Cuomo Threatens Man Who Called Him Fredo At Dinner

Subscribe to our channel! In this video, Chris Cuomo threatens a man who approached the CNN anchor and his family at dinner. The man called Cuomo, "Fredo" an insult referencing Francis-Ford Coppola's The Godfather Donate To The Daily Caller News Foundation: Or visit our website: Check out our twitter: And Facebook: Or follow Instagram: And don’t forget to subscribe!

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Underrated Inventions
Underrated Inventions:
Chris Coumo: My name's not Fredo.

Proceeds to guarantee that he will be called Fredo the rest of his life 🤔
Dönald Trümp
Dönald Trümp:
He said Fredo is a racial slur for Italians.

Since when is Italian a race?
"My name is not Fredo! im Chris Cuomo im an actor for CNN" lol
And that ladies and gentlemen, is how you become a meme
Juan mata
Juan mata:
Chris “F” Cuomo and the f is for FREEEDOOO
Jadin Andrews
Jadin Andrews:
I'd rather be called a Fredo than an anchor on CNN
Marc MyWords
Marc MyWords:
What's amazing is he became exactly what he "says" he is against..
He should have ignored it. Now EVERYONE will be calling him Fredo! LOL. What a putz. "Hey I'm smaart". LOL!!
Sammy K
Sammy K:
Regardless of what party your in or who you support you got admit that this guy has some serious issues! Medication Fredo!!!!
Bob Anderson
Bob Anderson:
Do you know who I am.... I am an ACTOR on he ACTS as a news opinion he is fake News... LMAO!!
Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin:
*and Fredo's now his name-O*
I want to meet this guy he's my hero... if that was me I would have just called him Fredo to his face and if you would touch me or hit me with Fredo would end up in the hospital
Will Chu
Will Chu:
I love how the mainstream media only gives the nice snips from this entire video. They skip all the threats and insults this Fredo threw at that man. Bunch of liars!
Frank Szilágyi
Frank Szilágyi:
And, ...this "hater-Cuomo", still have a job on TV?
Phil Badone
Phil Badone:
Chris "Fredo" Cuomo did a radio interview with Curtis Sliwa in 2010. Sliwa jokingly tells him that he better watch out, his older brother Andrew may lead the way into politics then give him a kiss on both cheeks. Chris Cuomo then laughingly says, "then who am I, Fredo?" Then went on to compliment his brother.
All I can gather from this entire "episode" of insanity is that Chris must have always felt like Fredo Corleone and our hero pushed the right button.
That being said, if I by chance run into Chris Coumo, I will "Fredo" him all the way to the door. "Fredo, you're smart, not dumb like everyone says you are, you're smart!" Fredo………..!
Kimura Takuya
Kimura Takuya:
Guys, I googled Fredo and this Chris Cuomo guy came up.
anyone notice that Fredo had several large men protecting him?
terminate with extreme prejudice
terminate with extreme prejudice:
So you're saying Cuomo wasn't in The Godfather?
John Laniel
John Laniel:
Cuomo should relax, grab a fishing line and bring his nephew fishing on the peer... then go for a boat ride...
Jerard Wald
Jerard Wald:
Fredo what a wimp you are you better go get some help
Rex Anderson
Rex Anderson:
Fredo Cuomo sucks just like CNN.
Falcon 1
Falcon 1:
Now there's an example of your red flag candidate. Do we know if Fredo owns a firearm? I think we need to find out because apparently he is way too unstable to have control of such a weapon.
Dave Testoni
Dave Testoni:
Cuomo is a big mouthed, WOP, Italian-guinea. 🤣
Christopher G
Christopher G:
The only reason he's there is because his brother is the Governor. Otherwise he'd be doing the weather in Boise.
Cuomo said nothing to politicians who openly told others to attack and harass repubs in public . What comes around goes around FREDO
Beside s all that if you think the was organic and NOT contrived your sillier than I thought. I guess Fredo thinks the Jessy Smolet routine was a good idea .The magicians have lost control of their secrets. Everyone knows how publicity works. And Cuomo's not smart enough to pull it off. What a FREDO
Wow, such a professional. The fact that he was with his family is even worse, lay off the booze fredo.
jason donnelly
jason donnelly:
He blew it ! He shouldn't have let it get to him . He's no longer Chris Cuomo . His name is now Fredo !
Andy G
Andy G:
He may be heading for the Keith Olbermann network fairly soon, somewhere on the pirated? airwaves.
Ian McGregor
Ian McGregor:
Psychology 101:
Those who are hyper sensitive (like Chrissy) are in-fact the most fearful. CC is a known coward, liar, and of course; it's widely known that he would otherwise be unemployed were it not for his gov bro.
Winter Willows
Winter Willows:
Fredo just sealed his meme, I mean fate
Cliff Allen
Cliff Allen:
If roid rage chris represented “another network” he would be fired. That’s the problem with double standards. I respect that he stood up for himself. If I did, he would call me a Nazi. Lefty pretty boy.
Thomas Tedder
Thomas Tedder:
Hes a psycho from the left. And now we see why they are in love with antifa.
Tim Olsen
Tim Olsen:
What a time to be alive; the all loving, tolerant, inclusive, better educated, best of the best preachers are coming out of the closet and finally showing us their real character.
jhon doe
jhon doe:
Fredo calm down; we're just breaking balls here
Muk My Bang
Muk My Bang:
Chris was probably about to sit down to a nice bowl of fettuccine alFREDO.
Just bought a Fredo tshirt on etsy
New Horizon
New Horizon:
Is everyone gonna ignore bat 0:27 in reference to Fredo, when Cuomo having a meltdown; dude sarcastically says, "Isn't that your brother though" 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Lorraine Irwin
Lorraine Irwin:
Cuomo has serious issues! He’s an a TOTAL jerk! Baby! WOW!!! Always knew he was a jerk
Ened Allensworth
Ened Allensworth:
Ahhhh We see what a jerk he really is without his lying CNN cameras
What a creep " Fredo" is
Philipos Brooks
Philipos Brooks:
Hes an actor on CNN. Just like everyone else
Sylvia Rocha
Sylvia Rocha:
I notice cnn always have miss piggy big mouth Navarro on there to yell not talk but yell to try to get their point across . Lol
Don Luis Guerra
Don Luis Guerra:
Actually this comparison is offensive.... to Fredo!!!!
Infidel Apostate
Infidel Apostate:
Right now all I hear is Fredo saying "What? Am I a _joke_ to you Cuomo?" in Joe Peschi's voice.
Mike Jacobs
Mike Jacobs:
Fredo was more of a man . That's an insult to the Corleone family
Fredo suffering from roid rage. Red flag him!
One of my favorite Italian dishes is Fettuccine Al - Like The N Word
R Stefanie
R Stefanie:
Too funny. Nice touch here little Fredo Cuomo
Patrick Isles
Patrick Isles:



Thats the most Italian thing I've seen.
Tony Macho
Tony Macho:
"Mike, you don't come to Las Vegas and talk to a man like Moe Green like that !!!
"Fredo, you're my brother and I love you, but don't take sides against the family again, ever!!"
J Goodson
J Goodson:
I wouldn't brag if I worked at CNN. Loser for sure.
Tony Macho
Tony Macho:
I hope I run into Fredo one day. Fredo Fredo Fredo !!!!hahahahahaha
Fredo needs to calm down.......Cris Cuomo is “Fredo”.........!
wow even cuomo is cracking. He's arguably the most rational and sane "CNN Anchor". But even he realizes he's on a delusional, trash 'news' rat infested sinking ship.
Dennis Schmidt
Dennis Schmidt:
Gets mad at being called "Fredo".....Responds by acting like "Fredo"
If he behaves like this in public? Imagine how he behaves in private!
From now on, every time someone talks about Cuomo, they need to refer to him as Fredo Cuomo.
The headline should say Fredo Cuomo threatens man......
Nun Ya
Nun Ya:
I'll never look at that scene the same again..😂😂😂😂😂
Drunken Mongoose
Drunken Mongoose:
I never knew Chris Cuomo was so macho. He reeks of testosterone.

On his breath.
Jim Miller
Jim Miller:
Fredo doesn't seem like a very nice person.
Jeremy Bear
Jeremy Bear:
This Guy gets Greatest Troll Ever Award!
Josh Lanford
Josh Lanford:
I would have knocked Cuomo out... straight up. Fredo is officially Cuomo's name
Ral Lee
Ral Lee:
Congrats 🎊you have been branded
Veronica Apav
Veronica Apav:
Chris Cuomo is a...🤔
Blue Matter
Blue Matter:
How many security goons did Fredo have protecting him?
This dude literally is a Fredo and then gets mad when someone calls him what he is.
Johnny Motown
Johnny Motown:
This is great...…..Fredo……...LMAO.....its great....Fredo...genius...…….just genius...he is labled for life...
Fredo demands respect!! He is smart! Not dumb like everyone says!
King  Kong
King Kong:
I have a new found respect for Quomo! Stand up guy!
Rui Luz
Rui Luz:
And the fredo meme was born, bless the internet!!!
Glytch420 Wey
Glytch420 Wey:
Ha!.... I'll beat you up! Push me first! LOL! Tough Guy!..Ha!
Ro Boat
Ro Boat:
Fredo talking S*IT as always.
Barking wise guy no bite 🐕
Saint Robert's
Saint Robert's:
It's easy to spot a democrat these days...
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith:
cuomo is now known as fredo...
Cuomo who chastised the Covington kid for not walking away is now forever the punk Fredo. GLORIOUS!
Anthony Parvino
Anthony Parvino:
Please,someone make a shirt with Cuomo’s face, and under it says “I’m smaat! I want respect!’
James Bell
James Bell:
Like the vast majority of his leftist friends, Chris Fredo is really nothing more than a mentally deranged A-hole looking for a fight.
A Anon
A Anon:
A Class Act on Television and in Person.....


bella z
bella z:
Fredo Likens everything to the n word. Remember when Fredo said being called fake news is equivalent to being called the n-word. Give it a break Fredo
John T
John T:
wow Cuomo's a little bully.. I would have given him the everything he wanted and some.. It's OK for him.. to insult and call Trump names but when it's him ,he cries
S.A. Rise
S.A. Rise:
All they needed was someone to walk by and say "Hey isn't that fredo."
David Westhoff
David Westhoff:
I would not have backed down, I would have said, "yeah I called you Fredo"
Ivan Karaschuk
Ivan Karaschuk:
Cuomo is a beta. Fredo get in the kitchen and make the real men some lasagna. LMAO!
*Im an “anchor” on CNN, more like actor lmao*
American Paisa
American Paisa:
I didn’t know we should call Chris Cuomo “Fredo” until now. Thanks Fredo for letting us know.
Well it's his fricken name now hahahah.
Bon Chance
Bon Chance:
Mr Cuomo is displaying extreme weakness of character(on steroids) NO ONE will forget.
“Fredo” it is....for life!!!
Tony Canale
Tony Canale:
He is Fredo forever I hope I run into him so badly I've got something to tell him
Well everyone’s gonna call him Fredo now.
Doc God
Doc God:
Ok but whats the name of the italian song in the background?
Lo O
Lo O:
People on the right calling him Fredo?
Jason Z
Jason Z:
Hahaha dude gives jabs all day and cant take one. Wish I was there to keep calling him Fredo lol ok tough guy I will own it, fredo. Throw me down the stairs then Fredo. You gonna talk about it or be about it Fredo hahaha.
jumplittledoggie jumpjump
jumplittledoggie jumpjump:
Red flag law must be passed Fredo should never own a gun! The Fredo law sounds much better then red flag law. Fredo, Fredo, Fredo.
Tracy S
Tracy S:
Probably not the BEST way to keep people from calling you Fredo.
Deplorable Me
Deplorable Me:
Kinda girly.
Throw down or Shut up.
dubb stylee
dubb stylee:
Freeeeedo !!! 😂🤣😂 he will forever be known as freeeeedo now hahah!
Rich Michno
Rich Michno:
Another example of the unstirred, educated, and oh so tolerant left.
Otis Cat
Otis Cat:
Too bad the guy didn't knock Fredo out of his slippers as soon as he threatened him.
Wasted opportunity.
He better legally change his name to Fredo because that's his name now.
Lucas Julian Carballeira
Lucas Julian Carballeira:
What a joke this guy is. Goes to show what too much$$$$$$ does to one’s character. I hope trump starts calling him “little fredo” 🤣🤣🤣