Good Friday: The Meaning of the Cross

Many people wonder, and even become angry, about God’s ways. In this video for Good Friday, Fr. Mike explains why God’s answers often seem like contradictions to us. While Jesus dying on the Cross makes no sense according to human wisdom, according to God’s perfect wisdom​,​ the Cross answers all our most burning questions in a way only God can answer them. Fr. Mike's videos are also available as podcasts. Find them at MORE FROM ASCENSION: Ascension Press main website: Ascension Presents website: The Great Adventure Blog: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Subscribe:

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Aaron Clark
Aaron Clark:
Another answer i once heard a preacher give (on a radio program) to the question of "why doesn't God just get rid of all the evil in the world?" was, "if He did then He might start with you." Again reminding us that nobody's perfect...
Ed D
Ed D:
Lost my job today and this video helped so much thank you Fr. Mike and god bless
Lifestyle My Style
Lifestyle My Style:
Do not remove Christ in the cross in your life. Because you will always have a cross. You'll always have pain. And if we remove Christ in the cross from our lives, we won't not have a cross, we will always have pain, but we won't have Him. Hold on to the cross.
-this was powerful!!
It's so easy to place the blame on God for everything that goes wrong, but He is not a God of Chaos and Sorrows- He is a God of Love and Mercy- the horrible things that happen are consequences of free choice. Faith in God helps us overcome suffering and emerge strong, maybe even stronger than before.
Santiago Zubieta Rubio
Santiago Zubieta Rubio:
Father, I'm in Rome. Is there something you'd like me to pray for? Know that I will be praying for you.
Mary Fehr
Mary Fehr:
Here's my 2 cents: In the end, it's about obedience...even fighting against our own impulses for creature comforts and putting God's Will above our own. Lent shows us how weak we are when we decide to "give up" something. That last week of Lent is tough. That hymn kept coming to mind: "Behold behold the wood of the cross on which is hung our salvation." It was on repeat constantly for me, and I got through that last week of Lent. It wasn't me. It was Him. I'm not that great of a Christian. But He's helped me alot these past few years.
Luna Sol
Luna Sol:
my Parents died 2 weeks apart  7 days ago and it hurts o dear Lord it hurts  I miss them  and  my Son has  BREAN  Cancer and there no quire   please pray for my family Amen
God bless. Let's pray that we have a good Holy Week.
Michelle Stolwyk
Michelle Stolwyk:
I love how in love with the Lord you are, Fr. Mike! It is infectious. <3 Have a blessed Easter!
Johny Jose
Johny Jose:
The cross is how God wins back our trust! Thank you Fr. Mike
Maria I
Maria I:
You have such love in your heart Father Mike, God bless you
Game Over
Game Over:
And, there's also power in our offering up our pain and suffering, especially for the Holy Souls. God Bless you, Father, and all the folks at Ascension Presents that bring these thought-provoking videos to us. ((Hugs))
Reader of Books
Reader of Books:
Amen. We all--myself very much included--need to constantly pray for humility.
Laurie Dreier
Laurie Dreier:
Just sitting here and weeping as I watch the end of this.  I lost my son 11 years ago and every time I think I'm over my anger at God, it comes creeping back in.  Thank you for this, on this Good Friday.
Jason Mastrogiacomo
Jason Mastrogiacomo:
Can you do a video on forgiving someone who will never ask for it? (E.g. father divorcing your mother)

Also a video of advice for children of gray divorce altogether. There are surprisingly *no* resources available to for us when it's so prevalent, especially from a Catholic perspective. Issues: Identity, making sense of the past, moving forward in forgiveness, living amidst a broken family when you're trying to nourish your own new family, etc.

It would mean a lot to me, as this has been the greatest hindrance to my once immensely hopeful & fortified faith.

Jillian Clark
Jillian Clark:
Just watched this and my eyes are opened in a new way today. Thank you Father Mike!! God bless you
Elly GuitarChic
Elly GuitarChic:
thank you
sanya dsouza
sanya dsouza:
Fr. you are simply what the world needs today... People like you are what we youngsters need... May the lords wisdom inspire you more n more always. God bless
Awesome Fr. Mike! Thank you and God continue to bless you with wisdom and knowledge to proclaim God’s word🙏🏼!
Lukasz Porwol
Lukasz Porwol:
I believe we could say... God has all the power, yet He is far from proud. "Ancient gods" like the ones from Greek mythology were powerful, proud and often cruel. That is not the way to be close to your people/children. Fear is opposite to love. We can't love what or who we fear. In contrary, God humiliated himself to the point of shameful death (which in the eyes of the ancient was the crucifixion). He reduced everything He is to nothing, for us, in a spectacle of love.
Caroline Sa
Caroline Sa:
I listened to this twice, probably will again. Thank you :)
Thank you father,I needed to hear every word u said...
Bar Talmay
Bar Talmay:
Dear Father Mike, Thank You for all Your videos. Could You please make a video about Judas Iscariot? Sometimes, in my heart I feel he was just used by God, as a mere actor, and not really guilty.. I know God is love, and there must be an answer to that... but I need someone's help. Thank You, happy Ester in Jesus. God bless
Thank you Fr. Mike for these videos and your insight. Have a Blessed Holy Week.
Adrian Dunn
Adrian Dunn:
Thank you for sharing this great message on this Good Friday I have been praying since 6 am this morning on this Good Friday 2019 here in the UK may God be with you today and all that read this message and watch your YouTube video 🙏🇬🇧🇺🇸
Kerwin Fernandes
Kerwin Fernandes:
Thank u Fr. God bless you! 🙂🙏
Stephen Lennartz
Stephen Lennartz:
Thank you Fr. Mike. Today is Good Friday, 2019. I have completed a half day of work ... and will be getting ready soon for Stations of the Cross at our parish this afternoon. It has been a wonderful and powerful Lent for me and my family. Your message here is a most-welcomed and appreciated addition to our journey. Thank you and God bless!
Liyah del Rosario
Liyah del Rosario:
Oh the tears in my eyes...⛪
Flurry Heart
Flurry Heart:
Thank you Father Mike!
James Joseph KEATING 4 th
James Joseph KEATING 4 th:
It rains on the good n the bad meaning one ☝️ person not many stop judging whose good or whom is bad. Great 👍 job PADRE
Raimundus Sili
Raimundus Sili:
Today is Good Friday in my place, thanks a lot father for your words...
Mae Beau
Mae Beau:
Hey Fr mike can u do a video on novenas
James Joseph KEATING 4 th
James Joseph KEATING 4 th:
Inside and outside also means our TEMPLES live the Part . What we eat becomes US . Defeat our ego’s listen not just hear what this man is saying . His living the part it’s in his 👀👁. Much ❤️ Saint Micheal
Elizabeth Collins
Elizabeth Collins:
Thank you Fathewr Mike Gopd bl;wess [email protected]!!
Bozena Zmurko
Bozena Zmurko:
All the Best Father Mike. May God keep YOU safe. Today on Holy Thursday 2017,and each day of Your life. JZ
Emily Abe
Emily Abe:
So does that mean I can add the cross to all of the fall back answers I use at Sunday school (like Jesus and Holy) XD

Good message, Fr. Mike
Mary Hirose
Mary Hirose:
This video is a great companion to Fr. Mike's video on why God lets bad things happen.
Steve Mono
Steve Mono:
You're a precious soul, Michael. But, you support a method of worship that stands against the WHOLE Truth of, God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit from being given to your congregations inside the catholic church. Please begin to prayfully read in The Gospel of John. And let the Jesus begin to show you the WHOLE Truth.❤
Helina Michael
Helina Michael:
What a blessing to watch this video on Good Friday 2018 Gods word is faithful and remains the same forever and always.
Christina Hidalgo
Christina Hidalgo:
thank you Father Mike, your words & explanation are clear & so meaningful. God Bless you always.
video rate
video rate:
A woman posing as a lawyer screwed me over in the last couple days and the police I believe were wrongfully used against me but all the laws and rules and changes are on their side: I can't stop being angry during Good Friday..
Anne McGuire
Anne McGuire:
Thank you. I needed this.
Thank you. I needed this!!!
Thank you. May God continually bless you
Sandra Johnston
Sandra Johnston:
Thank you Fr. Mike, Love Always for the Cross. Sandy
Thank you Fr. Happy Easter.
Jesus:To be Christian means abandoning yourself in full humility at My Feet
Jesus:To be Christian means abandoning yourself in full humility at My Feet:
Your beloved Jesus Christ, Saviour and Redeemer of all Humanity: My loyal sacred servants, who remain true to My Word, will rise and guide you = El Aviso de Dios = CRUSADEPRAYERGROUP dotORG
Maria Tamayo
Maria Tamayo:
Father, thank you so so much for these videos. Thank you for this message. Thank you.
Ziyadi Faudile
Ziyadi Faudile:
Jesus did not wear a cross, And much less he did not worship it.
Cesar Mananes
Cesar Mananes:
"I won't have the cross but i will still have the pain... Hold on to the cross." Thank you for these powerful words.
Mary J
Mary J:
thank you father! have a blessed holy week
Diane Jones
Diane Jones:
Jesus paid it all and all to Him I owe. Without the shedding of blood their is no forgiveness of sin.
Wheng Gomez
Wheng Gomez:
i could hardly get it: cross is god's answer to our questions.
Will Scholten
Will Scholten:
Did the Son tell us, He would be in the heart of the earth 3 days and 3 nights. Can you get that from Good Friday to Sunday morning? something to think about!!
Passover Hebrew, Pascha Greek, were ALWAYS on Nisan 14, in the scriptures!
Where does Good Friday fit???
Oh yes, Pascha is also Easter, right !!!!!

Here is a study I did!

Why do we keep man's calendar and reject the
Creator's Calendar

If we listen to man, who are we putting our faith in?????
Patrick D
Patrick D:
God bless you Father Mike!
Aja S.
Aja S.:
Thanks, Fr. Mike
Dell Chica
Dell Chica:
Father you are distractingly cute. But great talk anyway!
Monika L
Monika L:
Thank You
Mary Stachowiak
Mary Stachowiak:
This year I'm Praying for the Pope. The Bride of Christ is now being watered down to become Lukewarm.
The Allowances, The Lord's Prayer, The Our Father, changed?
I Pray first, To the Father in Heaven, the sadness felt by The Trinity above us, to be lessened...
James Joseph KEATING 4 th
James Joseph KEATING 4 th:
Christ did it on the outside 4 us to receive him on our inside
Mohammed Jayck DingWall
Mohammed Jayck DingWall:
Love for my prophet Essa ibne Mariam the mentor and a beautiful soul a beautiful person love Jesus pbuh and love to my Jacobian brother's Christians love Essa ibne Mariam Jesus Christ pbuh
Linda Jamme
Linda Jamme:
Thanks Fr Mike. As always, great topics explained simply and in a way I never thought of before. This has been my most meaningful lent and I really have learned to sacrifice.
I don't know if you have or will ever hit on this subject, but I was wondering about cremation. My husband who was baptized catholic but never went any farther with any religious training and only goes to church with me on a very rare occasion. He wants to have some of his ashes scattered and the rest can be buried. I know the church has a problem with this but yet we can have relics on a chain around our neck. It's not like everyone would get a vial of ashes. He wants them scattered on a lake where we went for 2 weeks every summer for years. Can you give me an answer that I can explain why we can't do this? My priest at Epiphany, whom I think the world of, did not answer me so that I can explain it to my hubby. He basically let me know the church is against this.
José María Canalda Moreu
José María Canalda Moreu:
/\ \__(•_•)
_/_/ /\ \
Que miras sigue bajando ....xD
paula cochran
paula cochran:
Never trust the collar trust only Christ never tell them anything go in prayer for yourself
Nino Ventimiglia
Nino Ventimiglia:
Father Mike, i love your videos and I was wondering if you could make a video on if catholics can wear crucifixes. Thanks! god bless!
Glenn Hubble
Glenn Hubble:
True and Great words.
Walter Kane
Walter Kane:
Father Mike - How does the Cross answer the following? A young boy in a wheelchair is stung to death by bees while investigating a a beautiful rose bush in a hospital garden. This is a true event as reported by a major daily a few years ago. Where is the protection of the Cross for innocents imperiled by "Acts of God"? I'm not trying to bait you here. I really need to hear your take on this. Thank you.
Aiyman Khan
Aiyman Khan:
That they said (in boast), "We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah";- but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not:-
Nay, Allah raised him up unto Himself; and Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise;-

— Qur'an, sura 4 (An Nisa) ayat157–158[6]
Thalia Rose
Thalia Rose:
Glory to Jesus Christ our Lord God
Htebazile Arm
Htebazile Arm:
Have Mercy on us, Lord, Jesus, . . .Mama Mary, Pray for Us.
juan cuello
juan cuello:
Not one scripture... smdh
Monique Ocampo
Monique Ocampo:
Ossi imomm
Ossi imomm:
Wowww as always, this is so ... I jus hope everyone could understand this, people is missing so much, But for now Im not thanks a lot
Happy. Easter to whom overheads this. May our sins be forgiven. in secuolam secular( sic?)
Luc Lub
Luc Lub:
krzyz mam w sercu wiare mam ale nie mam sil
Joseph Holt
Joseph Holt:
Mary Stachowiak
Mary Stachowiak:
This Good Friday, I was Praying at the
lake, hating the Cross and the Barbarians who did such horrors..
I felt a stirring, looked down, as a wave brought an agate up to my feet. It was in the shape of Jesus' Purple Heart...
r 123
r 123:
love this video and it made me realize a lot💟✝️
Cynthia Gonzalez
Cynthia Gonzalez:
God bless Father Mike.
Thank you Father Mike. That really helped me understand better.
Jesus Mendoza
Jesus Mendoza:
How is it that you believe all that about the Cross, but yet believe that we still need to have good works? Is his death a resurrection not enough? What did he mean by, "It is finished"?
Nice video couple weeks before Good Friday. Thinking about my return back to my Church’s belief around late 1980’s.
Thank you Jesus, I can never repay what you have done for me these last 30 plus years.
Katie Newcamp
Katie Newcamp:
Thank you for your videos. They bring a lot of grace to me and my walk with the Lord. This is definitely a message that I will carry with me. Thank you for teaching us more about the faith and for deepening my understanding of the Cross.
lissy george
lissy george:
Thanks father mike.. once again u have shared with us our Lords message in a ver touching , meaningful and understandable way ..Thanks a lot ..God bless you ..
Suemya Smith
Suemya Smith:
I love God he is the best
James Bond
James Bond:
Can you make a video about the significance of confirmation. And you inspire me to be a better person.
The meaning of The Cross is very simply Our Good LORD GOD, JESUS CHRIST Who chose to die on His Cross at Calvary 2000 yrs ago to Die for our Sins! Pure n simple! No need to perform non biblical 'sacraments' n 'rituals' to please HIM. So simple!!!
Tom Ambury
Tom Ambury:
Made me think of Job.
Vince Wyn
Vince Wyn:
the 13th-century religious woman who brought us Corpus Christi: She Received visions from Christ, who pointed out that there was no feast in honour of the Blessed Sacrament. Based on this, she promoted the additional of what became the feast of Corpus Christi. 😇st Juliana of Liege 🙏🏻4us
Butterfly Kisses
Butterfly Kisses:
Is this day a Holy day obligation?
As this video says, people deserve God's Justice (punishment, exclusion) but can get God's Mercy (reward, inclusion), if they...if they what? What must a person do to get God's rewarding Mercy rather than God's punishing Justice? Isn't this Bible verse the answer: "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy." (Matthew 5:7) Isn't this "mercy for mercy" deal offered by God also stated in other Bible verses, such as:
--"For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you" (Matthew 614)
--"Should you not also have had compassion on your fellowservant, even as I had pity on you?" (Matthew 18:33)
--"Judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment. (James 2:13)
D E:
Amen Father🙏
Dangerous D
Dangerous D:
Im new x Hi
Alexa Boxler
Alexa Boxler:
Thanks for the reminder!
Have a Good Friday everyone
Anthony Gomes
Anthony Gomes:
Hold on to the cross
Mike Jones
Mike Jones:
Think for your self cathloics don't look to man
Ron B.
Ron B.:
it's hard not to hate you at this moment in time
Michael de los Santos
Michael de los Santos:
Father Mike, a fresh face and voice in today's catholic world.............
Claudia Vlahović
Claudia Vlahović:

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