'Double Play: Faith and Family First' by Ben & Julianna Zobrist

Meet Tampa Bay Rays player Zobrist and his wife, Christian singer Julianna, and discover how they keep God at the center of their marriage, family, and careers. To purchase the book Double Play at Christianbook.com, visit: http://www.christianbook.com/double-play-faith-and-family-first/ben-zobrist/9781433683312/pd/683312?p=1148608


Steve Baker
Steve Baker:
And when daddy goes to work she has an affair. Fraud. Tramp
Ross Viles
Ross Viles:
This feels so hypocritical right now!
Kirk Rice
Kirk Rice:
That was hard to watch. Damn.
Jaqen H'ghar
Jaqen H'ghar:
Good luck Ben, she is a cheating hoooaa
Tommy A Guitar
Tommy A Guitar:
Tom Leykis brought me here. What a complete and utter cringe fest this is 🤮🤣
Edward Andersen
Edward Andersen:
Julianna pulled her her own "double play". Apparently, God, family and millions flowing into her shared bank account was not enough to keep her "happy". Karma could not come any sooner for women like this. Her "looks" fading quickly would ground her ego a halt fast.
Sloe Bone
Sloe Bone:
Ben! Come back to the Cubs, we won’t let you down! The fans still love you.
zendyvinny vlogs
zendyvinny vlogs:
in the words of ron simmions damn
Mike Derucki
Mike Derucki:
Richard Rodriguez
Richard Rodriguez:
faith & family first my ass! XD They both need to see a shrink
Julia Mihajlovich
Julia Mihajlovich:
Keep America Free
Keep America Free:
poor kids
Chad Williams
Chad Williams:
Really enjoyed their book when I read it a few years ago. Now I'm just so heartbroken over their broken home. Praying for deep humility and sincere, heart-felt confession for the sake of all parties.
trying not to cheat is going against nature, its hard to do, not everyone has the mental toughness to do it. shes not a bad person for doing it, its just nature, shes couldnt help herself.
haaaaaaa, cheers TOM LEYKIS for being able to click that link :) being an SP1 made my day yet again...sweet :) go here for more why this is just something to be aware of . https://www.premiumtom.com/
Ivan Diablo
Ivan Diablo:
she gotta stay focused when. sucking some other man's [email protected]