Errol Spence, Jr. crash caught on camera

Boxer Errol Spence, Jr., is in the intensive care unit after the Ferrari he was driving flipped multiple times, according to Dallas police. Spence was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and is in the ICU, but is expected to live, according to police. Spence has a 26-0 record and has held the IBF welterweight title since 2017. MORE:

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Ernesto Mejia
Ernesto Mejia:
He’s going to be fine. No broken bones. No fractures or traumatic brain injury. That’s a miracle. I can’t believe he didn’t die. That looks horrible. Wasn’t his day to go.
I hope he walks away from this accident, mentally and physically healthy. With that said....leave the fast driving to the professionals and off the street.
Fly boy Forever
Fly boy Forever:
I’m glad he gonna be alright. Cause he didn’t even start living yet. At 29. Way too young too leave. Spence this is your second chance. Glad you still bro. We need you.
Bam Bam
Bam Bam:
To live through a crash like that is a miracle, God’s hand was upon him!
Darron J
Darron J:
mac ss
mac ss:
look at the rope fence were the camera is...…….like a boxing ring right were he came out the car!!
madness and blessed he alive and killed no 1 else
Its crazy to say, but he probably would of died, if he had his seat belt on
Someone else could of been killed cause he was driving like a maniac.
Not wearing his belt and being thrown from the car, may have saved his life!
It's crazy how those ropes look like the ring ropes. I hope he comes back healthy.
Gaming Shocker
Gaming Shocker:
Spence not wearing his third belt that is the most important one 😱😱😱
but I think not wearing his belt and being thrown out of his car before it roll saved his life..
Della Simmons
Della Simmons:
This is hard to watch. Reports are saying Spence wasn't wearing a seat beat ?? I hope he survive...
How fast was this dude going. Jesus
This is what happens when a person that can't drive gets a car that needs a person that can drive.
He is very lucky he missed that tree in the middle island. I've seen a lot people die from hitting trees.
He almost pulled a Salvador Sanchez.
anthony Sloan
anthony Sloan:
It’s ironic but him not wearing a seatbelt saved his life!
Motivation Man
Motivation Man:
I hope he makes a full recovery, he still has so much to do...
Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams:
This is a miracle. This looks like a Crash in the Daytona 500. He is blessed to be alive.
Robert Walker
Robert Walker:
Spence thought he was a indy 500 driver. Oh we’ll bud want what’s left.
ostateboi 419
ostateboi 419:
😱 Man! The insurance claim on that is gonna be enormous!

Nah all jokes aside, I hope he's okay.
Mike Kenzington
Mike Kenzington:
Gotta be a better way to waste money then buy a million dollar car you can’t handle
Escoo escoo
Escoo escoo:
Wow hope he recovered from that my prayers go's out for Errol Spencer😔🙏🙏🙏
A Warrior
A Warrior:
That looks deathly. He survived for a reason. It's a MIRACLE! God's got him.
Ray Hernandez
Ray Hernandez:
His drunken ways caught up to him
miguel gonzalez
miguel gonzalez:
For all i've read and seen in the video,not having the seat belt on,(in this case)may have saved his life.
Christopher Manabat
Christopher Manabat:
I keep trying to see where he flew out... I guess it happened very early, before the car came into the camera view.
Bryan Hughes
Bryan Hughes:
Love watching this guy fight, hope he makes a full recovery. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
Seniko Usenia
Seniko Usenia:
~Yup, Just Because You Can Afford The Car///
Doesn't Mean You Know How To Drive The Car... Well, , , He Should Be Alright!
Fire Ice
Fire Ice:
Man Down 🔥😂
Fredrick Williams
Fredrick Williams:
Halleluyah, that Yah have him still here, Blessyah ES jr😏
Durham Games
Durham Games:
"Like a glove"
Sean Oxborough
Sean Oxborough:
Lucky boy , some1 watching him from above, Nissan Prius now Errol
Jonathan Wick
Jonathan Wick:
If anybody sees him injected in this car...pointed out!🤓🤔🇺🇸
Dave Elcock
Dave Elcock:
Looks like he fell asleep at the wheel, glad he came out of this alive, that's the truth.
Jp Martinez
Jp Martinez:
1:16 a car pass by going fast didnt even stop he probally was racing or sum1 was trying rob him
Sky Bronx
Sky Bronx:
I Hope the other vehicle did not shoot at him or did something sinister . You never know what the enemy of success could do sometimes !
I pray with you bro
curt williams
curt williams:
He probably wouldnt have survived if wearing a seatbelt... rare case. He blessed to be alive. Let's fight champ.
Sese Takai
Sese Takai:
Bet he selling all his fast cars after this! 🙏🏽
da bino
da bino:
Lesson: dont wear seatbelts.
This is definitely a miracle, but remember Spence you get one miracle, the next one is on you.
M B:
one lucky man count ya blessing champ get well soon Inshallah 🤲🏾💯 devastating crash!!
gregory thompson
gregory thompson:
Come on Spence make it through and get well soon bro u my favorite boxer💯😩
Julio Bonilla
Julio Bonilla:
This is very scary my prayer go out to the Spence family 🙏🙏
Ra Intwy Damaleya
Ra Intwy Damaleya:
Errol is My Brotha... Much Love🖤
Man just missed that pole🤦🏻‍♂️
That car behind him looks suspect af
Danny c
Danny c:
1- love from Brighton UK champ

2-Vinny Pazienza came back from this

3-its the darkest before the light shines

OlBoi G.Lewis
OlBoi G.Lewis:
Look like somebody was after him...
Be safe when you drive or this may happen...
Negro Exciting News Fun 2
Negro Exciting News Fun 2:

Kapu Animation
Kapu Animation:
Dont become like paul william.. drive safe..
Arnold Vongvirath
Arnold Vongvirath:
wow, it seems like car traveling super fast, I hope he recovering fast
tai. McDonald
tai. McDonald:
Spyke0511 1
Spyke0511 1:
Come on Errol... Hopefully this will be a wake up call.
1:03 , is that Errol’s hand?
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali:
I was watching documentaries he was he had his two beautiful daughters with him I hope he makes a full recovery for their sake I need
errol needs to learn from this experience and change his ways. drink driving is no joke, and a professional fighter at his level shouldn't even be drinking in the first place. count your blessings and move on, not brag of being a savage after such a lucky escape.
2:47am it says it all
Blu Money
Blu Money:
I can't believe this happened to him, I feel so crazy watching this...i really hope me makes it thru
Boxer 22
Boxer 22:
Red Beard
Red Beard:
What's with the car that drives past it seemed to slow then shoot off, how could they not stop!
Bert Cooper
Bert Cooper:
Unbelievable that he has already been discharged from hospital. That is one lucky man!
Anthony Godfrey
Anthony Godfrey:
Lord if he's alive he's one lucky man
Rose Atutubo
Rose Atutubo:
seatbelt is the best belt next to championship belt 💪🏼😭
Lita Scott
Lita Scott:
He's blessed.
rick santana
rick santana:
I’m wondering who was in that vehicle that was behind him on the other side because it looked like that person was going at high speed too. Was Erol racing perhaps??
Fabuloso Travez
Fabuloso Travez:
If I was pacman I chose him as my next fight😂
James Allen
James Allen:
Roniel Diaz
Roniel Diaz:
All the prayers 🙏🙏💪
Lucas Flores
Lucas Flores:
I am from Argentina 🇦🇷 😍
Keyaan Khan
Keyaan Khan:
So happy he is alright. He is a great fighter and him and Crawford need to fight ASAP
3axap Kaburneyev
3axap Kaburneyev:
He's very very lucky got a guardian by him
Addicted To Boxing
Addicted To Boxing:
Oh my, amazing he survived crash. 🙏🙏🙏
A young man's flaw. A lesson learned. Maybe! You get pass a few of life's close calls and lucky enough to age well. You have become a noteworthy example.
The return to life!!
I'm happy he is recovering , that looked nasty .
Gamblin' Man
Gamblin' Man:
Hope he recovers and thankfully no one was in the oncoming lane.
Ahdunai Yahushayahuuah Ben Yahuuah
Ahdunai Yahushayahuuah Ben Yahuuah:
The foot of Yahuuah tripped his arrogance. The Spirit of Humbleness is coming on him! Swiftly.
Tra'Derrius Swann
Tra'Derrius Swann:
Jesus Christ has his hand on him.
mirola hardware
mirola hardware:
Hubog Spence, dasig dalagan Car nya!
That’s why it’s never worth speeding because you have a fast car, safety first! But glad he’s ok!
Fresh You know
Fresh You know:
Esj is a lucky man even to be alive 🙏🏾
Hopefully he learns his lesson and never drinks and drives again. He coulda hurt himself and more importantly other people
Saint Tos
Saint Tos:
Winner by split Decision Errol Spence
Zeke Maverick
Zeke Maverick:
Champ Blessed
Eric Carmona
Eric Carmona:
Dang.. Pull thru my brotha 😇🙏🏼
Vic Green
Vic Green:
I am grateful i was not walking there whit my little one, hope he learned a lesson.
Let's hope he can still walk after this
Newyork Newyork
Newyork Newyork:
Dam spence you my dude don't give it up like this.. prayers go out to you and your family and a speech recovery
dennis fook
dennis fook:
too much speed,
Garrick Smith
Garrick Smith:
I thought I wanted to see this. Now I'm sorry I did.
RealBeautiful Beauty
RealBeautiful Beauty:
He is a living miracle
Gustavo Ramirez
Gustavo Ramirez:
Our Prayers Are For You And Your Family,, Get Well Soon Errol Spence Jr.
question more
question more: gone to his head..... hope his well dough...
My heart is broken...This affected me big time.
So Much Talent🥊
inderjit bansal
inderjit bansal:
Imagine if there were pedestrians 🤦🏽‍♂️
Ishmael Benitez
Ishmael Benitez:
Mannn this hurts my heart keeping u in my prayers Errol 🙏 #THE #TRUTH #ERROL #SPENCE
He needs a 4 cylinder, something he can handle.