Good Friday: Calvary

Two years ago we produced four 3-minute vignettes for Good Friday taking Jesus from cross to grave. This is the first one:


Thoibi Nungcbi
Thoibi Nungcbi:
Ohh Lord i love you. How greatfull u r. Thnk u sacrificed for world for us for me. Amen
Viana Persaud
Viana Persaud:
Bless me my body soul and mind and my life bless me with a family thank you lord jesus please pray for me bless me alway
James Wall
James Wall:
Praise the Lord Jesus Christ is comeing.soon please forgive me for my
on the 9th hour of sunrise, jesus will do his deeds and die on the cross.
this video goes on for 3 minutes
Annappa ANNAPPA:
I love you god thanks for your sacrifice......
Prince Peter Oboro1.
Prince Peter Oboro1.:
Matthew 27:45-46 this is the time when the own land where dark from six hours to nineth hours.
Quintilianus Tiberius
Quintilianus Tiberius:
Oman Taping
Oman Taping:
Praise the Lord 😢
Caleb Heppner
Caleb Heppner:
What music was that
sonu yadav
sonu yadav:
Jai ishu

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