Demi Moore Puked During Navy SEAL Training for “G.I. Jane”

The training Demi Moore did for her role in “G.I. Jane” left her covered in blisters, puking, and doing push-ups in front of a screaming drill sergeant who never called her by her real name. SUBSCRIBE for more videos: Want to know what's going on with Howard Stern in the future? Follow us on Twitter: On Facebook: On Instagram: For more great content from the Howard Stern Show visit our official website: Hear more Howard Stern by signing up for a free SiriusXM trial:

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Kibbie Lou
Kibbie Lou:
It's insane how much more we get to know these guests when Howard interviews them, vs Late night shows, or even Dianne Sawyer type interviews.
Cullen Lea
Cullen Lea:
She’s so hot.
Sean halter
Sean halter:
Damn Demi and Jennifer Aniston - both look amazing!
Luc Anderssen
Luc Anderssen:
"Me and 40 guys"
Split tail lmao 😂
Johnny Murray
Johnny Murray:
The interview was one of the better ones out of the past year imo.She was great in Mr.Brooks.
Christopher Herkner
Christopher Herkner:
Hotter now than a lot of the 20 somethings out there.
She’s still got it
She mentioned Harry Humpries.He's an old school SEAL.He done alot of consultation on military themed films.
She still a great looking woman for her age and what she been thru in life.
Jaime Reynolds
Jaime Reynolds:
Still looks beautiful
Shaun Lowe
Shaun Lowe:
I'm shocked and surprised she didn't puke all the time
MP Fann
MP Fann:
I’ve watched Demi’s career since its beginning, and I have HUGE respect for her. She has proven time and again that she is a solid bad ass and extremely talented actor.
sara washington
sara washington:
Gimme more of Demi Moore. The original badass 😊 I cant wait to read your book !!! Luv from biggest fan in London England
2019. worth pursuing with extreme vigor.
The TigerMan
The TigerMan:
She's still so attractive. Great atress still.
I actually wanna hear this entire interview 💯
Errin Taylor
Errin Taylor:
I LOVED her in Indecent Proposal!
Ahmad Carlos
Ahmad Carlos:
I absolutely love hearing these stories. Bravo!
Goddamn, she looks amazing for 56.
Leandros Amarantidis
Leandros Amarantidis:
“How is the Navy Seal training really ?” “They gave us Boots 👢 and everything”
Raymond Lawson
Raymond Lawson:
Perfectly done ! That's a drill sergeant does. He put there and took you back. And say no more that is how it is.
Beats a red blanket welcome. 😂✌🍻.
Damn she's fine!!!
marlene g
marlene g:
This woman has the most beautiful shaved head I have ever seen.
Gia Blonde
Gia Blonde:
Want to see her more on screen! Still gorgeous! Her book is good too. Fascinating!!
Barbara Von Traumer
Barbara Von Traumer:
She’s so damn cool and hot. Total respect for her.
Roman Ozzie
Roman Ozzie:
I can’t believe she’s still hot . ❤️
Alan M
Alan M:
Great story and interview from Howard
Joe S
Joe S:
Still sexy...looks like a nurse I used to know;
Shit, I never want to train to be a Navy Seal. Demi is BadAss!
David Ellis
David Ellis:
Demi , still 🔥 at 50 ! 😎
t. g g
t. g g:
The movie flopped at the box office 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Still one hot lady!! Love GI Jane too!!
Georgina Lewis
Georgina Lewis:
FIRST!!! LOVE HER where can I hear the full interview?!!!!
A Fera
A Fera:
demi still looks hot
john williams
john williams:
demi moore? more like demi more!
Chris Ducat
Chris Ducat:
An amazing woman, then and now.
Demi Moore still looks great for her age..beautiful woman
I’ve been waiting for this! We need the full interview
Damn she still looks good
lord bawnchie
lord bawnchie:
What a bad ass. Much respect!
hot cougar alert!
Daniel Timbs
Daniel Timbs:
This movie was awesome. Kinda wanna watch it now
Erik Stenberg
Erik Stenberg:
Those blisters on your feet are called flappers. Just rip em off.
Drugs, drugs, drugs.....gimme drugs, gimme drugs.......
I love her.
Yayan Mulyanti
Yayan Mulyanti:
My favorite actress
For a 56 year old smoker she a 36 year old non smoker.
Justin Read
Justin Read:
Demi is without any doubt one of the hottest women ever ! Also my wife
I love that movie and respected her for doing all that training for it. That movie is an inspiration.
Snake Pliskin
Snake Pliskin:
Striptease was good
I was stationed at Mayport naval station when that was being filmed!
Chad Wilcox
Chad Wilcox:
Still an 11 in my book
Adam AA
Adam AA:
I met her in NY whilst filming this. She lived around the corner in the San Remo. She was tiny, gorgeous, shaved head and wearing bandanna, denim overalls, white t-shirt and round John Lennon glasses.
Michael Beasley
Michael Beasley:
I love her! Been in love with Demi since "About Lastnight"! We're the same age, she looks great!
Mark R
Mark R:
Great interview. Why the hysterical laughing by Robin when Demi walked in? Get her outta the studio for these segments.
Travis Wilkes
Travis Wilkes:
This entire interview must be awesome
L Navarro
L Navarro:
Are those New balance Demi? ...... Oh yeah she's the homegirl. Another reason why I like her 😁🤗
Split tail?
rich ernest
rich ernest:
Private Mayo cut and chiseled full squadron salute .
joshua thompson
joshua thompson:
That was a hardcore movie.
Love Demi! Classic actress! Can’t wait to read her new book
She looks good
Stuart Otis
Stuart Otis:
I never really cared much for Demi Moore movies but G.I. Jane is her Citizen Kane. I remember at the time hearing how she legit put herself through hell to make her character as real as possible. Respect.
Classic movie
Paul Davis
Paul Davis:
best boobs in R-rated movies- 80s' Phoebe Cates....90s' Demi Moore
boost junkie
boost junkie:
still hot
Steve Bryan
Steve Bryan:
man she's hot
She's still A list.
Melinda Mullins
Melinda Mullins:
She was so incredible in g i Jane talk about female empowerment👍✌
Russell Jennings
Russell Jennings:
Demi is flexin woth that ceramic Apple Watch
Rajab Croswell
Rajab Croswell:
Does anyone know how to watch the full video?
Dustin Adamson
Dustin Adamson:
Haha My Grandfather didn’t watch movies unless they were like before 1950 but he went to see this film
Gator The Pimp
Gator The Pimp:
A natural beauty
Caesar Darias
Caesar Darias:
G.I. Jane is one of the most underrated movies of all time. I believe critics gave it negative reviews simply because they pre-judged Demi Moore, who delivered a very strong performance. I also loved the acting job by Anne Bancroft who nailed the role of the U.S. Senator. My favorite scenes were between Moore and Bancroft, all beautifully shot and edited. Ridley Scott did a great job directing. He knows when to keep it simple and let the actors act.
Andreas w.
Andreas w.:
How old Demi Moore now, she looks so good on her aged
Split tail?
Andrew Giacco
Andrew Giacco:
Why is Howard in LA?
Ron Shuler
Ron Shuler:
Boot Camp stories are the best
Chris Torelli
Chris Torelli:
Good training , Thumbs up !
Jay W11
Jay W11:
She looked great in the Alita film, no plastic surgery nothing. Very good!
RantChant 316
RantChant 316:
I puked my first pst and didn't even pass. Shit is no joke and that was only the screening test.
James Graham
James Graham:
People don't know she is a very successful producer these days. She didn't disappear, just took a different direction with films
sara washington
sara washington:
Luv u Demi 😚 from sara - London - England
Krist Tujague
Krist Tujague:
I saw that film in the cinema and I still love it to this day.
She was criminally underrated as an actress and hated for no reason. 💕
Solar Sailor
Solar Sailor:
That's nothing to be ashamed of. Many people are broken by it & some even die.
Franky Frankson
Franky Frankson:
So sorry to disappoint some of you (like my opinion on Angelina Jolie is so different from most of you) but I do NOT think she looks younger then her age. GOOD FOR HER AGE YES. Younger NOOOOOO.
And to be honest I think I didnt see a single movie with her except JI Joe and I was less then 10 don't know how they let me in with my parents. But we all liked her performance
she looks good, not seeing any extreme plastic surgery, botox etc....really strange
John Aristotle
John Aristotle:
The story of Demi's mother pimpin' her out was very disturbing.
Jacob Shodin
Jacob Shodin:
Still a babe
K. S.
K. S.:
Is she an alien because she literally doesn’t age 😍
The Fatman
The Fatman:
RantChant 316
RantChant 316:
She still the only woman to attend this training even if it was only a movie. That's how hard it is.
Ravi S
Ravi S:
LA Howard is the best Howard
Such a great movie, true, non-modern-bullshit strong woman, a great acting as well, non-bitchin, but "do your job" person. When modern society try to force us to love and respect female characters cos they are female above all, i just re watch "G.I.Jane" and tell them quote "suck my dick".
Where’s Robin and Fred?
danny moore
Jimmy Pop
Jimmy Pop:
Never underestimate how powerful women can be physically.
Jack Macpherson
Jack Macpherson:
Courtney Cox wasn't in GI Jane. Demi Moore was.