Drew Brees | 2018-19 Highlights ᴴᴰ

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Cooler Daniel
Cooler Daniel:
I Like that you don’t add crappy rap music you just let us hear the announcers
luke wilson
luke wilson:
robbed.the rams are a disgrace to the nfc championship
Bogus this man deserved a ring
BnZ Chacon
BnZ Chacon:
Drew Deserved so much more this season
Ryan Housley
Ryan Housley:
Saints gonna win this next Super Bowl.
Nate Rodriguez
Nate Rodriguez:
His throws look effortless yet so beautiful
I hope the saints go on a rampage next season.
Of All My Intention
Of All My Intention:
115.7 rating at 39 years old....
That's just ridiculous.
GOD, this is actually sad cuz I remember all these plays happening and being so optimistic that we were gonna win Drew another ring...
Reece Mansion
Reece Mansion:
Better. Than. Brady.
Rams are a bitchass team that got lucky and went to the Super Bowl only to do a really half-assed job
Arguably his second best season?
Bet Michael Thomas loves him some drew brees
Silver Jaiden
Silver Jaiden:
They stole our Super Bowl...
The Discussion
The Discussion:
Drew is my all time favorite QB and I’m a Broncos fan.
Giacomo Gauci
Giacomo Gauci:
We just gonna ignore he picked the fittest chick to give the ball to in the stadium at 7:22. My boy Carr is a playaaa
2 dislikes- The refs
javier hernandez
javier hernandez:
I hoped he gets a MVP next season with all the pieces were getting from free agency
Bryce Burnett
Bryce Burnett:
They are gonna play angry next year mark my words
Blake Weigle
Blake Weigle:
MVP and superbowl champion next season #whodat
Mark Jefferson
Mark Jefferson:
Drew Brees has to be the most accurate Qb of all time.
Owen Jones
Owen Jones:
I smell a Jared Goff next
S L:
@2:23 why does it look like Meredith cut right, into Arnold (I think), causing him to slow down and get tackled when it looks like if he just ran straight it would have been six?
Timothy McClung
Timothy McClung:
Analysts say his arm strength has decreased and he grew tired towards the end. Coming back to watch this and knowing when these throws happened it seems more like his o-line faltered at the end of the season, starting the Dallas game, and into the playoffs.
should've had a shot at the SB.
Fernanda Brii
Fernanda Brii:
I cant choose...Mahomes, Brees & Rodgers are amazing! 💕
Kaybe Vang
Kaybe Vang:
No shitty music just the announcer and the crowd cheering
Brees Goat
Brees Goat:
Saints got robbed and so did brees for mvp
Eli Manning next?