God Friended Me - Henry Returns

Henry Chase finally shows up and explains if he's behind the God Account.


Carol Sweda
Carol Sweda:
I am very happy with this great show let me know when you will be back soon Carol sweda is a fan
leslee puckett
leslee puckett:
I love this show so much It was like it went full circle.I hope Miles still has the God account.Looks like he may not.I wish Kara hadn't went to Paris.I think it will all be ok..lol
Damn that was a very emotional episode.
Tom Jones
Tom Jones:
(((cbs))) owned and run by (((Rothstein))) (((Zelnick))) (((Goldner))) (((Schuman))) (((Zirinsky)))
Young Sandwich
Young Sandwich:
Oh god why?
Damon Milline
Damon Milline:
Can't wait for next season.
How can anyone watch or support CBS after the Call for violence ad?