Is The OnePlus 7 Pro Worth $700?

OnePlus is a brand that has been under the radar since starting in 2013. It's recently broken into the U.S. market and it's newest phone, the OnePlus 7 Pro, could draw an even bigger crowd. » Subscribe to CNBC: » Subscribe to CNBC TV: » Subscribe to CNBC Classic: About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: Follow CNBC News on Facebook: Follow CNBC News on Twitter: Follow CNBC News on Instagram: #CNBC #OnePlus #OnePlus7 Is The OnePlus 7 Pro Phone Worth $700?

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Azwan Azman
Azwan Azman:
I don't trust anyone that review Android smartphones with an Apple Watch on their wrist.
did you seriously not even mention the 90 hz display refresh rate? *derp*
CNBC - "OnePlus says that the camera is really sturdy, but I'm a little sceptical. I worry about the camera accidentally snapping off"
OnePlus - *Releases video of the camera being able to lift a 21KG block without any issues*
Neil :}
Neil :}:
What a pathetic review. It sounds fake af. More like an ad imo. 100% he uses an iPhone irl.
>iPhone X 1100€
>Samsung Galaxy S10/+ 1050€

*"Is this flagship smartphone with every other feature new flagship has worth 700$?"*
Y'all for real?
Q & A
Q & A:
Is an iPhone XS Max worth $1449?
Jack Wu
Jack Wu:
According to DXO test, OnePlus 7 pro ranked No.3, so it's picture taking ability is pretty good, and I am jealous.
Frank L
Frank L:
10 hours in 10 minute is not true. The phone is charging up to 50% in 25 min. and 100% probably can do 6-7 hours max. (10 hours in 10 minute is for the new wireless earbud)
Jason Tang
Jason Tang:
To answer the question, it's worth waaaay more than 700 dollars, but you're lucky that's only how much it costs.
Alec Imamoto
Alec Imamoto:
This guy's sucks. Doesn't know about reviewing much #mkbhd
Wasib Tk
Wasib Tk:
This guy is an iphone user lol
Aaqib Hassan
Aaqib Hassan:
Doesn't even mention the 90 hz. Stick to broadcasting news.
Nebula blue... Looking forward to the other colours: Gamora Green & Thanos Purple
G Shen
G Shen:
Don't worry, any phones will be 25% expensive soon
Let me save you 4 minutes of your life. YES.
Jack Mak
Jack Mak:
I have been using my Oneplus 5T for one and a half years, it's still as smooth as 1.5 yrs ago. So, please give me a reason to change it to 7 Pro🤣🤣🤣
zhang zhou
zhang zhou:
oneplus is a chinese brand。so $699 contains 25% tariff
Scare League
Scare League:
I also heard the moment you turn it on you gain ultra instinct?
David Cole
David Cole:
How does he know that the OnePlus is not a water resistant as Samsung? You have to pay for that Certification. Still doesn't mean OnePlus can't handle being drop in water.
Opuiyo Golden
Opuiyo Golden:
Who knows the name of the game @2:43 ? Thankyou
Juan Renteris
Juan Renteris:
im good with my 20$ android phone from walmart with hd screen and 2gb of ram lmaooo , struggle is real out here
Elite Punch
Elite Punch:
Pixel got great a camera @400 but nothing else significant really

One plus 7 pro got an amazing display, fast charge, great processor, premium design, stereo speakers but comes with a price tag of 700

Tbh none of them is perfect, I feel it's just about how much one is willing to spend on these two devices 🤔
You can tell this guy has no idea what he is talking about. He didn’t even mention 90hz smh
is any apple product worth more than $500?
3:35 wait, what?! That's good to know! No wonder it's so expensive in the EU and India!
10 hours batt in 10 minutes? Are you reviewing the o e plus 20?
Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma:
Although it's a great phone but why every reviewer is getting nebula blue 12gb pro version? anyway just wondering!
Balde Aguirre
Balde Aguirre:
not a good review, it's so biased.
No 3.5mm audio out jack means this phone is a complete, utter FAIL.

OP6 was the last decent phone they made. Vote with your wallets people and boycott OP along with any other phone manufacturers that pull this crap.
Joewen Bragasin
Joewen Bragasin:

Abhay Achal
Abhay Achal:
Is The iphonex Worth $1200?
Lecks Lecks
Lecks Lecks:
Mick Harrison
Mick Harrison:
If course you'll say it isn't. It's Chinese
Guys leave that to pros Review Channel not made by a main stream media.
Jonathan W
Jonathan W:
At this point, *any* phone is worth $700
The bullets wireless 2 charge 10 hours of use in 10 minutes.. The 7 pro charges 50% in 20 minutes. Shoulda been sure before you said it. 3:12
Bishal Sen HDRI
Bishal Sen HDRI:
You don't know how to take photos!
Lazy Review!!
Scare League
Scare League:
but can its processor run faster than the new live action sonic?
julius jones
julius jones:
it's really worth $1500 but they will sell it for $700
steven teoh
steven teoh:
Is it worth to have CNBC talking about phones? What ?
Like Austin Evan, reading from a Ad🤔 also 3:47 shows he knows nothing about Android phones and uses Apple lol
Shivraj Roy
Shivraj Roy:
That’s it now I’m switching from my iphone 8 to OnePlus 7 pro
Matthew Pecha
Matthew Pecha:
1:03 Just anxiously waiting for him to accidentally drop the phone
I'm sick and tired of phones getting bigger and bigger
Ryan Christensen
Ryan Christensen:
The 10 hours of battery life after 10 minutes is for the ear buds. You should review your facts before making a video....
Abhay Achal
Abhay Achal:
wow, i see an apple watch, i know already what you will speak out
Left anti pc
Left anti pc:
Tax it!!! They steal our technology!!!
Nasho Ba
Nasho Ba:
If S10E & XR are worth it, then this definitely is.
Ajlani Mahdi
Ajlani Mahdi:
CNBC trying its shot in reviewing technology Youtubers Style... nice try Pal , maybe another time
waiting for oneplus 8pro
Alexander Stefanov
Alexander Stefanov:
It's a better phone than the s10+ and iPhone xs, the fact it's vastly cheaper is a bonus
Gerardo Iglesias
Gerardo Iglesias:
The 10 hours of use with a 10 minute charge is for the Bullets Wireless 2.
Shift Gears
Shift Gears:
$1000 for phone is just insane and that Samsung fold is like almost $2000 and my mortgage is like $3000. I still use my s7 edge
Me Xavier
Me Xavier:
I'm pretty sure that 10 hours of play for 10 minutes of charging is only for the Wireless (Bullet) Headphones.

Let's get it right CNBC.
Drew T
Drew T:
It would seem you guys switched up your style in video
Carlos Marin
Carlos Marin:
A lot of this technology goes down significantly in price within a year or two. I'm looking at a decent tablet that's a 2017 model brand new for 200. It might seem obsolete but for me its a bargain as I'm saving 500 or more dollars on a touchpad device.
Riteshya meenakanam
Riteshya meenakanam:
CNBC hates Tesla, rest you all decide
Coin Stacks
Coin Stacks:
Not convinced #Samsung4Life
This review made me fall asleep !
1:20 how many silly consumers are going to accidentally drop too far? LOL ... actually... hmm, I better buy the protection plan when I get this thing tomorrow
10 hours in 10 minute is Bullets2, not oneplus 7Pro
Dirk Curritzki
Dirk Curritzki:
focus oO
focus oO:
Idk why no one fires him!
It's no longer a flagship killer.....
1+ has become part of the Flagship community.
Julian de Villiers
Julian de Villiers:
Is the sound muffled for anyone else?
Tjay123 Shm
Tjay123 Shm:
It's more expensive in Canada
muanpuia fanai
muanpuia fanai:
Flagship killer becomes flagship
Rowan M
Rowan M:
is this Andy from CONAN?
Yunhan Wang
Yunhan Wang:
one plus 7 = 8😗
Peter Pober
Peter Pober:
Pixel 3a is a BETTER phone, nearly half the price.
300 iSheeps disliked the video
Can you show comparison pictures and also give us the IP rating next time? I'm
So no Verizon?
Aurobindo Ghosh
Aurobindo Ghosh:
why do phones have two sim slots if the main fiest slot is where you get better data and voice service?
Christopher Agee
Christopher Agee:
Why does CNBC even put out this content? There's nothing remotely in-depth about this and key features weren't even covered. Typical US media.
Fred W
Fred W:
Oneplus will be banned
Michael B
Michael B:
Not impressed. Just proves consumers are fools. Why pay 700+ for a phone when others do same thing
Robert Shiu
Robert Shiu:
he is too big for that tiny phone.
Is it a 5G phone?
Emanuel Carlsson
Emanuel Carlsson:
Your mean 669$
Ziro to Hiro
Ziro to Hiro:
If its cheaper than iphone then its worth it
Victor Torres
Victor Torres:
What game was he playing? Looks fun.
Sb Win
Sb Win:
Rofl srsly
Damn this review sucks
So Ho
So Ho:
I still carry my flip phone .
2:24 hmmm
Siddhartha Roy
Siddhartha Roy:
What's liquid amoled 😢
Drico Irving
Drico Irving:
why'd they even bother with this review
Viral Star
Viral Star:
Prices going up
Tevin abeysekera
Tevin abeysekera:
I have the Oneplus 6t and already want the new one.
Matthias Kuhn
Matthias Kuhn:
Why they recommend the pixel 3a as a cheap phone. It's so ugly. There are a lot of better looking and faster cheaper phones.
Theodore Shuai
Theodore Shuai:
Johnny B Man
Johnny B Man:
You should not drop any phone in a chlorine swimming pool, or salt water.
All I heard in this review were all the disadvantages of owning a OnePlus 7 Pro compared to the typical flagship offerings from Samsung and Apple. He didn't even mention the 90Hz display or the advantages to gaming on this device, smh.
Barron Cedric Tan
Barron Cedric Tan:
What game is he playing? Looks interesting.
Rohan K_0_0_
Rohan K_0_0_:
They got greedy
7/ 24
7/ 24:
This is what Apple can't do or even try to do.
andres orozco
andres orozco:
Bad review....there are better reviews out there. Much better.
Nawaraj Barakoti
Nawaraj Barakoti:
Yes easily
Sups S
Sups S:
90 Hz display. Nvm