Dr Disrespect BANNED From TWITCH for doing an OOPSIE !!

DR DISRESPECT has found himself banned from Twitch and also his pass at #E3 revoked for doing an OOPSIE!! Keeping in character he had himself filmed inside of public bathrooms when other attendees were there. Oops! https://teespring.com/en-GB/stores/heel-vs-babyface (merch shop) http://www.twitch.tv/heelvbabyface (Live Streaming) https://twitter.com/heelvsbabyface (Twitter) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRb_YOC35v4AKJrfn3_RaQA (mid life-bar crisis) http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/thunderhorn/Azbats/simple (Armory) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo4XlmOC4YXw7LqHMjDs7sQ (Title Sequence and Branding)

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MikeWhoCheese Harry
MikeWhoCheese Harry:
Everyone gets banned from twitch except Thots ripping off minors.
Tyler McDonald
Tyler McDonald:
he was streaming in 1080 pee
Daniel Codd
Daniel Codd:
He's partnered and brings a lot of money in.

He'll be fine. There's thots who do far worse and get away with it.
Giggles McGlitter
Giggles McGlitter:
If he identifies as a female, Twitch will unban him instantly.
I don't think he's that stupid. I think he knows he would get a temp ban, and so probably thinks the ban is worth the extra publicity. Easy boost to his notoriety on twitch. Then he get's to just take a streaming break during E3 and when the ban is lifted will see an influx in viewers all wanting to discuss his ban. And some new people will probably check out his channel as well after hearing about this on all the Twitch fail YouTube channel. The irony is that getting yourself on Twitch fails channels is actually a win for a Twitch streamer. And they all know it.
Garçon Voûte
Garçon Voûte:
Seen a couple people cover this. Only Az mentioned that E3 has an age limit. Atta boy Az!
Tarel sun
Tarel sun:
He was just following his Name...
Anarchy Time
Anarchy Time:
my reaction to it.. "shrug" what ever.
Steven 698
Steven 698:
It's disgusting how eager some people are to ruin the lives of others.
It takes a tremendous lack of respect for ones fellow man to want to jump at every oportunity to cause someone pain.
Bless Lifestyle
Bless Lifestyle:
Banned cause twitch got jealous he doubled their e3 stream
Marko Zec
Marko Zec:
He will just be "banned" for a week or so because he is partner with them and he = money to twitch, and twitch loves money
Yeah it definitely is against the law there to film in a bathroom like that.
Isn't e3 in California?
It's illegal over there to film in public restrooms. It can get him into more trouble than just twitch and the e3 ban.
I didn't see anything in the video/screenshot but it is weird and an invasion of privacy bringing a camera into the bathroom.
Shane Grayson
Shane Grayson:
Hi Az. I am sure this has been mentioned already, but this is actually a crime in California. It is only a misdemeanor, up to 6 month in jail and up to a $1000 fine (peeping tom). I assume this might be a first offense, and as you mentioned was done without malice, so he might just get a $250-500 fine and a slap on the wrist. Ya, and as you mentioned, even if the Cali law enforcement even do something about it. I've watched Dr. Disrespect one time and it was super cringe, but people saying he deserves to be in jail are just... I don't even know. I personally find that a small fine and a month ban from Twitch serves the crime.
Can we see some of these ASMR , stupid Halloween lights in the background, sag bags pushed together, twitchthots axed? I mean, they are technically receptacles ...so...snap them up!
he can be jailed doe, becues what they did IT IS iligal to film in a public restroom
jax l
jax l:
It wasn't just 1 time he done it 4 times I'm just waiting to see if criminal charges are gonna be filed. Since california has laws against filming in public restrooms.
Alexandros Mograine
Alexandros Mograine:
Hey, its poppy gloria... uhm i mean mary ham
Jukka Ala-Hakuni
Jukka Ala-Hakuni:
if you turn around swinging after you're done, you want it to be seen, just saying
Niel Ivarez
Niel Ivarez:
6:52 Az, my son ... I tell you this; there will soon be a cameraman somewhere and there will be some serious shouting 😄
I got banned from wow forums today :( for saying "Playable Alliance Quel’Dorei leads to Triggered Horde needing Safe Spaces!"
Ah yes Kotaku. Because everything on the planet is either harassment or a political statement. If you really really can't spin that, invent a disability slur. Entirely irrelevant.
DR have a lot to learn. his should just show off his cleavege, manboobs, and wear tight leotard and bend over to the camera, twitch wont ban him.
Kaleiohu Lee
Kaleiohu Lee:
Mistake or intentional, in what world should it ever be socially acceptable to live stream a busy public bathroom. Being way too light on this Az, it's not an oopsie but borderline criminal.
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider:
Who cares if there is no malice...he did this like 3 to 4 times in the whole live stream or did you not look that up. Hes an adult man encouraging his cameramen to come inside. I hope he gets at least 30 days for this shit or else twitch is playing favorites.
buliuol hjg
buliuol hjg:
LGBTQ+ flag, nicknamed "bijou", blue hair, "I'll ruin this man career". That's what i call a full package.
Im not for or against any particular punishment but saying "well he broke the law but he was banned on twitch!" Doesnt matter, if he broke the law ignorance is not a defense. He will get what he gets as the law states. What happened on twitch or with his e3 badge doesnt affect the law.

If the law is one thing and he gets off just because he is some popular streamer I will have an issue with that.
Ozone The Great
Ozone The Great:
Honestly, who cares.
Oof rip privacy 😂🤣😂
Blowing up like: "Dr. Disrespect films on toilet. Link between gaming and being a peeping tom confirmed." :>
Kal-El Lowe
Kal-El Lowe:
They were in Los Angeles. So what he did was HIGHLY illegal. He was breaking voyeur laws.
Dr. Disrespect deserved to be banned not just from Twitch, but also get his E3 credentials revoked. I do doubt it's a permaban from Twitch though. You don't film people in a rest room, it's simply illegal and genuinely disrespectful.
Taking a leak in a public restroom can be difficult in itself as a man. Last thing you need is a moron with a camera crew busting in there. No matter what the intention in.
kek bur
kek bur:
Dr disrespect? More like Dr Diddle
Dr Pissrespect pushed out better content to that toilet bowl than entire twitch does in a whole year.
Amanda Wallace
Amanda Wallace:
17 is still under 18, and still a minor in the states...
Josh Sullivan
Josh Sullivan:
'Joke which got out of hand' I see what you did there Az 😉
He will just go to DLive
All I can say about this is that I hope he learned from this and won't do it again.
Agreeably not the smartest move, in poor taste, but that's all I can say about this.
Fat Nurd
Fat Nurd:
The only thing worth watching about this vid is Az. <3
Nate Anglesea
Nate Anglesea:
Honestly the guy's name reminds me of those edgelord kids i used to play against on the original Halo on pc in my early teens like "xXxKillaBladexXx" and "X_NoobSlayer_X". I can't stand the guy but he'll no doubt be back soon enough. Twitch are fine with anyone as long as they keep bringing in the money, so streamers like this and the twitch thots are all pretty safe from permanent harm.
What about the cameraman? Is he covered under the responsibility of the streamer?
Camo Mojo
Camo Mojo:
Clearly he knew what he was doing, although I don't watch him personally. Just not my type of streamer but if its what you like then all good. Still though when you push and try to see how close you can get to the fire then cry once you get toasted its all on him. When public figures start thinking they can do anything, and not get in hot water. Then it might be time for them to take a break and do a bit of mental inventory checking to make sure you haven't totally lost all your damn marbles.

Hey that's just me though, but I certainly wouldn't be filming inside a public restroom. Fully knowing those inside might not want to be seen relieving themselves while on a live broadcast. Its clear Dr.Disrepsect has lost his dang mind.
Hot Kaka. Alex is fired!
Alexandros Mograine
Alexandros Mograine:
i think week or two is good, clearly it was a mistake with no ill intent, so giving perma ban wouldnt be fair imo.
Patrick Griffiths
Patrick Griffiths:
You have a legal expectation of privacy in the restroom and he violated that
The Mvc2guy
The Mvc2guy:
Exactly right intent does not matter in a lot of these situations.
Mujafa Achmed
Mujafa Achmed:
RPG Heartbeatz
RPG Heartbeatz:
He's over the top with anything he's does that's always gonna get you in trouble
Dr. Disrespect shows his peenie.

More at 11.
Ezra Nixon
Ezra Nixon:
Lol you made me laugh in this video mate.
K.G. Drake
K.G. Drake:
This is what happens when you DISRESPECT privacy. 😏
crazymike 22
crazymike 22:
Its a running joke on his streams that he has to do "hot diarrhea" and i guess he doubled downed in it. He didnt think it through.
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell:
I got a fallout 76 ad prior to this video lol
marc murphy
marc murphy:
DSP filmed himself whacking off on twitch and he's still on it, admittedly you just seen him from the waste up and it was a few years back . Point is people have done worse.
Youre worried its going to blow up. HMMMMM. So lets have every Youtuber cover it every day for the next 6 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Goth King
The Goth King:
Never do an IRL stream ever.
I'm surprised no one in the bathroom interrupted his video and flick/pour water at the camera... I know I would.

"Whatcha doing with expensive electronic equipment in a public bathroom, buddy?"
lol @ the sane person bit.

Read her comment in there and she must have a great personality.
Jade lee
Jade lee:
bestest of your videos!!
best irl stream ive ever seen (besides of the toilet part)
Maybe he can do a series streaming himself from inside the penitentiary next lul
"It's just a character" forsenCD
Stelios Kontos
Stelios Kontos:
maybe he should try Putting the wig on getting rid of the tash and claiming that he's a woman, stuffing a push up bra and pretending to be a trans woman.

Maybe then he would get away with this... id like to see this experiment done.
D live is probably looking really good to him right now. haha the pearl clutching is funny.
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith:
He was filming in a bathroom and got banned for it and kicked out of e3. I'm okay with this and don't see a problem.
Rifat Ul Hoque
Rifat Ul Hoque:
Cameraman followed him..even in second part he told the cameraman to stay away for couple of minutes before entering into the washroom.. it's mostly the dumbness of the cameraman to follow him and keep streaming
He will be back in Maximum a week, and i think its fine like this.
He did a oopsie and got a finger slap.
What !!!!! 😳 lol 👏🤣
Maybe it was worth the risk, and ban. We will see.
Twitch also banned Pink ward for saying yikers
Gives Dr Dickrespect a WHOLE new meaning
Y0uT008 and P3d0ph1l35
Y0uT008 and P3d0ph1l35:
DC Douglas, Dr Disrespect.
Yah I can see those 2 being the best of friends.
I just think of Filthy Frank: Bro... its just a prank.
fack, stop screaming dude ...
Mann made an oopsie, happens to the best of us (as it just did)
Stay classy Kotaku.
Use correct words - it can turn into bullying from people that will feel they have got legal excuse to be as***les.
But seriously you cant go into public restroom with a camera without at least expecting people to feel uneasy about it.
Lindsay Tur
Lindsay Tur:
of course its a temp ban
Now you can take his hair and his stache.
Modern day gaming has become so mainstream and inherited all of the sicknesses that come with fame and popularity. Back in my day...
Jacob Marsee
Jacob Marsee:
This just got him in the headlines so I could argue that this was one of the smartest things he’s ever done
Calypso King
Calypso King:
I'm only just now remembering that Dr Disrespect existed because of this video
Don Darko
Don Darko:
100 percent agree, if anyone would sue him, they would win. Law sees jokes as intent, edgy jokes are intended, you have to realise you're doing something illegal, there's no chance you could not have seen that comming. He would probably try to say he meant to do a joke and that is equivalent of pladging guilty.
STW Kanns
STW Kanns:
@hentaiphd is the twitter who posted cd
Big Boss
Big Boss:
If you watch the clip the doc said he will be back and the cameramen followed him
Tuk asfuk
Tuk asfuk:
Twitch is mad with power.
Michael John Layton
Michael John Layton:
Good, one less ijit to worry about!
Michael Otten
Michael Otten:
This is pure extradimensional chess, Dr. D is gonna be back after a well deserved sabbatical and be killing it as always, i can see it now

Smoke seeps out over the walkway, a flash, a blinding light! Then we see a shadow, a silhouette standing 7 feet 2 inches, he jogs out and takes a seat in his chair, rips off the top of a pack of g-fuel and downs it raw.

Now the millions of fans have taken their seats in the arena and the legions of weak arm punk little kids all outside the gates just straining their necks hoping to catch a glimpse of the 2 time
Nick Lehnhoff
Nick Lehnhoff:
It's crazy that the comment section turned this into an ankle height rant about twitch egirls.

DrD was very dumb for doing this, and can get in a lot of trouble. I have to imagine the dude with him would know too. Really weird lapse of judgement.
Lazy Abram
Lazy Abram:
you would think he would learn by now but i never saw why people are attracted to watching his stream. To me he just looks like a guy past his prime trying too hard to "fit in" with the "cool kids".
Trevor Keen
Trevor Keen:
Twitch guy in a bathroom, and no puns about 'streaming'? What is it with you guys?
That's some stupid heckin mistakes, man
Never watched and rarely heard of Dr.Disrespect and yes it was very dumb, but at least he didn´t film a corpse on purpose. Just saying though.
Drpissrespect* 🤣
he'll get unbanned tomorrow
dislike this streamers style just don't understand why people find it funny or entertaining.
No way they banned him, it will be a suspension for a week at most.