Irina Shayk Is All Smiles After Bradley Cooper Split

The 33-year-old model appeared to be in good spirits following reports she and Cooper have called it quits. More from Entertainment Tonight: Exclusives from #ETonline :

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Susie Cruise
Susie Cruise:
Irina deserves an Oscar for acting like she didn’t mind the intimate performance at the oscars
mimi mure
mimi mure:
Her smile says to me I am finally happy and moving on with my life. Good for her. She never looked happy with him. I hope she finds true love.
Margaret Watson
Margaret Watson:
He will not be with Lady Gaga lol...
My opinion, but Bradley is a man-baby. Headed toward 50 and still wants to play and can't commit. After several years and a child and still can't make work then yes it's time to move on....
I was born a poor black child
I was born a poor black child:
That gold dress is absolutely EVERYTHING
Salome Kabinga
Salome Kabinga:
You Go girl ❤❤❤ That guy didn't deserve her.
maybelline F. Charest
maybelline F. Charest:
Irina so beautifull and natural....she wont be single for long, but her first priority his their pretty baby girl
tenzin pesang dompatsang
tenzin pesang dompatsang:
A divorce is born” in the shalalala
Jazz Savvy
Jazz Savvy:
Hope a more peaceful, fruitful life for her & her daughter in the future!!!
Joelle G
Joelle G:
I guess in Hollywood ,four years is a ''long time partner.'' Smh!
G Gleeson
G Gleeson:
She is beautiful, talented and she put up with all that better than any of us ever would, so why would she be upset? He is the eternal child who will never marry but always live together type of man. She deserves better.
Cecilie Noble
Cecilie Noble:
She may be smiling on the outside; but I know that she is crying on the inside! 😢 After Bradley & Gaga's performance, at the Oscars; we all knew that it was over for them!
It's sad because they have a child! I do hope that they will stay friends for their child's sake! 😒😔😒
Alvaro Hurtado
Alvaro Hurtado:
Bradley Cooper seems like that kind of guy that can't commit. He is in love with himself and his career. He will be so dating another super young model
Henrique Lino
Henrique Lino:
Why should we put the blame on Lady Gaga? No one dances "the tango" alone... Perhaps they had their differences and weren't meant for each other. She is younger and he wants to reach certain goals in his career. They should have tried to know each other better before having a child. The life of a model may be very superficial, more centered on physical appearance and perhaps he values other assets as well. Lady Gaga can't be responsible for that! He was the one that had the duty of loyalty towards the mother of his daughter. Russians aren't cold as someone mentioned, in fact for Russian women, family is very important and are usually dedicated mothers and wives. When we get married to a person with a different nationality, we must be conscious and respectful of the differences.
Irina finally left because she had had enough of Bradley always talking in his Rocket Raccoon voice and hurling Guardians of the Galaxy insults at her. But, mostly, it was his insistence that she answer every question by saying, "I am Groot" that pushed her over the edge.
Sasha Meow
Sasha Meow:
who knows what happens behind closed doors ay!!!!
Irina can do way better,,, gaga can have him
Bizou Tyra
Bizou Tyra:
Lady gaga is to ugly and nasthy how Can he date somebody like that shame on him anyway they have a baby together she respect her self. That why i like this russiane girl confident she is love you Irina ❤️💋
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith:
You can do better Irina
Giok Macaulay
Giok Macaulay:
I like Irina....she is a sweet lady xxx
Shaila Khan
Shaila Khan:
I don’t think Bradley can be with Gaga after Irina.. Irina is so gorgeous and Gaga is ugly, comparing to Irina ...
Naro Imsong
Naro Imsong:
she is relieved and happy... 😊😊😄😃
Esperanza Galindo
Esperanza Galindo:
I’m sure lady Gaga didn’t make the situation better
fgtboss boss
fgtboss boss:
Shayk is queen so deserves a king .
Sullivan Tan
Sullivan Tan:
irina doesn't seem to be shayken with the split
Pestañas & Pecas
Pestañas & Pecas:
She looks amazing!! The gold dress is stunning.
C R:
She gorgeous, and now loaded for the rest of her life. I’m sure she loved him, but after all the rumors she had to sit through, it’s time to smile all the way to the bank and a peaceful environment.
Bradley is a momma’s boy. He does not know when to grow up.
Melania Ortu
Melania Ortu:
She deserves WAY better!
Grace DBR
Grace DBR:
Bradley is a jurk
This is all The Star is Born movie's fault I must say ... 😎😁
Valerie Vazquez
Valerie Vazquez:
Aww sad to hear this, hope all goes well for both ❤💔
Diane Mccarthy
Diane Mccarthy:
I don't know the real story, but seems like him and gaga were getting too close. BS. I wouldn't put up with it either.
maureen freeman
maureen freeman:
Watching the Oscars, it was totally obvious that the best performances came from Bradley.,Lady Gaga and Irina. The relationship drama was there for all to see, wasn’t it? It would only be a matter of time before it all came to a head! It is, what it is!😎
Zendaya's wife
Zendaya's wife:
the contract came to an end well good for them
Gloria Pieper Gagliardi
Gloria Pieper Gagliardi:
It is sad on both sides but only a fool wouldn't have seen this coming it's Hollywood but it is still the reality of how individuals can truly handle all that comes with being Icon's and just as in regular individual's lives there is always good, bad and ugly unfortunately their's is under a microscope 24/7.
tagabicolini pinay
tagabicolini pinay:
She’s gorgeous no problem 😍❤️😍
Ledi Rosi
Ledi Rosi:
Amazing news aww
How did I miss that 💙
Althea Brittan
Althea Brittan:
Irina is too pretty
zeta orionis
zeta orionis:
Tell him boy bye
Andrea Panepucci
Andrea Panepucci:
We should celebrate as a woman she saw the light" and close the 📒on washy washy Bradley..!!we need more women's like not be afraid and call it quits..when things are not for the best..(he is a mama not surprised there too much..go on Bradley..and keep playing wanabe director..👀👎👿😙😱😣
Elisabeth n
Elisabeth n:
He is young and beautiful and smart and she's going to meet the perfect man
Katya Satvaldin
Katya Satvaldin:
Good for you Irina! You go girl, get yourself a men who respects what he got.
Holly Golightly
Holly Golightly:
She’s too good for him
Aleksi Levis
Aleksi Levis:
That guy really didn’t deserve her!!!
Candy Apple
Candy Apple:
She clearly called the paparazzi. Why would they be at her house
Samsung Sam
Samsung Sam:
There are many reasons to smile. She at least doubled up her networth and everybody wants to read about her and see her on the coverpage of glamourpapers. She will get so many shoutingoffers, as m/f feel sorry for her. Many things in life are planed or to be forseen you just have to wait for the right time. And poor LG will get the blame for it.
shell Stover
shell Stover:
Well, I guess he happy it's just him and his Mommy
Valentina F.
Valentina F.:
Longtime partner - 4 years of dating. Yeah, whatever
Paul Crow
Paul Crow:
Yes Love Bradley to Lady
Shirin T
Shirin T:
she can do better anyway
Maliha Intikhab
Maliha Intikhab:
Heard somewhere that Bradley's mother wasn't too fond of Irina and that was one of the reasons of the break up. Sucks because thats exactly how Irina's relationship with Ronaldo ended too.
ernando ling
ernando ling:
she's so pretty.. than lady gaga.. Lady Gaga.. destry it.. Bad Romance
Fawaz Zawaf
Fawaz Zawaf:
She is not good..
Ronaldo who realize that first..
Cooper and Gaga, are the Soul mates
Maria Kelly sworn to be free
Maria Kelly sworn to be free:
she was probaly chatting on the phone to her lawyer😆
She's on my's go time.
L. Satterwhite
L. Satterwhite:
Irina and her daughter they are beautiful
Rebecca Z
Rebecca Z:
This is never something to be happy about no matter how brave a face you put on. It is always lose-lose when a relationship broke.
Tweezers & Treasures
Tweezers & Treasures:
It only takes that 1 person who doesnt want to be with you.... for 99 other people to high five each other! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
CALI 420
CALI 420:
Lady Cooper 😁 sounds nice 👍
Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid:
Lady Gaga will let Brad bring a man home. She's the queen of gays after all.
Janet Stewart
Janet Stewart:
Well if she looks around so is everyone else smiling. Best thing that could have happened to Bradley . She just didn't deserve him. Only reason they stayed together so long was because of the daughter.
Jayson W
Jayson W:
Hahaha, Does this have anything to do with lady stephanie g. Irina shake, look little like angelina jolie, who f cares if sporting tan suit. Is leah, biological daughter, child’s the one who gets hurt🤔
salt aqua
salt aqua:
Only Americans could pronounce irina, arina..
Ferdy Balf
Ferdy Balf:
They splitted because of me,not lady gaga...
Joettaadair brown
Joettaadair brown:
I guess this means Bradley Cooper and Lady gaga have a real chance....😂
Maleah's Diary
Maleah's Diary:
I KNOW everyone has Lady Gaga on the brain right now 😂 Please don't touch my face.
Grace DBR
Grace DBR:
Bradley is so Gross, Irine you are beautiful, beautiful ❤❤❤
Archie Andrews
Archie Andrews:
Bradley Cooper wants to try some Lady Gaga's Muffins!
زينب احمد سالم
زينب احمد سالم:
the devil is the cause, time to move on irina
Rhonda R
Rhonda R:
Oh my alot of people are going to be disappointed 🤣
Wudnt be surprised in the slightest if Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga get together now.
barbara flannery
barbara flannery:
Good for her.. Bradley is a slf absorbed Narcissus.. With being in the closet gay.. He is so charming and living in front if everyone.. He is a narcissism at its highest
Dexter lab
Dexter lab:
Good I'll going with her now I can't wait
Is there someone really at the end of that telephone call?!
Gabby S
Gabby S:
Now bradley can date LADY GAGA LOL
So who is next Irina?
Taylor Made
Taylor Made:
Gaga looks like a transvestite but ok.
Kay S
Kay S:
Irina knows her worth now. Good for her.
Rosa Linda
Rosa Linda:
He will be with lady ga ga ....something happen with them
Moaath MAS
Moaath MAS:
Bradly look goofy and not handsome at all !! With his crossed eyes
r Y
r Y:
Stuart Tisnower
Stuart Tisnower:
Who really gives a crap? Whatever!
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos:
Red Fox
Red Fox:
So looks aren't everything..
sam bandora
sam bandora:
No Ronaldo, No Bradley Cooper, No smiling!!
Nader F
Nader F:
Ufo361 wants to Marry her
Maria Lewis
Maria Lewis:
Puhleeze people....WTH does she need him for???
Marjan Niyatkhair
Marjan Niyatkhair:
Patricia Bilinkas
Patricia Bilinkas:
I feel sorry for their child.
patii sun
patii sun:
Gaga looks like a transgender. Irina is classy beautiful compassionate woman. Gaga is a clown and have no shame.
nas taran
nas taran:
Oh she's posing for camera and using them for sure, she's talking with no one , just want to show that she's not wearing her ring
Montravius Daniel
Montravius Daniel:
Are Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga gonna get married now? I wonder.
Edith Carter
Edith Carter:
Seriously, why is every one hating on Bradly Cooper? Things happen and we have not way of knowing what the problems actually are. Guess I have just always liked him and find him so attractive. Of course, I don't actually know him but think he seems super nice whenever I see him interviewed and I love his laugh. Also, he's so darn talented.
Siti Rasidah
Siti Rasidah:
I just scare if she returns back to cr7 become her soulmate after they split.. I hope it ain't gonna be happen
saul calva
saul calva:
The wall is comming
poshy vintage
poshy vintage:
Good for her! She can do so much better than Bradley.
saul calva
saul calva:
No wonder cr7 didn’t commit to her she Would of divorce him Man he dodge a bullet she is damages goods she rather be a single mom it’s sad she didn’t want to work on the relationship she just wanted an excuse and such a beautiful woman but no one wants to put a ring on it. Another Charlize Theron. Relationships are hard asf it’s a daily thing you have to work on but if you give up you a coward u don’t have kids with someone that you are always fighting with and expect them to change.
Gabriela B
Gabriela B:
She is a good actress..
Lisa el
Lisa el:
Irina very very beautiful !! Lady gaga ugly
kelly Diaz
kelly Diaz:
As if you would leave stunning Irina for ugly duck Lady Gaga.