Demi Moore reveals the devastating childhood that shaped her l ABC News l Part 1/3

Moore speaks exclusively to ABC News’ Diane Sawyer about her turbulent childhood, opening up about her parents’ addiction, and how she learned that the man she knew as her dad was not her biological father. READ MORE: SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch More on LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: GOOD MORNING AMERICA'S HOMEPAGE: #ABCNews #DemiMoore #DianeSawyer #InsideOut #Interview #GMA

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I do not care how dirty the details are... when someone has the courage to be honest about their life it is POWERFUL 🌹
Melanie L
Melanie L:
How can Diane Sawyer be 73 years old??? She looks amazing!
warrior Dog
warrior Dog:
if you look deep down in your life, everybody has a book to tell....
Tamara Bossler
Tamara Bossler:
Now she doesn’t have to carry it around - Demi put it on the table . Lots of love ❤️ to you Demi
Cherry Berry
Cherry Berry:
Parents have a big impact on children as they get older. This is so sad what happened to her
Rodrigo Otazu
Rodrigo Otazu:
power to every woman who survive the storm
Ellie Sis
Ellie Sis:
"I didn't have anything to lose."
How many success stories started with this line.
Carole A
Carole A:
*Diane looks younger than she did 20 years ago*
Heather Mefford
Heather Mefford:
*Mother’s who damage their children as badly as her mother did are absolutely unforgivable.*
Lizzy Borden
Lizzy Borden:
I feel sorry for her. She still can’t admit her mother pimped her out.
Kelly kelly
Kelly kelly:
Damn mothers that don't care about their children, I wish you all rot in hell. 😡
M A:
After all the surgeries that demi moore and courtney cox have had, they look like sisters.
Jamie Utitus
Jamie Utitus:
Diane Sawyer sits and speaks like she’s interrogating El Chapo!?
Fuuuuuuuuck. All my respect to her. Money and fame don’t matter when you’re hurting from a painful childhood
Parents who pimp their children: the lowest of the lowest.
Anastasia Zoldak
Anastasia Zoldak:
Any woman can have a kid! It takes a special woman to be a MOM! I’m going to call mine today and let her know
0 8
0 8:
I wish to Demi and to all the abused of this world much love health peace and really the best of luck,U are so worth! u are are triple worth than anyone else!,I keep on fighting for u!.
Jon Dough
Jon Dough:
Great interview. They're just people like the rest of us, with needs and heartaches.
Demi has to be one of the most beautiful women ever. She's stunning...still!
Crystal Grose
Crystal Grose:
This is so heartbreaking. When we look at people, we never know what they have gone through.
Michele Ellis
Michele Ellis:
She was so beautiful and now she looks really good for 56. She has a lovely voice.
Derek Boyt
Derek Boyt:
The emptiness and hurt one receives in childhood is lifelong. Few people can discard it and fill the void that is created; however, some can find a way to manage the impact and become successful. It sounds like Bruce had a personality that blended well with her and made things somewhat balanced; I suspect that the children were / are angry at her for her behavior towards him after the split. The good news is that nothing is EVER permanent - change is ALWAYS occurring and WE all have a choice... :-)
M L:
I feel her pain when she tries to rationalize her mother’s betrayal. I now have so much respect for Demi. She has been dealing with her pain all this time, just like many of us.
Mimi Rogers
Mimi Rogers:
My mother pimped me out to her realtor at age 14 to avoid paying the commission. I feel ya, Demi. Its a hard thing to recon with.
Sab B
Sab B:
How could a mother sell her child it’s heart breaking
Carole A
Carole A:
*Didn't think DeMI and DEmi shared so much more than names and looks but also monsters* .
Debra Poston
Debra Poston:
I personally wonder if she ever found out who her biological father was/is...…...
It's interesting how money doesn't buy happiness and I may not be rich but I did grow up in a stable household and that has helped me have a great life so far.
Monique Ayala
Monique Ayala:
I can’t believe her mother did that to her. She can rationalize it however makes it easier for her, but her mother sold her.
N. Carroll
N. Carroll:
"The things that almost break you can give you courage." (I love that.)
Yes, it is very sad to hear this, however, being Demi Moore makes it a lot easier to deal with things,No money can’t make you happy, but when you have it and have the personal satisfaction of acquiring it it makes life a lot easier than the average girl
James Farrington
James Farrington:
I have so much respect for her. I was a victim of the catholic church as a kid. Then became a delinquent in my teens, in and out of group homes. Then in my 20's I tried to act the part of an adult, but dealt with all my insecurities and anxieties with alcohol and drugs. Anyways now at age 31 I have one year sober, and my life has already drastically improved. Again, much respect to Demi.
Brucie B
Brucie B:
I think she's still Beautiful as ever.Ashton treated her like shit.She just needs a regular guy who will love her, like me lol
Lisa Finnegan
Lisa Finnegan:
When did Demi Moore turn into Courtney Cox?
Lisa Avery
Lisa Avery:
I worked taking care of teens whose parents had ‘pimped them out’ when as young as 4!! It definitely SCREWS them up!!
Mona Moore
Mona Moore:
Hollywood really really dark place you can't get inside without selling yourself to someone rich!!!
Stay in school girls
Sara Lis
Sara Lis:
I thought she was dead Diane sawyer and Demi she makes me pity
veruca salt AKA cando
veruca salt AKA cando:
So much pain in her beautiful eyes.
OMFG that's insane. What kind of mother does that to her child????
Tamara Bossler
Tamara Bossler:
Demi Gave us lots of joy : St Elmo’s Fire, ghost, a few good men , GI Jane and on and on ❤️
Kitten Bo
Kitten Bo:
I remember the stories about her being pimped out by her own mother. I'm so glad she made it, regardless of all the adversity, and despite her own childhood, she turned out to be an amazing mother and wife. I hope she finds someone who appreciates her. She deserves happiness, and being able to grow old with someone who loves her.
Andrea Talbot
Andrea Talbot:
I can relate to Demi. People need to not judge unless they walk in someone’s shoes
Morgan Berner
Morgan Berner:
I used to think that she was another weird actress who did drugs. But hearing this, I am stunned! I can’t imagine living with that trauma and pain. Great that she’s sharing her story!
Sylvie Groleau
Sylvie Groleau:
That is where I first say her, as Jackie Templeton - sister of Laura Templeton - on General Hospital.
Summer Rainbow
Summer Rainbow:
Growing up my favourite actress, her and Bruce needed to stay together, 💞
Ahmed Tawbi
Ahmed Tawbi:
She was the Jennifer Lawrence of the 90s but just more iconic!
Sajjad Mehal
Sajjad Mehal:
When a person's called a "star" all too often what they really are is a survivor
Demi Moore is a survivor, she found a way out, despite her mother. Good for her.
Angela P
Angela P:
Wow, Demi looks great ! So glad she's keeping the long, beautiful black hair ! It suits her, so stunning.
56? She looks incredible. Ashton Kutcher didn't deserve her
Charlie quinn
Charlie quinn:
She then went on to become a perpetrator.
There's a video of her frenching a little boy
robert starkey
robert starkey:
i love you Demi
L7 Weenie
L7 Weenie:
Love her voice 😍
Missy ‘
Missy ‘:
I wish I could hug her through the screen right now. I feel her pain. Thank you Demi for being open about your story 💜
Edwin Manzanares
Edwin Manzanares:
So her secret is no alcohol to look good at her age.
Demi is so pretty. I love her long hair. Her green dress is very hippie Bohemian. Beautiful.
Lilianna Mathers
Lilianna Mathers:
Demi in St. Elmo's Fire, I wanted to dress like her, look like her, she's still so beautiful!
Loraine Hudson
Loraine Hudson:
She's a beautiful strong woman for sure. I've always had alot of respect for her.
Kimmy wimmy
Kimmy wimmy:
Really Demi?! You going to include your making out with a very young looking teenage boy when you’re in your 20s? There’s video of it. Sick, twisted. Bet none of that is in your book.
Edwin Manzanares
Edwin Manzanares:
Best diets are when you have a breakup, divorce, jail.
Dawn Miller
Dawn Miller:
Wow. She seems like a truly beautiful soul, who has fought most of us have.
Heather Greisha
Heather Greisha:
Welcome back Demi! ❤️
Jazmyn Brown
Jazmyn Brown:
My family loves Demi! She's so pretty!
Damn she looks _amazing_ for 56 years old.
Winnie Winkles
Winnie Winkles:
I love this, who knew, good for Demi Moore.
Golden Bowl
Golden Bowl:
If you’re gonna sell your daughter down the river like that at least up the price tag...all she was worth was 500 dollars?
Lissa Love
Lissa Love:
Stunning Ageless beauty , I think that describes Demi perfectly! 💕🥰💕
You dont know what really goes on behind closed doors. Let's not be quick to be Judge and jury.
Denali Star
Denali Star:
Love you Demi!
Ricardo Williams
Ricardo Williams:
She was my favorite actress. Thanks, Demi.
Magic Roundabout
Magic Roundabout:
Great interview....I have a new love for Demi Moore 💕 good luck to her
Jahid Samed
Jahid Samed:
her eyes and voice is the one 😍😘❤ loved few good men my fav movie 🔥🔥🔥
Mel B
Mel B:
Darcy Royce
Darcy Royce:
Mauve W
Mauve W:
Wow! I remember watching her on the big screen as a child. .never thought she's been through so much. .she deserved all the success she got! What an amazing life journey. God bless her.
“So incredibly raw” is also known as real life:) those things happen in the reality every day, does anyone care if they are not famous?
Gail Albers
Gail Albers:
i think it is relevant when a woman talks about the things that were done to her-because she is famous people listen to her - next we have to start watching out for each other, famous or not.
Ally Jelly
Ally Jelly:
And yet she was on the flight manifest as a passenger on Epstein's Lolita express!
LIeb Lee
LIeb Lee:
Gabrielle Ana
Gabrielle Ana:
Love this!!!!
Make Racists Afraid Again
Make Racists Afraid Again:
She had a tough childhood. Hearing about how she overcame it makes her more relatable.
Claudia Camacho
Claudia Camacho:
I loved "GI Jane" movie and I believe that role portrayed the strong and brave woman she is!
Jill Marsh
Jill Marsh:
I love Demi and Diane both strong, beautiful and gifted... legends
3:58 Sheesh
Shakina Punter
Shakina Punter:
I will always love Demi!!🤗😊
Mary Smith
Mary Smith:
Is that Oprah’s lover? The black woman on the dais.
Chase Shannon
Chase Shannon:
Scorpio ♏️ female 💯
Rob Young
Rob Young:
I love Diane.. Always with a great interviewer.
Vlamir Marques
Vlamir Marques:
Always loved Demi, loving her even more. Will ready her book.
macy loveQ
macy loveQ:
And I'm sure Hollywood abused her too and even more.
John Flynn
John Flynn:
Demi looks Amazing.
I wish her the Best.
j m
j m:
also where is that so called MONSTER....I am sure the cops could get him if ALIVE. or just,he is a figment of Ms.Moores imagination and story telling!!!
Ma. Rossana Jasmin Aquino
Ma. Rossana Jasmin Aquino:
She's still a beauty! Classic 56! I love staring at her face! ❤
Karen Cornwell
Karen Cornwell:
Cheek implants!
Paula Bradley
Paula Bradley:
Love Demi' s acting always
mamma Bear
mamma Bear:
She sure looks good & Healthy❤