Former trader at WTC relives his escape

Former trader at The World Trade Centre Jack Avlo talks The Telegraph about his lucky escape on September 11th and how he ended up driving New York City cabs for a living.

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johnny memory
johnny memory:
got to respect that guy immediately bailed and got the train. no messing around.
Brenda Mtz
Brenda Mtz:
My uncle's ex partner worked in the north tower, she was 34 weeks pregnant, still 6 weeks away from her due date. She was getting ready for work, she was an advertising coordinator..well, her water broke and decided to stay home that day to get her bags set for the hospital. The baby was born the next day, 9-12 ....
we all feel that she came early to save herself and her mom.
Den Dan
Den Dan:
I miss the way life was before.
I have a friend who also escaped. Here we are 17 years later and he has never been into any building with more than two floors since that day. If he is not near enough to the ground to jump out the window, then he doesn't go into that building. Like this guy, the PTSD cost him his corporate job, he now runs his own business in the Bay Area, from an office in his house.
Lilith Lucien
Lilith Lucien:
Glad he trusted his instinct to get out.
Rip to all 9/11 victims
My girlfriend at the time lived in the Bronx with her uncle and our uncle had a job interview at the Twin Towers I forgot which building but I remember he overslept and he was telling us that day that he was kind of upset he overslept needless to say Looking Back Now he thanks God every single day did he miss that job interview
He's now a real estate broker (I looked him up on FB). ;)
Never mind It's just Dan
Never mind It's just Dan:
My aunt was working incredibly close to the twin towers. It was her second day working at Penguin books publishing. She actually used the towers as a guide to find her work building. She was so close, that when people jumped, she could see their ties flapping around. I remember she said "Grandmas generation will always remember where they were when JFK was shot, and my generation will always remember where we were when 911 happened..."
Thomas Farmer
Thomas Farmer:
What a great human being!!! I wish him and his family all the very best and congratulate his decision.
Brad Phuck
Brad Phuck:
The first dude that got the hell out was a smart man. He probably made it home in no time and watched the rest on TV
Myabritt Tolbert
Myabritt Tolbert:
I like this guy.
Candle VLogger123
Candle VLogger123:
Rip everyone who died and god bless everyone who survived its 9/11/18
Katy Bauer
Katy Bauer:
My heart goes out to this man. His PTSD is obvious and heartbreaking. I wish he and his family the best of luck.
I'm afraid those who did one after the first plane hit the other tower were smart - their instinct was based on horror and self-preservation. No message, no procedure should override that instinct.
Sophia’s Vlogs
Sophia’s Vlogs:
I was 25 turning 26 when 911 happened. I’m almost 43 now. It doesn’t get any easier when I think about 911 after all these years...
raelv_gaming ii
raelv_gaming ii:
This guy honestly he is amazing he got out the building quick and easily god bless him that he is still living life today.

Edit : been a year since this day , thanks for the likes , i wanna remember that day. Even though i wasn’t around
Allen Tolman
Allen Tolman:
straight up humble survivor
no time to play the victim
making ends meet as the
lay man priest receiving
confessionals from
strangers in his
anointed cab
lou lou
lou lou:
I hope this man lives his life to the full. After what he as experienced. God bless x
Elizabeth Whiteoak
Elizabeth Whiteoak:
I felt immediate respect for this man, and it's a wonder that he even still lives in NYC!!! Who would want to go back??
Couldn't take my eyes off his visor
Frank Forgett
Frank Forgett:
Total respect for that man. I'm sure he was making lots of money at Morgan Stanley. But he left the corporate world for a life as a taxi driver after he had to give metaphorically the finger to that fool who was giving him an evaluation moments after the towers crumbled. Whoever that guy was who wanted to give him an evaluation on the spot of the smoldering rubble had to have seriously lost all concept of reality in a possible attempt to cope with it.
My Singing Monsters - Evan
My Singing Monsters - Evan:
I feel so nauseous watching these videos. I remember getting off the path train the next day and looking across to the platform where the wtc track was and wondering how many people I saw the day before died.
Charles Gomez
Charles Gomez:
integrity, money doesnt buy everything.
That One Odd Brit
That One Odd Brit:
He was like “nah fam”
Seeing grown tough men crying that badly...kinda rips into your heart.
Angelina R
Angelina R:
my grandmother used to work in the WTC, that morning she wasn’t feeling well, extremely sick honestly. no way for her to go to work. she decided to stay home and try and get some work done there. thank god she stayed home that day.
ethan chiaramonte
ethan chiaramonte:
Crazy story. My hockey coach once told my team a story about his 9/11 experience and he had a a girlfriend who worked in the north tower in the higher floors. The day before September 11 they broke up and she was to heartbroken to go to work....
Berry Girl
Berry Girl:
I am glad he was able to get out...especially with his wife expecting. My heart still aches for all of those who couldn't get out, and their families and loved ones.
Rodrigo De Triano
Rodrigo De Triano:
Very interesting and professional video, i really enjoyed this
moon glow
moon glow:
Why NYC is doing to the yellow cab drivers, I hope this guy still has a job
cant believe this is 17 years old my god time flys
Rohan chakraborty
Rohan chakraborty:
Rest in peace to all my americans brother's and sister's who died in this attack & may god bless their family from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳
Smart man, good decision making... probably is/was a good broker too.
If only a few thousand people just so happened to oversleep that day
Melissa Whitmore
Melissa Whitmore:
I just watched a video called “9/11: As the events fold” and I’m scared.. they were calling loved ones.people were in the tower calling as it praying this doesn’t happen again.
Gonzalo Baca
Gonzalo Baca:
RIP Everyone who died 18 years ago today.
Da epic koala
Da epic koala:
My moms grandparents were on the first plane
Jordan Menard
Jordan Menard:
Today is 2018 11 September and it a sad day I learn this today at school
Alan Stoddart
Alan Stoddart:
My uncle was outside the north tower when the first one hit, shards of glass rained down and well, he cannot see out of his left eye due to a shard slicing it open...
June Hodge
June Hodge:
Whoever dislikes this video is an evil person
Anya Vlad
Anya Vlad:
What a pleasant, wonderful guy!!! Bless his soul 🙇💙💪
good for him
Kit Lee
Kit Lee:
I still feel the pain in my heart :(
the three musketeers - funny dog videos and tribulations
the three musketeers - funny dog videos and tribulations:
My fellow New Yorker ❤
Sasha л
Sasha л:
My dad was offered a job by 2 men running the company in the twin towers. He was accepted but then decided to turn down the job. Both men died. Rest in peace ❤️
Kel Kel
Kel Kel:
So glad he listened to his intuition and common sense and decided to get out of that building, I'm happy for his family he survived!
sister of sin
sister of sin:
4:33 the yell.... "oh my god-" ..... heartbreaking- it hurt me so bad.
feel for all the people that went back up to their office after being told it was ok
just WOW
2:57 "Never Let Terrorists Drive an Airplane."
A Dumb Bitch
A Dumb Bitch:
I feel like if they would’ve build two freedom towers that would be beautiful.
jan janssen
jan janssen:
I get wet eyes listening to this nice guy....Even I'm far away (Belgium) I never forget what I saw in the news that day.
@YankeeClippa A joke? Anything but. You don't understand how heartbreaking this tragedy is.
Syd the Squid
Syd the Squid:
One like one prey for those who died

Avril Torry
Avril Torry:
This vid makes me sad because I lost my grandpa from this😪 I will never hear 9/11 the same ☹️
vinnysmum11 Roblox!
vinnysmum11 Roblox!:
This is strange .. I was born on September 12th 2010
Plane Expert
Plane Expert:
I’m 9 and I wasn’t alive when it happened so I always wanna learn more about it even though I know a lot
Steve Finesse
Steve Finesse:
1:39 he put a gas mask on and never left his desk. He was one of the people who died
Why did one of his co-workers have a gas mask in their desk? Oddly specific and concerning...
James Chavez
James Chavez:
6:04 He meant PTSD. I hope he is doing well.
Duke Mac
Duke Mac:
I support this guy🇺🇸. This is my favorite history and it’s really sad😭😢
This man deserves all respect for all he’s been through with 911. This dude is awesome May God stand with him forever.
L G:
What a great "down to earth guy" I think he learned a lesson that is everything. Very few of us will ever know.....
CoolGirl_10088 Roblox
CoolGirl_10088 Roblox:
If Jack survived 9/11, he can survive ANYTHING
He the real MVP
hein htet
hein htet:
Who came here 2019?
with full of sadness😔😔😔
LetS Be ReAL 1986
LetS Be ReAL 1986:
When my Veteran Grandfather & I watched this unfold live on tv(we watched the 2nd tower get hit) he said WE ARE GOING TO WAR, I changed.
Jon Luci
Jon Luci:
God bless him. Life is hard. It's getting harder financially.
A very sad and heartbreaking event! When this evil is done by man, it hurts greatly.
Ehhhhh ... is that man made for evil?
My dad used to work there and he retired before 9/11 im so glad he is safe
Mitch Tarkany
Mitch Tarkany:
Congratz you survived
Rares voievodd
Rares voievodd:
2019 ?
Inqusitormasterfan Roblox
Inqusitormasterfan Roblox:
If I was someone I would not stand there I will RUN 🏃‍♀️ for my life 😰
Zara Wiseman
Zara Wiseman:
2:56 Plane crashes into other building so sad
Mrs. Diva
Mrs. Diva:
Man I can only imagine 😢😢😢And Why The Hell Would Anyone Wanna Keep Working After That Is Happening SMH But Glad He Got Another Job After That Rip To Those Who Lost Their Lives That Day🌹🌹
Kevin Kirk
Kevin Kirk:
This is awesome. Finally a good story from 911. All the best to ya!
there's hope
there's hope:
Omg I can imagine the people at work on the second building looking from there Windows to the first building on fire and feel worried and scared for the workers there ,they have no idea that they will be the next hit and sadly the first one collapses ..
Yonas Abebe
Yonas Abebe:
Wow. Man. No word to stay ! Stay 💪 my friend.
Isabel Baratta
Isabel Baratta:
I wish him the best ooohhh God my heart breaks
Patrick Sinclair
Patrick Sinclair:
I read the title as “former TRAITOR”
silva geko
silva geko:
im glad i never worked in that second tower cause i think i would have been one of the people who stayed out of curiosity to look across at the north tower.... cause im a nosey sob.
H. M.
H. M.:
Sometimes I come back to look at this video, just to remember this unbelievably, sad time in America history.
Seeking Him daily
Seeking Him daily:
This was such a *real* interview.
09/11/2019 🙏🏻
jesus garcia
jesus garcia:
4:34 in the right, it looks like the guy is cheering
just imagine being in that situation! My legs are jelly just him talking about it!
Joey Taylor
Joey Taylor:
Robert Reekie my teachers uncle ran out just in time
Betty Bloch
Betty Bloch:
Morgan Stanley banker survived the 9/11, and works now as taxi driver in NY, wishing they had built the Twin towers again, so that he could say his prayers/blessings within the "memorial" church/chapel.
Daniil Lysenko
Daniil Lysenko:
FT1 = 💣
Lol this video was uploaded on the 8/9/2011 so it can't have been 10 years later
Ronnie Bishop
Ronnie Bishop:
I totally understand. I was in the entertainment business and though I loved it I started thinking what's the difference what I do?
zyquavious Johnson aka
zyquavious Johnson aka:
I live in New York and I saw the building fall
Dude I couldn’t a see a single thing, my eyes were stinging because of the dust.
Manu G G
Manu G G:
Together Forever
Together Forever:
God bless him for having a job!
Uranus Planet
Uranus Planet:
Albert Rosa
Albert Rosa:
Wow. Amazing story. Fascinating to hear from people who were actually there, that worked there.
Roberto Martinez
Roberto Martinez:
Love that guy. Rock on.
Line-ah Blue
Line-ah Blue:
Certainly a New yowka