Crowds run for shelter during September 11th attacks in NYC

Raw video from the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. More coverage:

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Martin Calixto
Martin Calixto:
Imagine being your first day on the job, just starting as firefighter or as police officer, and imagine this being your first call
Alexis Oakes
Alexis Oakes:
“The fire door on (floor) 76 was locked” I wonder if more people would’ve lived if it was open
Mel Smacks
Mel Smacks:
Everyone who went through that smoke either have problems with their breathing, dead, or suffering from cancer right now. 18 Years 🙏🏾
3:42 "the fire door on 76 was locked" the anger in that guys voice makes me think a lot of people on that floor didn't make it out.
rock androll
rock androll:
Today is sepember 11 2019 we must never forget those we loved and lost.May they live in our hearts forever.❤
This footage is incredible. Makes me feel like I’m in the shoes of these people at the time. So sorry for all the people who were affected in some way by 9/11.

Never forget.
The scariest day of my life and I was only 9 years old when this happened. Thank god my dad was at his home when this happened.
Sabri Kaki
Sabri Kaki:
Watching this the 9/11/2019 😭😭😭
Awe that lady was so nice she said “ does anybody need a water?”
Meade Music
Meade Music:
This was slightly before social media took off. Just imagine if this had happened today . Twitter and Facebook and youtube and instagram would be flooded.
Why do I watch these videos :(
Kel Kel
Kel Kel:
The man stopped to look at the camera and said, "and the fire-door on 76 was locked" so I looked it up and it's true, it was locked ...but why was it locked? :(
Natalie DaSmartest
Natalie DaSmartest:
Those screams of terror 😣 it’s just hurts my heart
Have not seen this before....great clarity.
2:28 everyone helped each other that day
Steve McChimneySweep
Steve McChimneySweep:
The dude was rightfully pissed about the fire door on 76 being locked
Isabelle Perez
Isabelle Perez:
1:16 She was like ''Take your hand off me''
Im only 13 so i wasnt alive for this but i cried through most of it , i cant imagine living the day fr
3:45 the man says the fire door was locked on the 76th floor😱😱😱
Kelly Donahue
Kelly Donahue:
My God, How Horrible. This country changed forever that day. 9/11/01, NEVER FORGET!!!!
This is what people need to watch if they want to truly empathize with the victims of this tragedy. Just imagine being the one holding the camera in these clips. Everyone around you, at the wrong place and time, just trying to survive. The emotions are palpable, yet I can only imagine how it felt on the dusty ground of Hell on Earth that day.
Thank you to the people who sacrificed their lives to save people, and im sorry for those who lost their loved ones to this tragic accident. Live knowing that they are finally at peace.
Inhaling dust from the buildings can give you a rare type of “cancer”
BigXChungus 0
BigXChungus 0:
No one cares about security and safety until something serious happens😔
Benojojo Jojo
Benojojo Jojo:
I was in second grade of high school on that day. Learning in class at the very moment when that horrible event took place. After arriving at home i turned on my tv and the news about this kept popping up on the screen all day long.. i cried even tho i didn't live in america but asia....
Apos Eastwood
Apos Eastwood:
So now please imagine this kind of stuff happening on a daily basis in your home city. Not exactly planes crashing into towers but bombs destroying the roof over your head, killing your friends and family.
Imagine terror all around.
That is how many people live, just now, because they are born in the wrong countrys at the wrong century.
Think of that, considering how you feel about 9/11, considering there are refugees who need your help because of terror, nowadays, not years ago
I feel that when you watch the real street videos you learn alot.
Right in the beginning. "They said another bomb"
That kind of stuff always makes me wonder
Jessica melchor
Jessica melchor:
Just seeing this video making me cry 💔😢
Bunneh Izuku Midoriya
Bunneh Izuku Midoriya:
I'm sorry for the people that were affected by this...

*"Remember 9/11.... "*
Hannah Bish
Hannah Bish:
2:57 look at all the paper from the offices on the ground
3:40 "and the fire door on 76 was locked", I can't imagine the horror that these people suffered. They did from smoke inhalation or the building collapsing on them, or they had to choose between burning to death or jumping off the building. Rest in peace to the beautiful souls who died that day. :(
Carol DaRonch
Carol DaRonch:
I was working in NJ at that time. We didn’t know what was going on. When they hit the Pentagon, I stood up from my desk all freaked out, telling everyone OMG we’re at War. We all left work and there was so much traffic. Took me over 2 hrs to get home when usually takes 20 minutes.
Jackie Acheson
Jackie Acheson:
The fire door on 76 was locked. Kind of gave me chills the way he said that. He wanted it documented.
3:42 in a smaller tragedy that line would have made national news.
Camille McKenzie
Camille McKenzie:
I worked there until the year before it happened. That restaurant people are running into @ 1:45 is somewhere I frequently went for lunch.
Scott Clayton
Scott Clayton:
@1:32 eeriest thing I have ever seen.
Bobby Knuckles
Bobby Knuckles:
People thumbs downing actual
Megan Nicole
Megan Nicole:
I was only two years old when this happened. seeing these people running reminds me of how my daddy had to run too. he worked in WTC7, and I'm so lucky he's alive
"The fire door on 76 was locked" I wonder how many other fire doors where locked in them towers on that sad heart breaking day 😥😥
Man I regret watching this on my lunch time. My coworkers are wondering why my eyes are itching
Erica The Kidd
Erica The Kidd:
Good lord that lone shoe is so sad symbolic
The Bus Photographer Of California
The Bus Photographer Of California:
This is the most unforgettable moment in my life! 11 days before I was before
"i think there's gonna be another explosion!"
sadly yes. There will be.
Douglas Bollinger
Douglas Bollinger:
With 9/11 being tomorrow, I always find myself looking at 9/11 photos and videos. I can't imagine the hell people went through that day. I look at the survivors in this (and other) videos and think to myself, "I wonder what these people are doing today." I hope they're able to live normal lives even though that day will constantly be on their minds. God Bless The USA!!!
Scott Moody
Scott Moody:
*and the fire door on 76 was locked*
My friends uncle survived that attack, no idea how, but hes a lucky man.
Isabella Escala
Isabella Escala:
Even though I wasn’t born when this happened it still makes me cry all the time.
this was just on my aunts birthday
0:51 that ford explorer with USA flag on the hood
My uncle said it was like breathing the dust from a full vacuum.
Centrist Philosopher
Centrist Philosopher:
18 years and i've never seen this footage before
blissxfull UwU
blissxfull UwU:
I'm not sure if it was my grandma I saw in the video but she told me everyone was just running with confusion not knowing were to go and that she saw people jumping down from the twin towers hoping they will not die because there only choices were jump down or burn and she told me she saw a fire fighter carrying a woman but the woman made it but the fire fighter didn't because a big piece of glass collapsed on him but now that we know this happend we just need to appreciate this wasn't us and praying for the others that tried to fight back but couldn't I know I wrote a lot but thank you to the one's that read all the way to the bottom and I'm sorry if one of your loved one's died in this day but I guess have a nice day 😢
Purple Strike
Purple Strike:
I was 6 and I knew this was important but I didn't understand how devastating this was.
♡itz meh♡
♡itz meh♡:
Ooooof I’m watching this 2019
Black bull77
Black bull77:
"You gotta move back"

- September 11,2001
Smooth jazz frog
Smooth jazz frog:
1:25 this part scared me a ton
This fills me with a rage that not even I can comprehend.
what’s up 124
what’s up 124:
The day everyone needed the fire door to open it was somehow mysteriously locked.
Kenan Bähbad dich
Kenan Bähbad dich:
XX BubbleGum
XX BubbleGum:
There was someone at the door in the smoke omg
Loohser_Jen -
Loohser_Jen -:
Remember it wasn’t all NYC it was also Pennsylvania and Arlington, Virginia
Scott Clayton
Scott Clayton:
Eeriest thing I have ever seen @1:36.
Lau Vasquez
Lau Vasquez:
this literally looks like the apocalypse... I'm sure people at the time there thought the world was ending or that world war 3 had just started
nicola dollard
nicola dollard:
18 years this septemeber and people dont mention it as much and the crowds are getting smaller sad really ooekel look up to celebs when all these people the firefighter the police and the people are the real heroes never forget
Jonny B Good
Jonny B Good:
this day brought new yorkers together in a way I didn't even know was possible. The heroics, selflessness, and focus expressed by these people in such a time of fear is remarkable. God bless America
Lana Marie
Lana Marie:
Just imagine if Snapchat was around back then, and Facebook live.. this was just devastating.
p¡pεг l¡vεlყ
p¡pεг l¡vεlყ:
Its terrifying to think that those police officers heading into the battlefield may have been the ones never to be seen again 😔
m sa
m sa:
Arin Faraj123
Arin Faraj123:
I was 5 years old.... i runned to a shop With my family and we al haved smoke on us💔💔
Ascalon Crusader
Ascalon Crusader:
*Never Forget* 🦅🗽🇺🇸

We are stronger than them.
Call me Oof
Call me Oof:
1:20 that is scary
shanell p.
shanell p.:
Humiliating knowing that my parents friends were there💔
Wow she was so accurate when she said “ I just think there’s going to be another explosion”
Lil Basta
Lil Basta:
3:00 looks like 2 War
Super Girl
Super Girl:
1:32 god bless those people for saving those peoples lives also the final seconds before it all when grey
Shane jones
Shane jones:
Looks like something out of the Twylight zone
I was 2 years old when it happened. I don’t remember at all. But seeing this just breaks my heart.
the one day that brought all of America together for a short time
-s u n n y-
-s u n n y-:
Those poor people, everyone was shaken and afraid. Imagine being trapped in that building. Horrific. And that thick smoke, how scary.
Eva K
Eva K:
Rip to the victims and respect to everyone involved❤️❤️
Marco Dalprato
Marco Dalprato:
We should never forget.
Love you NYC, always in my heart.
leonardo davinci
leonardo davinci:
This reminds me of that scene in clover field.
Imagine washing your car and then this happens
pegsgg2013 p&g
pegsgg2013 p&g:
Awwww my people. Love and respect for the dead and the living ❤❤❤
Mel Espinoza
Mel Espinoza:
This broke my heart all over again 💔💔
Imagine being the one guy to sleep through the whole thing.
Bob Man
Bob Man:
It really does look like a movie :( may all the victims r.i.p 😔💙
Compte Prive
Compte Prive:
This has to be the most unbelievable/epochal disaster ever caught on film. It's like if the destruction of the colossus of Rhodes were filmed, or the destruction of Pompeii, or the actual sinking of the Titanic.
Shia Shia
Shia Shia:
This is so depressing to watch 😭
Master Devoe
Master Devoe:
I swear, I read "cowards running for shelter"
Bitch you don’t gotta like me
Bitch you don’t gotta like me:
Here on the 18th anniversary I was only 3 when this happened so I don’t remember anything
Anonyme Anonyme
Anonyme Anonyme:
" I think it is. And that's it ".
Absolute Power Channel
Absolute Power Channel:
1:30 turns from day to night
3:39 Says everyone in every high rise nyc corporate building fire drill.
I wish this was a movie or something not real life 😞, rest in paradise to all those people who died during this attack
Mr Â
Mr Â:
Still remember when i was watching live news in my grandparents house in Baghdad and all was sad for it💔
R.I.P to all victims
samantha baker
samantha baker:
I had a mini panic attack only watching this. I can’t image everyone in this situation. I respect anyone and everyone who had to deal with this ❤️
Elisangela Kelli
Elisangela Kelli:
Lembro como se fosse ontem! Muito triste... lamentável... 🙏🙏😔😢💔
Aaron Trimmer
Aaron Trimmer:
This video just says it all. Just a sheer amount of debris and suffering everywhere. RIP to everyone killed on this tragic day❤
Mohamed Atta
Mohamed Atta:
Pleasure <3