Fantasy Football 2018 - Starts of the Week + Wk 15 Matchups, Gut Feelings - Ep. #669

Week 15 is here! Let’s set those lineups to dominate in the second round of the fantasy playoffs! We discuss updates on Melvin Gordon, Tyreek Hill, Spencer Ware, Odell Beckham and others. Then it’s a fantasy football preview for a handful of Week 15 matchups before Andy, Jason, and Mike’s Starts of the Week! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with insights you can only get on the #1 fantasy football podcast -- Fantasy Football Podcast for December 13th, 2018. 01:30- Melvin Gordon 04:02- Quick Question (Do you watch the fantasy playoffs with your opponent? 06:11- News and Notes (Odell Beckham, Tyreek Hill, Spencer Ware, Damien Williams) 14:17- Week 15 Matchups 15:00- Houston Texans vs New York Jets 21:45- Cleveland Browns vs Denver Broncos 29:00- Atlanta Falcons vs Arizona Cardinals 35:31- Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Baltimore Ravens 44:02- Detroit Lions vs Buffalo Bills 47:50- Dallas Cowboys vs Indianapolis Colts 53:10- Starts of the Week! 53:45- RB - (Justin Jackson, Chris Carson, Dalvin Cook) 56:15- WR - (Tyler Boyd, Robert Woods, Julian Edelman) 58:23- TE - (Ian Thomas, David Njoku, Jaylen Samuels) 1:00:40- QB (Jared Goff, Lamar Jackson, Andrew Luck) 1:03:12- Boom Boom! Go to everyday to help us win best Sports Podcast for the iHeart Radio Podcast Awards! Check out today's sponsors: Fantasy Champs: -- Code: Ballers 23 and Me: SeatGeek: -- Code: BALLERS Studio sponsor: SUBSCRIBE ➨ --------------------------------------------------- Connect with the #1 Fantasy Football Podcast: Visit us on the web -- Support the show! -- Follow us on Twitter -- @TheFFBallers Follow on Instagram -- Image Credit: Getty Images #fantasyfootball #fantasyplayoffs #fantasyfootballplayoffs

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The Fantasy Footballers
The Fantasy Footballers:
Get entered to win a signed Hopkins jersey, Saquon jersey, and Michael Thomas mini-helmet at!
Griffin Leuck
Griffin Leuck:
I listen to these guys every single day. Great content as always fellas. Good luck to everyone in the semi finals!
Preston Hobbs
Preston Hobbs:
He literally said Damien Williams is not that good lmao!! Got me 29 points in a ppr semi final
Patrick Kilduff
Patrick Kilduff:
Why is Mike still not here during the most pivotal time in the fantasy season!?
Adam Williams
Adam Williams:
Happy Birthday Caleb! Great show as always guys!
A C:
I love how one will say a positive for a player while the other will "pump the brakes" on him or back off some. The only agreements typically are the obvious plays. It is easy to watch your show and still not have any better understanding of players....but you do it well.
G Renz
G Renz:
This jersey on the wall trend is worrisome ... R I P Keenan Allen
Dana Plourde
Dana Plourde:
First time my kicker is the kicker of the week... I'm so nervous.
Dan Melvin
Dan Melvin:
Damien Williams looked pretty damn good last night
Chris Mattice
Chris Mattice:
Love the RDR2 reference at 4:00! Great show as always!
Lance Meaux
Lance Meaux:
Williams is going to get off tonight, bad advice fellas, I'm disappointed!
lol "sorry family!!"
Shannon Khalid
Shannon Khalid:
chose damien williams over marlon mack and gus edwards. Championship ready baby
Great lake Squad
Great lake Squad:
Love you guys vote 5 times every day on iheart i vote on the other one as well love your podcast number 1 all the way
The Rule of Two
The Rule of Two:
Of course you opened with Melvin, the man who's most likely going to decide whether I'm going to the big show or not. SAVAGE!
Matt West
Matt West:
The Damien Williams prediction did not age well
Shawn ¿
Shawn ¿:
J Moore: ahhg Matt Leinert I would Not start him this week.
Jordan Bigornia
Jordan Bigornia:
We miss Mike!!! Love the show, keep it up guys
Oscar Brito
Oscar Brito:
great show guys! love listening to your content everyday!
Pranav Jayaraman
Pranav Jayaraman:
I miss Mike :(
Ryan Casaday
Ryan Casaday:
Jason is my new RB2 and I feel great about it, after all he has evaded only one fewer tackle than Tevin Coleman over the past 3 weeks
The Mahomes/Tyreek/ Melvin Gordon owner was bounced in the first round in my league. Thanks to Amari Cooper
Daniel Howlind
Daniel Howlind:
Isn’t this the 2nd week in a row where the “Jersey on the wall guy” drew a big fat goose egg???
Rachel Marie
Rachel Marie:
Jalen Richard or Kenneth Dixon? ... Thank you!
Tim Barton
Tim Barton:
I try to listen to you guys via streaming in my Telsa Model 3, but it always errors out. You guys are the only FF podcast that does this. Any ideas why?
Hunter Howell
Hunter Howell:
Drew Brees or Lamar Jackson?
Mike Kok
Mike Kok:
David Johnson or Tarik Cohen in standard. Play 1.
Playoff semifinal week 2 for my league. I have an 8 pt lead from last week, full PPR. Have to decide between Big Ben or Goff and JuJu or Robert Woods. Any help is appreciated!!
Big Ben of Philip Rivers?
Baby josh 👶🍼❤️😃
Damien Williams or Jaylen Samuels
Broderick Balderas
Broderick Balderas:
D.johnson @ atl or d.williams vs chargers
I’m the 1st seed and lost in the first round. I have Beckham, M Gordon, The Wayward Son, and David Johnson. All were out scored by bench players last week.
Johnny Chea
Johnny Chea:
Samuels or e bron James?
Jason Doran
Jason Doran:
Tampa Bay upset but Baltimore still ranked 2 dst 🤔
Winston or Allen at QB?
MaozerBowzer 1
MaozerBowzer 1:
Justin Jackson or David Johnson?
Happy Cakes
Happy Cakes:
53:26. 🤣
Just Drayson
Just Drayson:
Terrific show guys. Happy B-Day to future fantasy football champion Caleb!
Kendall Meller
Kendall Meller:
Name one reciever, one flex, one rb, and one bench. Tyler Boyd Julian Edelman Tarik Cohen David Johnson
samuels or carson ppr?
Rivers vs KC (Arrowhead, bad weather, Eric Berry) or Josh Allen?
Matt Ryan or Lamar Jackson? I'm in the semi finals so....
EGO Capone
EGO Capone:
It's my birthday too.
Luke Rosenquist
Luke Rosenquist:
Terrance Hylton-lyons
Terrance Hylton-lyons:
Pope was on seattle
Christopher Hannon
Christopher Hannon:
Watson or Prescott?
Martin Horak
Martin Horak:
Josh Allen or Kirk Cousins?
Macky D
Macky D:
Dixon or Edwards?
paris lark
paris lark:
Dante Pettis or Tevin Coleman?
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez:
Standard league should I flex Damien Williams or jaylen samuel
Dion G
Dion G:
Ian Thomas or Evan Ingram?
Start Goff or Lamar??
Herbert Rafol
Herbert Rafol:
Start Damien Williams or breida/Wilson Jr?
Start one RB2 (standard): Gus Edwards, Damien Williams, k Dixon??
I have no other option than Stafford this week. My opponent has Jared Goff. I need a serious miracle.
Philip Madi
Philip Madi:
Aaron Rodgers or Nick Foles??
Crumsof Dank
Crumsof Dank:
Anderson or conley???
Adam Ross
Adam Ross:
Help! Should I start Damien Williams or Sony Michel in PPR?
Hector Rivaz
Hector Rivaz:
I need help fellas do I start Melvin Gordon or Tarik Cohen?
So if Odell is still questionable by Saturday would you start Jarvis Landry to be safe?
Fix my flex please - PPR league
Can only pick one..
Josh Addams, Elijah McGuire, Tyler Boyd or James White
jared matthews
jared matthews:
hahaha pope jokes
Bryan Lloyd
Bryan Lloyd:
Landry or Humphries
Nathan Hoang
Nathan Hoang:
Justin Jackson or Damien Williams?
Yair H.
Yair H.:
Should I start Damien Williams or Marc Ingram???
Johnny Chea
Johnny Chea:
Good luck to everyone here! Let’s get this W!
Joseph Messmer
Joseph Messmer:
Cameron brate almost start of week?
Ivenor Rosier
Ivenor Rosier:
Starting Gurley & Carson...

So which should I play @flex Jay Samuels vs NE or D.Williams vs LAC 🤔
Anthony Gociu
Anthony Gociu:
Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen?
TJ Nelson
TJ Nelson:
Right now I have ertz in TE and debating Between Kittle and James white in my flex/ in my RB slots are Kamara and Gus Edwards
Jay Log
Jay Log:
Start Justin Jackson or Damien Williams in ppr league
Josh Smith
Josh Smith:
Drake or Hamilton flex full ppr need help
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia:
Robert Woods or Justin Jackson full ppr
Jarrod Peterson
Jarrod Peterson:
Started Damien Williams and got 27.30 and Keenan Allen got me 0 points !!!
Chris Miller
Chris Miller:
Full point PPR, pick one please

Aaron Jones @CHI
Damien Williams vs LAC
Justin Jackson @KC
Sebastian Oliva
Sebastian Oliva:
Help needed.
Only need to know if I should start Jordan Howard over Gus The Bus, standard/flex.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Good luck all
Aaron Hinkle
Aaron Hinkle:
That’s what happened to me last week, my opponent was up 22 with Trubisky left and I had bears D & Zuerline... needless to say I didn’t expect to win and gave her an early congrats lol
Nick Bronner
Nick Bronner:
big decisions to make! Rivers or Cam? Woods or Chubb at flex?
Jake Klassen
Jake Klassen:
Patrick Mahomes and Melvin Gordon owner. So bummed about Gordon!
David Biedron
David Biedron:
Had hunt and gordon handcuffed with eckler and ware. Was able to get Damian Williams. Ughh wish me luck footclan
Brenden Hanzmann
Brenden Hanzmann:
Sooo... Goff or Luck? I got both
Yoann Bergeron
Yoann Bergeron:
Rodgers or fournette superflex hppr?
Okay so I have Tyreek hill, Adam Thielen, Juju, and Davante Adams. I'm tempted to leave Davante out of the party because of the Chicago Defense. Any thoughts?
Nate Lewis
Nate Lewis:
Amari cooper or jarvis landry this week or tyler boyd
Joao Sandes Neto
Joao Sandes Neto:
Damien Williams, Jaylen Samuels ou Sony michel?
Dre Plays
Dre Plays:
I grabbed th falcons defense for a stream this week and I know they play AZ but man they make me nervous seeing them in my lineup and their season stats lol
Johno wowzer
Johno wowzer:
I'm the tyreek hill, Melvin Gordon and James conner owner, and tonight is the start of the championship round...
Nathan Oldenkamp
Nathan Oldenkamp:
I'm getting over my Gordon tilt with Lindsey + Chubb
Jimmy Nguyen
Jimmy Nguyen:
Who would you guys play? Jaylen Samuels or Tyler boyd in a ppr?
Russell mcewin
Russell mcewin:
I got hill and beckham!!
Aaron Jones or Justin Jackson? Standard
Jeff Jarrett
Jeff Jarrett:
Marlon Mack or Curtis Samuel in a .5ppr?
Robert Golembiewski
Robert Golembiewski:
Guys I need help big time. Finals start this week for my league which is 12 man PPR. Michel has disappointed recently but the volume is still there. Do I play him vs Pitt or Justin Jackson if Gordon remains out?
Falcons vs Arizona OR Rams vs Eagles (No Wentz) what's up footclan?
Chance Gutierrez
Chance Gutierrez:
I have OBJ, M. Gordon, Hill and Ware ... so much for having number one seed (just dropped Eakler)
Nicholas Van Brunt
Nicholas Van Brunt:
Rivers or Luck? I have TY too
Ethan Luft
Ethan Luft:
alright now tucker is going to suck. THANKS JASON
Jeff Miguel
Jeff Miguel:
Brees or Goff???????? I been switching back and fourth lol
Johnny Applessed
Johnny Applessed:
Start Damien Williams or Justin Jackson tonight assuming both gordon and ware are out