[FULL] Messi wins Ballon d'Or 2019 - Messi get 6 times DESTROYED Ronaldo 5 times (Not attend)

[FULL] Messi wins Ballon d'Or 2019 - Messi get 6 times DESTROYED Ronaldo 5 times (Not attend)

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Pundule Shrestha
Pundule Shrestha:
Who is king of football? Messi messi messi .love from Nepal
Junior tr
Junior tr:
Getting one more than Ronaldo is not getting “destroyed”
AWgameChannel -
AWgameChannel -:
Finally he deserved it ballon d’or 2019, well done leo🏆🏆 let’s go for the next ballon d’or 2020.
#Nerves of steel
#Nerves of steel:
Rolando : 7 is my lucky number hence my dream is to win 7 ballon dors
Messi: hold my bear
Video track
Video track:
No one cares who wins as long as Christina Penaldo and Kala Madrid lose.
ኣዝማሪኖ Habesha
ኣዝማሪኖ Habesha:
Nobody ever comes close to king messi...The greatest of all time
Danton Irelan
Danton Irelan:
Good ebening
Soma Amazu
Soma Amazu:
Congratulations mr Leo, u ll still win it for 7x as long as u keep playing this beautiful game.VDK ur time ll come soon.much love to all d football lovers.
Aryan paul
Aryan paul:
Oh Messi😭😭😭😭😭😭
U r the god of football.
Delamino Sport
Delamino Sport:
Penaldo never comes when he doesn't get it. He is such a coward player.
Jeremy Beast
Jeremy Beast:
I thot they said the era is over :( Waz just a slick way of betraying ronaldo
Abdul Salam Lewally
Abdul Salam Lewally:
Bravo Rey Leo Messi. indeed your gift will make a Room for you, and also make you be among great people.
Video track
Video track:
Tappinaldo, the Serie A MVP with hardly any goals or assists....lmao
Ali Hassen
Ali Hassen:
Vadag, he was so nervous until dorgba to call the names of the winner.
Harry Trường Chinh
Harry Trường Chinh:
Cr7's fan don't like it 😂
Nober Panaba
Nober Panaba:
congratulations Lionel Messi
#Tana Toraja
Davido Davido
Davido Davido:
Man of all times, in fact u deserve it congregation
Penaldian juvedog
Penaldian juvedog:
2:20-"guys you want popcorn or anything"
Messi & Drogba(in mind)- begone bi*ch
messi (GOAT) 🐐
javid pajin
javid pajin:
He should have been given 10 balloon d'or until now. You know what I mean !
hope tube
hope tube:
There is no word to admired him
Only one lives in this world
He plays till now only 4 one club
If he lives in this planet no one can win ze ballandor unless he stopped the foot ball
He is genies
He is foot ball Lion
Hi is King of foot ball
His name is LEO ANDRES MESSI iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii he the one
No one can bit him
Ssiisisisisisisosiis leo messisisisiisisisiisiskiks
Taichimura Nozaka
Taichimura Nozaka:
""DESTROYED" RONALDO 5 TIMES." Iam not a big Fan of C.Ronaldo but its curious, you "DESTROYED" a guy who had 5 Ballons d'or... "DESTROYED" ... Ouaw... DESTROYED....
Kablan Kodjo Jean
Kablan Kodjo Jean:
C'est le meilleur joueur de l'histoire du football.
Dark Evil
Dark Evil:
i don't understand his language but i do know what he wants to say
A true fan of Lionel Messi
Polamama Kilic
Polamama Kilic:
If it was in old days Like in zidanes time and more were Romario, and big Ronaldo was there it would be Hard for him, know i think there is not many stars player Like Ronaldo and Messi before a whole team was Like amazing my opinion.
Leo messi the greatest of all time BUT Virgil van dijk was the best player of 2018/2019 fact another uefa scandal but lets be honest we all already knew this
gjergji gashi
gjergji gashi:
Why we call it again and again ballon d’or from now on ballon of MESI
VIktor Mioković
VIktor Mioković:
You could see messi will win it he was so happy while VV was sad before they said the winner
Video track
Video track:
"How to cheat and win UCL"-R Madrid

Inside special: Offside scoring specialist Offsidenaldo
Soler Deus
Soler Deus:
I don’t understand this... Why does it seem like the whole family knew it before? Like he had an interview with the prize before...
Naren Neelakandan
Naren Neelakandan:
Wait for Cristiano Ronaldo,he is under preparation for the next ballondor's of 2020
Celtic To The Core
Celtic To The Core:
Adore Messi. Absolute class 💚
arun paul
arun paul:
Looks like he is gonna get another one in 2020
omini ekwe
omini ekwe:
King messi all the way, you deserved it
Yes finally it is proven that messi is better
Allan G
Allan G:
And then 2017 ronaldo and modric 2019
Mady Danfakha
Mady Danfakha:
C'est çà le 3 ballon d'or de qu'il ne mérite
Francisco Davila
Francisco Davila:
Where is cr7 he didn't even show up
Nisha M Yusoff
Nisha M Yusoff:
Messi is all about his love of football..while the rest of us is all about the scores.. Well that alone is what makes him beyond and above everyone else in the game. Definitely well deserve allez allez Messi.
Lamin Ceesay
Lamin Ceesay:
He always is the best
Freddy Ang
Freddy Ang:
It does not matter whether Messi wins any awards, he will always be absolutely the most professional soccer player in the world! He is most respected and most loved by everyone. Congratulations!
Sante'm Se pa'm
Sante'm Se pa'm:
Simplement l'extraterrestre M10! So glad to see this legend playing in my time of life! I always want this difference so no one gets 6 ⚽️ d'or because he's unique!
🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹😍😍⚽️🏅 bon bagay!
Sandi Nopiansyah Al Ansory
Sandi Nopiansyah Al Ansory:
Selamat untuk King Leo, saya dari Indonesia mengucapkan sukses selalu...!!!
Football Is the Game
Football Is the Game:
as Sampaoli once said: There should be two Ballon d'Ors, one for Messi and one for everyone else
Abdul Aris
Abdul Aris:
gila nambah lagi ballo dor nya👏
Prudence Gowdie
Prudence Gowdie:
I am very glad he won. He is such a special human. He is humble. Messi u r the greatest to have Played the Sport of football. U r just great and no one can take that away. I hope one day u will respond to my message. I started following you from 2010. God bless and keep u and your family.
Ronaldo mna? Udh tau klah pasti gk prnh dtg wkwk
ALI Matan
ALI Matan:
10:57 ..The blonde interviewer wants Van Dykes D so bad that she mumbles her words 😆
Ben Ben
Ben Ben:
His not best player the world cheating to nominee player he play only in one league one club is bulshit
Nurtilek Aldaiarov
Nurtilek Aldaiarov:
Bad translated.
Хуевой перевод.
kevin coelho
kevin coelho:
How can you decide on Assists n Goals.
How will a Midfielder or Defender or Goalkeeper ever win the Balon D Or.
Sorry this was Horrible.
Atobo Puth
Atobo Puth:
Atlast its done what we have been waited for it, God bless u more n more king
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName:
Just announce the name Mr Drogba.
Prabh Sandhu
Prabh Sandhu:
Messi deserved The Best Player Award. Congratulations GOAT!
El Cebuano Ray_D
El Cebuano Ray_D:
The GOAT! Today, tomorrow and ever....
Erwin Dannie
Erwin Dannie:
Imagine him playing in france
Messi is the greatest of all time
Ronaldo 17/18 : 54 goals in 55 games - 15 CL Goals - 4 World Cup goals - 4 trophies including champions league = (No Ballon d'or)
Messi 18 /19 : 54 goals in 58 games - 12 CL goals - 1 goal copa america - 1Trophie Liga + 1 supercoupe = ( 1 bAllon d'or).
Kayse ali mohamed
Kayse ali mohamed:
Lionel Messi is best player everyone knows that have talented
Adna Newton
Adna Newton:
ambesh karanjit
ambesh karanjit:
Record 6th for the greatest ever 👑🐐❤️
Congrats Lionel Messi 👏👏👏👏
But I miss my God
C.Ronldo 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️
Tafadzwa,Macdonald Mukundu
Tafadzwa,Macdonald Mukundu:
All hail,hail,hail the prodigiously ,gifted,dimunitive ,genius ,his Imperial ,majestic King LIONEL MESSI 4 bagging a record 6th Ballon D`Or ,Commiserations to 1st runner up VVD!.
Allan G
Allan G:
His first since 2016 actually
HALLO ? Have you heard about Ter Stegen , Benzema, Lewandowsky = top 5.
CH 14K
CH 14K:
Messi คึอทีหนึ่ง ในโลกฟุดบอลนะตอนนี ชึ้งคอง 6 Ballon D'or
armand D
armand D:
No need be Champions league, no need be Champions world cup, you can winner ballon d'Or ( Barcelona). Are u kidding, are u joke.... Hah this is serious . What the F,.......
RIP for soccer (UEFA/FIFA)
Kevisetolie Nakhro
Kevisetolie Nakhro:
Jest here to watch how cr7 fans are trying to make him win ballon d'or though he did not perform upto expectation ..😂😂😂😂.. my respect to van dijk maybe he also deserved it but being a defender he had a disadvantage in form of goals n assists .. i guess.. peace out y'all 👍
ʀᴀᴊᴏɴ Ahmed
ʀᴀᴊᴏɴ Ahmed:
Boss Leonel Messi❤❤❤❤
ฐานุพงศ์ ลิมปิพงศ์ธนิต
ฐานุพงศ์ ลิมปิพงศ์ธนิต:
sephanie duhaut
sephanie duhaut:
laii moussa tu es un tché gouanou♥♥
Well first of all.. good ebening
Movie Time
Movie Time:
King of football messi 👑👑👑⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
Luis Valencia
Luis Valencia:
Well that shows that Messi is the best u want Proof 6 golden balls is not enough and I think 6 golden boots and the best FIFA player then I don’t know what to say 😂🤷‍♂️
Tom Chapplin
Tom Chapplin:
There is only one person now that can beat Messi.... Messi😁👍
Harsh Markam
Harsh Markam:
What CR7 did for Portugal Messi couldn't do for Argentina...enjoy ur individual award and nothing for nation...
MSN. Jr:
Richard Calisi
Richard Calisi:
In my eyes its his 10th ballon d'or. van dijk not even close.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rodo Ro
Rodo Ro:
Congratulations to the best ⚽️ player.
rfSatea22 Satea22
rfSatea22 Satea22:
Woooooow.....Messi Messi Messi .... . Congrats....
Elmer Puentes
Elmer Puentes:
Soy barcelonista, admirador de Leo pero admiro la gran humildad de luca modrik en entregarle el balón de oro a Messi cuando en cambio Messi y CR7 le fallaron a modrik en no asistir a la gala del balón de oro para modrik. Eso se llama HUMILDAD, grande modrik 👏👏👏👏
Ben Ben
Ben Ben:
Hid not best player how come hid best player he played in one club
Fair & Square Justice
Fair & Square Justice:
Ronaldo did not attend because he knew he lost!
Elangbam Rojikumar
Elangbam Rojikumar:
You are perfect for this award.messi is the best
ITVERSE academy
ITVERSE academy:
He is unstoppable
andi nugraha
andi nugraha:
My favorite soccer player is ...messi⚽
Жизнь ! Вокруг света !
Жизнь ! Вокруг света !:
Молодец !!! извинился и поблагодарил Ван Дейка ! И перед вручением забил победный мяч Атлетико !
Carlos Jesus Callejas Mercado
Carlos Jesus Callejas Mercado:

Thor Knky
Thor Knky:
Humilité et Mérité largement !!! Léo la légende !!! !!! "le foot n'a qu'un seul dieu " méx6 !!! Respect mec !!!😎 😎😎😎😎😎!!! LA PULGA !! ✊✊✊✊✊✊✊!!!
Immigrato clandestino
Immigrato clandestino:
So do they tell the winner he won in advance? How else would they have a video prepared for the ceremony? If so does every other nominee realise in advance they didn't win because they weren't informed by nobody? I'm so confused...
Jana bodong
Jana bodong:
Manipuladi data, masa messi , m salah yg bagus udh bisa bawa liverpool juara
Mlika Lokna
Mlika Lokna:
Of one side is this beautiful that we have so good players but of one side is this sad that in feature messi ronaldo don't gonna play any more im gonna so cry when messi and ronaldo ends his carrer
kennedy otieno
kennedy otieno:
lionel  messi the greatest ever
Ali R
Ali R:
السلآم على مسي يوم ولد ويوم يموت ويوم يبعث حيا /والله ما يجي مثله/مسي ٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦٦
Laminthiago Sanyang
Laminthiago Sanyang:
Congratulations Leo wel deserved you really worked for it
Adk Comel
Adk Comel:
Messi the best of thebest......
Luchen Simanjuntak
Luchen Simanjuntak:
C.RONALDO remains the best. he always became gold in every club he defended. not only in one club
Obex Barca
Obex Barca:
Good king ball👍👍 vizca barca. Top LM-10👍👍
Where was Ronaldo in there?
Aa3Dr Gam3r
Aa3Dr Gam3r:
@14:49 what the guy screaming?