Earthquake, Southern California, M 4.0, San Andreas, Elsinore Fault Zone, Full Moon Friday


Maryann Souisa
Maryann Souisa:
Thank you Mary, I heard this quake more then I felt it. Very loud!
Brandon Caplinger
Brandon Caplinger:
Good loud boom and felt the ground drop today in san clemente
Tom Mohnasky
Tom Mohnasky:
Full moon more earthquakes. Interesting?
cheryl jones
cheryl jones:
That would be "will doe mar". Thanks Mary for the videos
Chris Ev
Chris Ev:
And the hits keep coming.
Elsinore blows from time to time.
Chinazo Mbagwu
Chinazo Mbagwu:
I heard a loud boom and my entire house was rattling, shaking and rocking, ground rolling. I live in Perris, CA near Corona and Lake Elsinore. It scared me, I'm not gonna lie.
Desiree Bernert
Desiree Bernert:
Happy 21st birthday to my grandson Isaiah!! So now thats 2 in their 20,s 5 in their teens & 4 left 10 +!!! Hugz Mary
Chris Ev
Chris Ev:
Oh not San that city. North of San Diego County the state is a poop pit... except for the rural areas that are home to good Americans.
Leslie Lesh
Leslie Lesh:
Mercy Taylor
Mercy Taylor:
I thought that Elsinore was the San Andreas fault, just in that particular area it's name changes. Is this part of the slow slip or is it a pre-curser. The area regardless is under stress
Thanks Mary xx
bobby Walker
bobby Walker:
Now that's makes a big difference got to get on top of this thank you for sharing🦋❤
Diana Blanke
Diana Blanke:
Thank you Mary for this information. I am concerned about this location due to a fire last week on Via Volcano and Clinton Keith Rd in Murrieta, Ca.
I heard it and it sounded like a rupture or explosion!
Ana Trejos
Ana Trejos:
You have reveal the rift or split which the swarms of earthquake in that area steming from that 7.2 Elosiner sorry probaly misspelled fault line heading towards L A remember commenting about it on CAseismograph was blocked . If you turn the fault lines on it reveals the beginning of separation like cracks.
dirtyskies CHEMIFORNIA
dirtyskies CHEMIFORNIA:
So is it go time yet?.....
Your crickets remind me of old Manheim Steamroller music I used to have..
Kay Copas
Kay Copas:
It would be 2485 that felt it if I’d reported. Sounded like a big truck heading for my house and felt like it hit it. Fans are still hanging. Nothing fell. 🤔😩🤪
I was told in my teens we should have a big one soon. I am now a great grandma. When it goes.......
Daniel Bootsman
Daniel Bootsman:
Full moon Friday the 13th!!!
Kurt Geezer
Kurt Geezer:
Thanks again Mary be safe GB whomever you believe that to be
Sharyn Leato
Sharyn Leato:
Thanks Mary. I never watch any msm. I live in Lost Angeles. Will be watchful.
barbara jockers
barbara jockers:
Love your shows Mary!! Im a busy gramma too!
Cherry Dagger
Cherry Dagger:
Thank you
I have relatives who live in CA and WA and I tell them the story of the frog in the boiling water... :(
Angela Vannucci
Angela Vannucci:
Wow! You are really on top of it. Things are rockin and rollin...seems like A LOT in the last week or so.....hang on!
I felt it in San Bernardino
Lauraly & Jerry FunFishingFarming
Lauraly & Jerry FunFishingFarming:
Another EQ on the Mississippi, south of St. Louis, on the New Madrid today the 11th. That's one every day for the last 3 days. The strange thing, it's so far North of the major portion of quakes which have already happened. Any ideas as to why the spreading out? In your opinion!
Larry Hunt
Larry Hunt:
alan headrick
alan headrick:
Why would a full moon have anything to do with an earthquake?
Good Morning Mary :) Is Lake Elsinore naturally occurring or man-made? In either case, does anyone know if the water levels in that lake were impacted during the earthquake, rising or falling?
Loyce March
Loyce March:
Will dough mar.
It hit the side of our house here in Moreno Valley n of Perris. I heard no ground noise just big and a bounce hit and shakes.
Debbie Gallagher
Debbie Gallagher:
Thank you Mary
bear mama
bear mama:
Since finding out about all this since the 4th of July EQ ,I have noticed so many loud booms,frightening, sounding like an aeroplane hitting the house has been reported over and over in comments,also that the ground drops,I'm from UK,and recently there was a M 3,3 in Falmouth Devon and the reports were the same,a noise like a sonic boom.Does anyone know what the connection is,I trust the people over google every day of the week,Also a lot of reports of sea sickness feeling,severe headaches and being or feeling sick,Could this be a side effect of either methane,or is the rolling feeling maybe magma.I know people in the Ridgecrest area were really suffering.I 'm very new to all this so sorry I don't know would really apprecite any help.TY Mary feel blessed to have found your channel and all the informative research that you do,that has opened my eyes to whats really going on.God bless you sister.
Lawanduuhhh !!
Lawanduuhhh !!:
What happends when there is an earthquake and your in the toilet.
David Sisneroz
David Sisneroz:
King Bowser
King Bowser:
Hopefully cali sinks
Overcoming One
Overcoming One:
M10EQ prophesied for CA. Soon. Amidnightcry. Channel.

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