Good Friday: Calvary

Two years ago we produced four 3-minute vignettes for Good Friday taking Jesus from cross to grave. This is the first one:


Oman Taping
Oman Taping:
Praise the Lord 😢
James Wall
James Wall:
Praise the Lord Jesus Christ is comeing.soon please forgive me for my
Thoibi Nungcbi
Thoibi Nungcbi:
Ohh Lord i love you. How greatfull u r. Thnk u sacrificed for world for us for me. Amen
on the 9th hour of sunrise, jesus will do his deeds and die on the cross.
this video goes on for 3 minutes
Prince Peter Oboro1.
Prince Peter Oboro1.:
Matthew 27:45-46 this is the time when the own land where dark from six hours to nineth hours.
Quintilianus Tiberius
Quintilianus Tiberius:
sonu yadav
sonu yadav:
Jai ishu
Caleb Heppner
Caleb Heppner:
What music was that

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