'It's a great move by Melvin Gordon' to hold out for new contract — Wiley | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Marcellus Wiley and Jason Whitlock give their thoughts on the reports that Los Angeles Chargers running back Melvin Gordon is deciding to hold out for a new deal and if he doesn't get one he'll demand a trade. Hear why Wiley thinks Le'Veon Bell set a precedent others like Gordon will follow. #SFY #NFL #MelvinGordon #Chargers #LeVeonBell SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest content from Speak For Yourself: http://foxs.pt/SubscribeSPEAKFORYOURSELF ►Watch the latest content from Speak For Yourself: https://foxs.pt/LatestOnSFY ▶First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright's YouTube channel: http://foxs.pt/SubscribeFIRSTTHINGSFIRST ►UNDISPUTED’s YouTube channel: http://foxs.pt/SubscribeUNDISPUTED ▶The Herd with Colin Cowherd’s YouTube channel: http://foxs.pt/SubscribeTHEHERD See more from Speak For Yourself: http://foxs.pt/SFYFoxSports Like Speak For Yourself on Facebook: http://foxs.pt/SFYFacebook Follow Speak For Yourself on Twitter: http://foxs.pt/SFYTwitter Follow Speak For Yourself on Instagram: http://foxs.pt/SFYInstagram Follow Jason Whitlock on Twitter: @WhitlockJason Follow Marcellus Wiley on Twitter: @MarcellusWiley About Speak For Yourself: Speak for Yourself is an hour and a half sports debate show starring Jason Whitlock and Marcellus Wiley on FS1. Every day, Jason Whitlock and Marcellus Wiley will debate the day’s hottest topics in sports and offer their unfiltered takes. 'It's a great move by Melvin Gordon' to hold out for new contract — Wiley | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF https://youtu.be/5cGIAqweGzM Speak For Yourself https://www.youtube.com/c/SFY


Speak For Yourself
Speak For Yourself:
What are your thoughts about Melvin Gordon's hold out?
Revy's Bitch
Revy's Bitch:
Wiley clowning Chris Broussard and Jalen Rose lol
Whitlock with the analogy of the year
Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller:
Whitlock ain't in his mama top 5!
Daegan Patterson
Daegan Patterson:
Dude can’t stay healthy, they went 4 -0 without him last season
Paul Muad'dib
Paul Muad'dib:
Whitlock, you ain't Top 5...lmao!
Marcellus done hit his head. IF HE SITS OUT THE YEAR, HE'LL STILL BE UNDER CONTRACT! He has to play 6 games to get the year counted!
Alex Kieu
Alex Kieu:
2015 Rookie year no tds gets injured 🤕
2016 Second year no playoffs
2017 gets injured
2018 has a good year but played hurt during playoff lost to New England due to time of possession
2019 sit out?
Tirrell Daveport
Tirrell Daveport:
What I hate about whitlock's opinions on these issues is it just seems like he wants to say just shut up and take it. If you are unhappy, dont do anything about it.
P Pumpkin
P Pumpkin:
i guess there's always a sucker team that will overpay - like the jets.
Linkz GP
Linkz GP:
Marcellus is blasphemous for mentioning Julio Jones and Emmitt Smith in the same breath as Melvin Gordon
Jeremy Drysdale
Jeremy Drysdale:
Okay, the Chargers don’t pay players and lets them walk all the time.
Ronald Shiffman
Ronald Shiffman:
I rarely agree with Wiley, but he is absolutely right about this. 100%.
Al R
Al R:
What Chargers fanbase? Fans want this dude to thrive somewhere else
Kobe Jamez
Kobe Jamez:
Only Zeke bell hunt and Gurley can say they better and Gurley got arthritis
Josh Adams
Josh Adams:
Dallas Cowboys didn’t keep it internally about Dak taking a pay cut? This dude trippin
Justin Huynh
Justin Huynh:
As a chargers fan I watched lt obliterate other teams for 8 seasons...Melvin Gordon is good but he never made the difference in any important games...he puts up the numbers but his impact is not really there, if he wants top 5 money then I’m sorry but we should probably trade him.
4 Fake
4 Fake:
Lol Chris Broussards reputation is finished.
Gran Marquis
Gran Marquis:
Le'veon Bell actually lost his holdout lol He didn't get the pay he was fighting for and in turn lost 17mill by holding out!!! Yes he was able to get another contract but he still his initial argument
Ken Xiong
Ken Xiong:
Do what the patriots do, trade players off and get new ones
Whitlock making these noisy outbursts got me cracking up lmao
The Rogue Titan
The Rogue Titan:
That analogy was classic!!!! LMMMMMMMMMMMFFFAAAAOOOO!
Beats and Rhymes
Beats and Rhymes:
RIP to my Lavar Arrington fandom.
Savion Miller
Savion Miller:
Packys Liquor store
Packys Liquor store:
Melvin Gordon shouldn’t be the highest paid running back but he also deserves more than 5 million dollars a year. Pay the man Chargers
Andrew Paul
Andrew Paul:
Wiley did t mention that the deal the steelers reportedly offered Bell and he turned down was more than what he got from. The jets.... completely proves he was wrong to sit out and they didn't talk about it.
Marky Ortiz
Marky Ortiz:
"“To be eligible for the draft, players must have been out of high school for at least three years and must have used up their college eligibility before the start of the next college football season." Most players who enter the draft are between 21 and 23. By the time they have finished their rookie contact (minimum, 4 years) they are 25-27. If you are franchise tagged once, you are not 26-28, franchised tagged twice, you are now 27-29 years old. No team is going to give you a 3-4 year , top dollar contract. The NFLPA during next negotiations, should remedy this. You could ban franchise tags for running backs, make their minimum contract 3 years and only one year of franchise tag, keep the four year rookie contract but if they meet certain benchmarks they can become restricted free agents with their current team being able to match best offer. You know their shelf life is shorter. Teams should be able to hold them hostage for their best years.
Oliver Parra
Oliver Parra:
Don't you listen Whitlock, you're definitely top 5 in our hearts baby!
Lets big up Whitlocks analogy.
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson:
Melvin Gordon is not as good as bell
righeous jundergod
righeous jundergod:
Didn't know lavar was a yes man
DC Yang
DC Yang:
Wiley, shots Fired at Chris and Jalen. LOL
The Man
The Man:
There goes my fantasy team💀
Chicago’s Best Chef
Chicago’s Best Chef:
I don’t understand is how an industry can generate 15 BILLION dollars in revenue (ahead of the super bowl) and call themselves the King of US sports have the lowest paid athletes?? More money than the MLB and the NBA. However top players have to fight for contracts #makesnosense
hes had 1 thousand yard season and he wants to be highest paid he crazy
I hate that the NFL teams continue to not pay their running backs because of this stupid idea the older they get the less valuable they are. I mean look at some of the greatest running backs of all time they were good value for money even into their 30s. I mean Andrian Peterson is still a great running back and he's 34.
Cowboy fan
Cowboy fan:
Sit out Melvin Gordon- you are replaceable... just like Wiley
Lowkey asab
Lowkey asab:
Ekeler you need to step it up now
AfgOmar 619
AfgOmar 619:
I cant believe this bull came up when this was our chance to get to the Superbowl. Knowing the Chargers history he might as well pack his bags because you aint getting paid. Too bad!
Lamarcus Rogers
Lamarcus Rogers:
Melvin doesn't play like he use to
Chris Tutt
Chris Tutt:
Gorden is not La'Veon Bell
Best sports show on Tv
The Browns Will Always Suck
The Browns Will Always Suck:
Jason Shitlock
Somebody please try to name 5 better RBs.
top 5 no way, top 10, maybe.. he still deserves a little more cash though.. 27th in the league is kind of low.
E Carter
E Carter:
His source is Phil Rivers
Dewayne Dixon
Dewayne Dixon:
How can he survive on 5.6 million?
Jay Baker
Jay Baker:
Lavar Arrington always been a clown
Musa Fawundu
Musa Fawundu:
Melvin Gordon is not top 5, but he is not a scrub. He should do whatever he can do in the interest of Melvin Gordon to get as much money as he can possibly get before he gets unceremoniously dumped out of the league, as most running backs do.
Chris Deavers
Chris Deavers:
Lmfao top 5
sean dehaney
sean dehaney:
Dude not even a top 5 RB, but oh well
The Rogue Titan
The Rogue Titan:
matthew foster
matthew foster:
Strykr Pinoy
Strykr Pinoy:
Melvin Gordon was about as healthy as Ryan Mattews was with us and we let him walk. The Chargers are actually deep with rushers and MGIII overplayed his hand. Wiley is wrong because MGIII isn't they key to the Chargers win.
Roger S-Man
Roger S-Man:
Whats done is done, Melvin is getting traded. Thats why he changed his number too.
RK Belmont
RK Belmont:
Superstar RB only win you champonships in fantasy football.
I didn't like Gordon saying "I hate training camp" at the ESPY's after missing all of OTAs. That's not the mindset the Chargers want to hear. He's worth more than $5.6M but who knows what he's demanding? Lavar's right - making this public was dumb. TT's smart & has a contingency plan.
Alex Fleming
Alex Fleming:
Rookie contract should be slotted but more performance based to get more money without counting against the cap.
James N
James N:
melvin gordon aint a top 5 running back not even close
Joe Misek
Joe Misek:
In terms of pure talent, over MG I'll take Gurley, Bell, David Johnson, Zeke, Saquon, CMC, and Alvin Kamara. Maybe Wiley forgot... but Bell ended up with less $$ than what he was offered and rejected when negotiating with the Steelers. This can backfire very easily.
How is Melvin Gordon top five?!?

D Johnson
John Smith
John Smith:
Michael Plowman
Michael Plowman:
I call up SF, SEA, or PHI and start talking trade.
Colin Blaine
Colin Blaine:
Any team willing to pay out $17 million for him is stupid and I'm glad to see them take him off our hands. Don't give him that Telesco!
Mathew Campbell
Mathew Campbell:
Is Melvin Gordon better then Leveon Bell, Christian McAffery, Alvin Kamara, Saquon Barkley, Todd Gurley, and David Johnson? I am a Charger fan and am curious where the rest of the NFL fans think he is in the RB landscape.
Darth Raider
Darth Raider:
The only move the Chargers need to make is moving back to San Diego. We don't want them in LA!
The God
The God:
Imagine we trade Gordon for jadeveon Clowney, our defense would be lit asf ⚡⚡
Travis Cook
Travis Cook:
Melvin Gordon can be replaced
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson:
He has a right to hold out, but you can be replaced, and he's been hurt a lot. So they might want to see more durability..
Stan Mozeleski
Stan Mozeleski:
To the team willing to make MG3 the highest paid RB, then by all means, take him. I could argue 3-4 players that should get paid before him on the Chargers.
M Performance
M Performance:
Saquone, Zeke, Gurley, Bell, Mcaffrey, and Kamara are all better than Gordon. You can argue Henry, Chubb and Hunt (on the field) are better as well. Gordon isn’t top 5 rb
Daniel Wilkes
Daniel Wilkes:
Original football was about rushing. Fuulback all but eliminated. Jim brown, Payton, smith, sanders did all the running just so the next generation of rushers get ignored half the time by GM's? Sad
Marvin Bland
Marvin Bland:
Shakori Easter
Shakori Easter:
Why is Whitlock always making analogies about women. Nobody wants you.
Philip Harrison
Philip Harrison:
Please pay Melvin Gordon philip river should be taking a pay cut for Melvin. Im a huge Chargers fan we need Melvin Gordon
Steff Star
Steff Star:
Ledell Carter
Ledell Carter:
That cough 😂😂😂😂
Top5??????????? Get rid of him.
Jordan Wilcox
Jordan Wilcox:
Get your money bro we tryna make the NFL like the NBA
Basiru Jabbi
Basiru Jabbi:
$5.6M is a lot of money my brother take the money fake injuries
this guy right here
this guy right here:
Can't a team sue a player that sits for breach of contract?
Bashar Al-Assad
Bashar Al-Assad:
Hardest runner in the league. Get that bag
Sifelani Justice Magodi
Sifelani Justice Magodi:
Give the man his money
James Dawny
James Dawny:
And he right cause I’m a charger fan and Gordon isn’t the best to be tryna mess up our team lol
Kenneth Cox
Kenneth Cox:
Yeah I don't want to honor my word, the contract that I voluntarily signed, so give me more money or else.
Lmaooooo. Amazing segment. 😁
C Bleezy
C Bleezy:
As a Charger fan. Now that he threatened trade him and didn’t handle it internally did fracture my support in him. We need to pay Joey and Derwin big deals anyway. Let’s go shopping 🛍 . I think the publicity of this years success would have definitely got him a big deal but hay.... 🛍🛍🛍
Horrible move makes me question his awareness I dont think he is aware of how close this team is to a sb that extra money should go to a rotation DE and a power back to help him
Tony Rumfelt
Tony Rumfelt:
Smith isn't a top 5 rb all time. He played behind arguably the top offensive lines all time.
Wilderness Man
Wilderness Man:
Austin Ekler will step into the starting spot and show the league he to is a top running back.
LeSean Walston
LeSean Walston:
I can't lie WhitElock,, you and Wiley def a good tandem! You still a bigass uncle Tom tho 😂😂💯

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