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Want more A&E? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c! Dog is back in Hawaii and confronted with two alleged felons who are in crisis. In both cases, addiction has a powerful hold on their targets, so Dog’s motto of “find ’em and fix ’em” is truly at work in Season 5, Episode 3, "Felons Interrupted". #DogTheBountyHunter Subscribe for more from Dog the Bounty Hunter and other great A&E shows: Find out more about the show and watch full episodes on our site: Enjoy more Dog the Bounty Hunter on YouTube: Check out exclusive A&E content: Website - Facebook - Twitter - The world’s most famous bounty hunter, Duane “Dog” Chapman tracks down fugitives along side his wife Beth and fearless family-based posse. A&E leads the cultural conversation through high-quality, thought provoking original programming with a unique point of view. Whether it’s the network’s distinctive brand of award-winning disruptive reality, groundbreaking documentary, or premium scripted drama, A&E’s brave storytelling always makes entertainment an art. Visit us at for more info.

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Want more A&E? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c!
Michael Brown
Michael Brown:
So Sad That Beth Is Gone
Morgan Krueger
Morgan Krueger:
I have so much respect for them to replace his food. They are kind souls. RIP Beth
Taylor !
Taylor !:
RIP Beth 💔💔💔
Kush Life
Kush Life:
Everyone’s a tweaker in Dogs eyes 👀😂😂😂
google customer
google customer:
i look at Dog and Beth as the modern day Bonnie and Clyde,, except doing good... lol..... bad to the bone....
Kush Life
Kush Life:
21:35 Random guy on bike
Dog : That’s a lookout that just passed you 😂😂😂😂
I like Bleach
I like Bleach:
I like how they keep eating their food wile he’s getting cuffed 😂
Julie  Wriston
Julie Wriston:
Love this show. Leland is FINE! Missing Beth, may she rest in paradise. ❤
Who’s down to try this at home with me lol 😂
Lisa Hatton
Lisa Hatton:
I binge watch The Bounty Hunter sometimes,and they show Beth so happy and healthy and it makes me so sad. She was a big part of their team,and I was so sad to here that she passed on to a beautiful, better place...REST IN PEACE MS.BETHY...
You definitely left your mark here in this world..I know you are running the show where ever you are...Love you,and Dog...Love from Dayton Ohio...
Joe Palumbo
Joe Palumbo:
Made me really happy to see him offer rehab to the braddah who asked for a second chance. I hope he gets better and his keiki get their father back.
Amy Durham
Amy Durham:
RIP Beth.. You are deeply missed! ❤
pyrrh0 beats
pyrrh0 beats:
"A half oz of dope in his sock" rite m8
Chr¡sty Renee'
Chr¡sty Renee':
R.I.P Mrs Dog. My prayers with you Dog and your family. I am so hung up on your son that is driving in this episode. My my my......😘😘
Elizabeth Mayo
Elizabeth Mayo:
introducing the new type of mukbang. dog and the fugitive in his car.
CloutMuzik Beats
CloutMuzik Beats:
buying the mcdonalds was dope
Kim Chi
Kim Chi:
HAHA, Standing Ovation in McDonald's!
Ben Snyder
Ben Snyder:
Dog: "I wish you could just stop the meth, STOP IT" Lmfao classic line
Elizabeth OHara
Elizabeth OHara:
rip beth rest easy
The first guy to bring bounty hunting to Television, before Bounty Hunter Tank, D, and Patty Mayo came.
RIP Beth so sorry for his loss he was so torn up about it in a interview and looked so bad i hope he can pull threw it its what beth would want
Kush Life
Kush Life:
33:40 Is that HIM ?!?!
33:41 Random Hawaiian guy 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Christian De La Rosa
Christian De La Rosa:
I love watching this in the mornings not gonna lie always puts a smile after they catch em and be like alright you hungry or want something to drink that's wassup
Elmyda 1537
Elmyda 1537:
Cartmen should do a guest appearance.
Butta Creamcake
Butta Creamcake:
Beth was so fine I loved when she wore a skirt and heels!! sooo gorgeous 🤦🏽‍♀️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍RIP beautiful lady
Mysteria _
Mysteria _:
Never really thought about it but if you’re really desperate to hide something and you have dentures.....
Ashley Alexandra
Ashley Alexandra:
i never did drugs but i did other stuff i shouldnt have my gonna until was until i became a mom. once i became a mom i grew up. kids can be a great motivation to especially once you realize that your on their time now before kids your on your time or your partner/friends time and can mess around but once you have kids your on your kids time they arent going to pause their growing for you so mess up go to jail and thats time away from your kids and if you mess up bad enough the government will take your kids
stone cold fan 316
stone cold fan 316:
Beth was so incredibly beautiful but a badass you didn't play games with her and Mary Ellen if you were on the wrong side of the law God have mercy on you cause they sure didn't.
I really liked this show when I was younger
15:30 he seas that he had over a half oz in his sock but at 14:25 you can see he didn't even have a ball
rach anne
rach anne:
So glad they put episodes back on! RIP sweet Beth! Love this show so much
Cynthia Govea
Cynthia Govea:
I love the they work, the way they treat people. They actually try to help people. It's just hard to see these episodes and to know Beth is gone. God bless you guys, R.I.P Beth
R Shacklefird
R Shacklefird:
Thats the fattest half oz ive ever seen fam daam
Jon Quist
Jon Quist:
I've had some cops and guards in jail who were like Dog in the sense that they leveled with me and told me how it was and what I needed to do. I won't forget them and how they cared for my wellfare.
Sj M
Sj M:
So now I'ma tell my homies to tell the bounty hunters she's in jail haha
Deziree aguilar
Deziree aguilar:
You can cure ich just get some microbe-lift Herbtana it kills parasites and its fish and reef safe and invertabite safe
Karrie c
Karrie c:
May your beautiful wife rest in peace I'm a huge fan of your show you Rock dog
javier bautista
javier bautista:
Not to be a jerk I want to c where it goes without beth may she rip
DeputyRalph YT
DeputyRalph YT:
Rip Leo, such a sad life.
Chuck Taylor
Chuck Taylor:
Over a half ounce? Are you freaking kidding me? Was Helen Keller measuring it? That was a few grams of whatever he had in there.
8:24 jesus took the wheel
Clara oswald
Clara oswald:
Its cool that they got him more food when he chilled out that is nice af
Bow Down
Bow Down:
This is just heartbreaking to watch now. Gorgeous woman inside and out...RIP Beth! You were an angel 😇 to many. Fly high 🦋 🦅 ❤️ 😞 We ❤️ you💔
I remember being a kid and having that crush on Lisa
The tweaker said “I feel disrespected” >xD
Joe Y
Joe Y:
Can u load California HereDog Comes where the team goes after Samu Savea
Advanced pools
Advanced pools:
Renee O'Shea
Renee O'Shea:
I sure hope Dog has been able to quit smoking ... P.E. is a VERY dire and serious condition.
James Peach
James Peach:
You know dog was offering fools 10% of the bounty to snitch if they see anything on the street. Better to get the bounty then HPD getting them and you get 0% instead of at least 85-90%.
Casey Hemsworth
Casey Hemsworth:
Leland is good looking RIP Beth
Don A
Don A:
I used to stay up all night and watch marathons of this show. One of a kind.
Anne Justus
Anne Justus:
It. bothers me that you pray then cuss and sweat so much!
Ricardo Masvidal
Ricardo Masvidal:
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to run from Dog The Bounty Hunter
Patriotic Revolution
Patriotic Revolution:
Rip Beth. What a beautiful difference you made to many lives. 🌹
If he was tweaked out he wouldn’t be able to eat but since he ate he wasn’t tweaked out😂
Taylor Mcquinn
Taylor Mcquinn:
Beth we miss youuuu💖💖💖
Taylor. p
Taylor. p:
He's lucky that they bought him food because if that was the cops they would have not bought him nothing they are such a caring family it's amazing.
spoiled brat
spoiled brat:
He commuted suicide , rip 🥺
That McDonalds bust was funny.
Brian King
Brian King:
Thats a valuable value meal!
Niquole Ramos
Niquole Ramos:
Who's from Hawaii ?!
William Underwood
William Underwood:
Every bond they sign must jump
Man everybody respect the Dog around there
Tres Harris
Tres Harris:
Anyone wanna smash Leland let smash that like button
sam j
sam j:
What kind of drug is this guy smoking
ExoticAlpha YT
ExoticAlpha YT:
I hope everyone is okay!
Hazel Eyes
Hazel Eyes:
Happy Thanksgiving Dog and family.
William Underwood
William Underwood:
R.I.P. to Beth the O.G.
T H:
Anybody else catch Beth not using her blinker
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker:
The kid's we're so cute!
Sebastian Cuevas
Sebastian Cuevas:
R.I.P Beth 💔💔💔
Paige Lee
Paige Lee:
Thank you 😊
Miss beth so much!!!
nope double nope
nope double nope:
That was not a half ounce. And I've never watched the show before but half of the people there arent needed. Just standing around.
Robert Dircks
Robert Dircks:
Half ounce wtf that was like a gram half gram
Manny 1245
Manny 1245:
Rip Beth
Steve Carras
Steve Carras:
Dog=Woof. Did Cat: The Bounty Hunter cross over yet? :-)
Rest In Paradise Mrs. Chapman
Adrián Garay
Adrián Garay:
R.i.h. beth
Mysteria _
Mysteria _:
It weird seeing Beth kinda makes you think she still is here until you remember she isn’t. It’s like. Wait I thought she died, oh yeah they recorded the shows sometimes months in advance
Brian avila
Brian avila:
Why did I know someone was gonna bring up Beth no duhhhh
Tawana Watson
Tawana Watson:
RIP Queen Beth
Taylor !
Taylor !:
When you are so early there are no good or funny comments....
Arlynn James
Arlynn James:
Now both are gone RIP DOG & Beth
Cuban Çhiaos
Cuban Çhiaos:
R.I.P Beth
Manny 1245
Manny 1245:
More episodes plz
Tommy Ohlrich
Tommy Ohlrich:
Did they princess leia Beth?
Richard Lamphere
Richard Lamphere:
Man Dog I really Miss Beth 😇
victoria davis
victoria davis:
What's hpd
Dick Masterson
Dick Masterson:
isn't that destroying evidence?
madyson paige
madyson paige:
I miss Beth
Rhonda Bernard
Rhonda Bernard:
Not a seatbelt in sight.
ryan damon
ryan damon:
Deziree aguilar
Deziree aguilar:
Hope they get better
Thats cute. A FELON (dog) chasing a felon
Larry Beane
Larry Beane:
Baby Lisa is so hot I would marry her in a minute, rip Beth so sorry dog
what a assbad
lolita johnson
lolita johnson:
Although the family is kind of racist. Beth was really the soul of this show. I understand why Dog is having a hard time.
Is an EMBARRASSING girlie boy with a paint gun and hair bretts