Is the OnePlus 7 Pro Worth It?

It might be more expensive but the OnePlus 7 Pro is an excellent Android flagship. The story behind the Loudness War: The cheap(er) Pixel 3a is here: Check out our new channel! Subscribe! Instagram: Twitter:

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Austin Evans
Austin Evans:
RIP your sub feed 💀
D. Ritzer
D. Ritzer:
14 OnePlus 7 Pro videos at once... *guess I won´t be productive today*
Nebula Blue? Is there a Thanos Purple? A Drax Gray perphaps? What about Gamora Green?
Dapper Dop
Dapper Dop:
When the embargo lifts and all the YouTubers drop videos at the same time
front camera needs to pop up when it’s being used
FBI: ...
Literally every other Youtuber: Fastest in display fingerprint reader ever
Austin: Not a very impressive fingerprint reader, wouldn't recommend
Arsalan Amin
Arsalan Amin:
The fingerprint worked for unbox therapy really quickly and better
Manan J
Manan J:
Companies: we don't have space for a jack
Also companies: *puts a sliding camera requires more space than a headphone jack*
Mike-dub- 27
Mike-dub- 27:
Started with uraverageconsumer went to MKBHD and now I'm here. Next, unbox therapy
Tashriq B23
Tashriq B23:
embargo lifts
Notifications: OnePlus 7 Pro OnePlus 7 Pro OnePlus 7 Pro
Hey guys this is exhausting
Simply Bless
Simply Bless:
Why did everyone just upload a video on this at the same damn time 🤨
S. Smith
S. Smith:
6:00 Taking picture of the phone taking picture of a phone, that's also taking picture of the phone.

The real question is, was this filmed with a phone?
Parminder Singh
Parminder Singh:
I know nobody neccesarily wants or asked for $1000 flagship devices, but just imagine how much oneplus can do with a phone if they would price it at 1k.
El Muchacho Serio
El Muchacho Serio:
*I’m really excited for this phone, I’m definitely buying the OnePlus 7 Pro, the specifications in this smartphone phone are overkill.*
*I’m finally ditching my boring iPhone X, I’m going back to Android.*
Daniel Barreto
Daniel Barreto:
review my mom's parenting skills
I downloaded a fake notch app on my OnePlus 7 Pro.

Now HATE ME!!!
Luke Gegus
Luke Gegus:
“I’m not gonna destroy it”

Jerryrigeverything: hold my picks
*Next Video*
_"Is the One Plus Plus Ultra Mega Pro 7 worth it?"_
Don de Kramer
Don de Kramer:
People forget that some phone manufactures are not including normal headphones (headphone jack or type-c) with the phone.
Personally I have headphones but I also sometimes just want normal earpieces with me when I don't want to use my bag
Devils Lie
Devils Lie:
Review of Oneplus 7 pro Austin psted 2 minutes ago,MKBHD posted 3minutes ago and lew posted 5 minutes ago
I am like :which one am I gonna watch??
Olivier Supryn
Olivier Supryn:
I'm watching this on the one plus 7 pro
When I got my 6T I was like damn this phone is thick. But the 7 Pro looks Cardi B Thicc.
Rishab Prasoon
Rishab Prasoon:
I have a lot of OnePlus 7 pro video to watch ... Rip homework
Noel Dennan
Noel Dennan:
Watching on my S10e with wired headphones.

All be it only because my Bluetooth earphones just died.
Chaitanya Pahl
Chaitanya Pahl:
Even 210dollar phone have amoled display

What apple have done to X(Rubbish)
Paul G
Paul G:
BTW, it can't shoot video with ultrawide camera. Just a minor detail, no biggy.
Fazla Rabby
Fazla Rabby:
Bro Your all About -Hey Guyz These Is Austin
anubhav baghel
anubhav baghel:
i got xiaomi poco f2 flagship killer 2.0 ad before video.....
Yashwant yashvant
Yashwant yashvant:
pretty impressive liquid cooling is killer one.
Harshal shetty
Harshal shetty:
“Congratulations oneplus, heard about your flagship”

- xiaomi ad
Manan Jakhmola
Manan Jakhmola:
Xiaomi's flagship killer ad is literally before ever OnePlus 7pro video. What a burn😂😂😂
Jazz Augustin
Jazz Augustin:
*This video content maker* let's do standard 18:9!
*Me* I have a 18:9 Phone!
*Everyone* Thanks. You are a legend.
Johann Guiseppe Verdi Sr
Johann Guiseppe Verdi Sr:
it's almost perfect

because it doesn't have good stereo speaker
Why oneplus?
A B:
When you get a congratulations OnePlus, flagshipkiller 2.0 xiaomi ad on a oneplus 7 video
John Dc
John Dc:
not 150K ;) 300K operations with the pop up camera :)
I am a clam
I am a clam:
Posted the same time as linus tech?
Coincidence? I think not
You upload same time as ShiroSuki
And Linus
Jayed Yeameen
Jayed Yeameen:
Started from the Boss, then Lew, after that Zach and now Austin. after this Linus😂😂😂😂😂
Picked up a Slickwraps Skin
Joking Gamer YT
Joking Gamer YT:
I saw a Almond color but I think it was either 8GB RAM 256GB or 12GB RAM 256GB
The Generic White Guy
The Generic White Guy:
love ya

keep it up
my inspiration
yan c
yan c:
Amazing device for a company that just been out for a couple of years! Great job one plus
Meanwhile at Linus Tech Tips: Fastest phone I've ever used!
Thank you! The most honest review so far, mentioning the lack of the headphone jack and the under-display scanner STILL not being better than the capacitive one.
Raul Slandgkearth Gonzalez Guzman
Raul Slandgkearth Gonzalez Guzman:
3x zoom is nothing new, but Austin don't review Huawei devices 😂 and also pixel 3 nightsight isn't best in class.
Steve White
Steve White:
Watching this on my One plus 7 pro lol 😂
neil menezes
neil menezes:
Only 90$ more ... 🤭
One plus users had problems with 50$ upgrade and you say only 90$ with esse ..
Dhyey Gami
Dhyey Gami:
Watching you is worth
Abhiram Rv
Abhiram Rv:
Can't wait for the GIVEAWAY!!😁
Jazz Augustin
Jazz Augustin:
6:30 omg you have a Supra 2020 already holy f jealous
PeytonPlays 101
PeytonPlays 101:
267 view and 31fst comment
FȺɍɨƶ .A
FȺɍɨƶ .A:
Well, oneplus 7 non pro version still have the 'unless' secondary camera..
Is OnePlusOne worth it?
Nova OM™
Nova OM™:
I genuinely despise your intro despite really liking you, your vids are always great apart from the first 3 seconds
World . O . EZ
World . O . EZ:
All the oneplus 7 videos are posted today
Who Got Xiaomi flagship killer 2.0 Ad
Priyansh Gupta
Priyansh Gupta:
I guess it should be "HEY GUYS THIS IS EXHAUSTING" just kidding, love u Austin !! : )
Igor Okina
Igor Okina:
I lost interest on the phone in 2:42. I plan to abandon iOS for Android for the same reason.
Pranshul Goyal
Pranshul Goyal:
dude the fingerprint sensor is adaptive. It improves over time(use).
Can you please do a gaking test on every "new" Phone you got please 😫🙏🙏💓
Garrett Giuffre
Garrett Giuffre:
Maybe worth it to have 12GB ram if OnePlus offered a Dex like feature
Definitely impressive overall in many corners, really specs are really great. The display looks amazing so glad how they hid the front camera.
Lapiz _303
Lapiz _303:
I guess this is my

Next phone
Damn Logic reviewing phones out here
29 OnePlus Videos at the same time. Sorry Netflix I am forgetting you today.
Luís Pacheco
Luís Pacheco:
Everybody says that the fingerscreen sensor is faster than the one on galaxy s10. Its not faster than the one on the 6t but for me its not a deal breaker
Smart Guy
Smart Guy:
Only one thing make it theee best phone in the world. Just bezel less display. This is amazing phone ever!!!
Pedro Delgado
Pedro Delgado:
No one talked about the car on the same photos. 😂
Just made a vid on the Oneplus 7 Pro
Evilo Lio
Evilo Lio:
Are we just not gonna acknowledge the Supra?
Kodiak and Grizzly Bears
Kodiak and Grizzly Bears:
No, it ain't!
milan philip
milan philip:
At least Austin went to test the new GR supra
Josh Keyton
Josh Keyton:
Does the TMobile OnePlus 7 Pro come with a pre applied screen protector
Mobi pro
Mobi pro:
Camera not good as pixel lmao, pixel image look look so contrasty and dark. The image quality not judged by details and sharpness there are many more .
Abhay Kamath
Abhay Kamath:
0:54 Austin: which is a pretty good.....bla bla
oppo/ vivo: am I a joke to you
Bvtt Head
Bvtt Head:
I didnt receive notifications from you :(
Varad Hitkari
Varad Hitkari:
6:34 Damn Austin, when did you get a Supra? Nice choice.
The Great CooLite
The Great CooLite:
Do we even have to ask this question?
Yasmin Maow
Yasmin Maow:
Is The LG V50 ThinQ Worth It?
You and Linus should have a mustache battle.
Saif Iqbal
Saif Iqbal:
Are Austin’s new glasses worth it?
Ganesh Subramanya
Ganesh Subramanya:
When is ultimate 1+ 7 pro coming
Stark Yang
Stark Yang:
Like every single tech YouTubers are uploading this review today. Mkbhd, Dave, Linus.
Mohamed Osama
Mohamed Osama:
it's half way through 2019 and we're still talking about headphone jacks
Coi AQ3D
Coi AQ3D:
Oneplus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10e
Music Story
Music Story:
Literally the ad I got MI Flagship Killer 2.0 like if you got the same
Danny Danny
Danny Danny:
Austin got new GLASSES! :-D
Henriko Magnifico
Henriko Magnifico:
*The Ultimate Phone.*

No need to upgrade for many years!
Tower of Saviors
Tower of Saviors:
300,000 please, get your information correctly, people send you their phone for proper review
Achmad Syarief Hidayatullah Amiruddin
Achmad Syarief Hidayatullah Amiruddin:
Oneplus 7 Pro maxed out > iphone Xr base model
PD Köester
PD Köester:
not "a textured finish", it is a glass back with a plastic coating on the inside (no more headphone jack for you, ever)
Yohenny Sabrina Castro
Yohenny Sabrina Castro:
The price is good enough for what you're getting
Richard Diogenes
Richard Diogenes:
Well if you wanna have the fastest and best looking screen for lowest price then this is your choice. But if you want to pay more for a poorer quality you buy Iphone. That's it!
Them Supras distracted me if I should buy the phone or the car
suyesh dahal
suyesh dahal:
Omg 😮 you just look like rapper named “logic”
Smoking Crop
Smoking Crop:
3:02 There is something really wrong with your fingertips.. I wouldnt even be able to do that If I wanted it to be that bad, lmao.
Dark Lord 11
Dark Lord 11:
I'm confused... is he talking about frame rates or refresh rates? 1:36
ahh early squad subbed since your old house burned down
Yeah, no, phones don't have SSDs (5:19)