Errol Spence Jr. suffers serious injuries in Ferrari crash

Boxer Errol Spence, the current welterweight champion from DeSoto, was seriously injured but was expected to survive his injuries after he was ejected from a Ferrari on Thursday morning. Dallas police issued a news release without mentioning the driver’s name, but multiple media sources confirmed it was Spence.Read more - Subscribe: Watch more videos like this Learn More: Website: Twitter: Facebook:


Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts:
Dallas Pot holes and raggedy streets at work early as usual
🙏 for EJ
Paul Brasfield
Paul Brasfield:
Looks like he was weaving right before the car hit the medium and was bounced up in the gone wrong
He was Ejected for not wearing the seat belt. do we have a better example for those stubborn people who refuse to wear it??? 🤔🤔 let this be a lesson. Get well soon Errol🙏🙏
Zina Alex
Zina Alex:
Get well cham wish you all the best
Wade Higgins
Wade Higgins:
Hopefully he wasn't driving while intoxicated. A speedy recovery to you man
Christopher Manabat
Christopher Manabat:
Damn... prayer for him. Guess we’ll never see a Spence vs pacquiao fight. He will need 1-2yrs to recover and Pac will prob retire by then. Just like Thurman, took a year and a half and he only hurt his elbow. If Spence is in ICU, it’s probably more serious. Internal injury, broken bones or worse of all a head injury. Boxing aside, I hope he makes a full recovery for his family.
Wow horrific crash, lucky to be alive . No matter the circumstances ,best wishes Errol our thoughts are with you man.
Navy Flyer
Navy Flyer:
Errol Spence is a drunk. The truth has to be told. This will save his life. Errol Spence drinks too much liquor. Errol Spence is an alcoholic. Errol Spence absolutely needs different people in his corner. If I was him I would go directly to George Foreman and go underneath his tutelage. George gives the best truthful advice at all times and knows how to come back. Good luck Errol Spence, stop drinking.
Anything to get out of a Pacquiao fight...😒