Increasingly violent protests erupt in Hong Kong | ABC News

The protests began in June, when hundreds of thousands of protesters in the semi-autonomous city marched against the government's proposal to change an extradition law.

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Charlie Möller
Charlie Möller:
Thanks ABC for the 360!
Street Struck
Street Struck:
They should do more videos like this
Wow 360°
Ag Jr
Ag Jr:
Someone is carrying an American flag at 3:41.
Bishek Manandhar
Bishek Manandhar:
@ 3:42 US Flag? 🤔👀 seriously something to be concerned off. I just want to say be careful
Joseph Mora
Joseph Mora:
Big Rock from Thor ragnarok be like

The Revolution has begone
California Guy
California Guy:
I've never experienced that before - very cool tech.
Narice Ferguson
Narice Ferguson:
Love the little 360!!! Promoting the brand through the violence 🤣🤣 cute!
Qckilalosmm892 Skemjskska
Qckilalosmm892 Skemjskska:
Salut hongkong citizen
abc: always backing china
Duy Tang
Duy Tang:
Thanks ABC !! We are from Australia and We are fully supporting Hong Kong Protestor !!!!!!!
Daniel Galligan
Daniel Galligan:
This isn't going to end well.
sultan ahmad
sultan ahmad:
well I recommend international tourists not to visit HONG kong until 2021
Ana Lerdo
Ana Lerdo:
Now, I'm dizzy! I think I did this wrong... I was looking the high buildings and those ceiling...
Mary Nelson
Mary Nelson:
Hong Kong 🇭🇰 and it’s civilians aren’t here for any games.
Marvin Zapeta
Marvin Zapeta:
Paparazzi, para candy, Jerry.
China need to worry about them rather than interfering about India and Pak.
Hôi Hô Khmú Israel Samsung Siam
Hôi Hô Khmú Israel Samsung Siam:
Beware there are spies inside protestors and them will have reason to genocide more Hong Kongese
sharon anderson
sharon anderson:
You know I find it really strange the coverage this is getting from MSM. You would think this is the only protest going on. WHY????? Yellow vests have been protesting a year by now and you would not know it according to American news. Makes you wonder why this protest is so worthy of being reported?
Nelson Y
Nelson Y:
Fake news US, fake news HK, too!
Craigs List
Craigs List:
Fake Newz 360
It looks like the beginnings of a civil war with Hong Kong and eventually Taiwan and could spread across Asia and become a humanitarian disaster, inciting the west to get involved in this rapidly deteriorating terrible conflict.
Ping Wong
Ping Wong:
US is behind all these.
Marjana Lapornik
Marjana Lapornik:
it's attack on economy
Calen Said
Calen Said:
Stay safe.
fnjames fnjames
fnjames fnjames:
It is common sense that an effective way to deter bad behavior is punishment. In Hong Kong, we now have a situation that most of the violence offenders will be released soon after they are arrested. Why? Most Hong Kong judges are on rioters’ side because most of them are British-trained or with British citizenship. See WHO are on the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal! No wonder, the riot party in Hong Kong keeps rolling!
Bryan Cheung
Bryan Cheung:
fake news 360
deak dk
deak dk:
No, China cannot use deadly force. If they do, there will be world outrage. China exists as it does today because of Westerners. There will be hell to pay if they kill anyone.
o Jason
o Jason:
so cool this camera
whats with the fish eye effects on the text? please don't
Yue Zhang
Yue Zhang:
Shame on the violence of the protestors. You have no rights to stop ppl from going home, you have no rights to beat others to death. What a shame!
JY Lin
JY Lin:
Adrenaline rush
Kelly Black
Kelly Black:
Free Hong Kong
Colin Xu
Colin Xu:
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford:
My Mom used to call it, cruising for a bruising. China won't stand for this very long. That spirit spreading through the BILLIONS under that thumb could mean serious problems.
Hillary Black
Hillary Black:
If they care about their city, why would they so recklessly litter?
Amber catchme412 on instagram Fisher
Amber catchme412 on instagram Fisher:
the zoom and angle feature tho 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
God Favored me
God Favored me:
by Ma
by Ma:
What a shame to Hong Kong, who care what serious the Hong Kong is, only Chinese people concerns...

Why too much Hong Kong youths have not their own idea to think of who wanna Hong Kong to be a place full of violence?
If the same thing happen in US...bang!bang!bang! Then, no sound there...
I support Hong Kong police remove all those terrorists...
Jrad Israel
Jrad Israel:
This is cray feelings like I’m pissed off
C S:
Zoomable 360 would be epic, but vera nice
April Divine
April Divine:
Sending love, prayers, support to Hong Kong Heros. Hope it works out without bloodshed.. 💜💛💙
Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang:
Eve Madlock
Eve Madlock:
Omg i freaked out when my phone did that now reading through the comments Im so happy im not alone
deak dk
deak dk:
Why would there be an American flag
The military gonna show up next lol
Time To Reflect
Time To Reflect:
The dragon will eat the snake.
The snake will bite the dragon in his belly.

The dragon will get sick and never be the same.
Tuan Huynh
Tuan Huynh:
Keep doing it and don't stop till China and Hong Kong are separated like Taiwan. 😃😃😃👍👍👍
Taylor Hebert
Taylor Hebert:
These brave souls. The spirit of liberty is strong in them.
Sam Tetroien Nimley
Sam Tetroien Nimley:
Kevin San
Kevin San:
Kai Xu
Kai Xu:
Great job in misleading the western audience.
Erica Monroe
Erica Monroe:
Hongkong Leader Carrie Lam should go down. She is useless.
Wally Wally
Wally Wally:
CHINA lost control of themselves about HONGKONG, and RUSSIA lost control over missile EXPLOSION contaminated fallout radioactivity what the hell are these 2 leaders doing bizzar
Michael Newell
Michael Newell:
At least they aren’t shooting the press the yet
Pray for the beautiful people of Hong Kong. They must be free!!!
kevin Kaminski
kevin Kaminski:
Democracy is Conceived & Born Into The World With The Blood Of The Patriots Willing To Make The Ultimate Sacrifice in the name Of Freedom. May Your Fight Be An Honorable And Just One.
Kevin San
Kevin San:
Love the 360
A Google User
A Google User:
Go Hong Kong!
tim smith
tim smith:
Be careful protesters. Pick and choose your battles wisely, so you can be successful. Good luck!
Yue Lu
Yue Lu:
Walking dead
Jin Y
Jin Y:
We have to support citizens of Hong Kong.. They are fighting with mega communist socialist dictator China... They are risking their lives to fight for their freedom!!!! It has been 2months..

Communist should back off.. and keep the promise..One country two systems!!! Leave these young students alone.. Don’t hurt them.. don’t bully them...
Thomas H
Thomas H:
Suks to be u I guess
Jason Miller
Jason Miller:
This VR is cool
Equality ForAll
Equality ForAll:
They are not peaceful protesters. They are terrorists, probably having funding help from western countries to disrupt HK society. These terrorists must be stopped with whatever means possible.
James Harper
James Harper:
Many Hong Kong people don't like Chinese culture. They think that Chinese culture is low-grade.
This is beautiful. Keep fighting Hong Kong!
Francis Francis
Francis Francis:
Water Cannon is better than tear gas. Clean up the streets with water cannons.
Lots of love to you, people of Hong Kong. Stay safe and stay strong.
michael dixon
michael dixon:
Tiananmen Square Part Deux?
Patty Baltazar
Patty Baltazar:
Good luck to the people. The goverment should be listening to them not it's own wants.
Snow Tang
Snow Tang:
What a shame for Hongkong! I support Hong Kong police ,i love China.
Üf Da
Üf Da:
LoL they call this violence
Jon Ahmed
Jon Ahmed:
The US supports Hong Kong protesters against the invading Communist Occupation Army.
Sappstress Love
Sappstress Love:
Now can someone give me a civic lesson? What the civil rights is going on here?
Madeline Schultz
Madeline Schultz:
Please pray for the people of Hong Kong. I pray that the Chinese Communist Party will not harm the Hong Kongers. Peace and justice for all Hong Kongers!!
Iron Fist
Iron Fist:
This is the work of the western devils! We will continue to hack and divide your country and watch you fight brother against brother. Dont worry we don't show this in mainland China
Couldn't understand a word she was saying 🐸
Alphonso Devachenzig
Alphonso Devachenzig:
Dani Mark
Dani Mark:
Pretentious much? Singing Les Miz? You will never win and no one will help because China is one of the most power countries in the world.
Its going to be hard to assimilate these people into a totalitarian communist regime since they are use to living free. The chinese military will show up tomorrow and start cracking heads.
Kim Watchman
Kim Watchman:
Face it...Hong kong....u is gonna have to get ready for civil war!!! That's what it's coming down to!!!
Player Haterr
Player Haterr:
There fighting for more kung pow chicken recipes
Sappstress Love
Sappstress Love:
Now can someone give me a civic lesson? What the civil rights is going on here?
Tim Bourque
Tim Bourque:
Good luck free people of China !!!! Fight fight fight , keep the element of surprise , your government has no respect for human life, ✝️🙏 GOD bless you all....
David Ellis
David Ellis:
Give it back to the 🇬🇧 !
Brandon Welch
Brandon Welch:
IF the PLA gets involved, the US marine core should too.
These people are fighting for their freedoms and to me, it seems these people are begging for help.. Everyone should be free!!
Joseph H. Tower
Joseph H. Tower:
Some animals sees like that. We are not animals.
David Pryor
David Pryor:
Does anyone think the Chinese will use deadly force with there military in a attempt to put a stop to this ??? I'm curious what y'all thoughts are
execute them all
UNiCoRn PeGaSuS:
China is a disease Trump was right!
Yu Li
Yu Li:
The facts happend in HK are not in the peaceful way as the protestor said. Protestors used the violence on the tourists to force them accept their opinions.
What does not report the cause of violent conflict: 1. A mainland Chinese tourist was severely beaten by mobs, and the mob did not allow the rescue team to go in for rescue! 2. A Chinese employee of the Global Times was beaten.
K Chris
K Chris:
This isnt a peaceful protest! Its a riot! China must stop it at all cost! This isnt even safe for citizens
deak dk
deak dk:
bobbi zhang
bobbi zhang:
those are not just protesters, they are mobs! they treated ordinary passengers in the airport violently like monsters(especially passengers from mainland china). so tell me abc, why didn't your great reporters report the truth to the whole world ? why are you helping mobs pretending to be helpless victims? it is normal for people to have different ideas with the society. but, pls go tell and commnicate with goverment, don't bully the other ordinary people!! BLACK MOBS!!

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