Fishing for Invasive Northern Snakehead (1 of 4) | Field Trips Virginia

WATCH PART 2 (COOKING EM UP): WATCH PART 3: (SHOCKING FISH W/ BIOLOGIST): WATCH PART 4: (CATCHING MORE): In part 1 of this 4-part series, I'm chasing the invasive, ferocious and controversial Northern snakehead in Virginia. These fish were introduced into the U.S. from North Korea and China, and many believe they are going to destroy the local waterways of Virginia and Maryland. Others aren't so sure. Yet the witch hunt for these fish remains, with many insisting that every specimen be killed no matter what. In this series, I'll be trying to get to the bottom of the snakehead debate, starting off fishing for them with Haleigh Kilby and Jonathan Leavitt in this episode. Then we'll cook a couple up in episode 2 (spoiler: they are DELICIOUS) before joining John Odenkirk, a biologist with the Virginia Dept. of Game & Inland Fisheries, on a shocking trip to learn more about the species and how biologists study invasive species in episode 3. Finally, we'll head back out to chase these fish with all the knowledge we've gained to see if we can land a monster. COMMENT BELOW if you've ever caught or heard of these fish! Check out Anvil Campground for some of the best camping in Virginia! Download the FREE Fishbrain app: Comment in the app that you watch my YouTube & I'll follow back! Get the ActionHat I'm wearing - it FLOATS with a GoPro on it! Use code YAKFISHTV for 15% off at ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Follow Me on Social! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Facebook → Instagram → Twitter → ▬▬▬▬▬▬ Follow YakFish TV on Social! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Facebook → Instagram→ Twitter → Website → ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ My Favorite Brands ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Shop the Camera Stuff I Use! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Main Camera → Garmin VIRB → GoPro → Editing Software → Editing Computer → Drone → Audio Recorder → Smart Watch → ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Shop the Fishing Stuff I Use! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Fish Finder → Fish Finder Battery → High End Spinning Reel → Low End Spinning Reel → VHF Radio → ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Shop the Kayak Stuff I Use! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Gear Crate → Camera Boom → Rod Holder → Visibility Kit → Paddle → Life Jacket → Knife → Rod Leashes → ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Shop the RV Stuff I Use! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Cell Signal Booster → Emergency InReach → WiFi Signal Booster → Verizon Jetpack Hotspot →

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Mallory Morgan-Hinckley
Mallory Morgan-Hinckley:
Im excited youre doing this series! I actually went to high school in Stafford, VA and in my oceanography class, my teacher got a license and he went out and caught us a snakehead to keep in the tank in the classroom. I was in charge of keeping the tank, so I got to work very closely with them and feed him live goldfish. The first lesson we learned is that theyre lungfish, and actually have to breathe air to survive. The first night we had him, we came in the next morning and he was halfway across the classroom. We put a brick on top of his tank after that.
„Dude, Where‘s my Fish“
Hallie ... "how you doin"
Thợ Săn Cá Lóc
Thợ Săn Cá Lóc:
Wellcome to vietnam 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cristos Palabras
Cristos Palabras:
Livin' the dream, man. Love it.
Daniel V
Daniel V:
I would like to catch these one day, they look so amazing.
Would of liked to see this fish walk on land and breathe lol I’ve never heard of this fish until my local news channel on Facebook made a post about them saying if you catch them kill them .
Justo-Jose Tapia-Padron
Justo-Jose Tapia-Padron:
You’re my inspiration to create a channel
21st Century Renaissance Man
21st Century Renaissance Man:
I hope they invade Kentucky really soon.
Sarah Vega
Sarah Vega:
Your honesty my favorite pro fisherman you provide such a huge variety of species and not just catching bass better yet u do it in a kayak keep up the good work 💯💪
Nice video my dude! Interesting fish species, I had never heard of it.
Anthony Wilks
Anthony Wilks:
i was just there!!! just missed ya
aranthi fernando
aranthi fernando:
A prime predator. One of the most amazing fish ever!
EnSuBoca Fishing
EnSuBoca Fishing:
Fished with John Monday, loved the Snakehead thrill all your reactions were exactly mine! ahahaha
Angry Bunny
Angry Bunny:
Holy!!! I told you bro!! Hahaha
killer kitten
killer kitten:
0:14 '"HOLY!!!'" "I TOLD YOU BROO!!!!!
rodi nunez
rodi nunez:
Like these mini series
Glad I seen this video I live in Stafford going fishing for them soon needed to know what baits to use good vid
Fabian LovesLaw
Fabian LovesLaw:
incredible looking fish, and a hard fighter...on my list for sure, and congrats on 100K man, you deserve it
Brenda Field
Brenda Field:
You never disappoint with these videos! Awesome! ❤️
Edham Bin Othman
Edham Bin Othman:
Pedro Natividade
Pedro Natividade:
que lindo
v b
v b:
Watched the channel intro, subscribed right away! Maannn that sturgeon looked huge!
Absolutely great channel. You've got my subscription. Many greetings from Switzerland
Paul Brown
Paul Brown:
13:05 my favorite part.
Nice! I fish there regularly... good to see you fishing my local waters. Theres something about snakeheads that just gets my heart beating!
The Reel Gills
The Reel Gills:
That was sick man! Great species to check off the list!
peo lindstrom
peo lindstrom:
watje janssen
watje janssen:
beautiful fighting fish,and i would eat them too if we had them in Europe !
Tadhg Hayden
Tadhg Hayden:
reckon from what I see of em various different videos...folk fishing for them ,they are smart ass fishes well...
james johnston
james johnston:
You reek of awesomeness!! Love these fish in Maryland
Mark Sigsbee
Mark Sigsbee:
1 one thousand 2 two thousand 3 three thousand 4 four thousand! I kayak on the Potomac as well. It’s a blast.
Wes Jones
Wes Jones:
Great video! Looking forward to the rest of the series!
Do it like Capt. Dan
Do it like Capt. Dan:
Nice! New sub bro bro.
The snakehead definitely is a fierce predator and in my experience they out compete bass in small ecosystems. I recently caught my first snakehead in a small pond on the Eastern Shore, MD after landing a decent bass that was super skinny (putting the video out this week).
The snakeheads were also thick, full bodied bullies. First thing I did was clip it’s gill plates and bleed it out... no issues and they taste delicious! Congrats and looking forward to following you journey... definitely stop by the Chesapeake Bay and experience “Rock”tober
102k subscribers! When you cross the 100k mark? Congrats, great vids always and you deserve all of them and more.
Max M
Max M:
Sick video man, love it! Keep up the great content. Do you use a REVO winch baitcaster? Looked like it, just wondering what your thoughts were on it if that is what you use. I'm thinking about getting one too! Looking forward to the next video!
Inter Mobile
Inter Mobile:
🔰Nice trip :It has very awesome pattern. 🙄(Tattoo Fish) 😁Ha.. Ha..!
Nathan Cross
Nathan Cross:
Great video. Looking forward to the episode with John Odenkirk. I've met him. He is THE MAN when it comes to Snakeheads.
Andrew Simpson
Andrew Simpson:
Super cool as ever Robert...that's one gnarly looking fish 👀so looking forward to seeing the rest of the series...and uber cool *Haleigh* lady's got skills 👍☺
Free Spool Kayak Fishing
Free Spool Kayak Fishing:
Nice fish bro! Still have to make my way up there to catch some!
Finesse Fishing
Finesse Fishing:
Yet again luv your vids!
Jim Farris
Jim Farris:
Totally awesome bro I almost bro in my pants it was freaking awesome dude I was freaking out not
Love the vid
This is the best eating fish in Thailand and most of southeast Asia. The meat is great.
Lonell Rodgers
Lonell Rodgers:
I'm from Stafford, VA and this gets me psyched to catch a snakehead!! I mainly fish for striped bass in the surf, but this year it's time for snakehead!!
MLuff 1611
MLuff 1611:
Count to 4 before setting the hook
That’s what you said
Roy Cooper
Roy Cooper:
You should contact Jon b or lunkerstv and go fishing with them! It would be my favourite fishermen in all together!
Fishing Fresno
Fishing Fresno:
I'd love to catch one but glad they're not where i'm at. I think they're one of the coolest looking fish.
Fishing Donegal
Fishing Donegal:
MI Angler
MI Angler:
fishing cool steady ,mutual support also for the fellow building the channel well
Thongbay Chanthanalay
Thongbay Chanthanalay:
Looking scary
Like big snack 🐍
I've been fishing for these for years and learned a lot about them. The four count hook set is pretty much mandatory when hooking these guys because they suck the bait in instead of bite it. Their mouths are much bonier as well. Getting that hook set strategy in your mind is almost impossible because when they strike its basically and instant reaction just to set the hook. They are stupid fast. I find fishing for them in late April through may the best because the vegetation is not grown in yet and you can spot them much easier. Also in May the fish are full of roe which makes em that much bigger so most fish that would normally be 8-9 pounds are more like 10-11. Once July comes around its much harder to find and catch them, at least where I fish. Once the water gets hot, the lily pads and grass grows in, its almost impossible to find them. They become very sluggish.
Scott Adams
Scott Adams:
Good stuff!! I just started to target these fish in MD. Haven't gotten one yet but it's coming soon.
Hamid Baaoui
Hamid Baaoui:
Looking forward to episode 2.
Take the red pill Wilson
Take the red pill Wilson:
Beautiful Halley. Yes
Brock Blazier
Brock Blazier:
I'm back for another great video have you ever tried doing this in florida ?? Or are they a different type??
Qaibstreetline Asianredneck
Qaibstreetline Asianredneck:
I'll ditch the bass any day for them snakehead, better fight and they're tasty too.
San luis stripper #1
San luis stripper #1:
3rd place love u man
Юрий Морозов
Юрий Морозов:
Keep up the great works guys.All the best,Jimmy Willis
chris burroughs
chris burroughs:
great episode!!!
rosu cristian
rosu cristian:
12:15 :)))))
Taste Great bro.
Andrew Rollins
Andrew Rollins:
WOW! Hailey is killing it .Awesome work.
David Thibodeaux
David Thibodeaux:
You need your on Amazon shop
Cast N Blast
Cast N Blast:
Man 100k I still remember the videos you will do in Galveston or around the area! That’s awesome man!! Keep it up! And greatttttt looking fish something different
Vecktor PR. Fishing
Vecktor PR. Fishing:
nice snake 🐍 head man I hope next episode you take like a 20 pounder!!
Anthony Belmonte
Anthony Belmonte:
bro BRO! Bleed your fish out if you're gonna eat em' instead of bashing them. I bring a pair of scissors or a fillet knife and trim the gills. It makes for a way better meal!
Josh White
Josh White:
They always break your net and I've broke alot of hooks
Gabriel Hagen
Gabriel Hagen:
Brobert Field more like it
Neil Schaefer
Neil Schaefer:
"oh my god dude, there's one right here bro" "good one bro"
Robbert, love what you do, and aspire to do what you are doing. Question for you, how much does this cost per year, assume no incomes?
The Musky Guys
The Musky Guys:
Sweet fish man!
Victor Franqui
Victor Franqui:
Dude watch some Asian videos catching them, they use some sort of jumping frog that drive them crazy
Matt Vliet
Matt Vliet:
Korn : Beating me beating me down, down. @13:02
Lmao i own that shirt from the intro
Mason Hogan
Mason Hogan:
First 30 seconds made me subscribe
great video . just a new fish to eat , never going to kill em all might as well eat them
peter rolando
peter rolando:
That’s insane I litterally live on the aquia creek
Knight 016 *
Knight 016 *:
So do I kill these things when I catch em? 🤔
Brown Trout
Brown Trout:
13:01 someone buy that man a small hit not tap tap tap geeeez LOL
steve mckibben
steve mckibben:
That's a very different fish.
4 count hookset? I would screw that up quick.
Great catch. ✌
FIRST LINE channel
FIRST LINE channel:
wow too many vlogger there man
Don Hawk
Don Hawk:
my favorite fresh water fish to catch and eat
Another good video bro. Tug on
Darnell Hendeason
Darnell Hendeason:
Why is this guy speaking like the snakehead isn't invasive?

Great music @ 8:17
Matthew Barnhart
Matthew Barnhart:
fishing starts a 3:10
Millers Landing
Millers Landing:
Millers Landing
Millers Landing:
Manuel Abreu
Manuel Abreu:
Some episode that was .snake heads I thought you couldn't eat them .but now I know .awesome video like always Mr Robert fields. I think Haley was a great catch to,. lol.
Mista CutThroatz
Mista CutThroatz:
Snakeheads are awesome aquarium fish
J s
J s:
As per the scales structure, this snake-head fish may be a lab made creature ?????....,
Awesome video!!! Jon is the man
Jaclyn Casey
Jaclyn Casey:
You’re at my marina!!!!!!
GreenHouse ExoticX
GreenHouse ExoticX:
Great video like every other on your channel
Liza Liza
Liza Liza:
I like that snake head fish
Wooow nice brooo..........brooo
Sean Connor
Sean Connor:
NO bro zone.....
Crunch Hardtack
Crunch Hardtack:
I saw these fish in a SciFi movie. They actually crawled up on land, surrounded people in a cabin and ate a couple of them.