Jason Momoa Bodyshamed For ‘Dad Bod’

After Jason Momoa got bodyshamed on social media for his “dad bod” after a picture of him on vacation recently surfaced, Sangita Patel and Morgan Hoffman react on ET Canada Live. SUBSCRIBE to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ETCanadaOfficial FOLLOW us here: http://www.etcanada.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/etcanada Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/etcanada Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/etcanada #JasonMomoa

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Jake Marko
Jake Marko:
Jason is still capable of stealing your girl.
Edward Ramirez
Edward Ramirez:
Dude, body shamed for a body like that? I could only wish to have a bod like that.
Claire CA
Claire CA:
He still looks amazing. Our culture SUCKS the things we hold as valuable... crazy. People are horrible
People need to mine their own business..geez it's his body not...OURS....KEY WORD HIS BODY
Ay H.
Ay H.:
How is THAT a dad bod? he's still muscular
Trea Montejo
Trea Montejo:
That is not even a dad bod. And there is nothing wrong to have one. Geez.
Keeping it Real
Keeping it Real:
I'm quite sure Lisa Bonet is not caring about any of that!!! Lol
Who cares! This man is STILL handsome....he's a dad, a husband. Haterz need to have several couches, seats....hell, go sit on tha floor.
Rendy Steele
Rendy Steele:
Hes honestly just a little bloated. Wow. He can have a six pack in two weeks!! Can these keyboard warriors do that?
People don't realize that maintaining an Aquaman physique is a FULL TIME job! Let him take a vacation! He looks great!
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat:
We all know that the guys who made up this story are just jealous because their wives are wet for Jason Momoa.
He’s said in interviews that when he’s not working on a movie that he has to train for he doesn’t like to work out. I think he even said he hates working out & only does it when he has to.
jess black
jess black:
hes in fine shape
Mikey Z
Mikey Z:
People have major issues. The mans body is still perfect and in no way is anything close to a dad bod. This is a messed up world making everyone not feel like their worth a dam if their body’s aren’t in the “perfect” shape
Carmesha Carrington
Carmesha Carrington:
Ppl should be ashamed of themselves. Get a life😠
Lucia Lu
Lucia Lu:
His body still rocks.You kidding me!
Jason looks Great,his arms still bigger then average.
He can be only body shamed by mens who look like straws.
Julian Smith
Julian Smith:
I'd have "fat" Jason Mamoa do unspeakable things to me.
Nandan Bhat
Nandan Bhat:
Oh come on, that isn't even a dad bod.
Ian Fimone
Ian Fimone:
Women are tired of body shaming themselves theyv moved onto body shaming men 🤦🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️
Logan Ali
Logan Ali:
lol, i wish i had that dad bod
Sunshine MishasMommy
Sunshine MishasMommy:
If Jason Mamoa has a dad bod,then I like me some dad bod..people need to be silent and get over it..and I would bet that most of those haters are people unhappy with and within themselves and like to put others down to lift them up..well,haters gonna hate so let them..and I agree,Jason Momoa is DELICIOUS 😍😉❤
Aries Laiman
Aries Laiman:
Can you tell me how many people who body shamed jason momoa at least has half of his so-called sexy "dad bod"?
Edvin Kingston
Edvin Kingston:
NEWSFLASH: Not everyone works out eight hours a day, seven days a week. Besides, most of those fools never saw him on Baywatch in the nineties.
Mike Lesesne
Mike Lesesne:
I know for a fact that the people shaming him are in no where near as good a shape.
Zander Isom
Zander Isom:
Your still my daddddyyyyyyyyyyyyy you will always be my daddddddyyyytyyyyyyy fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeere
He still has a better body then most men in their 20s 🤷🏽‍♂️ people are really stupid nowadays
brody pereira
brody pereira:
Let's take in the fact that the mean people commenting are sitting on their ass eating a bag of chips. And not even making half the amount of money he does. You look great man ✌❤
Jacob A
Jacob A:
I'm sure his beautiful wife ain't complaining.
Sky Walker
Sky Walker:
I want to see the hot bod of the person who started that. I want to see abs and great muscle definition.
If its not a perfect body i request some explanations.
John Wick
John Wick:
If that’s a dad bod then....

I’m really John Wick.
chi ll
chi ll:
Its his body his choice. Honestly he just turned me on just like that.just right there. Ops my bad.
Wtf is wrong with people? They make fun of this guy's amazing body? 🤣🤣🤣
J Bear
J Bear:
WTF is a dad bod? Dad's come in all shapes & sizes, trolls sit down & shut up!!
Jade Eerie
Jade Eerie:
He looks good! WTF!
Dad bod???
“DADDY” Bod? 😍
People be body shaming him like they more fit than him on his worst days😂😂
I saw him on snap at my friend's gym lmao
he's about as hot as he can get so I don't understand this at all
vince lin
vince lin:
He’s on vacation. That says everything. Haters are going to hate anyways.
Alice Noguera
Alice Noguera:
He’s sexy as hell! Dads wish they had his body! Dang! 😍
M Performance
M Performance:
That’s how his body looked at game of thrones lol.
Yolanda Harris
Yolanda Harris:
That man is too hot. He can exercise on me anytime 😂
Danyelle Jones
Danyelle Jones:
He still looks good. They just jealous
Solange Mooney
Solange Mooney:
I think he is great looking in this picture...better than 99.9% of men in the world!!!!!
John Sketcher
John Sketcher:
I'm loving the double standard ladies. If men on your show talked like that about a female celebrity they'd be cleaning out their desks and escorted out of the sound studio.
Kristina Gutheil
Kristina Gutheil:
I’d like to see the people who are shaming his dad bod...
random dude
random dude:
No One
No One:
Ffs, he’s on vacation and taking time off from all that hardcore rigorous training he does. Give him a break. Damn.
I love his workout and dad bod<3 both are beautiful like his heart.
vignesh waran
vignesh waran:
Wtf .. I can't even imagine of becoming like him .. they call him fat for that pic
Delci Costa
Delci Costa:
Sacanagem achar um homem maravilhoso desse de gordo ele é perfeito
Russel Furtado
Russel Furtado:
You mean, be a Daddy to me, for all I care!
tired mommy of 2
tired mommy of 2:
I am from canada and i wish i lived in vancouver when he was there he is so beautifull his wife is a lucky woman
Kerry Donk
Kerry Donk:
Now that he isn’t hard body he’s totally a twin for my ex husband when he was young.
Mathias Subit
Mathias Subit:
It's called being off season for christsake. He still looks pretty fucking good for having a so called dad bod.
He still looks 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jean Yoder
Jean Yoder:
He’s still fine af!!!!
Kristina Gutheil
Kristina Gutheil:
He’s definitely a ripped delicious man
How is that a dad bod??? My man is just not cut. He’s in his off season. Let the man live
Crystal Bruno
Crystal Bruno:
I will take Jason Momoa 20 lbs lighter or 50 lbs heavier. Either way he’s still hot AF!
Richard O' Leary
Richard O' Leary:
Keeping the shape he was in is very tough! He’s put a lot of work in his movies and he probably just wants to take a break and have fun with his family instead of putting more time in his exercise
This my last One Yall
This my last One Yall:
Dad bod where?!? He still looks better than most 🤷🏽
He still looks amazing
Quiet Demon
Quiet Demon:
Bruh I’m legit fat and trying to get to his level, anyone who thinks this counts as a dad bod is completely delusional
Mel Belmonte
Mel Belmonte:
Leave him alone... I love u 🤗
therese fassie
therese fassie:
Imma still be all up on that "dad body"
Francis Turner
Francis Turner:
Leave this man ALONE and let him EAT HIS PORK CHOPS! HE'S STILL DELICIOUS 😋😍
He looks amazing...🤷🏾‍♀️😍😎
I could only wish I looked like that as a father. If that's a "Dad bod" then where can I get one?
Frank Rojas
Frank Rojas:
I just had McDonalds. Rock on Jason! Lmaoooo
Crissy Ledbetter
Crissy Ledbetter:
Mf's out here jealous because their not as good as him lmao! and he's got a gorgeous wife and family so who does he need to impress? He's still tasty af
Captain Captain
Captain Captain:
His "Dad Bod" is still a million times better than my bod.
Ann D.H.
Ann D.H.:
Jason is always hot, if that's a dad bod..... I'll take it. Fat??? Nnnoooo
mortal orphan
mortal orphan:
Is that person blind?? 🤦🏽‍♀️
Emília Machado
Emília Machado:
Quero esse gordinho pra mim! 😍😍😍
Tricia Charlton
Tricia Charlton:
His body still looks amazing
Mr. Stars
Mr. Stars:
Haters: LMAO dude u pure fat now

Ask Haters: 10feet wide and only goes to McDonald’s
Theresa Lewis
Theresa Lewis:
I dont know wht these people are talking abt, MY dad neverrrrr looked like that, LOL my dad stayed in shape former military but still, nope 🤣
Narayan Shrestha
Narayan Shrestha:
That would be my 'Dream Bod'
That’s ok, di*k still good though!
Jimbo Jub
Jimbo Jub:
Let’s see all the shirtless pics of everyone criticizing.
Ludi 26
Ludi 26:
He looks amazing
He could be my 'dad' any day!
king raja
king raja:
These girls all Ready wetting there panties....😂😂😂😂
Valentina Marrocco
Valentina Marrocco:
He is amazing... Whit or without abs... Love him
He looks really good! He has probably been eating celery sticks for so long that he can have some pizza now! Leave him alone!
Tricia Charlton
Tricia Charlton:
He's allowed to have dad bod
Rising Phoenix
Rising Phoenix:
That's barely a freakin' belly!
Nadine Dixon
Nadine Dixon:
He's a hottie 😍, screw the haters...
Mardialet Naña
Mardialet Naña:
He is still awesome and still Aquaman 😊
V for Vegan
V for Vegan:
Wow...are these women objectifying this man?...
Jae Mery
Jae Mery:
Umm that's a dad body? I'd luv to look halfway like that.
Michael Cain
Michael Cain:
You’re right ladies... delicious!
Shivain Shory
Shivain Shory:
Dude you can still see definition on his abs
kmden Rt
kmden Rt:
His body still looks good
Cris Sy
Cris Sy:
Is that a dad bod? Im drooling 🤤🤤
Francy Villegas
Francy Villegas:
He’s the hottest man in the world!!!
I can tell most of the people criticizing him don’t actually workout or have great bodies. His body still looks great! His body is still better than most of the guys you’ll see at a regular gym 🤷🏾‍♂️ Believe it or not, trying to maintain a super low bodyfat percentage for a long time is actually very difficult for the body to do 🤦🏾‍♂️
Najla Jaidi
Najla Jaidi:
Iam still love jason momoa.. big kisssss

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