Elderly man dies after woman pushes him off Las Vegas bus

Surveillance footage released this week by Las Vegas police shows a woman pushing a 74-year-old man off of a bus last month. The man later died and the woman, identified as Cadesha Bishop, is facing a murder charge.

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פירסום הרגע חסוי
פירסום הרגע חסוי:
I hpoe she rots in jail. She is not even a human being. She will not get to old age🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨
Xtra Tiff
Xtra Tiff:
That is horrifying, and despicable! I hope she gets the maximum sentence!
Anthony Grigorian
Anthony Grigorian:
get her & push her off the Selfie Cliff
Inverted Earth
Inverted Earth:
She needs to be locked up
john bro
john bro:
I see a lot of people dont respect elders speacilly in the bus
To Any Decent, Able Body person that Rides Public Transportation:
Please Be Courteous, and Give your seat to an Elderly person. 💙
ControlledChoas. 1
ControlledChoas. 1:
This is the kind of person I don’t like sharing the same planet with.
The all seeing Eye
The all seeing Eye:
Nobody respects their Elders anymore
Sacshell Polk
Sacshell Polk:
No defense for that animal. She ain't human. She's deserves the death penalty.
Deeton Charles
Deeton Charles:
Humans have failed as a species.
Joan Snow
Joan Snow:
This disturbing on so many levels.
Lor M.
Lor M.:
This person belongs in jail find this woman she's a danger to society
Why didnt any of the passengers help him! I would have gotten off that bus called the police and made a huge scene!!!
Make Racists Afraid Again
Make Racists Afraid Again:
Murdering Monster!
Every jury in America would convict her based on this video evidence.
Sandra cope
Sandra cope:
Omg what a nasty piece of work.
Nasira Batool
Nasira Batool:
Ph my God this is highily inhuman behaviour 😢😢😢😢😢
Christian Townsend
Christian Townsend:
That's a shame and that woman needs to go to jail. Rest in peace to him and God bless his family.
BroNathaniel _1
BroNathaniel _1:
Oh my God ! What wicked person!
I NEED updates on this story. That bus driver should be charged for driving away
Travis Maxwell
Travis Maxwell:
They'll be pushing her in a JAIL CELL.
Daniel Haire
Daniel Haire:
That is an easy manslaughter case right there.
E- Trayde
E- Trayde:
Damn!! That was silly...She’s going to jail for a long time! Vegas don’t play!
That's someone father/ grandpa you bish. I wish she's rots in Jail !
Micah Mocnik Survival
Micah Mocnik Survival:
Sick. Just pure sick.
Jack Booted Hug
Jack Booted Hug:
CBS won't show you the mugshot of the killer.
Their race baiting only goes one way
Rusty Roll
Rusty Roll:
I guess there's no Elderly Life Matter for black.
Christopher Ruvio
Christopher Ruvio:
is black lives matter on this topic
Dana Dane
Dana Dane:
Wow thats crazy how she pushed that man off the bus like that and killed him
Bill Gates
Bill Gates:
All the energy it takes to grow old and how loosely and easily life can be taken away...... the youth need to understand their role in keeping the peace.
danz beard
danz beard:
Piece of despicable trash
Cassandra Smith
Cassandra Smith:
That was horrific and evil! Why did she do that!?
That absolutely atrocious... if that was my grandfather, Not sure if I would be able to control myself... maybe someone pushed her under the tire of the bus afterwards...
Kilgore Trout
Kilgore Trout:
The media continues to push the White Man Bad narrative...is anyone really surprised by this?
G Leon
G Leon:
Let me guess. 20 years behind bars but will be released after half a year because she is an unhappy black woman with a difficult childhood
Ruby Davis
Ruby Davis:
Nothing but a DEMON! Only a DEMONIC SPIRIT would do such an evil and hateful thing.
Eric Pearson
Eric Pearson:
Jail time! Respect the elderly! He had a family! Doesn't matter what he said!
Mr. Papageorgio
Mr. Papageorgio:
If a white man did it would've been in the title and international news.
Isabel Ayala
Isabel Ayala:
That was horrible she needs to live the rest of her life locked up.
She pushed the old man with great effort and killed him from the back. This behavior is cruel and foolish.
More criminals, more sins and deaths, and devils applaud
David Council
David Council:
Two words

Public Executions
Zachary DuBose
Zachary DuBose:
So much violence everyday what is this world coming too we must stand up and stop this
Eric Kim
Eric Kim:
These are dormant demons that are now being called by the evil spirits that dominate this world. A 5 year old boy was thrown off the 3rd floor of a mall a month ago. These demons have no conscience and no regard for the vulnerable among us. The day of the lord draws near, and you will see more and more demons/evil revealed. Repent and ask God for mercy-------------------------------------------------------------------But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,
And the bus driver rode on?
And nobody did anything???
Bon Wattersen
Bon Wattersen:
Get that son of a ( *N O N O W O R D* ) to jail
Stinky Pete
Stinky Pete:
If the race were switched this would have been on all the MSM channels 24/7 with a connection to White Nationalism and President Trump.
David Kohn
David Kohn:
Wow would this be a hate crime
Matt Eagle
Matt Eagle:
Please come forward to your local police station to be as witnesses. The elderly man who was shoved off the bus is now death due to internal injured. We'll need to help the man to find justice. Together, we make our society a better place to live without the monster criminals. -Peace
Connie Garrison
Connie Garrison:
Omg...I hope she spends the rest of her life in jail!!! She's a freaking MONSTER😣.
Karim Allal
Karim Allal:
This lady in Algeria 🇩🇿 She will get a Firing Squad Execution , with no problem.
Ven One
Ven One:
Black savage. America should never committed slavery, this allowed for Africa being invited right onto the doorstep.
David Boogey
David Boogey:
OMG Hate Crime! Black on old crippled White man!!!!
Terminator FUTURE
Terminator FUTURE:
hey CBS news:
how you feel
about this?
blac lives matter right?
123 666
123 666:
She needs to go jail right now?
Rest of her life
Dr. Gamer World1010
Dr. Gamer World1010:
Nowdays need to be more patient
and less talk especially if u poor
Let us focous on our problem better then solving others
Christopher Morningstar
Christopher Morningstar:
You know DAMN WELL, if that was a WHITE woman, and she pushed an elderly BLACK man, this story would be 24/7 on every network, with protests, BLM, and Al Sharpton showing up on the scene.
R L:
This happens in Nursing Homes everyday. Younger generation no respect.
Mr.mixes piglets
Mr.mixes piglets:
I can’t wait for Tommy Soto Mayor to get his hands on this one
Ace city
Ace city:
what I fuckn rat she is so lucky i wasn't on that bus
Axel Mendoza
Axel Mendoza:
Respect elders even if they mean and grumpy common now
Matt Malyj
Matt Malyj:
People who do this should go to mars with out space suit or better yet the vacuum of space with out space suit
J Clm
J Clm:
common people, lets all take mass transit and fight climate change...
michelle mm
michelle mm:
Girl needs a beat down in jail BIG TIME. All I think of is this is someone’s dad.
This is traumatizing to me. You live your whole life just for it to end like that??
Joe Smith
Joe Smith:
Toxic femininity strikes again! #metootoo
Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle:
Remember that one video of the white woman pushing the old black man off a bus?
Yea, me neither.
Norma Dominguez
Norma Dominguez:
I can't believe everyone just watched 😲
I can stress this enough but ELECTRIC CHAIR
Michele' G
Michele' G:
It can't be bargained with, it can't be reasoned with. IT doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear. And it absolutely will not stop until you are Dead
Need to push her off a bus....a moving bus
Black Fairy
Black Fairy:
I’m sure this trashy so called “woman” is quite used to being in jail.
And just like that you just signed your ticket to life in prison.
Tamara the Debil
Tamara the Debil:
They were arguing tho. God knows what he said to her. I'm not protecting her but I don't know the whole story so...
Jillian Brunelli
Jillian Brunelli:
live 74 years, only to be murdered by some nut on the bus. the driver did nothing?
Women in the US today. If this hadn't been caught on camera...
Mr.mixes piglets
Mr.mixes piglets:
No one did anything wtf 🤦🏻‍♂️
Oh they are gonna find her and throw her under the jail. Just you wait.
hung well
hung well:
100% Hate crime. PERIOD
Natural life in prison for your anger issues?!? Hope it was worth it! 🤦‍♂️
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim:
Now u get to spend rest of your meaningless life in jail for good... and reborn in insect form.
george garcia
george garcia:
I have some rope,i can give her the most fairest trial ever.
hello truth
hello truth:
I'm horrified. Why did she do that, just because the old gentleman walked too slowly?
Mark W.
Mark W.:
Drag that obese silverback behind that ape-hauler until it's out of fuel.
??? guess
??? guess:
This video is proof that evil people do exist.
Ethan Platt
Ethan Platt:
That lady has a very punchable face.
Carmen Tienda
Carmen Tienda:
This was premeditated she waited for him then pushed him. Doesn’t matter what kind of day she was having you just don’t do that. Prayers go out to his family and friends. RIP sir.
He was probably being racist by saying, "pardon me", and the woman will likely sue the bus company and win.

- America in 2019
steven martin
steven martin:
Another animal who hates herself, and is only happy making others miserable. She probably thinks it's the elderly gentleman's fault too! This creature needs to be tranquilized, and returned to the zoo it escaped from.
Brando Zahursky
Brando Zahursky:
If races were reversed, this would become a Riot!!
Susan Sheldon
Susan Sheldon:
How hateful... My GOD!! How could she do such a thing..
She should serve time for that. Poor man...my prayers for his family💗🙏
MR Giorgi
MR Giorgi:
she's out on or, the or judge was the same color. sick
entitled feminists are getting out of hand
huckle berry
huckle berry:
Despicable. Hope she gets life no parole.
j a
j a:

Dewey Wilkerson : "The future is now, old man"
I would've hit her in the head with the window smasher piece of my knife
G M:
Should have done it in Chicago. You would have been home by dinner. LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION!
Justin Nelson
Justin Nelson:
she will get what coming to
where she is going....hope she got
that same energy when it's her turn
to drop dead....
Nico L
Nico L:
Jay Marv
Jay Marv:
You having that bad of a day to push an elderly man? If this was my Granpa I would find her