ESPN GET UP | Sean Farnham: Darius Garland (Vanderbilt): ESPN's. 4 overall prospect (No. 2 PG)

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Eric Lee
Eric Lee:
The fact Ingram doesn’t have the blood disorder that ended Bosh’s career is huge. Knicks have nowhere near the value the Lakers have
Billy Mitchell
Billy Mitchell:
Seems like anybody the lakers aim to get the media bashes but when other teams go after the same player all of A sudden that A good pick for them lol
Carlos Cahue
Carlos Cahue:
The Lakers have max cap space, they need to trade for NO ONE!!! Keep all their players and draft!!
Larry G
Larry G:
ESPN is 24/7 Laker Hatin!
Young Buck
Young Buck:
I honestly think the Knicks are scared to trade for AD because they would be putting AD in the same situation he is now. I would bet on RJ long term than AD. AD will be a Laker.
Eric Lee
Eric Lee:
Ingram was a 99 rated prospect same as Ja Morant and only 1 point lower than Zion. Barrett is currently a 96 rated talent. So that’s not true
Franky Martinez
Franky Martinez:
Every year this stupid espn analyst say there's a big drop off after the 3rd pick SMH so Steph Curry at 7 Kobe Bryant at 13 Karl Malone at 13 Donovan Mitchell at 13 Devin Booker at 13 where huge drop offs right?? #shutthefuckupespn
Ronnie Alston
Ronnie Alston:
Every year we have great players that are drafted out the Top 3 from Kobe to Steve Nash Wade Bosh Khawi Curry Paul George CP3 Westbrook Giannas Donovan Mitchell hell look at Kyle Kuzma not saying he's gonna be a All time great as of yet but he was drafted late first round and averaged almost 20 In Year 2 the list goes on if the Lakes scout right they can find a gem
Kenyon McKee
Kenyon McKee:
I'm sorry frank ninakina, dennis smith is not worth trading for
Brandon Asbury
Brandon Asbury:
Reddish should go 4th put him back with Zion get the inside out fast break Como lol with kuzma and maybe ball
Michael Mason
Michael Mason:
How often do we hear "This is a 2 or 3 player draft" and then it's never the case? We hear that all the time and most of the time, it's never true
Knowledge Untamed
Knowledge Untamed:
LeBron for the No.1 Pick
Notorious Nerd
Notorious Nerd:
Lakers should keep the #4 pick. Trade Lonzo for the Hawks #7 pick and sign Kawahi.
speedlife madzela
speedlife madzela:
The hate is real towards the lakers
The media is bashing everything that has to do with lakers it’s becoming to obvious now they need to stop ✋
imo some sleepers in this draft
Graham Hang
Graham Hang:
RJ Barrett cannot shoot. This guy in not better than BI. If anything BI is now heading into his 4th year. RJ Barrett is a rookie.BI can contribute to NO right away. It took Greek Freak 5 years to blossom. It can happen to BI if given the right situation.
Danny Boii
Danny Boii:
I like Bol Bol @5th
Matthew Dearnley
Matthew Dearnley:
DeAndre Hunter should go 4 to the Lakers, he has a better win now potential and helps fill out the forward spot to replace Ingram or Kuzma if they are traded but if they don't then he cold come off the bench and play that role well. Garland may be a great shooter but in the end if he does deal with injuries then he doesn't help the Lakers win now. Also they already have 3 primary ball handlers in Ball, Ingram and LeBron. Hunter would be able to make open shots and use his length on defence to make an impact right away
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith:
If the lakers don’t offer LeBron to Philadelphia with Simmons and Harris going to New Orleans, then the lakers aren’t getting AD. It’s that simple. Besides, I’d rather have ad over LeBron rather than ad AND LeBron, cause we’d be in play for kd ANd kawhi, AND get to keep ALL of the young guys!
Kenyon McKee
Kenyon McKee:
Well it kills me that you predict ja morant rj barrett and zion williamson with star potential to be straight up rj is a shot jacker that won't be as good as most people think Darius has skill ball handling and can shoot soo to say it's just gonna be a three player draft is bad cause who ever thought that trae young will be this good or Colin sexton and we dont know with RJ zion or ja I think garland has a chance to be a star with the right team
Te'Von McBride
Te'Von McBride:
My sleeper
Carlos Cahue
Carlos Cahue:
I hope the Lakers draft Garland!!!!
Kenyon McKee
Kenyon McKee:
It kills me that they predict that a guard at his best to be just a good guard. Darius has great handles can shoot thr ball well the reason he had alot of turnovers was because his team was not good I watched the games he played he'd give his team great passes but they never would finish the shots and as we saw they went 0-18 in the sec so I believe garland has potential to be as good as Kemba or john wall at his best but you never know cause who saw steph curry getting this good or Russell Westbrook
Desmond Hackney Jr
Desmond Hackney Jr:
Love bron but cmon bron got three years u needa keep that 4th pick with the other 4 young guys and build for the future bron can win with those young guys if healthy and motivated lol
D Rose
D Rose:
Imagine liking Kevin Knox, Frank Nitkalinkafuck, and Mitchell Robinson Versus Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, and lonzo ball/ josh hart. I Can’t wait for the pels to deal with the knicks and then have 30 win seasons for the first 5 years while they waste zions career
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Kenyon McKee
Kenyon McKee:
And plus garland was ahead of ja the only reason fr got ahead was because garland got hurt cause they had garland ahead of ja
Big Play A
Big Play A:
Mike Schmitz is the best at his job
Boiii Boiii
Boiii Boiii:
Lakers need to draft Deandre hunter
Zion Williamson will be s bust because NO has the number 1 pick
What about a 3 team trade? Pels get LeBron and loads of picks, Lakers get Zion, and Knicks get AD.
Michael Velasco
Michael Velasco:
Hahaha Lakers are gonna trade LeBron and the 4th to the Pels for Zion. Just watch! With Griffin now with the Pels it only makes sense if they want to keep Davis.
D Rose
D Rose:
Robert Davis
Robert Davis:
Idk y people think Zion can change a franchise 😂
Jason Smith
Jason Smith:
They sleeping on cam reddish
The lakers need to trade at 4