Ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page targeted by Trump breaks silence

Roughly two years after her anti-Donald Trump text messages were released to Congress and she became a public target of the President's ire, Lisa Page said it's time to break her silence. The embattled former FBI lawyer resurfaced her Twitter account, tweeting, "I'm done being quiet," along with a link to a new interview with The Daily Beast. In that interview, Page called Trump's attacks "sickening" and said she chose to speak out after the President did a lewd impression of her text exchanges with former FBI agent Peter Strzok, with whom she had an affair, during a Minnesota rally in October. The President has frequently criticized the series of texts in which Page and Strzok disparaged the then-presidential candidate. #CNN #News

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Jay Gibson
Jay Gibson:
Newsweek has an opening.
This is like being stopped by a cop who thinks that anyone driving a Ford DESERVES a ticket.
Drupe Dedoop
Drupe Dedoop:
Lisa’s pure as driven snow and she knows it.
Nature Lover
Nature Lover:
I heard it was Peter strzok's wife that leaked his text messages to the Press she was flaming pissed off
P J:
"And we danced, on the brink of an unknown future, to an echo from a vanished past."
Just Truth
Just Truth:
Myself I call it the religion bubble, lie to themselves and lie and blame everybody else for their problems.
Quant Renegade
Quant Renegade:
Conspiring to defraud others of constitutional protections is treasonous.
Anderson Cooper "her texting was improper, but not criminal", it just shows how twisted his mind is....or was it Jeff Zucker's script again?
From the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower, Reagan, to this?
P J:
"Advertising is a valuable economic factor because its the cheapest way of selling goods, particularly if the goods are worthless." Sinclair Lewis
Luke Spacewalker
Luke Spacewalker:
You should not like people that go for the shock factor praying on your weak minds, Trump did not do what she said he did.
Drupe Dedoop
Drupe Dedoop:
Bustees always go victim, except when they know their innocent.
Will Borzatti
Will Borzatti:
Lisa Page will be remembered in history as Benedict Arnold is.
The left are like cats and Trump's holding the laser pointer.
The days of trump using other people to explain away his criminal behavior are coming to an end.
Alison Allison
Alison Allison:
Land of the coward , home of the bully what a dam shame
Luis Negron
Luis Negron:
What was the insurance policy Lisa
Andreas Dombret
Andreas Dombret:
some badass interactive realty show
Maneesha Knight
Maneesha Knight:
Whole world is watching his behaviours .Sad
Jane Doe
Jane Doe:
Lmfao "oh God I love you Lisa."- such a crazy old bastard ugh!
Oliver Berner
Oliver Berner:
"Just to no be non biased here", overrall. What if the prince in Great Britain, states his alleged involvement with Epstein 20 years has no baring on his ability to carry out royal commitments and do remember their high level of etiquette training.. don't the monarchs in England have special social media rules and everything, then the reporters and others should know the prince is as educated or more so in proper behaviour than the FBI lawyer is regarding the self analysis in relation to incrimination. If she was honest then she wouldnt rule out the possibility of having violated any law, bindning contract, or arrangement. The prince had advisors since birth showing whats okay. How to wave a hand, walk, talk, what forks to use and when...

Remember that the controversy of his comments regarding him was that he supposedly had a hand on a seemingly happy 17 year olds back, again 20 years ago something hugely common during fan photo ops, and a thing women do often, - "Mah... such a good boy... " happens all the time." And for the record she was techniqually already 18 years old if having her 18th birth... Day within a +/-9 month time period, they call it pedophilia due to a subjective interpretation. As with rape by proxy. Nature claims that when the being hits puberty its sort of ready you know. Biologically. Even though the thing may be better left undone regardless of age, love, consent, marriage,. Etc."

To conclude all, life expectancy and references statistics could be considerd inaccurate, based of faulty data or misrepresenting fact, most of us don't process that we are on average about 9 months older than we've grown accustomed to associate ourselves as. If they are suppose to indicate period of beings as a living lifeforms, being concieved during the act of reproduction, including stages of development, considered alive till the moment of death.

Now official age, is when the product (baby) is delivered from the womb factory, and into the world. A date of birth. However objectively we are all older than what that due date represent."
Johnny B Perkins
Johnny B Perkins:
The FBI is happy Matt Whitaker isn't trying to help them, he's doing a
perfectly good job tanking the president while defending him.
Johnny B Perkins
Johnny B Perkins:
The FBI is happy Matt Whitaker isn't trying to help them, he's doing a
perfectly good job tanking the president while defending him.
Carlos Valdez
Carlos Valdez:
Being quite about what sleeping with her coworker she wasn't fired from her job she quit Herself
Dee Dee
Dee Dee:
This is why the GOP, in not talking. Stand up and find your big boy pants.
Joe Zyzyx
Joe Zyzyx:
Did she ever think how Peter Strozk's wife felt about their affair? Of course not, it's "all about me".
Moon Light
Moon Light:
& Next: Cheese is up one cent a pound.
She is just getting ahead of the IG report.
Milky Way Mike
Milky Way Mike:
"you're tearing me apart LISA!... Oh HI MARK!"
muzica ally
muzica ally:
Never trust her tears! She is just ready to lie right after makeup cover. Even her voice gets changed after makeup! MGTOW
Never share any important things with woman. She will betray you whenever whatever she is upset. MGTOW
Kay Lewis
Kay Lewis:
I love you Stormy I love you Stormy and when I win I will give you 135 thousand dollars . Tell me you love me Stormy ..... No one has told me that EVER so please Stormy , tell me !
desi derata
desi derata:
"targetted by Trump"? Are you insane? In this time and age, you better air something that is true and credible. Not too many people are stupid as you assume. Fake NEws CNN.
She's a conspirator and traitor...she should be prosecuted.
Why are people still talking alternative facts, it's a fact or it's false, opinions are not facts.
Dee Dee
Dee Dee:
Base this is who you are also. Sickening, little person!
She's not human, shes a Federal attorney. She ruined people's lives for a living. She deserves everything shes getting.
Jose Mabiala
Jose Mabiala:
This the American President speaking like this?
Patty Cakes
Patty Cakes:
Everytime they play that sshole simulating sex between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok makes the bile in my stomach churn.
bad boy USA
bad boy USA:
don't even want to watch the rest of this B S BY'
Anew Property Preservation
Anew Property Preservation:
The PRESIDENT of The United States would conduct himself in such HIGH SCHOOL manner.
Robert Hartford
Robert Hartford:
Is the IG targeting her too? How about John Durham's Grand Jury?
Joe Zyzyx
Joe Zyzyx:
Lisa Page = "It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to". youtube.com/watch?v=V6Uo1nNt6LU
Cui Bono
Cui Bono:
Sounds to me like she is getting her story ahead of "the story"
lisa smith
lisa smith:
Given recent events, it’s hardly unreasonable to wonder whether he cares about crime or about surrounding himself with people who’ve committed crimes?

Let’s take stock of the number of presidential aides and associates who’ve faced felony charges:

* Roger Stone, a longtime Trump adviser and confidant, has been convinced on multiple counts.

* Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and business associate, is in prison.

* Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman, is in prison.

* Rick Gates, Trump’s former campaign vice chairman, has been convicted and is awaiting sentencing.

* Michael Flynn, Trump’s former White House national security advisor, has been convicted and is awaiting sentencing.

* George Papadopoulos, Trump’s former campaign advisor on foreign policy, has already served his prison sentence.

* Alex van der Zwaan, a lawyer who worked with Manafort and Gates. has already served his prison sentence.

** The above list may yet grow, since there’s at least one person in his immediate orbit – Rudy Giuliani – who’s reportedly facing a criminal investigation.
John Ferry
John Ferry:
Lisa Page is a traitor and a disgrace to the FBI. On a good note, it looks like she got a much needed fashion makeover. Thank you!
Gerald Banks
Gerald Banks:
Well you might have a point lol. But cmon man we are in trouble with this whole thing!
Luis Ruiz
Luis Ruiz:
She is a treasonous traitor.
brian menendez
brian menendez:
December 9TH
Becky Johnson
Becky Johnson:
If this were turned around and it was FBI agents against Hillary, it would be a different story. The media would be all over the FBI agents. Condemning them and calling for their resignations immediately and probably asking for prosecutions of them.
Thomas Spengler
Thomas Spengler:
I can't wish enough misery for Lisa Page, Peter Stroke, Strzock, Smirk and the rest of the subversive leftist/globalists who are eventually going to lose EVERYTHING. Trump 2020 victory! Four more years!
Abu Aniha S3p AzG
Abu Aniha S3p AzG:
The draft dodger and spoiled brat, daddy's boy, criticising real defenders and patriots,
What a low life sicko.
Anglerfish Deepcuts
Anglerfish Deepcuts:
Truth be known, I completely understand Trump's obsession with Lisa Page...
Desire La Belle
Desire La Belle:
Wtf.... " I love you Lisaah... Lisaah I love you lisahhhhh "
Jack Cameron
Jack Cameron:
Lisa Page is hot!!! And
Likes to sleep around. So hot!!!!!!
david cook
david cook:
Page was aware that the "insurance policy " was going to be used to get rid of an elected president Was that treason/ Did she know it was false ? I believe she did and didn't care
In 2019 that is what the president of the United States of America acts like at a political rally. And people clapped. WTF.
Roger Wood
Roger Wood:
"Hero.... and a human-bean"
jee jee
jee jee:
hillary is chilling with her loving husband
Topher Dalrymple
Topher Dalrymple:
Dont sweat it Miss Page. If he dont like you your probably a good person.
El Sucio Federali
El Sucio Federali:
Disgraced FBI lawyer and home wrecker....breaks silence....per-empting book deal

A more accurate vernacular....of course.
The misguided baby Caligula followers are all over the comment section.
Mitchell White
Mitchell White:
Perfect example why I've thrown my tv out of my house. 24/7 insults to my intelligence from the likes of these 'tv people ' are prime examples. I believe the optimum word here is 'BROWN NOSING '.
Lunky Straydog
Lunky Straydog:
Got all these feelings
John Culley
John Culley:
Lisa Page is a patriotically challenged shyster!
that wasn't.chicken
that wasn't.chicken:
Strzok, Strzuk, Stroke and Lisa have no idea that they're batshit nuts. Like all liberals, they think THEY'RE normal and YOU are crazy!!....Gets 'em every time!!...........lol
Amy Hall
Amy Hall:
It's hysterical, and I hope it sucks for them after such a sick bi- illicit affair that is now an epic fail.
Real Deal
Real Deal:
I wonder how she feels to be targeted?? She deserves all the negativity in the world for what she did
Red Neckle
Red Neckle:
I knew a Lisa and she was a liar too!
"Peter Stroke" lolololololololol
Josen Mitchell
Josen Mitchell:
Love my president!  Lefties can dish it out all day long, but turn it back on them and they lose their poop. Go home to Mommy.
Mikey B
Mikey B:
Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa, Would you like to share some pizza? - Gary Coleman (Different Strokes)
AMP Distributing
AMP Distributing:
So she and her star-crossed lover can plot to take down an elected POTUS but when same POTUS targets them, its time to be outraged and disgusted.
Glenn Joy
Glenn Joy:
Peter Strzok and Lisa Page should have stuck to pillow talk! Anybody that texts compromising information to one another in regards to personal feelings about a presidential candidate (including vague ways on how to deal with him) and that they think these texts are to remain private are at the very least nieve and at the most indictable! She sounds a little worried!
Jayne Berkley
Jayne Berkley:
Are these people completely mad, standing listening to this garbage, what’s so funny I don’t get it ,Trump is embarrassing, Pathetic, and a liar 🤥 he’s the president for goodness sake.
Why a human being would say that in a rally,let alone a president is very poor taste and crude.
sink the mother------
Chuckle Head
Chuckle Head:
The United States of America taken down by an Internet troll
Wonder what his conversations sounded like when he was having his affairs with porn star Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal, and Marla Maples, who he impregnated while married to his first wife?
If in doubt play the victim card like jussie.
Bonnie Nero
Bonnie Nero:
You got that exactly backwards! She and her lover targeted. Trump even before he became president!
Mo Fo
Mo Fo:
This pig wanted to bring down an elected official because she did not like him???
Oh sorry, the DemoKKKrats are doing that with impeachment for her....
DemoKKKrats are taking away our votes...
Peter Parker
Peter Parker:
texting on a GOV phone!!!
cool beans
cool beans:
Lol I love this guy 🤣🤣🤣
Cant wait to vote for him again
Michael Smith
Michael Smith:
Lisa Page :I know i dindu nothing wrong
CNN : Er umm well she may have altered some forms but she's still a person
THE TRUTH: Barr has already been quietly declassing.
Barr has also taken action to give very recently declassified SpyGate evidence to the lawyers
of the targets of a malicious prosecution by the Mueller Special Counsel as it worked in concert with the SpyGate plotters. Sidney Powell, who is lead defense counsel for Lt. General Michael Flynn, revealed this newly declassified SpyGate evidence that had long been held back by the DOJ in her explosive court filing back on November 4.
The evidence consists of text messages and emails exchanged between former FBI officials Peter Strzok & Lisa Page in which they not only discuss tampering with the FD-302 form from the Flynn interview, they are also seen talking about how they can influence the judge who was presiding over Flynn’s case!!!!
The Strzok/Page texts had been previously released but in a very heavily redacted form. Quietly, without fanfare or any public announcement, suddenly Flynn’s defense counsel was in possession of not only the unredacted text messages, but also may have been a draft section of Horowitz’s FISA report. (No surprise here , Trump declassed in May, Barr releases the declas in drip drip drip Chinese water torture fashion to see how the perps and fake news will react & spin, Durham quietly expands the scope of real criminal investigations with each new drip)
This is because Powell’s court filing contains an eye-opening three page exhibit in which Lisa Page is being interviewed by OIG investigators who ask her if she had made any material changes to the Flynn 302 form. When she denies having made any edits to the only official record of the Flynn interview, upon which the charge of perjury against him was founded, the OIG investigators then confronted Page with her own text messages exchanged with Peter Stzok, causing her to immediately change her story and admit she had edited the form.(this makes her a BAD person who just told dailyyeast that orange man bad because she dindu)
Recall that IG Horowitz first surfaced to hand off the first collection of SpyGate-related evidence to Congress in early December of 2017. That included a very large batch of Strzok/Page text messages. The Strzok/Page text messages that were unredacted got an immense amount of press coverage.
Later, some text messages were unredacted in which the pair is seen discussing attempting to influence Judge Rudolph Contreras, who was presiding over Flynn’s perjury case.(No wonder she was relieved of duty)
he's shameful -- and so are the deplorables who are laughing behind him
Kat Noceti
Kat Noceti:
Wow, Trump is a perv for sure! Uggh how do his people watch that and like it?
‘I didn’t commit any crimes’....well except for treason for just 1...
What a pathetic individual. She got caught and can't handle it.
Ghost Goolan
Ghost Goolan:
I find it appalling for the president and AG basing their accusation on love statements but have no one proof of wrong doing (or other statements that altered trump support or wins; ) surrounding their blame to affecting the trump presidential wins. It’s a disgrace, America has gone sick and vile.
Bill G
Bill G:
But he is telling the truth! Twitter has destroyed the dems.
Jay Trock
Jay Trock:
"Ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page targeted by Trump breaks silence" LOL you mean her cheating on her husband with Peter and promising to have insurance policy. Sounds to me she targeted Trump.
Think Neo, Think!
Think Neo, Think!:
CNN: Where the garbage never stops. A rat of a news agency still faithful to the sinking ship called the “deep state”.
Joe Zyzyx
Joe Zyzyx:
Hey, where's your boyfriend? You know, the married guy. Dumped you? When the SHTF, it was bye-bye? If you feel bad now, just wait till he hangs you out to dry, blame as much on you as he can.
Andrew Love
Andrew Love:
Drain the swamp
Allan West
Allan West:
It’s a crime to have affairs in the FBI,she’s an FBI mole.
Lincoln Hare
Lincoln Hare:
One World
One World:
A very prominent feature of this subject is his profile. There's a single curved line from lumbar to the top rear of skull, strikingly similar to Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble. No breaks in the degree of curvature, no compound curves such as might indicate shoulders/back of neck. Just a single, steady curve from lower cervical vertebrae (neck) to top rear of skull; no indication that there's an occipital lobe of the brain; it's nearly flat in the back. We can sometimes visualize the sector of the animal kingdom with which a particular subject shares such features. The back of the manatee comes to mind.......

His brilliant impression of the individual with (presumably) cerebral palsy got an even greater response than this zany hijinx. He really should do that at every rally, interview, and even at funerals; the effect on his votes would probably explode. Those amazingly loyal constituents behind him must invest a lot of time and money, following his tour like devout Grateful Dead fans......so many of them, it seems, are featured in many of his revival-like rallies; notice the thick necks, lack of earlobes, and "very-low trade-in-value" look..... and that's just the hags. Bet they soak for hours in industrial-strength Rogaine.
Actually, try a still frame at 0:47, take a good look (I know, repugnant) at the expressions on the faces. Something eerily Westboro Baptist Church about them It's DNA, I tell ya. D-N-A, Andy!!

There are quite a lot of Americans without such burdens that heartily enjoy such comical outbursts, ESPECIALLY when the situation of the target has existed since or prior to birth, and opportunity to change it hasn't and never will come....... all the funnier!!!! He sure is a stitch. I wonder if he takes requests....... like if he could do an impression of Muamar Gadaffhi passing out at his own retirement party :) Or reenact the moment when Jack Ruby rushed in for the opportunity to meet Lee Harvey Oswald..... Trump, of course playing the part of the assassin. He's so big.
Romper-bomper stomper-boo!! Always surround yourself with UNSUCCESSFUL PEOPLE; you'll always get RESPECT......
Buck Shot
Buck Shot:
Play stupid games...
Win stupid prizes
Clarence Obermuller
Clarence Obermuller:
Time will tell all liar will have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone which is the second death Rev 21 : 8.