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Mommy Garcia
Mommy Garcia:
I don't get it , why you can't vlog in stores !! What's the problem !! If anything , I think they would get more customers !! Because of you !!
Heather Stewart
Heather Stewart:
Charming Charlie's just lost my business.
THL Home
THL Home:
As empty as that store was they should have asked you to go live to see if you can send them some business. 💔
Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton:
Their lost, it's Vlogs that usually get me in a store that I may never go in. I never went to Dollar Tree until I started watching Vlogs.
Blue Rain
Blue Rain:
Y'all need to start reporting these workers because if you don't they will continue to discriminate I know you don't want anyone to lose their job because we are living in hard times but some people just need to be taught a lesson sooner are later.
Tonia Thomas
Tonia Thomas:
Thumbs down to charming Charlie's.....
A Tisdell
A Tisdell:
Charming Charlie's was tripping. Free press and promotion for them, and it was empty, it's not like you were filming customers.
Kristen Plowman
Kristen Plowman:
Okay so I searched and searched the internet for their in store filming policy. Guess what?! I couldn't find one. Interesting.
Kayla Hatfield
Kayla Hatfield:
I would have asked show me the new policy then missy ☺️,
Marilyn Torres
Marilyn Torres:
Pay no mind to that employee....everyone has posted a vid from that store..lots of hauls on FB....maybe cause the store was empty & raining.. the employees had nothing better than to tell you about that made up policy & follow u around... know yr rights & do yr thing girl!!
They kill me always talking about something is a new policy 🙄
val pat
val pat:
The awkward way the employee was talking it sounded made up
Deborah Conkle
Deborah Conkle:
I guess it’s Charming Charlie ‘s loss😱❤️
Dream Bee ASMR
Dream Bee ASMR:
I would call Corporate first and see if this is in fact a new policy. Most stores will have posted signage that you cannot video tape in their stores.
Kathleen Gill
Kathleen Gill:
Happy to see the shoe store. I love my Vans! Oh....and forget Charming Charlie's. Yes they have cute stuff but high prices. How dumb that you can't film in there. Guess she felt like the boss!
Angelia Clary
Angelia Clary:
I’m definitely not liking the fact that the clerk said it’s a new policy. You should have asked her to show you the policy. I can’t understand how someone can tell you you can’t record in a public place. I think you handled it very professionally and that says a lot about you. I would’ve lost my temper. I’m working on me ok Lol 😂
Anyway Charming Charlie lost a customer for life here!
Love the vans! Tyfs 😊❤️👍🏼
Joan Clayton
Joan Clayton:
Well now they don't have to worry about anybody vlogging in their store.😏
Why am I feeling some kind of way about the Charming Charlie Chick 🤔I haven’t thought about that store in FOREVER. Oh well I guess I won’t be going there. Those unicorn vans tho 🦄💕
Alison Thomas
Alison Thomas:
There I was settling into the Charming Charlie items when THAT happened, however I love the Vans you showed. Not to be petty but could you please find out conclusively if it IS store policy? Blessings.
Delora Sampson
Delora Sampson:
Love charming Charlie 💕 that was my favorite store🛍 thx for sharing.. the couple items, clothes etc!..
lanina russell
lanina russell:
Had you not done the video I would have never known that they had a Charming Charlie's in California thank you 4 sharing
Hollie M
Hollie M:
I love that they are colored coordinated lol the OCD in me
Theresa f
Theresa f:
I love the clutch with the heart, I want it ,it's so cute, tyfs
Rosann Supino
Rosann Supino:
I love Charming Charlie's!!! Great sales. I got some good deals after the holidays. Clothes were $4.99 a piece. Stinks that they didn't allow you to keep filming. Maybe a young new manager throwing her weight around. Haha I was enjoying it. The thing is stores are losing business due to online shopping Enjoyed seeing the shoes.
Debbie Howard
Debbie Howard:
Wow policies o my but great as always tfs❤
Kalamazoo Cowboy
Kalamazoo Cowboy:
Charming Charlie is shutting down in 2019.
Maria E
Maria E:
Vans rock !!! Enjoyed the video
Lisette Morales
Lisette Morales:
Never hear of that store cute
Esther Martinez
Esther Martinez:
Charming Charlie looks like a uppity forever 21. Snooty workers. Boo you keep doing you. Thanks for sharing.
Dana Cook
Dana Cook:
Charming Charley’s is not too charming. Bummer ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Angela McKee
Angela McKee:
, those vans were so cute
Lisa Cercone
Lisa Cercone:
Well they stink. I would of showed all the new stuff & clearance. I love the cheetah and glitter platforms 😍
Yeah they lost me too online and all. And just about everyone that I talk to as well. Wait until I tell my sister! She’s always in that store! Not anymore
Robin Bird
Robin Bird:
Thank you. I have a charming Charlie near me. I must check it out! I've never looked at vans. They have some beautiful ones.
Cindy Marie Escamilla
Cindy Marie Escamilla:
Wow😮after that. I be walking straight by that place 👎🏽Thanks for the Stroll 😎👐🏽
magdalene burnett
magdalene burnett:
Hey awesome💕❤💜
Loreli Eggimann
Loreli Eggimann:
I Agree, y cant a person vlog in stores??? It helps people like us that follow u show us what each store has to offer, also there are alot of home bound people who cant get out to stores, and it lets them see what stores have to offer, and me, i went to a Five Below recently because of seeing your vlogs!!!! And i did purchase stuff.
Alexis Morris
Alexis Morris:
Why are people so bent out of shape? The clerk wasn't rude about it or told her she had to leave or anything. I'm not going to stop shopping there.
Monique Amber
Monique Amber:
I would have asked to see this "new policy" so dumb!
Jill Osborn
Jill Osborn:
Don't take offense to what the lady clerk said. Just think that it's their lost.
Creative Glam Crafts
Creative Glam Crafts:
You would think they would welcome the free marketing, since the store was empty. 😏🤔They better ask Home Goods and Dollar Tree!!!!😃
Emily Green
Emily Green:
Baby vans 😍😍😍😍
Debra Jackson
Debra Jackson:
Silly me went to our Charming Charlie's found a purse I feel in love with of course I didn't buy it went back month later nope it was went on line and still havent found it..😥
Tamara Hunter
Tamara Hunter:
Aww boo them😒
Woodland Hoop
Woodland Hoop:
That's bad business right there. I liked the purses so I went to check out their website and apparently Canadians are blocked from accessing the site. Why on earth?
Milagros Mendez Nails
Milagros Mendez Nails:
Thats crazy you can't vlog in the store 😒
Donna Harrison
Donna Harrison:
Pooh bear 🐻 needs vans with Pooh bear 🐻 on them hehe
The Charming Charlie near me closed. I only been inside once ever and it was 3 days before their doors shut. I got a keychain and a large white metal store hand display for $10. I have it on my jewelry armoire to display my bracelets and rings. It's gorgeous.
So bye bye charming charlies. We don't have this store in nyc anymore so if i can't see an actual product instead of a photo of 1 I'm not interested.
Peachy Presh
Peachy Presh:
All the vans shoes are so cute. Always used to wear those in HS. Not a fan of the platform tho.
Alexa Jay
Alexa Jay:
she was just bitter because a majority of their stock you can find at Burlington and Ross for 75% of their price. How do I know? I’ve worked at both stores! I don’t get how they have business selling cheaply made products that other stores sell for way cheaper.
That is too bad about Charming Charlie’s... they do not do much advertising so you were actually helping them promote their merchandise for free.!!! Their website sucks and the stores are not really convenient for many people to go to (since there are only a few in most states)so I feel by you showing us what’s there that would motivate people to take the trip. Anyways I appreciate you trying😻
Shoes are to cute!!
Sheva S
Sheva S:
They probably told you not to record to respect their own privacy, since they can’t really control what exactly you’re recording they don’t know if they’ll end up on the internet without their permission. I don’t think it’s an actual store policy but there are laws against recording customers and employees without their permission. She should’ve just said that. Granted, you didn’t do that but they may have run into issues like that in the past with people who don’t understand boundaries.
Andrea Mason The Queens Court
Andrea Mason The Queens Court:
TFS ❤😊👸🏾👐🏾
Rachel Stewart
Rachel Stewart:
I am apart of charming Charlie management team located in MN there is no such policy. With them going bankrupt I doubt they would deny the free publicity. @prettynflawed let store manager know that you are a vlogger and you make sure to never video tape ppl in your vlog. And let them know you ain’t shopping with their location no more do to being denied when you’ve vlogged before. Taking it to a higher up to see what actually policy is and if it even exist 💁🏽 or do we have issue on our hands. Don’t appreciate how you were treated.
Great video
Carolina Reyes
Carolina Reyes:
Hola boni 😚💕👍
KE Rose
KE Rose:
I won’t give them free advertisement.
Theresa f
Theresa f:
First to comment 👍😁
Shirin Shaikh
Shirin Shaikh:
What the hell are all these people complaining about? It's a new policy and you should respect it. It's not public space. Cc is paying the rent and they have a right to decide what they want.