Cuomo GOES OFF on Right-Wing Hecklers

CNN anchor, Chris Cuomo goes off on right-wingers, who heckled him while out with his family. John Iadarola breaks it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook: Help build the Home of the Progressives Subscribe to The Damage Report YouTube channel: Follow The Damage Report on Twitter: Read more here: "CNN journalist Chris Cuomo was caught on video last weekend exploding at someone who apparently called him “Fredo” in rather colorful language. “Punk-ass bitches from the right call me Fredo,” Cuomo says in the video, reportedly filmed on Shelter Island in New York and uploaded to right-wing YouTube channel “That’s the Point with Brandon.” (The video has since been deleted from YouTube, but remains on Twitter.) “My name is Chris Cuomo. I’m an anchor on CNN. Fredo is from The Godfather. He was a weak brother. And they’re using it as an Italian aspersion.” Pausing to ask if any of the onlookers are Italian, Cuomo adds, “It’s an insult to your fucking people. It’s like the n-word for us.” Then he threatens the man who apparently called him Fredo, saying he’ll “throw you down these stairs like a fucking punk.” Cuomo is right about one thing: Fredo is, indeed, a reference to The Godfather, or more specifically to Fredo Corleone, second son of mob don Vito Corleone in Francis Ford Coppola’s classic Godfather films." #TheDamageReport #JohnIadarola #TheYoungTurks

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The Damage Report
The Damage Report:
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He turned up in they pu**y a**! They didn't expect that and it scared them.
I didn't like it ... I LOVED It.
Big Tim 10566
Big Tim 10566:
Much respect to Chris C....they came for him and they got it!!!
Aman B
Aman B:
Wtf I love Chris Cuomo now
I'm sure they deserved every foul word that slapped them across the face. Best part is how quickly he changed his tune.
Anyone wearing a MAGA hat is looking for trouble. Ignore them.
Sports Actuary
Sports Actuary:
Cuomo was right. The guy was calling him weak. When you call someone weak to their face you should be ready to fight.
Brian Walls
Brian Walls:
Right on Chris!! 👍👍 👍
I think everyone knew Chris could go there he looks like a hot head too bad he lost his cool. It hard to not today unfortunately people like to push others to the point just for a video they can post on YouTube
Jonnie Bangkok
Jonnie Bangkok:
Did this lib-tard break-away from Chimp Yogurt and The Young Cucks?
Rodolfo Ayala
Rodolfo Ayala:
Thank you Chris. Another dirty Republican.
David Muchina
David Muchina:
1000%RESPECT to Cuomo 👊👊
Billy M.
Billy M.:
Rush Limbaugh is ten times more famous than you will ever be John. No one knows who you are.
Cuomo totally my support...the right to defend yourself...
According to Bill Maher..the real Fredo is Jared Kushner
SouthDetroit Entertainment
SouthDetroit Entertainment:
Congrats to Chris Cuomo for standing up to coward right wing puzzies
Fredo! I know your Fake News! You Broke my Heart!!!
Sydney V.
Sydney V.:
I like this Chris Cuomo, where is this guy when there's oligarch rhetoric conspiracy theory copy to read on tv?
Liberal in Oklahoma
Liberal in Oklahoma:
They got what they wanted,
they just didn't know they were going to crap their pants !!
TX Rick
TX Rick:
He was with his family and they approached him. Of course he was defensive But trumps tweet was just to stir anger.
Kripto Nite
Kripto Nite:
Yesssss! You go on, Chris. We love you, man!
Wicked Henderson
Wicked Henderson:
What weak commentary! Who are you anyway? Fredo 2?
Meanwhile, Greg Gianforte gets a round of applause from trump for body slamming a reporter.
Juan Zep
Juan Zep:
i gained respect for him ✊
One of these days Some of these Racist Right Wingers are going to say the Wrong thing to Somebody and they are going to get their Butts kicked!
Better act like you know! 😤
RC castle
RC castle:
Trump supporters are just like Trump.. weak and try to act like bullies. They fail! 3 vs 1 what cowards XD
Tammy Lynne
Tammy Lynne:
Never saw this guy before. Think I`ll call him Fredo.
The same right wingers losing their minds about Chris Cuomo would be ecstatic if Hannity or Tucker Carlson did the same thing, patting him on the back and calling him an "anti PC Hero!"
Anne Gallant
Anne Gallant:
It is too him that is all that matters to him, maybe not u, u have your own trigger words he has his
A Engo
A Engo:
Breaking News. A narcissist cannot take criticism. Ever. Oh, but they can dish it out!
Tracey Chisholm
Tracey Chisholm:
I do think Chris was a little ott here, and of course, the 'n' word is awful, but freddo isn't the equivalent, it's movie culture at worst. However, having said that, as he was off the clock, out with his wife and little girl, I can see why he reacted adversely, just proves he's human. None of us are perfect and this clip was obviously towards the end of the encounter, it didn't show the beginning, I'm assuming that they were goading him, just looking for trouble.

Doesn't change my opinion of Chris at all.....I like him.
Steve P
Steve P:
I like Chris before. I like him even more.
The Vaccine Machine
The Vaccine Machine:
Why do you keep calling Fredo, Chris?
Fredo hid behind his bodyguards.
Tonydfixer D
Tonydfixer D:
If you disagree with Cuomo you ain't right in the head.
miguel montesino
miguel montesino:
Good for Cris , that's N.Y. state of mind 🤣
Marc de Boer
Marc de Boer:
Tutorial: how to change your name without the legal paperwork. By Fredo Cuomo.
Born Villain
Born Villain:
Chris Cuomo: "dont make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry"

Random dude: "hey fredo"

Chris: "FREDO SMASH!!"
Agent Cooper
Agent Cooper:
Sometimes you have to talk like this to these punks!! Way the go Chris👊🏻🙌🏻
Dave Perino
Dave Perino:
This is sad. I am Italian. No one ever used this term growing up. I was not even aware Fredo was an insult. My cousins name is Fredo (short for Alfredo). This is a direct result of working in a toxic environment like CNN. That place is a serious bubble of hate and manufactured frustration. Sometimes its best to just ignore harmless ignorance. "The more you stir the shit, the worse it stinks."
Daniel W.
Daniel W.:
The whole comment section looks like a right winger anti-Cuomo-campaign...
I'm smaaat, not dumb like people says.. & I was past ovah!
Chris Cuomo just let his New Yorker out of his bag. It’s nothing to see here for me, as a New Yorker. Yet, perspective is always colored by hindsight. I doubt he taped himself. So, yeah. The fix is in.
shawn mccants
shawn mccants:
hey, could care less what Chris said he was out with his family and got approached by unknown right-wingers in this climate of right-wing extremist terror and violence I understand his reaction.
Francisco Rodriguez
Francisco Rodriguez:
"Willing to Defend" from words? But not willing to allow for others to defend themselves constitutionally and from the Left wingers
We just saw roid rage courtesy of Fredo.
Mr Mr
Mr Mr:
I like Chris 😂👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼💯
America Reigns
America Reigns:
You tell em FREDO!! Ya damn stugatz MOOLIE!!🤣😂🤣😂🖕👍😎
Sep Sepulveda
Sep Sepulveda:
Yeah, no one can compare the oppression and evilness of slavery with mobster movie slang. WTF is that? No! 👎🏾
PHYNEX 1969:
Fredo got butt hurted awwwwww
Where is FREDO?
New game!!!
Michael Warner
Michael Warner:
Chris is a badass, he's trained to fight for years and knows his shit
Paul Ybarra
Paul Ybarra:
Cuomo is great, after awhile you get tired of people acting stupid.
He did say it's like the n word, not that it is as bad as the n word.
Clayton Bigsby
Clayton Bigsby:
Trump may have been making a joke, but he was also pointing out the absurdity of the red flag law.
Darrin Grate
Darrin Grate:
Leave Chris alone he's the man that puck was wrong
Loki Dog
Loki Dog:
Fredo! LMAO. Another butt hurt liberal. Maybe Fredo should grab a coloring book and go snuggle up on Don Lemon’s lap.
paul thomas
paul thomas:
I dont think fredo shoudl have pissed him off. cuomo should have gotten upset when he said 'you are a lot more reasonable in person than you are on tv'' lollllololol. zinnnnnnnnng....
N R:
After he insulted all the people by saying "It is illegal to have Wikileaks emails, You hear everything from us, the media", being called Fredo must be an honor for him.
theyhateus cuztheyaintus
theyhateus cuztheyaintus:
Mess with the bull, get the horns. Get em Chris!
jared teer
jared teer:
Because calling someone Fredo is just like saying the n-word!😱😱😱
Only One Cannoli
Only One Cannoli:
I believe Chris confused "Fredo" with "Guinea" and/or "Dago". Common mistake; Happens all the time.
P Hern
P Hern:
FREDO CUOMO that’s his new name
J Me
J Me:
That Right-Winger is probably a future mass Shooters
Mr. Sarcastic
Mr. Sarcastic:
Kids will be yelling it at him from now on. Lol
Al Fredo - " forget about it ".
Angela Pattatucci Aragón
Angela Pattatucci Aragón:
The slur Fredo may not carry the same weight outside of New York and New Jersey.
Jason  Stemley
Jason Stemley:
I have new found respect for Hannity. Just for sticking up for him, justa little. OK there I said it, now back to dispensing Hannity.
Just show the hypocrisy of the lefties. They can dish it out but they can't take it. I would also have to wonder if there's not a steroid abuse because of the short temper he has.
For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.
Matthew 12:34
Cornell Waters
Cornell Waters:
John get a family and see the if you go Fredo lite.
Daddy Mozzarella
Daddy Mozzarella:
Chris is jacked. They probably haven’t seen him from the shoulders down. 😂😂
Greg Lyall
Greg Lyall:
So, tell me how you really feel....... Well played, and love Coumo' s show
Christian Garrett
Christian Garrett:
this host just seems so lame and breathless
Larry Snyder
Larry Snyder:
He got his point across.
He stood up for himself and I'm proud of him.
Logan 5
Logan 5:
What a mental case
Maybe roid rage?
Lady You Go
Lady You Go:
Yesss Chris get his A__
he was trying to funny and you called him.out need to see the video he was right so this host is wrong
why air
why air:
His new official name is fredo cumo
8:16 defend his body from what, a word? is his body threatened by that? If a cop threatened to hurt some protester what you be so quick to defend the cop? Come on John, now who's being disingenuous here?
Kevin Nelson
Kevin Nelson:
Give um he** Chris.
We love your show.
Glad that Chris Cuomo bites back
Joy B
Joy B:
He's a NY Italian - this behaviour was incited. The aggressors got what they wanted (a set up)! I got no problem with Chris' reaction. Like asking, how did your "dego?"
Fredo has racisim on the brain
😲 I laughed for a full minute.
Alfredo is the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of the English masculine name Ælfræd (Alfred). The name is comprised of the Olde English elements “ælf” meaning 'elf' (one with supernatural powers), and “ræd” which means 'to counsel'.
But even if it was meant to insult him... you're gunna threaten to throw somebody downstairs and beat them up... cmon now.
sam sam
sam sam:
Good for Chris, bravo! Doesn’t matter reason he used to get in that guys face For being an asshole, right wingers do that all day long. All they do is attack, finally somebody stood up.
The heckler said Chris was reasonable in real life, probably meaning that he didn't expect Chris to stand up for himself like he did.
Eric Turcott
Eric Turcott:
This is nothing compared to what well known conservatives deal with in public. He acted like a screaming child when the other guy was completely calm.
CarlAlan Pierson
CarlAlan Pierson:
Really we know it is not on the same level as the N word. I give him a pass.
Mr Harris
Mr Harris:
Hey Fredo.....calm down Fredo.
He should have gave them an autograph...and signed it Fredo.
Robert Lyles
Robert Lyles:
Please let him react this way the next time Kellyanne Conway or Stephen Miller come on.
Harris Anne
Harris Anne:
Actually calling Cuomo Fredo its an insult to Fredo. As weak and spineless as Fredo was,,,, Cuomo is far worse!
Oscar Campos
Oscar Campos:
The young fredos
John Trejo
John Trejo:
He went gangsta! But this guy probably attacked him in front of his family. Which isn’t too good and Trump is a dumbass! And a bad joke if Trump is trying to make in response to Cuomo. And he’s one of the good one on tv
jose r
jose r:
cuomo took it a little over the edge there. fredo is not a racial slur. thats nutz. sucker got baited and fell right in. now everyones gonna call him fredo the rest of his life.
Jim O'Donnell
Jim O'Donnell:
Apparently, if you call Chris greasy whop dego, he will be less offended than if you call him Fredo.
Tracey Wingfield
Tracey Wingfield:
Racists got so much to say til the ass whooping is coming (your a much more reasonable guy than on tv). 😂😂😂.
Dont get thrown down the stairs in a bar with no stairs by Chris Cuomo 😆😆😆😆.
Wait a minute...😆😆😂😂😥😂😂😂. I ❤ Cuomo!
If Cuomo says it insults him. It does! You don't know the rules of his block.
star cruiser
star cruiser:
Stupid fake news spinning it so hard not make him look stoopid

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