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Jade de Santiago
Jade de Santiago:
You can totally bypass the phone number and email process! All stores use the same POS system. It’s is 100% possible. We actually get their info so that they get points for their purchases. They get money back and coupons. So if they come once a week they should be giving you their number because they’re getting benefits for it! The manager should have explained that to you. The rewards system is amazing. They also get a 1 year long return policy when they sign up. I can’t believe they didn’t explain that to you.
The tag thing is more to see if the item is missing, damaged or the tag just fell off. To reduce shrinkage.
I feel like your manager just didn’t explain the job well. Charming Charlie is such an amazing place to work. I think it was just the circumstance.
Carol Church
Carol Church:
Ure dog should be in every vid .too cute, I luv mine too .so who cares what anyone else thinks.
paige lass
paige lass:
Our system literally has a button that says “bypass” so if you didn’t see that, it’s on you lol and like I saw somebody else say it’s so we can email their receipts, they can get points for every purchase, we can do returns easier. Working here for 3 years, I’ve never had somebody complain that they already gave us their information because they know what it’s for. The only people who ask what it’s for, aren’t in our system and if they don’t want to give us their information then you can bypass. The tags are kept so if we come across an item that doesn’t have a tag, we have it and can reticket. Not necessarily stolen. Our system doesn’t have every item in it. It has a short description of what it could be so it’s up to us to find it. We also don’t pay minimum wage so good try. Maybe work some where for more than a day before you make a video about how bad it is 😂
kaylynn L
kaylynn L:
Sometimes your voice is sooooo soothing, I zone out and have to rewind lol, also, you remind me of abigail breslin.
Derek Kane
Derek Kane:
Love the shirt Hannah. Zeppelin rocks! ☺️👍
I look through clothes and tags fall off if they don’t put the clothes on the clothes hangers and on the racks correctly. Doesn’t help that tags are only attached by a tiny tiny piece of thin plastic.

They jumped the gun if they say people stole clothes every time they see a tag on the floor. It is actually beyond paranoia
Caitlyn McDowell
Caitlyn McDowell:
You must be from sc 😂 minimum wage here is $7.25 which wont pay. Nothing.
Their information capture sounds like what we had to do at CompUSA and Sherwin-Williams; EVERY customer. People would get really pissed at CompUSA; and I'd have to call for an override fairly often to bypass that screen.
Rebecca Meyer
Rebecca Meyer:
Love your shirt, girl! And that retail experience doesn't sound like fun. Good thing you did what was best for you and decided not to stay at that store. Love your videos!
Luke MacNeil
Luke MacNeil:
Nothing wrong with gushing over a cute doggie ❤️
Derek Night
Derek Night:
Ok to quote a certain famous YouTube angry gamer nerd:

Andre Wilson
Andre Wilson:
cool dog and your T shirt looks awesome too
There is a “bypass” button lol
LeggyPeggy HandyWandy
LeggyPeggy HandyWandy:
I worked in a clothing store while I was in university. Some of the things people did truly shocked me. We have people vomit, pee and take a poop in the fitting room 🤢 I lost faith in humanity.
Nick Miller
Nick Miller:
My next request is make one on disclosing a disability at Walmart
2 Blessed
2 Blessed:
There is a way to bypass, because I shop there all the time and never give my info.
Vintage Vinny
Vintage Vinny:
Do you have any of the TJX stores in your area??? Try applying there.
cheshire 12345
cheshire 12345:
At first I thought it was a restaurant my bad.
You can bypass it, and the reasoning behind asking every time is to make sure they get points for there purchase which gets them free stuff and money off....and you only need to ask for there phone number not everything. As for the cashier thing, we dont hire people who only do POS your a "style specialist" which means when you arent checking people out you are doing other tasks, (replenishing the floor, steaming cloths, cleaning, helping guests, opening and hagning merch....) We dont have the capabilitie to scan the items and see how many we have, we should, but we dont. 4-6 hours is a normal shift length for a sales associate.
What breed of dog is Rusty?
Carol Church
Carol Church:
Cause most stores ask for one or the other. And I mean th in k about it why?
Carol Church
Carol Church:
Never heard of the store but in my opinion t hats nonsense ,no the gov wants it staying in the data base.