Eddie Hearn Offers Feelings on Errol Spence after Car Crash

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Eddie could still sell that car back to Ferrari for full price
Eamon Shields
Eamon Shields:
Ive learned in my life that usually nothing good happens after midnight, especially when driving. No seatbelt, driving fast just add to the mix. Such a shame for a young man. Thoughts and prayers to him and his family.
The Juice
The Juice:
Let's have some parliamentary procedure here.
NoWest Flyzone
NoWest Flyzone:
Respect Eddie. Classy on your part!!!!!
Sy Ahmed
Sy Ahmed:
Dam i dont even know Errol but im hurting right now. Hope he pulls through. This is why boxing is the greatest sport everyone comes together when theres a tragedy like this.
wsl ving tsun
wsl ving tsun:
I hope he recovers fast, hope he wasn't drinking and driving!
Michael Tarrance
Michael Tarrance:
Eddie Hearn.....that’s twice I’ve heard you use that term “boy” when referring to these young men. Your PR staff needs to meet with you ASAP. That’s not ok
Francisco Castelan
Francisco Castelan:
Love for Errol Spence jr ❤️🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Eddie Willard
Eddie Willard:
Love the fight game, young man riches and young man ego can be dangerous, I pray for speedy recovery , you are in our prayers!🥊
Lee Joseph
Lee Joseph:
CHAMP CHAMP !!! Wishing you nothing but the best of full recovery & healing !!!!
Prayer's are going on for you CHAMP !!!!
Vince V
Vince V:
Damn what happened? When did this happen? Hope for a full recovery. Let’s go champ
john rambo
john rambo:
come on champ.. you can pull through this.... speedy recovery truth!
Russell Newton
Russell Newton:
Kell Brook has sent his best wishes in the British press, speedy recovery CHAMP.
Dereck Chisora
Dereck Chisora:
Kingdom Influence
Kingdom Influence:
How do you always have Eddie readily available? Lol This seems to be the only channel i see him popping on my timeline lol
Stuart Parkinson
Stuart Parkinson:
You could go in with a minor injury and never come out, modern warfare business.
Douglas Freer
Douglas Freer:
Prayers for Errol The Truth Spence much love and speedy recovery
Hope he recovers well an makes a Public Service Announcement Video wearing a seat belt --- 'for me it's Strap Season Every Time'...
It would be nice to hear from Spence Jr. himself to let us all know he is OK and if or when he will be boxing again. Wish you and your family the best and we all hope to see you soon. (Your one lucky 🍀 dude 😆).
Chris Walker
Chris Walker:
Hope he pulls through and gets back to being the champ that he is🥊🥊🥊
Luciano Ingenito
Luciano Ingenito:
Dont drink and drive simple especially in a ferrari
Randall Reil
Randall Reil:
If he is ok can u imagine what this will do for his career?? He has been a drunk and still whooping folks imagine what he does fully dedicated
Lucky his daughters weren’t with him or he didn’t kill anyone else, thoughts are with him but he risked others lives not just his own.
Robert Estrada
Robert Estrada:
How many Boxers have wrecked in fast cars? Salvador Sanchez, Mike Tyson, etc...
Ігор Тимчук
Ігор Тимчук:
Richard Oakley
Richard Oakley:
Man down but not out
Code Name
Code Name:
Its the champ....lets go champ
Big Roe
Big Roe:
Errol is gonna make a full recovery🙏 thank god for him and his family and I mean that but also thank god we still are gonna get to see Bud Crawford destroy him but after he fights Danny so there are no built in excuses about lingering effects of his car accident
Sounds like someone wanted Errol out the way...can you say sabotage...☝🏾♥️💪🏾😎
Truth Reigns Forever
Truth Reigns Forever:
Eddie must have gold diggers after him from here to China.
Robert Estrada
Robert Estrada:
Learn from this! SEATBELTS!!!!!!
Darren Francis
Darren Francis:
Lucky boy watch yo mouth
David Liston
David Liston:
Well that seemed to lack much warmth. Very formulaic blah blah blah response Eddie
Round One
Round One:
Ferrari's use of aluminum dates back to the 1940s, when Enzo Ferrari wrapped his steel-framed sports and race cars with lightweight aluminum bodywork. During the '80s the company began to experiment with a variety of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, Kevlar, and carbon fiber
Get better soon champ.
Boxers should only die in the boxing ring !!! Get well champ !!!
You won't hear a peep from old Al
This dude has made about 10 videos on Errol spence accident ,we get it’s tragic but stop milking it for views! Let the man and his family recoup in peace 😏
joe lodd
joe lodd:
caramel king200000
caramel king200000:
Up In Smoke Tour !!! (Pacquiao and Crawford fight)
Desoto Texas go be alright
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood:
How about coincide and not collide.
Chris Adams
Chris Adams:
Hopefully he's back by late 2020
Balanced Mind
Balanced Mind:
Something will happen to Tank Davis next. All these young boxers trying to live like the rappers they listen to. Need to grow up.
Wawa E
Wawa E:
The car rotated 3 times. Errol was thrown away and now in ICU. Im not a doctor nor sherlock holmes but from the news....

1. He got broken teeth possible head impact may cause concussion. Concussed fighters are advised not to fight again. But Late boxer edwin valero fought again after a serious accident and also Vinny Paz.

2. Very confusing news, they said not life threatening but he is on intensive care unit.

For now, prayers for 2 time champ Errol "the truth" Spence Jr.
Bardo Young
Bardo Young:
Easy to say but in All honesty there would have been once in your life where you never wore a seatbelt. If he was wearing one he maybe not be with us today. Being stuck in the car rolling like that things could have been worse? Maybe this is the luck god gave him. Remember Everyone else Man down Errol except you. 👊
Apparently he’s somehow only broken his teeth. Hopefully this is true.
Kristopher Cantu
Kristopher Cantu:
I hope Spence makes a full recovery.. He is very fortunate no bystander was hurt or killed. It's was 3AM, he was very intoxicated. Everyone that follows Boxing knows Errol has a drinking problem, this isn't a total surprise. Hopefully this was his wake up call before someone is killed. I hope he owns his problem, gets help, then has successful life..
caramel king200000
caramel king200000:
Errol Spence = Diego Corrales Part 2 !!! (Boxing Automobiles & Motorcycles)
Bud Crawford Beats Easy Route Spence
Bud Crawford Beats Easy Route Spence:
Class Act
R B:
If anyone wants to see the car crash vid it’s posted by a journalist on twitter @jdmiles11
Your'sTruly ELOHES
Your'sTruly ELOHES:
That's a man! Not a boy😒
Gennadiy Gennadyevich Golovkin aka GGG
Gennadiy Gennadyevich Golovkin aka GGG:
When you are driving a super car, you better make sure you control the car, not the car control you. I’ve been driven in supercars myself as a passenger , and these things pick up speed extremely fast and you better stop and slow down when you see hazards. When you drive these things in local streets you soon realise that you run out of road very fast and you realise that you have to stop at junctions and traffic lights every damn minute. It’s takes the fun out of the experience. It’s better to drive them on the motorway in a straight line. And slow down on bends and curves that’s a absolute must with these things. You cannot fuck up on the bends and curves. When you fuck around on the bends and curves, you are literally inviting the grim reaper to dance with you.
Buttered Toast
Buttered Toast:
Is Errol Spence intubated? Has anyone heard that anywhere.
Kobies Boxing
Kobies Boxing:
It's now safe for Keith Thurman to fight for the welterweight championship.
Ukboxing 100
Ukboxing 100:
Terrible but wow what a lucky boy just goes to show fate is real when its your time its your time. Get well soon champ 👊
No seatbelt on, if so crazy man. Saves lives people. In UK all people in car should have seatbelt on, def up front. If caught then 3 points plus fine, if your on mobile/cell phone whilst in car, 3 points or maybe 6 now! (You can have upto 12) points before license is suspended for 1 year. Also the fine starts at about £300 or $400+ minimum
stephen schneider
stephen schneider:
Drunk partying then no seat belt speeding a convertable Ferrari......Darwin Award. If any of you did that the response would be this.
Addyy Brown
Addyy Brown:
After watching that crash video its definitely a critical situation. He is in ICU. I doubt if he boxes ever again
question more
question more:
BOM-Bow-Claart.....been watching to fast to furious hour before crash .....hope you are well dough....
Will Sniff
Will Sniff:
Best shit ive ever heard from fast car
Mohammad Khan
Mohammad Khan:
Islam teaches and forbides drinking and drugs, and also not being up after your night prayers 10-11pm max that the Truth... Everyone needs to shut the hell up, stop being a snake and a back bitter claiming he drinks a hell a lot. You guys don't even know him to claim that. Although if he has been I'm assuming little is fine all boxers do, Mayweather was just an exception for not touching any drugs or alcohol...But regardless, without any alcohol or drugs you can only be the best in the sport.
tsk ... tsk...
he missed out on the BIG pacquiao payday
Oscar Espiritu
Oscar Espiritu:
How can he box when doctor will amputate his arm and leg
free speech is no more fascism is alive and well 2
free speech is no more fascism is alive and well 2:
He was drinking and speeding wasn't he? No matter which one or both he deserves it, I'm just glad some innocent child or family didn't get killed or injured because of this pricks selfish antics
Ninja Squirrel
Ninja Squirrel:
Pbc and Spence took ducking Crawford to the next level smh..
Eddie actually looks like he's laughing from inside...sad. this guy is a joke., hes laughing when speaking
david rock
david rock:
He would rather crash and nearly kill himself than fight the bud terrence Crawford 😂
SiLo Mixing and Mastering
SiLo Mixing and Mastering:
Kenny Porter rigged the brakes after his son got robbed the other week