Isaac Kappy's Dead-Man's Switch!!! Why is this being COVERED UP!?!

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John Basiglone
John Basiglone:
"Teenage witnesses" as they are not adults, as alleged witnesses, their names and identity will not be released to the press. With no names, just that they were juvenile witnesses, how can they be tracked down to question these alleged witnesses. He could have been dead and tossed over the bridge.
King Charles
King Charles:
All the news headlines I see say He "forced" himself off a bridge. Wtf does that even mean?
Timothy Fair
Timothy Fair:
Those little girls did not look happy at all. Pray for those children please!
Ace Edmond
Ace Edmond:
I wonder how many other mysterious deaths are occurring surrounding Pedowood that isn't in the news?
Terry's Gaming Zone
Terry's Gaming Zone:
Tweeted this for ya. Thing about Hank needs to be looked at deeper.
Pretty disgusting how his Hollywood 'friends' are acting as normal on Twitter, not a word for poor dead Isaac
Good chance that bathhouse is on Epsteins island.
Seems like he knew they had a hit out on him before dying. He knew too much and spoke out
R Galley
R Galley:
I am so angry right now. When will this all be exposed??? We just lost a good man 😭 RIP Isaac Kappy ❤ You're going down Tom Hanks, if not in this life, SURELY the next. #itwasntsuicide
Hillbilly Redneck
Hillbilly Redneck:
There is no way any place legit would have barely clothed girls cleaning up an alter like that. Also I think the picture Hanx sent was a way for him to tell kappy to stfu or be road kill. Think about it who would take pic of random road kill and say "Hope Not" makes no sense at all
Brandon Hardin
Brandon Hardin:
His video got him killed, made some people nervous looking like his conscience was weighing heavy on him and he was ready to tell everything. I think Kappy has been dealing with this in his heart for awhile now and that's what got him coming forward to begin with. May God forgive you Kappy, it seems you were truly wanting to repent for your sins. That's the mark of a real man and may God find justice for you just the same. R.I.P. Isaac Kappy.
no one listens to Lesley Imknow
no one listens to Lesley Imknow:
Girls that age DO NOT behave in that manner unless they have accepted their lives
Brigit B
Brigit B:
Route 66 roadkill? Why did Tom Hanks even post that 🤔
DAMN... AMEN BROTHER.. Oh and ALL ABOUT CHOKING Jackson's daughter which was an alleged JOKE she admitted to .... The shills make me sooo damn angry.... DON'T LET IT GO PLEASE...
Katy Groves
Katy Groves:
I grew up in Mk Ultra and that video of the little girls looks extremely Mk to me.
Colin Edenfield
Colin Edenfield:
I’m a wholesale Janitorial distributor...that “dead man switch” video reminds me of the men’s pre-prayer wash area in the largest mosque in Denver (which I used to supply directly before going from end-user distribution into wholesale), albeit not nearly as extravagant, and without the little girls in Greek-ish bikinis.

Kappy’s last video sounds highly cryptic, I’m betting there’s something to this. Does anyone have the link to a full-length version? I’m not well versed in image searches, but I’ve “learned the comms” real well. Curious to find what he’s really saying.

If someone provides a link, I’ll follow up with anything I find.

RIP, Isaac. None of us are perfect. We’re all sinners and anyone who asks for forgiveness receives it. It appears as though Kappy did least regarding whatever transgression he was speaking of. I pray for the peace and safety of your eternal soul, Isaac. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen 🙏✝️❤️

Aunt Meme
Aunt Meme:
I find it disgusting that people idolize the Hollywood "elite". These scumbags need to be exposed. His death is sketchy and I hope he is at peace now.
Tiger Cub
Tiger Cub:
I love Q & I respected Kappy very much! Kappy was "suicided!"
None of these Hollywood pervs, wealthy pedos & sexual assaulters, ever sued Kappy for defamation.
Kappy was being set up. RIP dear sweet Kappy!💔😔🙏💝
Michellefergy2222 2222
Michellefergy2222 2222:
Tom hanks has a lot of pictures of gloves almost every second post🤔
Maayraa Star
Maayraa Star:
WOW!! Tom Hanks is suspicious, this is the best video on Issac Kappy.'Historic Route66'.
Needs to go viral. Tom Hanks is putting it right in our face. Now, this is really connecting the dots. Now, I think they killed him.
Non Non
Non Non:
Can anyone from the area confirm this actually even happened?
Anyone see it on local news or anything?
We are dealing with actors people, please try to remember that.
Nancy Olson
Nancy Olson:
Issac Kappy stood up for what he believed in and was a whistle-blower and was MURDERED !!! Tom Hanks should be a suspect !!!!! Some weird mk ultra type stuff involved ??? Did he really write that letter he read and read it of his own free will? Were two people throwing his dead or drugged body over th hiway rather than "helping"? Were they really teenagers ? After a body is run over by car it may hide real cause of death?? COINCIDENCES ....smells like murder to me.
james McGurk
james McGurk:
i firmly believe that Hollywood is about to be fully exposed very soon. Hollywood has been the den of the devil since its conception.
Hillbilly Redneck
Hillbilly Redneck:
Those girls are cleaning that alter by pouring water on it. Post child sacrifice for adrenochrome perhaps?
Thank you Kappy for exposing the evil of Hollywood & the evil people there, the Luciferians & the @ there who harmed & injured children and may still be doing so. Praying you are now happy, and relieved to be away from the evil, hate & darkness you exposed here and now in the light & loving arms of Jesus = Yeshua. @ #Arrest #TomHanks #ArrestTomHanks #Arrest #StevenSpielberg #ArrestStevenSpielberg #Arrest #SethGreen #ArrestSethGreen #Arrest #Oprah #ArrestOprah #Arrest #JeffreyEpstein #ArrestJeffreyEpstein
This is potentially going to be big
no one listens to Lesley Imknow
no one listens to Lesley Imknow:
The hotel in turkey doesn't have checkerboard tiles around ....
Lisa Barri
Lisa Barri:
I saw an article out about Issacs death by NBC. NBC? Really? Issac never had big roles in film or theater. He was never promoted in media public relation. I never heard a peep from NBC on Kappy before. Was NBC secretly following him? I find this jolting.
perpetual eye
perpetual eye:
I think we need to wait out the crucial week until the White Hat Autists and Aspergers get for us the truth sorted out on what happened.
Right now the internet is full of misinformation and (((them))).

No sarcasm, this is how these things always play out.
i wonder if podesta 'rented a pizza for an hour' from there
Cara Hamill
Cara Hamill:
Kappy was murdered. He gave signs he was in duress during that video. I’m not suicidal. Two blinks if you’re in duress and he did. Slit throat symbol in response to another question about his safety. We know the truth. They can’t hide it from all of these awake folks. You may get away with it short term, get people off track w politics, shills, false info, that’s fine but in the long run PEOPLE ARE AWAKE. We remember.
N. Porter
N. Porter:
It's a Turkish bath. The images are (I believe) from a hotel in Turkey. The raised platform in the middle is heated marble - people lie on it to de-stress. The layout, including drains, is very typical for a bathhouse - there are thousands across Turkey that look more or less the same.
By the way, I am a total truther and the video may show these children preparing for a ritual or a sacrifice but I want to shed some light on what exactly we are seeing in the video.
Google 'hammam'.
Captain WrongThink
Captain WrongThink:
RIP Kappy.
kimberly montalvo
kimberly montalvo:
A$$ holes, I miss Chris Cornell..... I hope they pay for they're evil.
Vicci Williams
Vicci Williams:
How does anyone "Force" themselves off a bridge?🤔
Rhys F.
Rhys F.:
Make you sure to download the video, if this clip is getting scrubbed this upload will as well.
Ms Bliss
Ms Bliss:
I was an Isaac Kappy fan. Thank you for a good video. He always really sweet on Instagram and replied to people. Never appeared drugged to me. Lonely, scared & exhausted more like it. I kinda hope he didn't suicide and is with God now. He deserves to rest.
K C:
Hell yes it was his dead man switch! It looks like it could be The Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades to me! And where is the truck that hit him and the damage?? We need to keep digging!
Ted Sawicki
Ted Sawicki:
I say story is still developing...
Lidy Seinen
Lidy Seinen:
Remember his group hug ?
R.I.P. Isaac Kappy !
Question Everything
Question Everything:
you beat me to it... I'm still writing a script... scouring for clues... stay tuned brother
Appalled ByFurries
Appalled ByFurries:
Here b4 the glow-in-the-darks remove it.
Replied to:
Replied to::
Oh yeah no matter there will be people who know exactly where that film came from. And thats a big message! The goyim know!
Phoenix Enigma's recent video is also good info. It's all very bizarre! Thanks for this channel. 💖
Donald Russell
Donald Russell:
Does anyone know the name of the person driving the Ford pickup truck that hit Kappy?
Tiffany Tyanne
Tiffany Tyanne:
It's a bit odd that in very close proximity to this overpass is a Vanguard Mack truck center. Especially since Issac recently spoke about Allison Mack and Keith Rainere is widely known to be called Vanguard. Maybe it's their hidden in plain sight symbolism or maybe it's God telling us who is involved
The symbology? The word I think you’re looking for is symbolism, sssymbolism- Wilem Dafoe
Chris Russell
Chris Russell:
Epstein island!
Jayne Stevens
Jayne Stevens:
Could it be Las Vegas? Clutching at straws.
Duality Of Man
Duality Of Man:
Getty museum( Dumb) lower level
The government,is very powerful,,, Hollywood is very powerful,,,most of the people are actors themselves,,,wanna criticize or try to discredit a person about the Truth!!!!,,, you see the video about them little girls,,,there somebody kids,,,why is not in prime time NEWS?????why there's not a big discussion about this????cause government and Hollywood control what we can watch if it's something we would learn from this illuminati!!!!!,,but hopefully there will be some light shed on this story,,but I really doubt it!!!!R.I.P ISAAC!!!!
Bon G
Bon G:
Good video but the intro goes on for way too long
No one mentions the stars on the ceiling above the "altar" ? Thousand points of light? Chateaux Des Amerois connection? 🐙
Heard two people (maybe kids?) saw him and tried to stop him. I'd like to see if they have any connection w/CPP, Portland, Getty, etc.
Gil Pou
Gil Pou:
The bath house in kappys footage looks very similar to the bath house fight scene in Liam Neesons Taken 2 movie🔍🔍🔍🤔
Veronica Lake
Veronica Lake:
Thank you for The Real True Information.! 👍🏼🇺🇸
John Smith_Treeler
John Smith_Treeler:
the floor had 6 black pyramids around hexagon 6 spaces white so floor was 666
It's about SRA
k stp
k stp:
I really like yr message about the truth. ❤️
Christine Taylor
Christine Taylor:
Hopefully enough people can find out the truth. I note Open Secret couldn't wait to jump all over it and continue to discredit him. Good luck. I see Titus and others are trying to figure it out. Be safe ☺
Jas J
Jas J:
The Ganymede tie in is very interesting if you're familiar with Saturn/electric universe theory. Ganymede the moon has some very interesting and unique similarities to the Earth. Namely it's magnetosphere.
Scootchie and Boo
Scootchie and Boo:
The video scared me. It felt creepy
Jeremy Feit
Jeremy Feit:
Reveals Hollywood's Pedo connection, declares he's not suicidal, dies of "suicide". I'm glad we have mainstream media which always goes deep beneath the surface to get to the truth of things.
Michael S
Michael S:
Amen well said! It's sad to see how the Truth Community has suddenly turned on Isaac. Exactly what the Cabal wants is happening (How did Rome fall again?) I am Grateful for all Isaac did, he was a Day 1 Truther, and unlike Cory Feldman, didnt try to fill his bank account by coming out. "For he who has no sin cast the first stone". Stick close to Our Master, He told us all this would happen 2 thousand years ago. #wwg1wga #godiswithus #jesusisking
Replied to:
Replied to::
Joachim and Boaz. The two masonic pillars. Death and rise of the Phoenix. Whatever happened it was and is chaos. No matter what it works for the NWO. And why not overdose if ur an addict? He doesn't seem like a bridge jumper. Seems like he would have gone somewhere private to where he wouldnt be found. Heck idk. Either way it does nobody any good. Very suspicious whether he choose to do it himself or was chosen by chisenbot math. Peace
PooDot StinkPants
PooDot StinkPants:
*Still waiting for someone to upload what Isaac was actually referring to when he said he did something bad.*
Mike Sain
Mike Sain:
You're on wrong side of history when it comes to Q...
High Speed
High Speed:
How long until this post will be taken?
Lily of Vallie
Lily of Vallie:
For the majority of its routing through Arizona, I-40 follows the historic alignment of U.S. Route 66. The lone exception is a stretch between Kingman and Ash Fork where US 66 took a more northerly, less direct route that is now State Route 66.
All roads lead to David Brock, and maybe Defango's crew.Look at his video, he blames people minutes after the news hits. Highly suspicious.
Notice those little girls don't look American or white, definitely have an olive skin tone. Sooooo weird. Damn
Hotel Titanic Mardan Palace Turkey
Derrick Arrowsmith
Derrick Arrowsmith:
Isaac was an insider. He blew the whistle on major Hollywood stars. He had no protection, it was only a matter of time. I believe Isaac saw what was going on and made a decision that he couldn't sit by and do nothing and it cost him his life. Tom Hanks is going to burn in hell!
Leona Leona
Leona Leona:
Truth is IK made wall art of the location of his reported death.
1st lady of the american theatre
1st lady of the american theatre:
Timing of release? Before he was pushed?
Jessica Lubien
Jessica Lubien:
Most likely Epstien's place.idk
Debi Levine
Debi Levine:
Not a random bathhouse. He is telling the world something big. I don’t know what it is but its there. Dig.
Conscious Truth
Conscious Truth:
how do we know this is from Isaac Kappy's footage?
Again none of you are getting it. We are living at the very end of our existence. The ped-o group of evil will be divinely judged soon.
Lucinda Randolph
Lucinda Randolph:
"I have NEVER been a fan of Q himself..." Ok, no need to watch this video. The creator clearly CLUELESS, bless him. 🤣🤣🤣

Michael Eivaz
Michael Eivaz:
Kappy sung about the "Temple of Doom" on Epstein's Island and how they were stupid and let in "devices." Could this DMS vid have been taken inside of the "temple" on Epstein's Island?? Wasn't there a report lately that there was an explosion and fire on the island?? Hmmmm......
Who controls people's IMDB pages? Because Isaac Kappy's has his nickname listed as "Judas Iscariot."

Did he run on there and post that about himself right before the bridge incident or is that a subliminal shot at him?
joanna freedom
joanna freedom:
Well we know the media will never tell us the truth. I think we're all smart enough to figure it out. Seems pretty obvious to me what happened. #WWG1WGA ❤ WORLDWIDE
Slorb D
Slorb D:
That intro is way too long lol
Don’t be Dumb
Don’t be Dumb:
New subscriber over here , great video !
spook show
spook show:
That’s not all. He posted a cap with a pea on it, and red handkerchief. Kappy get it?
One whole minute of bs opener credits, a commercial is 30 seconds bro, viewers should only be subject to half that if we what you all the time, it's too long you'll lose viewers or pick up none at all
Gerywyn Jones
Gerywyn Jones:
He was suffering from assassin withdrawal (Spiritual energy is a drug for lost souls) I believe it is linked to 5G tech and Mind control. May the poor bastard find peace, death may be preferable to torture.
matthew rittenhouse
matthew rittenhouse:
You'd think that the FBI would like to know the whereabouts of a bath house that employs preteen girls.
1st lady of the american theatre
1st lady of the american theatre:
Hotel “Titanic”??? And who purposely sunk the titanic? Bankster’s with lots of skeletons in their closet’s.
music man
music man:
Where are all the good people at the top stopping this evil happening???? There's got to be some good elite people with power to do something!!! I'm sick to the stomach with all this sickness from hellywood!!!
Lia Sunshine
Lia Sunshine:
On That Tom Hanks IG Glove post...there is a comment On there where a women that seems to be in the occult said "Mr. Hanks you served Pizza Tonight. Thank you".
Scot Melick
Scot Melick:
Robert Phelan
Robert Phelan:
Got to be the worst intro of ALLTIME JUST TERRIBLE
Jay Dee
Jay Dee:
Some anons tracked the building to a hotel in Turkey.
Truth Be Told
Truth Be Told:
Hmmm, I don’t think the powers that be realize and underestimate the abilities and the power of the truth movement to uncover the truth.
Truthers should set aside their differences and come together in discovery. There is a strength and in numbers. And unfortunately that applies to both the good and the evil.
Kat cankan
Kat cankan:
👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼To investigate is not wrong.
Love Magnet
Love Magnet:
It is a Hotel in Turkey and the owner caters to the Hollywood Elites, owner Telman Ismalov.

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