veteran to help Sam. Look at Crowder he’s becoming Sam’s blanket shield because he’s running smart routes. Hopefully Thomas helps Robby or Quincy to be smarter. Both of them are good players but kk d of one dimensional.
Jack P
Jack P:
Do you think Enunwa is gonna have to retire? Two season ending neck injuries in three years is very serious
John Bushnell
John Bushnell:
Totally Gase move, DT held together with duct tape, Red Zone Guy , depth, only 3 million, not great but not bad.
The whole NFL is a shit show this you got OJ simpson involved with the whole Antonio brown rape allegations....smh

I can make some bad jokes about that but i wont
Doug Noe
Doug Noe:
Hahah jk!!
As a life long broncos fan I want to say FUCK THE PATRIOTS!!!!!
and you are way better off with DT than AB..ok. I loved DT and wish he was still in Denver !!
Go jets and FYTB!!!!
Grandpa Mark
Grandpa Mark:
Enunwa out for the rest of the season? Same old S H I T shit shit shit shit!

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